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For the middleweight of the same name and design, see 259 (Middleweight).

"This looks very frightening to me..."
— Jonathan Pearce as 259 first enters the arena

259 was Adam Clark's entry for Series 6 of Robot Wars. It featured a potent vertical flywheel inspired by US series competitor Cyclone, but did not achieve great success, reaching the second round in Series 6 and the UK vs Germany Special broadcast at the end of the series. However, it won the Best Design award for Series 6.


"As is our tradition we pretty much try and build a new robot every year. So this time around I have decided to make a vertical spinner."
— Adam Clark's website[1]

259 in the arena

259 was a four-wheel drive, low rectangular-shaped robot with back and side skirts and armed with a powerful vertical flywheel modelled on that of Cyclone's weapon. The flywheel, driven by an 89bhp electric motor, had crescent-shaped holes cut through it to save weight, spun upwards at up to 130mph, and was capable of delivering immense damage to other robots.

Adam Clark decided to build 259 based on Bone, a previous entry he made that failed to qualify for Series 3, which also had a spinner. The design was for 259 was based on artwork by the US artist "Botsapper"[2]. Adam Clark contacted Team Raptor for advice on designing and building 259.

"Around Christmas the new X-950 Briggs & Stratton became available so I had one shipped over from the US which came from NPC Robotics. Then as luck would have it, a US robot also appeared in the US Robot Wars : Extreme Warriors show. A tape measure and a million questions later and a lot of the disk design problems were answered. A really BIG thanks to Team Raptor for putting up with tons of questions and a superb freebie cyclone T-shirt which I wore in fact at the preliminary rounds."
— Adam Clark on building 259[3]

Official photo of 259 in Series 6

Like Cyclone, 259's disc was also powerful enough to flip other robots over (as vividly demonstrated against Infernal Contraption and Wild Thing), and out of the arena, although it did not achieve the latter despite coming close. The disc was powered by a X-950 Briggs & Stratton motor, imported from America. The disc was cut using water jet cutting, by Control Water Cutting. The drive motors were Etek Motors, ordered from NPC Robotics in the USA.

"The thing about 259 is that it is a well-protected bot; very low ground clearance helps that, with the added flanges that cover the wheels making it very hard for any robot to get a good attack in. The wheel is extremely powerful and hard to approach for any bot, as they run the risk of being clipped by it..."
— Adam Clark in Robot Wars: The Official Magazine Issue 2 [4]

However, 259 had exposed wheels which were easily damaged by spinning weapons, and the drive belts for the robot's wheels and weaponry often came loose during battles; the drive belt for the spinning disc slipped off in its battle with Wild Thing. Its top speed was 9mph, and it did not have a self-righting mechanism.

Craig Charles: "Is there no way you can get self-righters on it?"
Adam Clark: "Self-righting's not really what it's all about, big weapon, go out in glory!"
— After 259's loss to Fluffy, where it fell on its side


Similar to how Wowot was named after his young son's pronunciation of "robot", 259 was named because Clark's son would say "2...5...9" instead of "3...2...1" during the beginning countdown.


259 at the qualifiers

259 in the Sixth Wars qualifiers

In its Series 6 qualifier, 259 was drawn against Chip, Colossus and former Semi-Finalist Splinter. 259 managed to disable all three of its opponents in under 30 seconds. Chip's disc became impaled on the arena wall very early on in the battle, after which 259 immobilised it. 259 automatically qualified for Series 6 as the winner of the battle, and Colossus was also given a place.

"Everything was on the line this time and luckily 259 managed to win its heat with all 3 robots disabled within 30 seconds. I think I also forgot to breathe and held my breath the entire time!"
— Adam Clark[5]

Robot History[]

Series 6[]

Adam Clark: "In the qualifiers, we basically put out all three opponents in under 30 seconds..."
Philippa Forrester: "Lovely! That's all we need to hear!"
— Pre match interview

259 fought in Heat E, where it fought newcomers Infernal Contraption and Infinity and veteran Aggrobot 3 in its opening melee.

