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"Tracks are more fun with 101"
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101 was a tracked robot that competed in Series 3-5 of Robot Wars as well as the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. Its best performance came in Series 3, where it reached the second round of the Semi-Finals and lost to Hypno-Disc on a very tight judges' decision. It also won the Series 4 Tag Team Terror with long-time rivals King Buxton and reached the Heat Final in Series 4, although it lost in the first round of Series 5 to newcomers Fluffy.

101 was the best performing tracked robot to compete in the UK series, as well as being one of the least expensive robots to compete as it was built using parts salvaged from Team 101's previous entry, Robo Doc. It was rumoured to have been named from its remarkably cheap build price of a pound and a penny (£1.01). The real origin of the name was from the robot's length - 101 centimetres - and Amy Franklin's then-favourite film, 101 Dalmatians. 101 in truth cost somewhere around a still-remarkable twelve pounds.[1]


"I decided to stick with tracks and a drive system based on that of RoboDoc, I also took notice of the lessons learnt from King Buxton, big is not always best, with this in mind I set about reducing the size of 101 to the bare minimum. The small approach has many advantages such as saving weight and providing a more rigid structure."
— Mike Franklin on designing and building 101

Front view of 101, without its logo

101 was a tracked robot with a zero turning circle and a pneumatic spike that would automatically fire at 200 mph when an opponent was in range. The spike was capable of punching through ⅛ inch steel plating, and was activated by an EPCS (Extraperceptive Central System) which enabled it to fire automatically.

"The weapon system use a 30mm bore hydraulic cylinder driving a 20mm diameter spike, the system uses Co2 gas at 750 psi. I had to design special valves to switch this high pressure as there seem to be few commercial valves available. It took longer to design and build these valves than the rest of the robot!"
— Mike Franklin on designing and building 101

101 in the arena during Series 3

101 as it appeared in the First World Championship

The robot was originally made from HE30 alloy, which was later upgraded to aircraft-grade aluminium from Series 4 onwards, while the tracks were made out of an old milk bottle washing machine. The tracks also featured tiny screws protruding from them to increase traction, and were powered by two 750W (later 800W) motors, giving 101 superb traction, excellent pushing power and the ability to maintain contact with the arena floor even when it was lifted. This was especially useful in allowing 101 to drive itself away from opponents as it was being pitted, as its battles against Panic Attack and Overkill demonstrated. Most of 101's parts were salvaged from its predecessor Robo Doc, contributing towards its low budget. The robot used an electronic interface between the receiver and motor speed controls, which filtered out interference and allowed the robot to fail safe when it lost signal.[2]

101 in Series 4

101 with alternative track panels in Series 4

For Series 4, the 30mm bore double acting ram was replaced with a high speed ram, which ran the length of the robot. It was made of 6mm thick HE30 alloy tube, with a HE30 alloy piston. The chassis was lightened to allow for the new weapon system, and new motors were added to save weight.

"The motors (part number 11.212.100) are rated at 24V 800W and are 1 kg lighter than the Bosch motor but have the slight disadvantage that they are only rated for 2.5 mins at full power. I am hoping that this will not be a problem due to the fact that during a fight a robot is not always working at 100% power and the fact that I am only using NCC 70 controllers that will hit there current limit before the motors start smoking (I hope)."
— Mike Franklin on the 101 website.[3]

101 in Extreme 1, with one logo removed and no wedges

101's official photo for Series 5, albeit with no wedges

For Series 5/Extreme 1, two ISKRA industrial electric motors powered by racing car batteries were used[4], and the weapon system was changed again. The spike now fired at 200mph, and the proximity sensors sensed whether the spike had hit the target, and kept firing until it did.[5]

"Last year saw the new improved pneumatic stabber, but that did not have the durability or impact that's needed. Infrared auto-fire and studio conditions don't seem to mix either, plus more shots would be good too. The new custom high-pressure valves Mike designed for Anarchy's weapon systems are expected to sort that. Used in 101 these valves will give better weapon reliability reducing unnecessary gas venting to get in those extra shots."
— Mike Franklin on the 101 website.[6]

Shock absorbers were also added, due to the forces given off when the spike missed its target.

"When 101's stabber fires it goes off with a massive force, the idea is to get your competitor's robot to absorb that force, but if you miss its got to go somewhere. Last year it was trying to hammer its way out of 101, this year it got a shock absorber (which of course we really don't want to use, we want to get some of those 80-100 kilo mobile shock absorbers to take the punishment)."
— Mike Franklin on the 101 website.[7]

101 without its top

101's colour scheme remained consistent throughout its main UK series appearances, with grey top and bottom armour and side plates with yellow and black chevrons (similar to those on Behemoth) down the side. However, variations on this scheme were present throughout its appearances in side tournaments. Plain black side panels were used in the The First World Championship, while panels with white spots on a black background were used for 101's participation in the Series 4 Tag Team Terror and Pinball Warrior competitions, also featuring black spots on the robot itself. For the Series 4 Tag Team Terror, Series 5 and Extreme 1, a pair of bolt-on guiding wedges, similar to Hydra's flanges, were added to the front of 101 in order to allow it to get underneath opponents.

Rivalry with King Buxton[]

Main article: Team 101#Rivalry

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

"...101, built for under a fiver soon proved money was no match for good engineering."
— Jonathan Pearce on 101's progress in the heats

101's debut battle was against newcomers Overkill.

