The All-Stars was a side-tournament held separately from the main competition between what were frequently described as "the best of the best" robots in Robot Wars. The exact defining points as to what made a robot an All-Star varied between each tournament. In total, three All-Stars tournaments were held; one in each series of Extreme and another one at the end of Series 7.

All-Star competitorsEdit

Each of the three All-Star tournaments had different guidelines as to define an "All-Star" robot. The first tournament, held in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1, predominantly featured robots that had been semi-finalists and finalists in the UK or World Championships. The second tournament, held in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2 was to be between the finalists and semi-finalists of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars, but as Wild Thing was unavailable, Chaos 2 took its place. The third tournament, held after Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars, was to be between robots from teams that had competed in five or more series, but only seven robots were available to compete, so Dantomkia was included to make up the numbers.

The only robot to compete in all three All-Stars tournaments was Firestorm, having fulfilled the guidelines for all three tournaments.

Extreme Series 1Edit

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Extreme Series 2Edit

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Series 7Edit

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  • Spawn Again would have been eligible for all three tournaments, but for unknown reasons was not selected for the Extreme 1 tournament and did not take part in the Series 7 tournament.
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