259 casts Infinity up

259 held back at first, getting its flywheel up to speed as Aggrobot 3 charged at Infinity, which drove over Aggrobot 3's wedge. 259 turned to drive at Infinity, but Infernal Contraption drove into its side, so 259 reversed, and changed targets. Infernal Contraption drove at 259, but as it did so, the spinning drum flipped over the top, exposing its back to 259, which hit it with the spinner, flipping Infernal Contraption up a little. Infernal Contraption hurried away, bumping into Aggrobot 3. 259 charged at Aggrobot 3, hitting the side. 259 reversed for another charge, then drove up the arena. Infinity was pushing Infernal Contraption, with its pincers around one of its wheels, and 259 charged at it, hitting one of the pincers and bending it upwards.

"...and Infinity is already bent and buckled!"
— Jonathan Pearce as 259 bends Infinity's pincers

259 shifts targets to Infernal Contraption

Infinity turned to face 259, but 259 hit the front with the spinner, flipping Infinity up on its side. As Infinity fell back down, 259 reversed into Infernal Contraption, pushing it against Aggrobot 3. As it did so, the back armour fell off Infernal Contraption. Infinity reversed alongside 259, and 259 turned to attack it, but Infinity narrowly managed to turn and reverse to dodge the flywheel. Infinity drove down the arena and pressed the pit release button. 259 drove at it, but Infinity managed to reverse away from it. Infinity turned and reversed over the pit before it opened, but as the pit began to open, Infinity drove forwards and span itself into the descending pit.

"Mind you, when you consider the damage they'd already taken, was that a sensible move?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Infinity drove into the pit

259 in its debut battle

259 was intending to attack Infinity again, but when it drove into the pit, 259 drove up the arena, driving near the centre of the arena, and held back as Aggrobot 3 fought Infernal Contraption near Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Infernal Contraption reversed at 259, and 259 hit one of the wheels with its flywheel. Before Infernal Contraption could get away, Aggrobot 3 drove at the front, blocking Infernal Contraption from getting away from 259, which hit the rear wheels, shredding the tyre. Aggrobot 3 drove past, allowing Infernal Contraption to turn away from 259, but 259 charged at it, hitting the back. Infernal Contraption fled, but drove into the bottom arena wall, and 259 caught up with it very quickly, pushing it against the pit release button and flipping it up with the flywheel, nearly flipping it out of the arena. Infernal Contraption rolled over the top of 259, and 259 reversed as Aggrobot 3 charged at it. Infernal Contraption had lost drive on one wheel, and was turning back and forth on one wheel. 259 drove to the centre of the arena, where the rear armour of Infernal Contraption was still lying, having fallen off earlier in the battle. 259 hit it with its flywheel spinning, tossing it across the arena.

"It seems to me Infernal Contraption have taken damage, and I wonder if we've seen some sort of plexiglass just thrust across the arena there from 259, ripped away from Infernal Contraption! You can see there, some sort of shard has gone from the top of it!"
— Jonathan Pearce notes the earlier damage to Infernal Contraption

259 throws Infernal Contraption into the arena wall

259 held back as Aggrobot 3 drove down the arena, driving behind Infernal Contraption. 259 then closed in, hitting one of Infernal Contraption's wheels, then flipping it against Aggrobot 3, then into the wall. Infernal Contraption could do nothing to get away, as 259 charged into one of its wheels, throwing it against the arena wall, then hit the back of Infernal Contraption, ripping off part of the internals and knocking it into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Sir Killalot pushed Infernal Contraption out of the CPZ, but Infernal Contraption had stopped. As Refbot closed in to count Infernal Contraption out, 259 slammed into the back of Infernal Contraption, ripping out more of the internals. 259 reversed, and Infernal Contraption managed to turn towards the pit, and tried to drive in, but couldn't fall in because Infinity was in the way. One of Infernal Contraption's wheels became stuck over the pit, and Refbot began counting it out. As a result of this emphatic victory, 259 went through to the second round along with Aggrobot 3.

"Now by the end of that, robots were queuing up to get into the pits! ... It was definitely the safest place to be, I think!"
— Phillipa Forrester to the Infinity team after the battle

Here, 259 was placed up against the ninth seed Wild Thing 2.