"Perhaps the name comes from the fact it cost around 101 pence to build. Most of the parts donated like the CO2 powered ramming spike, the HE30 alloy bodyshell. The weapon's capable of punching through steel plate."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces 101

101 ducks to one side

Overkill was first to attack, getting under 101, but 101 easily drove off; its tracks always remained on the ground, allowing it to keep traction. Overkill drove underneath again, this time it was able to push 101, nearly getting it into the pit, with only 101's track system allowing it to turn off the ramp just in time. Overkill stopped dead beside the pit, and 101 rammed it from behind. Overkill came back to life and sped into Dead Metal's CPZ, before promptly stopping again. Dead Metal seized Overkill and cut into its rear. 101 pushed itself in and freed Overkill from the side wall, allowing it to dart behind Dead Metal and escape the CPZ. Dead Metal tried to grab 101, but 101 was too low, so Dead Metal could only get one claw stuck on 101, and 101 turned out of the CPZ and escaped. Overkill tried to get under 101 again, but 101 drove off, and as 101 turned to attack Overkill, Overkill had stopped again. 101 pushed its opponent, which started moving, and turned to get the wedge under 101. 101 backed off, then charged at Overkill, driving up the ramp. Overkill made another lunge for the pit, but again 101 turned away in time. Overkill backed off for another charge, but stopped again. 101 drove around the pit and charged at Overkill, driving up the ramp before reversing off. Overkill started moving again, getting under 101 and pushing it into Sir Killalot. However, 101 merely drove out from underneath Sir Killalot's lance, undamaged.

"Look, no purchase of the lance there on the bodyshell of 101. Again, the tank tracks simply threw of Killalot's lance, and we haven't seen that too often in Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

101 bulldozes the immobile Overkill

Despite its aggression, pushing 101 back into Sir Killalot, Overkill broke down beside Sgt. Bash's CPZ. 101 slammed into it, pulling flecks of armour off, and Sir Killalot attacked, flipping Overkill with its lance. Sir Killalot then ran over Overkill, crushing it with its huge weight. Cease was called.

Mike Franklin: "We've got a range finder on it, so you just drive up to the other robot, and as soon as it sees another robot, bang! It fires. So you don't have to worry about firing the weapon, it just fires itself!"
Philippa Forrester: "How sophisticated is that? And you didn't tell us about that! So, why didn't it work in there?"
Mike Franklin: "Dunno, probably a wire came off or something."
Philippa Forrester: "So we're hoping to see it in the next bout."
— Post-battle interview with Philippa Forrester, speaking of the spike

In the second round, 101 fought another newcomer, Centurion.

Philippa Forrester: "Any tactics? Any ideas of what you can do? Run away or fight, which one?"
Amy Franklin: "[After a long pause] Erm, run away!"
Philippa Forrester: "Run away! Aw, bless your heart!"
— Interview before the Centurion fight

Centurion lifts 101

101 charged at Centurion, but Centurion drove to 101's side and tried to get the forks under it. 101 kept turning away to prevent Centurion getting in, but after a few unsuccessful attempts where the forks where not properly under its opponent, Centurion managed to get the forks under 101's back, ram it and lift it, but this allowed 101 to get off. Centurion pushed 101 into the arena wall, where it was caught by Sgt. Bash briefly. 101 escaped and Centurion managed to lift it again, this time skewering its prong against the track. However, with one track still on the ground, 101 span around with Centurion, then drove off.

"We've not seen that weapon of 101 yet, the little spike that is said to come into play on contact with an opponent. Well, we haven't seen that yet!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 knocks Centurion back with its spike

101 slammed into Centurion, who finally lifted enough of 101 of the ground to prevent it from moving. Centurion shunted 101 into the side wall, but 101 re-entered the battle, dodging Centurion's axe, and pushed it towards Sgt. Bash. Centurion dodged Sgt. Bash, spun around and passed 101, with 101's automatic spike firing and pushing Centurion away.

"There is the weapon though of 101, did you just see it flicking out there like a snake tongue?"
— Jonathan Pearce describes the weapon of 101 in use

101 was briefly impaled on the arena spikes but managed to steer away from trouble by using its track to steer around in a circle. Centurion pushed 101 into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, but the House Robot was outside his zone and did not arrive before 101 escaped. Meanwhile, 101 took command of the battle by pushing Centurion into the side wall.

101 pushes Centurion into the side wall

"Ray Tait wants to go and work for NASA, the space agency. Well, hardly a performance out of this world, for either of these robots so far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Centurion became stuck on the arena wall, and despite 101's spike pushing it away, it could not move off the wall. Sir Killalot and Dead Metal closed in, and Sir Killalot's claw sliced Centurion's front, dislodging the lifting forks. Cease was called, and 101 advanced to the heat final.

"Killalot's just been onto me, King Buxton - he wants your phone number. In the final, you're up against 101."
— Jonathan Pearce announces the heat final line-up

In the Heat Final, 101 faced King Buxton, who defeated their previous robot Robo Doc in the previous series.

"Who'd have thought it'd come to this? We're going to have to fight like demons to beat him, but we must beat him. ... It's going to be so tough, it was tough last time, it was just the hardest thing. He's such a good robot, it's the best tracked robot here."
— The King Buxton team are apprehensive of their opponents before the battle

101 on top of King Buxton

101 is shoved by its rival

The robots did not charge straight at each other, instead slowly driving around, trying to get into a good position to attack. The two met head on, and King Buxton drove up 101, and was pushed back until it drove off. King Buxton then met 101 and 101 slid on top of King Buxton, sitting on top briefly. 101 managed to place part of its tracks on the ground, and drove off King Buxton easily. King Buxton was given trouble by the arena spikes, but quickly escaped and pushed 101 broadside into Matilda. 101 then drove into the single spike and was bumped, but met King Buxton again, knocking its opponent away with its automatic spike. King Buxton stopped briefly near the flame pit, and 101 knocked it over the flames and into Dead Metal. King Buxton took damage from the circular saws mounted on the wall, but ended up knocking the circular saw out of position. King Buxton escaped and rammed 101 broadside once more.

King Buxton starts smoking in the final seconds

It lost its purchase briefly and ran into the side wall, but quickly recovered and slammed back into 101. King Buxton pushed 101 into the side wall after escaping Shunt, but 101 drove on top of King Buxton and positioned itself behind. 101 was now pushing King Buxton into the side wall. The two robots crashed into Shunt whilst battling around the arena, and King Buxton took a blow from the axe. Buxton escaped and ran back into 101, driving on top of one of the moving tracks, and being tussled by it before driving off.

