"The team believe they have created the most powerful crusher to ever appear on Robot Wars; its 8 tonnes of pressure means that it’ll either destroy its opponent or it will destroy itself in the process."
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Androne 4000, originally Andron 4000, was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 10 of Robot Wars. It finished fourth in its heat, collecting a close win over Tauron, before sustaining critical damage against flail spinner Nuts 2, impacting its third-place play-off against Iron-Awe 6.


Androne 4000

Androne 4000 in Robot Wars: The Official Handbook

Androne 4000 was a wide black-and-yellow robot driven by two yellow wheels using two T64 motors. Its weapon was a crushing spike, pushed from behind by a 4000psi ram. In combination with two ridged wedges protruding from the front of Androne 4000, the crusher pierces downwards with 8 tonnes of force. The ridged wedges were intended to hold other robots in place before the crusher makes contact, although designs with high ground clearances or exposed rear wheels would be able to negate this. The front armour of Androne 4000 was made of 15mm steel, and the sides were 5mm thick. 6mm wear plastic is also used for armour.

"Androne 4000 can apply eight tonnes of force in five seconds using its hydraulic cylinder ram. However, its top armour is vulnerable to overhead axes."
Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot
Androne4000 arena

Androne 4000 in the arena

Androne 4000 can uniquely switch between electric and hydraulic power of its weaponry. As an electrically powered weapon, the crusher serves as a self-righting mechanism in tandem with a large bar on the back of the weapon, making Androne 4000 the first robot on the televised show to use a crusher as a self-righting mechanism. Once switched to hydraulic power, the claw acts as a regular crusher, with the hydraulic cylinder originally being planned to feature a shot bolt to reduce stress on the electric motors.[1] However, this was changed to a band brake after Team Andron were unable to find a shot bolt that was fast-acting and strong enough to withstand the forces of the crusher, and considered a ratchet mechanism to be equally insufficient.[2][3]


Andron 4000

Androne 4000 in the pits. Note the poster which calls the robot "Andron 4000"

Both team members work for Andron Handling, a lifting equipment company, and built their robot on the premises, naming the robot Andron 4000 in homage. Later, to avoid the usage of corporate branding within the name of a robot, the name was changed to Androne 4000, referencing drone technology.

The "4000" in the robot's name is derived from the PSI at which its crusher operated. The team name remained as "Team Andron".

The TeamEdit

"Androne 4000 began as a team-building exercise at David and Mark’s mechanical engineering firm. Their boss has allowed the pair to work on the robot, jokingly, on the condition that they either win Robot Wars, or they’re fired!"
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Team Andron

Team Andron with their machine in Series 10

Androne 4000 was entered by 28-year old David Cullen and 55-year old Mark Oxlade, known as Team Andron. Both are design engineers at the same company, Andron Handling, and David Cullen was the team captain and driver of the robot, while both team members assisted with repairs.

The team are also strongly associated with Team Tomco, as their team captain Tom Lloyd also worked at Andron Handling, and was involved with the design process of Androne 4000[4].


Originally intended to be built for Series 8, time constraints resulted in Team Andron starting work on the robot for entry into Series 9 instead.[5] Ultimately, the unfinished Androne 4000 was not selected to compete for that series,[6] but the completed machine would qualify directly for Series 10.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 10Edit

Androne 4000 competed in Heat 4, where it fought Nuts 2 and Series 9 Grand Finalists Concussion.

Minibots vs Androne 4000

One of Nuts 2's minibots attacks Androne 4000

Androne 4000 immediately targeted Concussion, slamming into its side, but was unable to dig its forks underneath Concussion. It was pushed away by Concussion, lowering its crusher, but it was unable to get a grip. One of Nuts 2's minibots briefly wedged under Androne 4000, but Androne 4000 quickly escaped. As Nuts 2's flail damaged one of Concussion's wheels, Androne 4000 bounced off of Concussion's spinner as it attempted to close in.