Philippa Forrester: "Here Adam. This robot what you have built, would you say it's indestructible?"
Adam Clark: "Erm, I don't think it's indestructible, but I don't think there's anything here that can destroy it!"
Philippa Forrester: "What, not even Wild Thing, who you're fighting next?"
Adam Clark: "Wild Thing? (Shakes head)."
Philippa Forrester: "No, not so wild, are you gonna tame it?"
Adam Clark: "I think we're gonna show it the wild thing, with our disc!"
— Pre-battle interview

259's relentless assault on Wild Thing

At the start, 259 drove at Wild Thing, but Wild Thing drove past, driving over the pit. 259 turned and chased after Wild Thing, which drove up the arena, and narrowly managed to turn away as 259 got close. Wild Thing turned around and drove past 259, but nearly drove into the arena wall. It turned around, but as it tried to turn away, it drove into the arena wall, and 259 was right behind it, hitting the back with the flywheel, knocking it into an empty CPZ, then hitting the side as Wild Thing tried to escape, flipping Wild Thing over.

"Will the new kid on the block, 259, destroy Wild Thing, who've been there, done it, put the logo on the back!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the early moments of the battle

259 maintains its offence towards Wild Thing

Before Wild Thing could escape the CPZ, 259 charged into the side, flipping it over again. As soon as Wild Thing landed, 259 attacked again, hitting the side with its flywheel, flipping it over. Wild Thing tried to drive away, but 259 drove into the back, flipping it forwards. Wild Thing turned to face 259, and 259 drove straight at it, flipping it up a little, and as it landed, 259 hit it again, flipping it over. 259 kept driving at Wild Thing, hitting it twice more in quick succession, pinning it against the arena wall.

"259...bunching and bruising into Wild Thing, tossing it over and over and over! Look at this! This is determined destructibility from 259, dog with a bone, there!"
— Jonathan Pearce watches on as 259 flips Wild Thing 2 around the arena

259's weapon belt slips

Wild thing tried turning away, but drove into an angle grinder. It reversed, but drove straight into 259's flywheel, which flipped it over again. Wild Thing tried driving away, but merely drove against the arena wall until it hit an angle grinder, and 259 hit it with the flywheel again. 259 reversed, allowing 259 to turn and drive away from the wall. Wild Thing drove past the front of 259, and 259 landed a small glancing blow. As Wild Thing tried to drive past 259's side, 259 hit Wild Thing's side, flipping it over. As 259 turned around for another attack, Wild Thing drove around to 259's side, driving up on its wedge side. 259 drove up to the top arena wall to get Wild Thing off, and as Wild Thing slipped off the side, 259 reversed down to the arena centre. Wild Thing also drove down the arena, and as Wild Thing charged at it, 259 turned and charged at its opponent. As the two collided, Wild Thing was flipped into the air, but the attack also knocked the drive belt for the flywheel off, rendering 259's weapon useless - although Wild Thing's disc no longer worked after the impact.

"Has the wheel stopped? Wild Thing, got away from that sort of bashing and bruising, and then the spinning wheel seemed to stop. Now this could be absolutely decisive, because without that wheel, what has 259 got?"
— Jonathan Pearce as the belt comes off 259 wheel

Wild Thing bites under 259's side flanges

Wild Thing pushed against 259, getting under the now-powerless flywheel and lifting the front of 259 off the ground as it pushed, but 259 reversed. Wild Thing rammed the front of 259 again, lifting up one of the side flanges, but 259 pushed back, forcing Wild Thing down the arena, until Wild Thing turned away. 259 reversed past the flame pit, and as Wild Thing drove at it, 259 drove into the arena centre, then drove down the arena and hit the pit release button. Wild Thing chased after it, but 259 reversed as Wild Thing got close. 259 then charged at Wild Thing, but Wild Thing got at the side of 259's disc. The two robots pushed against each other, and 259 turned away from the pit. 259 reversed, then drove past Wild Thing, with Wild Thing slipping off its side, then 259 reversed into Wild Thing, pushing it to the flame pit.

