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101 is a competitor robot that appeared in Series 3-5 of Robot Wars. 101 had previously appeared in Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, and would also appear in the PC/Xbox version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. 101 is one of the five playable competitor robots available at the start of the game.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

RWEDGBA 101 & Tornado Arena

101 fighting Tornado

Due to 101's design being relatively basic, appearing as a simple silver rectangle from a bird's eye view with a logo on the front and tracks on the side, 101 is represented very accurately in its 16-bit form.

101 features a moving spike weapon for armament, just as it did in real life. However, the spike is not automatic like the real life version and must be fired manually.


Using 101Edit

101 is invertible, although too many flips can cause it to break down. 101 is also a strong pushing robot, so it can push other robots into a CPZ or the pit. The spike can be used to deflect robots trying to attack the front of 101.

Against 101Edit

101 has average speed and limited attack range and damage capability, so the player can avoid the front and attack the sides to earn points. 101 also has flat side panels so it can be immobilised by being flipped onto its side.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • 101's spike must be activated manually in this game, whereas it was automatic in real life.
  • 101 is a dual curved oval in game much like Suicidal Tendencies in Series 3 rather than the roughly triangular real life robot.
  • 101's shaping looks narrower and longer than its real counterpart, and its design is flipped backwards so the front end is the rear and vice versa.
  • 101 only has one logo on it.
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