Acid Bath is the third playable arena which can be unlocked in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It becomes available when the player beats the Silver level of Deep Freeze in Bash 'N' Dash mode. The arena appears to be set in a heavily-polluted chemical refinery plant.

Appearance and HazardsEdit

Similarly to Melting Pot, the main feature of the arena is the eponymous Acid Bath - a large container of corrosive acid in the centre which functions as a pit, albeit much larger than usual. The Acid Bath is always open, and will almost immediately destroy any robot which drives or is pushed into it.

The Acid Bath is surrounded by four jets- with two firing streams of corrosive acid, and the other two firing CO2. The Disc of Doom is present, and is activated by a button on the wall next to an angle grinder. The Drop Zone is positioned opposite from the Disc of Doom, but does not function.


  • Despite being unlocked after Deep Freeze, Acid Bath appears before it on the Arena selection screen for unknown reasons.
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