"Very very close this so far. A good old tussle, isn't it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

King Buxton drove onto one of the tracks, and sat there with smoke beginning to pour from the machine. King Buxton had slowed down significantly by now, and time began to tick down. 101 and King Buxton both remained mobile at the end, and the match was decided by the judges, who went for 101, avenging their lost to King Buxton in the previous series.

Craig Charles: "Can you believe it, you're through to the Series Semi-Finals!"
Mike Franklin: "Well that was for Robo Doc!"
Craig Charles: "Your revenge was sweet, was it?"
Mike Franklin: "Revenge was very sweet."
— Post-battle interview

101 was put through to the Semi-Finals where, in the first round, it faced Scutter's Revenge, who had defeated Zeus, Thermador and Pussycat to get to this stage.

101 drives up Scutter's Revenge

Both robots made their way towards each other, with 101 turning away to line up an attack, but when it charged at Scutter's Revenge, it drove up the scoop. 101 reversed off the scoop, but then went straight back up it on another charged, before backing away and going into Shunt's CPZ.

"And very nearly under the hammer blow, there, of Shunt."
— Jonathan Pearce as 101 avoids punishment from the House Robot

The House Robot missed with an axe blow as 101 trundled away from danger, with 101 then driving over the front of Scutter's Revenge's scoop. 101 turned on the spot and then climbed up and off of Scutter's Revenge's side, bending the aerial in the process, as Scutter's Revenge attempted to force 101 back into the CPZ. 101 moved behind Scutter's Revenge - which was now becoming more limited in its movement due the bent aerial - pushing it side on, while Dead Metal nudged into 101, forcing it to climb over Scutter's Revenge again.

"This again developing into something of a war of attrition."
— Jonathan Pearce notices that the battle is becoming a tactical pushing bout

101 then pushed Scutter's Revenge towards Shunt, with Scutter's Revenge resisting just enough to prevent itself going into the House Robot, but 101 kept nagging away, and Scutter's Revenge finally ground to a halt. 101 came in again from behind, as Shunt axed the top of Scutter's Revenge's scoop and then into its shell. Soon after the other House Robots came in to attack the beaten machine.

"I thought I'd lost it, the first three-quarters, I couldn't get in a good position, and then something died in theirs and we got lucky! Look at the state of it though! I've got to fix it!"
— Mike Franklin after the battle

This put 101 up against Hypno-Disc to decide who would be the last robot in the series to reach the Grand Final.

"Our last seat at the great party is about to be filled by one of these."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle

101 and Hypno-Disc lock horns

101 made its way forward, as Hypno-Disc's flywheel clipped the front of 101, causing no damage. Hypno-Disc reversed towards the arena wall and spun its weapon back up to speed. 101 met it side on and stopped the disc, before pushing Hypno-Disc from behind. It attempted to bring its spike into play, but missed. Hypno-Disc moved away again, but 101 continued to attack, riding over the top of Hypno-Disc and stopping the weapon again. Hypno-Disc continued to try to get enough space to get the disc back up to speed, while 101 moved over the flame pit and went into Dead Metal. 101 got away with no damage and met Hypno-Disc head on again, keeping the disc's speed down, before climbing over the top of Hypno-Disc again.

"Very close, this Semi-Final battle."
— Jonathan Pearce

101 presses against Hypno-Disc

101 moves Hypno-Disc towards the flame pit

Hypno-Disc drove around, with its disc consistently at a slow speed, before reversing into Dead Metal; the house robot brought its circular saw down twice before Hypno-Disc escaped. 101 drove at the rear of Hypno-Disc again, with Hypno-Disc reversing to bat away 101. Hypno-Disc then slammed backwards and forced 101 into Dead Metal, before the two robots locked horns again, with 101 forcing Hypno-Disc into the arena wall.

"Hypno-Disc's weapon, you know, throughout this Semi-Final, has not been as potent as we thought."
— Jonathan Pearce

For the first time, the judges actually inspected the robots up close

Hypno-Disc found itself over the flame pit and just escaped another attack from Dead Metal. The battle concluded with the two robots pushing each other and the decision went to the judges. For the first time ever, the judges went into the arena to inspect for damage before making their decision. The judges went for Hypno-Disc, who progressed to the Grand Final.

"Craig is a trooper, who works all day long. He always gets the cameras wrong. When his favourite robot wins, he grins and grins. He really likes Amy and her bunny, we think he's really funny. He gets his lines wrong again and again, but we like him all the same!"
— "Craig", the poem Amy Franklin wrote about, and read to, Craig Charles

The First World Championship[]

101 also participated in The First World Championship, representing England. Its first round battle was against the Welsh representatives and fellow semi-finalist, Panic Attack.

Panic Attack lifts 101 into the air

"101, with Mike, daughter Amy and ... Superbunny! And they'll need plenty of hop here to get beyond Panic Attack, and those lifting rams."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle

Both robots drove towards each other, with Panic Attack hitting 101's side, but failing to get the forks under. 101 then drove up Panic Attack's front and drove into the arena wall whilst on top of Panic Attack's lifting forks. Panic Attack turned, causing 101 to drive into the arena wall, and Panic Attack began to lift 101, with the flashing light on Panic Attack falling off in the process. 101 was able to balance on Panic Attack's forks initially, but eventually over-balanced and landed upside-down. Panic Attack moved away from the arena wall, as 101 sat motionless.

Panic Attack lines up another attack on 101

"And, to me, 101's already out - immobilised. They're trying to get the tracks to spin."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack ends up in the pit

As Panic Attack picked up 101 again, 101's tracks started to move. Panic Attack attempted to pit 101, but could not drop 101 from the forks, and accidentally reversed into the pit itself.

