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"The unit is to look a lot like its bigger brother Cataclysmic Variabot and utilizes many of the same systems which are designed to be interchangeable (just in case!!!)"
— Team Variabot website

AM CVn, also referred to by the team as Babybot, was a featherweight robot created by Team Variabot, which competed in the Featherweight Championship of the second series of Robot Wars Extreme. AM CVn was a scaled down version of Team Variabot's heavyweight robot, Cataclysmic Variabot, which appeared in both series of Robot Wars Extreme.

AM CVn was eliminated early on in its only appearance, becoming immobilised in its featherweight Heat after sustaining damage from Argh! and Neoteric. It was succeeded by Cygnus X3.


AM CVn was a box-shaped robot armed with an axe with a 1.5 inch hardened spike at the end. The robot's upper body was made from 16swg aluminium, and it was designed to have interchangeable weapons, although the axe was the only weapon used in its televised appearances.


The name AM CVn references the team's links to astronomy and astrophysics as university students in this field. With AM CVn's heavyweight equivalent Catalysmic Variabot being named after the binary star system which was team captain John Barker's field of research[1], AM CVn references a particular cataclysmic variable star, the AM Canum Venaticorum star.

Although the robot's official name according to the team was AM CVn (the scientific abbreviation of the star), Robot Wars referred to the machine simply as AM CV. The team occasionally nicknamed their featherweight Babybot.

Robot History[]

Extreme 2[]

AM CVn is counted out

AM CVn's singular battle in the Robot Rampage against Argh!, Bernard, Eddy Evolution, Gi-Ant-O, Katnip and Neoteric was not shown in full; AM CVn appeared to keep its distance from the other competitors early on, hovering near the CPZ whilst Bernard activated the pit. It missed a hit with its axe on Bernard after the latter was thrown away by Neoteric, and then Argh! chased after it.

AM Cvn in the pit, alongside Eddy Evolution

AM CVn was then shown to be immobile, having suffered damage to its sides from the spinning weapons of Argh! and Neoteric. Argh! overturned the beaten AM CVn, which was counted out by Refbot.

"Neoteric, Argh!, Katnip and AM CV fought on; the Refbot counting down and out the troubled AM CV."
— Jonathan Pearce

Refbot then reversed AM CVn into the pit, where it joined Eddy Evolution.


Extreme 2
Robot Rampage
Featherweight Championship, Heats
Heat vs. Argh!, Bernard, Eddy Evolution, Gi-Ant-O, Katnip, Neoteric Eliminated


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Main Series AM CVn Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify with Cataclysmic Variabot
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify with CV
The Seventh Wars Featherweight Championship with Cygnus X3
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Cataclysmic Variabot
Series 2 Featherweight Championship, Round 1
Entered with CV


  • Both of Team Variabot's featherweights (AM CVn and Cygnus X3) were not given their full names on the televised show (spoken only as AM CV and Cygnus).


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