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"So sit back, hide your faint of hearted and enjoy some highlights from the very first Robot Wars. When a handful of robots took on the wrath of the American champions in an open competition."
Craig Charles introducing the Event

The 1995 UK Open was an event during the USA Robot Wars which was heavily highlighted during the First Wars of Robot Wars and was featured at the start of the VHS release Robot Wars: The First Great War. The competition was meant to serve as the pilot for Robot Wars, however it was rejected and it wouldn't be until 1997 when the TV Show would become a reality.

The competition was a range of different events that pitted the US against the UK.

Robots Competing[]

NOTE: This only includes the robots who were featured in the First Wars and may not contain the full roster

US Competitors[]

La machine.png
La Machine
Weight Unknown
Weapons Ramming Scoop Blade
Defence Steel
From California
Team: Gage Cauchois, Trey Roski & Greg Munson
The Master
Weight Unknown
Weapons Interchangeable, including circular saw & lifting panel
Defence Interchangeable weaponry
From California
Team: Mark Setrakian
Weight Unknown
Weapons Spiked axe/lifter
Defence Unknown
From California

UK Competitors[]

The Mouse 95.jpg
Eubank the Mouse
Weight 20kg
Weapons None
Defence Unknown
From Maidenhead
Team: Derek Foxwell
Weight 90kg (combined)
45kg (Individual)
Weapons None
Defence Clusterbot
From Coventry
Team: Matthew Dickinson
1995 unknownrabbit robot.png
Unknown Rabbit Robot
Weight Unknown
Weapons None
Defence Unknown
From UK
Team: Derek Foxwell
1995 unknownpillbot.png
Unknown "Pill" Robot
Weight Unknown
Weapons None
Defence Unknown
From UK
Team: Derek Foxwell
Unknown toaster with arms.png
Unknown box shaped robot with arms
Weight Unknown
Weapons Drill
Defence Unknown
From UK
Team: Derek Foxwell



La Machine vs Grunt[]

La Machine throws Grunt into the air

La Machine slams Grunt out of the arena

The match started with both robots charging towards each other, quickly turning to face one another head to head, with La Machine getting underneath and Grunt launching over La Machine from such an attack. La Machine quickly navigated around Grunt and with a swift charge slammed Grunt out of the arena/. La Machine then darted into the centre of the arena and span around to celebrate its victory.

"This is America's La Machine celebrating another victory over the Brits."
— Craig Charles on the result of the match

Winner: La Machine

Grunt vs Unknown box shaped robot with arms[]

Grunt scoops underneath its opponent

The battle started ponderously as both machines slowly navigated the arena and swerved around each other. Eventually, Grunt charged into the box shaped robot and broke off the decorative arms as it got under it and toppled the robot over.

Winner: Grunt

The Master vs Unknown Rabbit robot[]

The Master slams down on the Rabbit robot

The Master attacks the House Mouse

The Master charged out and swung down with the large sword arm, battering the much smaller opponent. The Master turned and managed to get its sword underneath the Rabbit robot and flipped it over, where it was unable to self right. The Master then attacked the House Mouse, smacking down with the sword.

Winner: The Master

Unknown Pill shaped robot vs Unknown Rabbit robot[]

The pill shaped robot bulldozes the Rabbit robot

Both machines charged into each other with the sloped sides of the pill shaped robot scooping up and pushing the Rabbit robot across the arena.

Winner: Unknown

Thor vs The Master[]

"We'll revisit the 1995 Robot Wars UK Championships in London, featuring two of the most powerful robots in the world today! The Master, built by Mark Setrakian, and Thor, designed by Shilling Robotics, both from America, and what a night it was!"
Jonathan Pearce

The Master slices through Thor's armour

The Master's disc sheds upon impact with Thor

The Master initially turned to face Thor using its lifting panel, but Thor made no aggressive movements, and The Master bumped into it, before continuing to circle around Thor. After a sustained period of hostility, The Master made the first move and drove up the surface of Thor, burying its circular saw through the armour of Thor, which could only flail its weapon at no target in defence. The Master's attack also caused Thor to start leaking fluids. The Master withdrew its saw, and bumped into Thor using its left wheel. After Thor retreated, The Master held off until it found the right moment to charge in with its saw, shearing a loose piece of armour from the top of Thor.