"...and now it becomes very cagey, and I wonder who's got the extra thrust and shove. 259's weighs in at 100 kilos, Wild Thing 97, but Wild Thing, piggy-backing up on 259, has turned this battle on its head there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing and 259 push each other

Wild Thing rides up the immobile 259

Wild Thing quickly turned off, and 259 drove forwards across the arena, and as Wild Thing drove towards it, 259 drove down the arena, waiting by the pit. Wild Thing charged at it, but 259 drove at it and pushed past. Wild Thing rammed into its front, but 259 pushed back, turning it around. 259 reversed, but Wild Thing rammed into it, pushing it onto the flame pit, although 259 quickly pushed Wild Thing, driving off the flame pit, then reversed to the arena centre.

"Certainly, 259's weapon has played into Wild Things favour. Now it becomes a real tug of war. Wild Thing pushes 259 back onto the flame pit!This is real nip-and-tuck now!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing drove after 259, and 259 turned away. 259 tried to use its rear to push Wild Thing, but Wild Thing dodged it and turned around, ramming into the back of 259. 259 drove up to the top of the arena, then drove into the arena centre. Wild Thing charged into its rear, and 259 tried to push, but Wild Thing slipped off the back, onto the side, so 259 could not push it fire. 259 suddenly stopped, and Wild Thing reversed off the side.

"Wild Thing has come right back in this after 259's destructive onslaught early on."
— Jonathan Pearce

259 lies dormant, but reaches an adjudication

Wild Thing rammed into the side, but as it drove up the side it became stuck on top of the immobile 259, but managed to turn away, and drove down the arena. Wild Thing turned around and charged at 259, but rode up the back wedge and over the side. The battle went into the last 10 seconds, and Wild Thing rammed into 259's front, pushing it against the disc of doom button. Time ran out, and as 259 had not been counted out, the battle went to a Judges' decision.

"Can Adam Clark yet turn this battle, or is his machine finished? I think 259 is immobilised! There's the belt. I think it is finished. Well, this is a major upset! For me, Wild Thing will go through!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the last few seconds of the battle

However, on the basis of 259's immobility, the Judges ruled in favour of Wild Thing.

Craig Charles: "You know, there's gonna be an awful lot of relieved roboteers in those pits!"
Adam Clark: "Oh, I think so, yeah!"
Craig Charles: "You came out, and you were battering that robot! And then, what happened?"
Adam Clark: "Well, lost the belt, they'd obviously lost the drive to their disc as well, but we probably should have tried to cut them in half before then I suppose!"
Craig Charles: "Yeah, you were tossing it about, like a cat with a mouse!"
Adam Clark: "Yeah! I was trying to get it over to the wall to get it out of the arena. That would have been the next bit, before the belt went."
— Post-battle interview

This decision was met with disappointment by many, including the audience, many of whom booed. Philippa Forrester was badly disappointed even speaking to Professor Noel Sharkey to discuss the decision.

Philippa Forrester: "What happened? Surely 259 should've won on aggression!"
Noel Sharkey: "It should've won easily, we're very sad about making the decision, 259 battered Wild Thing all over there, the new Wild Thing performed very badly. Ultimately, 259 was immobilised."
— Justification behind Wild Thing's victory

While Sharkey expressed his sympathy for 259 and considered it the superior performer, the decision still stood, and 259 was eliminated from the competition.

"I am absolutely gutted, I think 259 was a potential champion - no more, they're out!"
Jonathan Pearce

Despite its early defeat in the main series, 259 won the Best Design Award at the end of Series 6.

"...a world renowned award for this great design was greatly received!"
— Adam Clark on winning the Best Design Award[6]

259 also competed in the UK vs Germany Special, representing the UK, which was broadcast at the end of the Sixth Wars and as part of German Robot Wars. In the first round, 259 fought fellow UK representative Judge Shred 2½.