"Mike at the controls; he's built a model jet engine in the past. He need something to fly now, for 101, oh! Panic Attack's driven itself into the pit, and 101 survives!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101's next opponents were Weld-Dor from Northern Ireland. Before the battle, Mike Franklin taped Superbunny to the top of 101, and Amy nonchalantly told Philippa Forrester it was "going to die", and she wanted to see it get chopped in half. However, Superbunny was taken off 101 for the battle itself.

"Oh, the bunny's not there! There must have been a change of heart! There he is! Amy's got Superbunny! The world's alright! Will 101 be?"
— Relief from Jonathan Pearce as he sees Superbunny is not on 101

Weld-Dor lifts 101 by its tracks

Weld-Dor connects with an attack of its axe

Weld-Dor started by getting underneath 101 with its lifting forks and it reversed across the arena, pulling 101 towards the pit. However, Weld-Dor very nearly reversed into the pit as 101 escaped its clutches, but was just able to hang on and survive thanks to a nudge from 101. 101 then reversed into Weld-Dor and pushed it against the arena wall, where the Northern Irish robot struggled to move away. 101 came in again, just as Weld-Dor moved away, and pushed it in to the arena wall by Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Weld-Dor got away and managed to lift 101 by one of its tracks and carried it around the arena, bending one of its forks in the process.

"101 comes in with a big boot, or is it a big boot? No real weaponry on 101, there you see, Weld-Dor has those prongs to tantalisingly tease the tank tracks of 101"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 forces Weld-Dor over the flame pit

101 reversed into the arena wall in an attempt to get free of the tracks, before finally escaping when Weld-Dor pushed it into the arena wall. 101 then drove towards Weld-Dor, which used its axe twice, missing with one blow and causing no damage on 101 with the other. 101 pushed Weld-Dor towards the pit, Weld-Dor's axe did no damage as it landed another blow on 101's top, and Weld-Dor turned away before 101 could pit it. 101 pushed Weld-Dor across the flame pit and into the arena wall once more. Weld-Dor slowly moved away, before being rammed over the flames by Dead Metal. 101 drove at Weld-Dor's front, and Weld-Dor lifted 101, only for 101 to reverse straight off the tracks. 101 got behind Weld-Dor and barged it into the arena wall. Weld-Dor tried to axe 101 as it was being pushed, but this had no effect. Weld-Dor moved away from the arena wall after 101 backed off, only for 101 to come back and push it against the arena wall again, then keep it boxed against the wall briefly. In the last 10 seconds, 101 drove away, Weld-Dor tried to get the forks under 101, but 101 drove off the forks before the Northern Irish robot could lift, and cease was called.

"All a little bit tentative at the end, but they are still both mobile, though. Very close."
— Jonathan Pearce after Cease is called

It went to the judges, where a unanimous decision sent 101 through.

"I thought we were going to lose, actually, at one point, because he got his forks jammed under our tracks, and jammed completely, I thought "Oh no!" ... but we managed to wriggle free, and almost got him in the pit."
— Mike Franklin after the battle

101 met fellow English representative Razer in the Semi-Finals. Before the battle, Team 101 were notably worried of the potential damage that their robot could sustain, going to the extent of writing messages pleading for mercy on top of 101.

"We're gonna get creamed!"
— Mike Franklin's fear before the battle

Razer crushes 101

Razer started by chasing 101 into the pincers of Dead Metal and then easily cut through 101's armour. Razer continued to pierce the shell of 101 and managed to prise up a section of its steel armour. 101 couldn't get free from Razer's clutch, which lifted 101 up temporarily, before it fell onto the arena floor. 101 drove straight up the front of Razer, which crushed into it again and drove it back in towards Dead Metal.

"This is going horribly, predictably to plan, for Razer boys. And Mike Franklin said 101, his machine, would be creamed, and he's not wrong!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 finds itself too close to Sir Killalot

Razer backed away as 101 popped out from Razer's grasp, but 101 drove up the front of Razer again. This time, Razer's purchase was enough for it to lift 101 into the air for a short time, before 101 dropped free again. 101 scampered away, into Sir Killalot's CPZ as Razer chased it down, but got away from the House Robot. 101 drove up part of Razer and past its opponent, before Razer drove 101 into the arena wall and dished out further punishment. Razer lifted 101 into the air again, and spun around with it on the spot, until 101 crashed onto the arena surface.

"101, I think here, doing magnificently just to stay competitive. Running away, to fight another day."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer hoists 101 up

101 retreated for most of the remainder of the battle - narrowly avoiding another attack from Razer near Shunt's CPZ - before driving at Razer's side as time elapsed. Cease was called, and the decision went to the judges, who went for Razer.

Craig Charles: "That 101 has got a hard steel outer shell, and you went through it like a knife through butter!"
Simon Scott: "Yeah, powerful machine, that is!"
Team Razer (Together): "That is one tough tank!"
— Post-battle interview

Series 4[]

"Beaten in the semi-finals of the last wars, 101 returns with a special roboteer's EPS, extra perceptive century system, which fires a spike weapon travelling at 200mph."
— Jonathan Pearce

101 was granted the number nine seed for Series 4, and faced Henry 2 and Dominator 2 in the first round.

"Hi. I'm Mike. This is Amy. This is 101, back to fight another war. Runs on stainless steel tracks, either way up. Two powerful motors at the back and a very powerful weapon in the middle, which fires automatically when it comes into range with another robot."
— Mike Franklin in 101's team introduction

101 rams Dominator 2, after it immobilises Henry 2

101 gets behind Dominator 2

101 and Shunt push Henry 2 down into the pit of oblivion

On the activate, all three robots darted forward. Smoke was coming from 101 as it moved. Dominator 2 attacked Henry 2, its axe crashed down, piercing the top of Henry 2's wedge. This was enough to knock out Henry 2 immediately, and the blue robot rolled to a gentle stop, with only a small amount of drive having been revved up before the damage was inflicted. 101 came charging in, and bulldozed Dominator 2 away from Henry 2's dead form. Dominator 2 tried to axe 101, but missed. 101 pushed Henry 2, and Dominator 2 struck 101 with its axe, but the blow did no damage, as 101 was moving. Dominator 2 chased after 101, which dodged for a while. Dominator 2 caught up with 101, but when it tried to axe 101, 101 turned and drove away, knocking Dominator 2 aside and causing it to miss its axe blow. 101 got side on at Dominator 2 and the two robots span around together, until 101 got behind Dominator 2, but before it could push it, Dominator 2 drove away. However, this was insignificant, as Henry 2 was clearly immobile, and Sir Killalot and Shunt moved in to attack it. Whilst this was happening, 101 had become stuck on its side, and Dominator 2 was not moving. Off-camera, 101 was knocked back onto its tracks, and it charged into Henry 2, trying to push it into the pit, but catching Henry 2 side-on made it hard to do so. Shunt finished the battle by pushing forward and pitting Henry 2.