"And there, surely a killing blow! Smashing right to the heart of the hydraulic cabling!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The Master attacks Thor's exposed wheel

With no saw remaining, The Master celebrates its victory

While Thor pushed back, The Master brought its saw onto the top of it, causing damage while shearing the circular saw in the process, creating a shower of dust. The Master continued to grind away in spite of the damage, cutting into the top of Thor's weapon, and briefly throwing sparks. The Master almost managed to drive up the side of the retreating Thor, but The Master brought what remained of its saw onto the front of Thor, creating a gash, before finally sacrificing the remainder of its saw to cut into a front wheel of Thor. This attack had immobilised Thor, and The Master won the battle.

"And The Master is surely one of the most powerful robots in the world, and for me, the star of the 1995 UK London Robot Wars!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The Master vs La Machine[]

"The Master advanced to fight La Machine - and got scooped up by the motorised plow and pushed over the edge of the arena"
— Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise Of Robotic Sports

The battle did not last long as La Machine managed to ram in and under The Master, shunting it off the arena immediately.

Winner: La Machine

Robotic Soccar[]

For the Robotic Soccar, Eubank the Mouse served as "House Mouse" and was a "referee" for the match.

Grunts (Team UK) vs The Master + La Machine (Team US)[]

"The American Robots even turned the gentle sport of Soccer into absolute carnage"
— Craig Charles

La Machine score a goal but brings the whole goal post down

The two Grunts struggled to move from their position as La Machine darted across the arena, charging into the puck and in turn into its own partner The Master and one of the Grunt clusterbots, almost toppling the former. La Machine slammed the puck into the side wall at one point, which bounced the US machine upwards before turning around and pushing the puck away from the wall. The House Mouse crawled forwards as La Machine charged past and slammed the puck into the goal, and due to the velocity of the goal score, La Machine had accidentally toppled the goal on top of it, The Master and the House Mouse. Despite being victorious, La Machine turned against its partner and bulldozed The Master out of the way before toppling the House Mouse.

Winner: The Master + La Machine


The Master vs Grunts vs La Machine[]

Grunt gets under both The Master and La Machine

The Master attacks the remaining Grunt

The two Grunts split off as the two American robot charged into the centre with La Machine bashing past one of the Grunt clusters and The Master. La Machine then turned around and battered The Master some more before attacking one of the Grunts. La Machine attempted to depose of the other Grunt but was caught out by The Master who lifted it upwards slightly before being pressured further by Grunt who wedge both the American machines against the side wall, temporarily taking La Machine out of action.

"British Robot Grunt takes a pounding from the American's The Master"
— Craig Charles

The Master swung its sword on top of the Grunt machines as la Machine managed to topple the other. La Machine then turned against the remaining opponents, slamming The Master wildly about and the other Grunt aside. Not much is known about the rest of the fight other than La Machine was victorious.

Winner: La Machine


  • Eubank the Mouse served as a "House Mouse" for some of the events, potentially making it the first ever House Robot.
  • The event initially took place some time before the end of the year, this is most notable in La Machine's appearance which is the sloped scoop as opposed to a basic wedge seen earlier in the year.
  • The 1995 event was filmed but was barred from being shown on TV for its "violence".
"It was so indescribably brutal that it was immediately banned by the censors"
— Craig Charles on the lost 1995 footage
  • However, the real reason was that the new controller of the BBC was unimpressed with the pilot and rejected the idea of creating more series.
  • Derek Foxwell built three of the robots in order to "round out" the competition.