Philippa Forrester: "Remind us what you've got to incinerate Judge Shred."
Adam Clark: "Huge vertical disc, 8 or 9 horse power electric motor to drive it, driving skill, and aggression!"
— Pre-battle interview

Judge Shred bravely flips 259's front

259 hurls Judge Shred into the arena wall

259 started slowly, holding back whilst its flywheel got up to speed. Judge Shred 2½ drove around it, but 259 turned and charged at Judge Shred 2½, but drove into the flipper, so quickly reversed. Judge Shred 2½ turned and got the front under 259, flipping it up. However, as 259 fell down, the flywheel hit the flipper, ripping up the side and knocking Judge Shred 2½ back. 259 rammed into the side, flipping Judge Shred 2½ up, and as it tried to turn away, 259 hit the side again, knocking it towards the CPZ. 259 hit the side again, ripping off one of the side panels, and Judge Shred 2½ was left immobile on one side, rocking back and forth. Growler came over to the CPZ, pushing Judge Shred 2½ out of the CPZ, and 259 held back, getting its spinner back up to speed. Judge Shred 2½ stopped moving, and 259 drove into the side, tossing it against the bottom arena wall.

"259 simply watches on, and m'lud, I'm afraid, the scales of justice are tipping against you!"
— Jonathan Pearce as 259 knocks Judge Shred 2½ against the arena wall

Judge Shred 2½ stuck up on 259

Judge Shred 2½ turned a little, but 259 hit it again, flipping it up on its side, then driving under before it could fall back over. However, this stopped the flywheel, and 259 became immobile, leaving Judge Shred 2½ left leaning against the spinning disc of 259.

"Up on its side, Judge Shred 2½. 259 and Adam Clark, waiting I think, for them to bash down, there's no movement there, is there, at all, not even a flicker!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the two competitors become immobile together

Refbot separates 259 and Judge Shred 2½

Refbot pushed against the pair, and Judge Shred 2½ slipped down to the floor. Refbot backed away, but both competitors were immobile. Growler came out of his CPZ to push 259 away from Judge Shred 2½, pushing it against Sgt. Bash, then into the pit release button. Growler grabbed Judge Shred 2½ in his jaw, and Refbot began counting it out, as it had been immobilised first. Once it was counted out, Growler pushed it to the floor flipper, and after it was thrown, then Growler pushed it into the pit. As a result, 259 was through to Round 2.

Sgt. Bash pits 259

Unseen on the UK version of the episode, after Judge Shred 2½ was pitted, Refbot proceeded to count 259 out as well, and Growler pushed it to the edge of the pit, where Sgt. Bash nudged it in. This part of the battle was included in the German dub of the episode, shown as part of German Robot Wars.

In the Semi-Finals, 259 fought another UK representative, Fluffy, for a place in the final alongside the best-performing German representative.

Philippa Forrester: "You frightened of fluffy creatures?"
Adam Clark: "I believe vertical has sway over the horizontal, so I think the vertical disc will win out in this one!"
Jonathan Pearce: "Adam I don't know, I like the look of Fluffy's weaponry."
— Pre-battle interview

259 suffers damage from Fluffy

Fluffy drove up the arena as 259 drove towards it, and as 259 closed in, Fluffy turned around and drove past. 259 turned around as Fluffy drove into the centre of the arena. 259 charged at Fluffy, but it drove down the arena before 259 could get near. 259 drove down the arena, and as it did so, Fluffy drove towards the arena wall, driving near the flame pit, then turned around. Fluffy drove at 259, but 259 narrowly dodged. Fluffy turned around, but 259 narrowly managed to drive past again, driving by the flame pit and turning around. Fluffy turned around and the two competitors charged at each other, with Fluffy's spinning bar hitting the front of 259, ripping off a small piece of armour as Fluffy drove past.

"Fluffy's weaponry already building up to speed, so too 259's vertical disc. Intriguing this, isn't it, the difference in the weaponry?"
— Jonathan Pearce

259's drive belt slipped and side skirt buckled

259 turned around, but Fluffy was ready, and hit the front again, the force of the impact causing 259 to jump up a little, causing one of the side guards to become stuck upright, and also causing one the robot's drive belts to slip off. 259 limped backwards, with one side immobile, then came to a halt.