"Well, Henry immobilised. Our seed gets taught a lesson from the newcomer. 101 and Dominator 2 go through."
— Craig Charles after the battle

In the second round, 101 took on the newcomer Major Tom.

"So you're gonna rely on good luck, you've brought your mascot here, Amy with the bunny!"
Julia Reed to the 101 team before the battle

101 rides up Major Tom

101 pushing Major Tom into Matilda

101 secures its place in the Heat Final

Major Tom charged at 101, which got around the side of Major Tom, but were unable to push it. Major Tom turned, and 101 rode up Major Tom's lifting ramp, reversed away, before driving up the ramp again, onto the top of Major Tom. 101 pushed Major Tom into the arena wall by Matilda's CPZ, where Refbot was presiding, and as the house robot drove away, Major Tom was freed, but immobile. Matilda lifted Major Tom as 101 rammed it against the wall again. 101 stayed out of the action as the House Robots attacked Major Tom, before putting it on the flipper, then pitting it.

Craig Charles: "You got lucky in the melee, but you certainly weren't lucky there!"
Mike Franklin: "Well, we're lucky they packed in! But I think we've probably got quite a strong robot."
Craig Charles: "You are! I mean the motor seems really, 'cause you do seem to hit the other robots very, very hard, don't you?"
Mike Franklin: "Yeah, the weapon's not working though, so there was a problem with it when we tried to power it up, it was a big gas leak"
Craig Charles: "Do you think you'll be able to get it fixed for the next round?"
Mike Franklin: "Hopefully, I mean I want to see it work!"
— Post-battle interview

101 progressed to their second successive Heat Final, where it faced Dominator 2 again.

Julia Reed: "Realistically, at times like this, what can you do?"
Mike Franklin: "Hope. Haha. Pray. The usual things."
Julia Reed: "Adopt a new religion? They're a ferocious machine, aren't they? Plasma coated, nitride titanium, I mean, that's just showing off."
Mike Franklin: "That's just showing off, yeah."
— Mike Franklin discusses Dominator 2 with Julia Reed

101 drags Dominator 2

101 started cautiously, driving around Dominator 2, trying to find the best place to attack, before slamming into Dominator 2's wheel and pushing it, keeping clear of the axe. Dominator 2 reversed, and as 101 turned to attack, Dominator 2 hit it with an axe blow. The axe was stuck in 101, which allowed it to drag Dominator 2 around the arena.

"Now that's interesting. Mike Franklin may well be able to use that tactic again; draw Dominator 2 on, get the axe caught on top of the shell, drag it towards the pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 caught between Dead Metal and Dominator 2. Note the huge number of axe holes in 101

101 runs up Dominator 2

Dominator 2 retracted its axe and released it, striking it quickly once more before 101 pulled away. 101 drove forward and pushed itself up the wedge, pressing against Dominator 2's axe mechanism, and managing to push Dominator 2 against the wall by the CPZ, where Matilda came out to attack. Escaping Matilda, Dominator 2 attempted to attack 101, but missed several times and was pushed in retaliation. Dominator 2's axe blows continued to miss, until 101 drove onto its wedge and allowed Dominator 2 to slam its axe down.

"Look at it! Look at the top! You could pour salt out of that!"
— Jonathan Pearce noticing the damage to 101's top

101 pinned on the spike

Shunt attacks 101 despite it not being anywhere near the CPZ

Dominator 2 pushed 101 into Matilda, but the tracked robot shouldered its way out. Dominator 2 caught 101 and axed its track, but not puncturing the shell. Dominator 2 then repeated its attack and pushed 101 into Dead Metal, trapping the seeded machine between claws and axe. 101 escaped after a while, and ran into Dominator 2's side, driving up the wedge and interfering with the axe. However, 101 drove too high and Dominator 2's retracting axe pushed it backwards, causing 101 to land on its back. It attempted twice to repeat that attack and right itself, but was unsuccessful. 101 then drove into a side spike and pinned itself against the arena wall. Dead Metal nudged it free and 101 ran into Dominator 2. However, Shunt intervened and attacked 101, causing damage. Refbot sent Shunt away, and time ran down to the cease.

"Poor old 101, should not have been the victim of an attack by Shunt! I'm going to have a word with - no, I'm not, I'm terrified of Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 was declared the winner, due to the damage sustained by 101.

"Dominator then dominated the fight against 101, whose lack of weaponry proved telling."
— Jonathan Pearce reflects on 101's defeat during the Grand Final series recap

101 later returned for the Tag Team Terror, pairing up with former rivals King B3 and sporting a new paint design. In the first round, the two robots fought X-Terminator 2 and Inverterbrat.

Julia Reed: "Of all the robots in Robot Wars, I can't believe these two have paired up. The score between them is one all and I thought they were sworn enemies."
Mike Franklin: "Well we are in the arena, but in the end of the day, we've got mutual respect for each other's robot - they've got a good robot, we've got a good robot, so we decided that we'll go do some damage to some others now."
Julia Reed: "But not to each other."
Mike Franklin: "Well possibly."
— Pre-Tag Team talk with Julia Reed

101 ramming X-Terminator in the Tag Team Terror

Inverterbrat started off against King B3, and after King B3 attacked Inverterbrat with the saw, King B3 tagged 101. As 101 came out, Inverterbrat tagged X-Terminator 2. The two met head to head and 101 pushed X-Terminator 2 back. X-Terminator 2 used its axe again and again on 101, but was unable to cause any damage.

"Well, they're abiding by the rules... remarkably!"
— Jonathan Pearce

King B3 came out without being tagged, but when chasing after X-Terminator 2, ran into 101, being knocked on top of the team mate by Sgt. Bash. King B3 drove off and attacked X-Terminator 2, whilst 101 drove into the red zone to fight Inverterbrat, which was in the top CPZ. 101 left Inverterbrat and tried to get behind X-Terminator 2, which was still fighting King B3. However, 101 drove into Refbot by mistake when X-Terminator 2 moved away, before going back to attack Inverterbrat, ramming it against the arena wall.

"Rules, what rules? Refbot: dismiss him, sack him, he has no control over these robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 pushes Inverterbrat against the wall

101 pins both opponents in the corner

Inverterbrat reversed away into a CPZ as 101 backed off, and King B3 pushed X-Terminator into that CPZ. 101 pinned Inverterbrat against the wall, but got caught by Dead Metal temporarily, who dragged it back and held it, before it escaped and shoved X-Terminator 2 into Inverterbrat in the CPZ. X-Terminator 2 moved away, but was ganged up on by both King B3 and 101. By now, it had become clear that Inverterbrat had been immobilised in the corner, leaving X-Terminator 2 to fight alone. Eventually, King B3 and 101 started having quick slams on each other.

"With friends like that, who needs enemies?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Time ran out, and the judges were called upon, but with the blue team being up one team member, it was an easy decision. This put 101 and King B3 into the final against Firestorm 2 and Scorpion, both of which had suffered damage from the last round, and Firestorm 2 in particular had a lot of trouble getting going.

"A united team!"
— Julia Reed optimistically describes the two rivals who have sorted out their differences

101 pushes Scorpion

Scorpion started off against King B3. Initially, King B3 used its disc to cut into Scorpion and pushed it around, then retreated to the blue zone, so 101 came out and started attacking Scorpion. Firestorm 2 came out and lingered next to 101 and Scorpion before moving away. King B3 then came out and attacked Firestorm 2. Scorpion was clutched by Dead Metal, while the other three robots scuffled in the red zone.

"And all of a sudden we've got all four robots on the arena floor! Yes! This is what we want! Scorpion may have gone blind and they've shown a blind eye to rules and regulations! It's gone mad in Robot Wars: Tag Team Terror!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 pressurises King B3 and an immobilised Firestorm 2

Firestorm 2 was still suffering from problems, as it struggled to move, even when King B3 and 101 both rammed it. However, King B3 then drove onto Firestorm's wedge and was flipped on top of 101, which took the opportunity to slam its team-mate and rival into the arena wall. Firestorm 2 broke down after this and was not seen again in the battle.

"I think the Tag Team Terror has been won by 101 and King B3...and now we have what I thought we'd have, right from the first activate! We've got 101 against King B3, this is a massive grudge!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 attacks its Tag Team partner

Dead Metal and Sgt Bash damage King B3 and 101

King B3 retaliated and pushed 101 back, before then pushing the wounded and limping Scorpion back towards the immobilised Firestorm 2. With both of their opponents no longer working properly, King B3 and 101 finally turned on each other for real, pushing each other all around the arena.

"You are team members! Come together? Friends? You're having a laugh! You're still enemies, I'm sure......I repeat! You are supposed to be teammates, 101 and King B3"
— Jonathan Pearce, as the winning tag team reprise their rivalry

Dead Metal and Sgt. Bash finally managed to separate them, damaging them in the process. Cease was called, and King B3 and 101 were the Tag Team champions.

Craig Charles: "What is going on with you two, though? Okay, so you dismantle the other two robots, and then what do you do? You get a little bit bored, and start fighting each other!"
Simon Harrison: "I think we're dying to just sort it out, once and for all, you know, between us two. One day, we're going to sort it out."
Craig Charles: "You've had grudge matches before, haven't you? So how come you've chosen to be in the same team if their's that sort of animosity between the two of you?"
Simon Harrison: "Oh, we know each others robots really well, it's a good team, because we've fought each other, and we know each other's strengths, and that's why we're a good team, and we'll carry on, but we can't resist having a little go at each other, every now and again!"
— Post-battle interview

101 also competed in the Pinball Warrior Tournament. It was the first robot to attempt the Pinball.

101 knocks down barrels in its Pinball Warrior run

101 raced towards the barrels and knocked a few over, before trying to take on Sgt. Bash. It couldn't get past the House Robot, so it tried to go over the ramp. It didn't go over the ramp completely, so it didn't score any points. On the first attempt, it didn't drive up the ramp at the right angle, so got stuck on the side. It reversed and tried again, but drove up at the wrong angle and fell off the other side as Sir Killalot pushed the ramp. 101 went along the length of the ramp, but it still did not score the points. It tried to take on Sir Killalot, before pressing the multi-ball release. It then attempted to get through the car door, but drove into the side of it rather than through it. 101 then managed to hit Dead Metal's target, and tried to go through the car door again. However, 101 drove at the side again, and despite reversing for another attempt, time ran out, so 101 had earned 125 points.

"Not too sure if they've got 101 points so far. Cagey, steady sort of run, but not spectacular."
— Jonathan Pearce at the end of 101's run

101 finished ninth on the leader board.

Extreme 1[]

"Good traction control. Mike Franklin's experienced at the controls vital."
— Jonathan Pearce giving a brief summary of 101

101 returned in Extreme 1 to defend its Tag Team Terror title alongside the renamed King B Powerworks. Their first battle was against Diotoir and Mega Morg.