"Is that a drive belt, coming loose there for 259? It certainly seems to be for me, a drive belt for the wheels! The weaponry still moving, but what has gone wrong?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Fluffy knocks off a drive belt

Refbot counts out 259

Fluffy charged across the arena at 259, slamming into the front with its spinning bar. 259 rocked back and forth, but the other drive belt had come off. It struggled forwards, but one of the wheels had come loose after Fluffy's attack. It tried reversing, actually managing to move, but one of the loose drive belts fell out of the robot as it did so. Fluffy slammed into 259's side, and 259 slowly turned, and struggled towards Fluffy, but with its wheels damaged, could only limp, and Fluffy easily drove past it. The two robots turned into each other with their weapons spinning, and the impact caused 259 to be thrown onto its side.

"What ease! They simply thrust 259 aside. You are talking a hundred kilos there, being flicked, almost effortlessly. Look at that, they turn and bang! The impact of the weaponry, enormous from Fluffy! No way back for 259 there!"
— Jonathan Pearce assesses Fluffy's knock-out blow on 259

259 in the pit, looking worse for wear after its encounter

With no way to self-right, 259 was counted out by Refbot. Mr. Psycho was waiting beside Refbot for him to finish his count, and when he did, he slammed his hammer onto 259's chassis a couple of times, bending the metal and causing parts to fall off. Dead Metal came across the arena, grabbed 259 and sliced into the bottom with his saw. Dead Metal pulled 259 up to an empty CPZ at the top of the arena, then pushed it down the arena, ramming it into Fluffy. He then pushed it down the arena, pushing it into the pit release button.

"259, I hope, mercifully, will be put out of its anguish any moment. There's very little of that machine left cohesively joined to another part! There's things hanging off it everywhere! And down into the pit goes 259!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Dead Metal pushes the remains of 259 to the pit

As the pit lowered, Dead Metal pushed 259 in, eliminating it from the UK vs Germany Special.

Craig Charles: "I think the words "good" and "kicking" come to mind!"
Adam Clark: "Yeah, I mean it's like... the new House Robots are just another generation! Awesome power, fantastic!"
Craig Charles: "Didn't half hit ya, did it?"
Adam Clark: "Yeah, I mean that's it. Flattened! Crippled! So, it's a new drawing board, and a new design I think for that one."
Craig Charles: "Really? I mean, it's that devastated?"
Adam Clark: "Yeah, the side impact's the worst, 'cause it's just put a crimp right through it, but that's the rules of the game so there's no problem with that!"
— Post-battle interview


Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Aggrobot 3, Infernal Contraption, Infinity Qualified
Heat E, Round 2 vs. Wild Thing (9) Lost
UK vs Germany Special
Representing UK, Round 2
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars
Round 1 vs. Judge Shred 2½ (UK) Won
Round 2 vs. Fluffy (UK) Lost


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

Main Series 259 Series Record
The First Wars Entered with Vector of Armageddon
The Second Wars Entered with Corporal Punishment
The Third Wars Entered with Corporal Punishment
Not selected with Bone
The Fourth Wars Missed qualifiers with Twister
The Fifth Wars Entered with Wowot
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with 259 (Middleweight)


Outside Robot Wars[]

259-Horizontal partially complete. A new disc was planned, but not completed

259 was due to be rebuilt and renamed 259-Horizontal, or '259-H', for Series 7, with its disc mounted horizontally instead of vertically. However, it was not finished in time for Series 7, and thus failed to appear there.

259's disc in August 2019

In August 2019, Adam Clark built a brand-new beetleweight robot under the name 259. The robot bears no resemblance to its heavyweight or middleweight counterparts, being a four-wheel driven pushing robot, but competed at UK beetleweight events. The disc used by 259 in Series 6 also appeared at RoboNerd 2019, alongside Vector of Armageddon.


  • Despite being Adam Clark's fifth entry for Robot Wars (including his two robots that failed to qualify), 259 was the first one to win a battle.
    • Ultimately, 259 was the only heavyweight robot entered by Adam Clark to win a battle.
  • A middleweight version of 259, bearing the same name, was built for and competed in the Middleweight Championship of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2, reaching the Final before being defeated by Typhoon.
    • A featherweight version, also known as 259, was conceptualised but never completed[7].
  • Both of the robots that beat 259 fought each other in a Mayhem and both lost the fight to Arnold A. Terminegger.



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