"They're only champions because we weren't in it last year!"
— Dr Zulu trash-talks King B Powerworks and 101

101 stabs the front of Mega Morg

101 went first out against Mega Morg. The defending champion drove at Mega Morg, but turned away on contact. It tried to get side-on at Mega Morg, but Mega Morg drove away. 101 charged it a little, but struggled to push it back, Mega Morg pushed 101 a little then flicked 101 up with the lifter. Both robots tagged their partners, and King B Powerworks and Diotoir entered the arena. Diotoir and King B Powerworks fought for a while, until eventually, King B tagged 101. Mega Morg was tagged just after, 101 tried to get side on and push it, but Mega Morg escaped.

All four robots fight at the same time

Barely seconds later, all four robots joined in the battle, with King B Powerworks pushing Mega Morg into the arena wall and 101 doing the same with the now burning Diotoir. The two changed their targets and 101 managed to push Mega Morg, but Diotoir managed to pin King B Powerworks against the top arena wall. King B Powerworks got away, but then started spinning on the spot. 101 pursued Mega Morg towards the far arena wall, which allowed Diotoir to get underneath 101 and flip it over. As soon as 101 landed on its back, however, it became apparent that only one of its tracks was working.

A smouldering Diotoir flips 101 over

"101 now under pressure from Diotoir. Diotoir will flip 101 - don't worry about that, it can work both ways up because of the tank tracks - but is only one of the tank tracks working?! I think it is! And all of a sudden, the reigning champions are in trouble cos I think King B is spinning wildly out of control!"
— Jonathan Pearce

King B Powerworks, meanwhile, had driven into the CPZ and was still spinning wildly, having lost all control. Diotoir pushed it around with King B Powerworks managing to knock one of its eyes off.

"And the reigning champions could be facing elimination here in the Tag Team Terror! There's no control on King B, and 101 in trouble too! This could be a shock!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the last few seconds of the battle

Time ran out and the judges made a decision which went against 101 and King B Powerworks.

Mike Franklin: "If he [Simon Harrison] could have kept going we could have won, but it's his fault that we lost."
Craig Charles: "Blame him, go and argue in the pits"
Simon Harrison: "I didn't see yours going around fast"
— The two teams argue over whose fault the loss was

Both teams prepare for their Vengeance battle

The former teammates rekindled their rivalry in a subsequent Vengeance battle, with both sides blaming each other for their Tag Team loss.

"They break down, that's their tactics."
— Grant Hornsby throws down the gauntlet to Team 101

101 slips under King B Powerworks

The battle started with the two robots charging at each other, but merely deflecting away. After a bit of spinning, King B Powerworks pushed 101 from the side. It turned around and attempted to use its saw, but caused no obvious damage. 101 then rammed into King B Powerworks, getting underneath it twice, but deflecting it away again. After a little while, it forced itself underneath again and pushed King B Powerworks into the arena wall. King B Powerworks escaped, climbing off 101's top. 101 pushed King B Powerworks back and, after a bit more driving around, pushed it into the arena wall again, forcing underneath and pulling back before driving King B Powerworks into the CPZ.

"This is a good performance so far by Mike Franklin."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sgt. Bash and Shunt attacked King B Powerworks, the latter axing it but causing no obvious damage. As Sgt. Bash pushed King B Powerworks back, it began to spin. It continued to dart away from Sgt. Bash, but 101 caught it side on. After another push, where it was attacked briefly, 101 let King B Powerworks go, but its opponent ran into the CPZ and began spinning again. When it suddenly charged into the opposite CPZ and began spinning again, it became apparent that King B Powerworks had lost control. King B Powerworks charged around the arena, crashing into the angle grinders, spinning around the floor flipper, crashing into Refbot and Shunt, before reversing into a CPZ and spinning there. Eventually, Shunt and Sgt. Bash managed to trap King B Powerworks in the corner, and Sgt. Bash restrained it with his pincer. As the pit was activated, he attempted to drive King B Powerworks into the pit, but very nearly drove in himself instead. However, as Sgt. Bash dropped King B Powerworks into the pit, he fell in anyway.

"It was good up until it went wrong, I would have liked a longer fight."
— Mike Franklin after the battle

At the conclusion of this battle, King B Powerworks concluded that 101 was the superior robot, and the teams shook hands, pledging to continue their Tag Team partnership in the future. However, 101 was retired, and neither King B Powerworks nor Anarchy entered Extreme 2, making this the last contact between the pair.

"History is made!"
— Craig Charles, as the King Buxton/101 rivalry is finally bought to an end

According to Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide, 101 was also considered as a potential competitor in a Mayhem qualifier for one of the two Annihilators, but it is unknown whether or not it was ever actually invited to take part.

Series 5[]

Team 101 were originally planning to enter Anarchy into Series 5, but the robot was not ready, so 101 was entered instead.[8] 101 returned as the twenty-third seed for Series 5, where its first battle was against newcomers to the main competition, Fluffy.

"Old-timers 101 are ranked twenty-third, but lack of any major weaponry, unlike the rest of the field, puts them at a disadvantage. Mike and Amy Franklin always put up an excellent fight, and made it all the way to the Heat Finals last time, but lost out to Dominator 2."
— Philippa Forrester at the start of the Heat

The severed track falls from 101

101 charged at Fluffy, but the newcomers managed to escape, and get the spinning axe up to speed. As it did, 101 charged at it again, and had its right-hand track shredded by the blade of Fluffy, severely impairing the seeded robot's mobility. Fluffy's blade caused damage to the front armour of 101, and eventually the remains of the track fell off.

"That has certainly, has rendered 101, almost, almost immobile"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 sustains another blow from Fluffy

Fluffy tears into 101

101 reversed away, but Fluffy followed, landing more blows with the spinning axe on 101. 101 kept backing away, but got stuck by the arena wall. 101 was not moving properly, and could only go backwards and forwards in a curved line.

"The time is nigh for a machine which cost a pound and a penny, to put together as they used to say, hence the name, 101."
— Jonathan Pearce reading the last rites to the former semi-finalist

Fluffy began buckling a side panel and one of the front spikes as time ran out, leaving the judges with an easy decision to make. 101 became the first seeded robot to lose in Round 1 on a judges' decision, and was retired after this loss.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat J, Round 1 vs. Overkill Won
Heat J, Round 2 vs. Centurion Won
Heat J, Final vs. King Buxton Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Scutter's Revenge Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Hypno-Disc Lost
The First World Championship
Representing England, Semi-Finalist
Eliminator vs. Panic Attack (WAL) Won
Quarter Final vs. Weld-Dor (NIR) Won
Semi-Final vs. Razer (ENG) Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
9th Seed, Heat Final
Heat E, Eliminator vs. Dominator 2, Henry 2 Qualified
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Major Tom Won
Heat E, Final vs. Dominator 2 Lost
Pinball Warrior Tournament
Pinball 125pts 9th
Tag Team Terror
Competing with King B3, Champion
Round 1 vs. X-Terminator 2 & Inverterbrat Won
Final vs. Firestorm 2 & Scorpion Won
Extreme Series 1
Tag Team Terror
Competing with King B Powerworks, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Diotoir & Mega Morg Lost
Other Battles
Vengeance vs. King B Powerworks Won
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
23rd Seed, Heat, Round 1
Heat L, Eliminator vs. Fluffy Lost


  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 5

Series Record[]

Main Series 101 Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Robo Doc
The Third Wars Semi-Final, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Heat Final
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Sixth Wars Entered with Anarchy
The Seventh Wars Ineligible
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

101 as Transpower at Techno Games

101, temporarily named Transpower, also competed in Techno Games, in the Assault Course. It won its heat against Mighty Mouse, but was disqualified in the quarter-finals after impeding the progress of Bugs Buggy. Visually, the robot reused its side panels from the Series 4 Tag Team Terror, and was otherwise functionally identical to 101.

For more information on the team's other Techno Games entries, and robots outside of television including a beetleweight version of 101, see Team 101.

Appearances in Merchandise[]


  • Only a single trophy was produced for the winners of the Tag Team Terror in Series 4, so Simon Harrison of King B3's team admitted to taking the trophy for himself. Eventually a second trophy was built for Team 101, although Simon Harrison claims it was smaller and inferior[9].
  • According to the official guide for Robot Wars Extreme, 101 had a desire to fight against fellow tracked robot Suicidal Tendencies, although ultimately they would never do so even though they both appeared in Episode 8 of Extreme 1 and also appear in the PC/Xbox version of Extreme Destruction.
  • Despite taking track damage and fighting powerful opponents such as Hypno-Disc, Razer, Dominator 2 and Fluffy, none of 101's five losses were by knockout, holding onto a judges' decision each time.
  • 101 was the first robot to reach the semi-finals by winning a grudge match with a former semi-finalist who in the past had reached the semi-finals by defeating that robot in the heats. Raging Knightmare later repeated the pattern while Ironside3 also did the same, but reaching the grand final.
  • Along with Krab-Bot, Razer, Tornado, Storm 2, Behemoth, and Manta, 101 is one of only seven robots to finish in the top four of a World Championship and the top eight of a domestic championship.
  • When 101 fought in Series 4 it was seeded ninth and finished in the Pinball tournament in ninth place.
  • Many of 101's official images involved it missing something, either one or both of its logos or its wedges that were added in Extreme 1.
  • In 101's first battle in Series 3, its name was not written on the robot. However, in all its subsequent battles in the series and other series it appeared in, its name was written on the robot.
  • Of the four robots that lost in the second round of the semi-finals in Series 3, 101 was the only one that did not reach the semi-finals in Series 2.
  • 101 was the only Series 3 semi-finalist to be invertible.
  • 101 in Series 3 was one of the few robots to have modifications made to it after at least one battle (in this case, having its name on the robot from Round 2 onwards). Some other robots to have modifications made to them after at least one battle included Spawn Again in Series 5 (having a metal half disc on its back in its Heat Final onwards), Wild Thing in Series 6 (having a red section in place of one of its green sections from its Heat Final onwards), Storm 2 in Extreme 2 (having its name on the robot and spikes added to the back from its New Blood Heat Final onwards) and Carbide in Series 8 (having yellow wheels from its Heat Final onwards).
  • 101 was the last robot to lose in the first round of a UK Championship where each heat featured four head to head battles for the first round.
  • 101 is one of only four tracked robots to ever make it past the heats of a domestic championship, the other three being Mortis, Plunderbird and Slicer.
  • 101 was one of six robots to never win a heat in any of the series in which they were seeded (not counting robots who were only seeded once). The others were Behemoth, Gemini, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Suicidal Tendencies and Team Hurtz.
  • Overkill was the only one of 101's opponents in Series 3 that was not seeded in Series 4.
  • 101 is one of thirteen seeded robots (if Suicidal Tendencies' withdrawal in Series 5 and Terrorhurtz's disqualification in Series 7 are included) to lose in the first round of a UK Championship.
  • 101 was one of two seeded robots to lose in Round 1 on a judges' decision, the other being Ming Dienasty.
    • Incidentally, Ming appeared in the same heat as 101 in Series 5 with both losing in the first round with both robots that beat them meeting each other in the second round.
  • Only one episode where 101 used its wedges did not feature King Buxton.
  • The battles between King Buxton and Robo Doc/101 marked the first instance of two teams reaching a semi-final in different series by defeating the other. This pattern would be repeated by Team Scutterbots and Team Knightmare in Series 4 and 7, and Pulsar and Ironside3 in Series 8 and 9.
  • 101 was one of six competitor robots to have its statistics board displayed with the music usually played when the House Robots' statistics board were shown. The other five competitor robots to have this were Diotoir, Mega Morg and King B Powerworks, the other three robots in 101's Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror battle and Spirit of Knightmare and Disc-O-Inferno, the two finalists of the second Annihilator.



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