Androne 4000 pushes concussion

Androne 4000 engages with Concussion

Androne 4000 and Concussion then engaged in a small pushing contest, shoving each other around in a tight circle. It pressured Concussion over the Floor Flipper after absorbing an attack by Nuts 2, causing Androne 4000 to be lifted into the air, but it landed safely on its wheels, while Concussion was flipped over.

Concussion androne 4000 round 1

Androne 4000 is immobilised, after being lifted up by the Floor Flipper, with Concussion still in its grip

Androne 4000's crusher was unable to get a purchase on the inverted Concussion, but it eventually pushed its forks underneath Concussion's back end and pierced through its aluminium baseplate with the crusher, also crushing straight through its opponent's removable link. Pushing Concussion across the arena, Androne 4000 drove over the Floor Flipper again, lifting it up and immobilising it on impact with the floor, with Concussion still trapped in its grip.

Androne 4000 concussion locked together

Androne 4000 is counted out along with Concussion

"Androne 4000 and Concussion, as they have been so far, locked together, very close to the exposed tyre there. What's happened to Androne 4000? What on earth's happened? Something's gone wrong!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dead Metal attempted to separate the two machines, but was unable to do so. As a result, both Androne 4000 and Concussion were deemed immobile simultaneously, and Nuts 2 went through.

In the Robot Redemption Round, Androne 4000 fought Tauron Mk 2 for a place in the Heat Semi-Finals.

"Tauron's top armour is made of plastic. Androne 4000 can slice through that like a knife through butter. Will it happen?"
— Jonathan Pearce
Androne 4000 vs tauron

Androne 4000 pushes Tauron into Sir Killalot's CPZ

Androne 4000 went on the offensive, chasing the retreating Tauron, but suffered a blow from Tauron's spinner as the latter suddenly turned, lifting Androne 4000 up slightly. Androne 4000 recovered quickly, pushing Tauron into Sir Killalot and knocking one of the House Robot's shoulder pads off. It chased down Tauron again, pressuring Tauron back into the CPZ before slamming it against the arena wall.

Tauron vs Androne 4000 2

Androne 4000 suffers damage from Tauron's spinner

"Into Sir Killalot, good shove there, the push onto Sir Killalot's weaponry... And they come again, really good driving there from Androne 4000 to push Tauron into the Corner Patrol Zone."
— Jonathan Pearce
Androne 4000 grabs Tauron

Androne 4000 pushes Tauron towards Dead Metal

Tauron's spinner grazed the front of Androne 4000, but Androne 4000 persisted, pushing Tauron over the Floor Spikes, lifting up both machines slightly. This caused Tauron's spinner to tear through one of Androne 4000's panels, but the damage only appeared to be superficial. Androne 4000 held onto Tauron through its spinner mount, pushing it towards Dead Metal. The House Robot sliced through Tauron's armour as Androne 4000 continued to grip it.

"Androne, a newcomer, but Jamie's showing great skill as a first-time driver."
— Jonathan Pearce
Tauron lifting Androne 4000

Androne 4000's fork is bent by Tauron's attack

After releasing Tauron, Androne 4000 activated the Dial of Doom, opening the pit as a result, before meeting Tauron head-on again. This time, it couldn't keep a purchase on Tauron, whose spinner simultaneously lifted Androne 4000 again and bent one of its forks. Androne 4000 then chased Tauron across the arena again, before finally gripping it through the top of the spinner mount; in doing so, it held onto one of Tauron's weapon belts, causing smoke to rise from the latter. Both robots separated again, and Androne 4000 seemed to be struggling with mobility by this stage. Its right side panel was partially torn off by Tauron, and it absorbed a slam by Tauron seconds later.

"They're in real peril here, and they started this Redemption battle so strongly."
— Jonathan Pearce
Tauron vs Androne 4000 3

Androne 4000 absorbs another hit from Tauron

The next attack from Tauron completely ripped off Androne 4000's right side panel and slightly damaged the underside of the crusher, but the impact also stopped Tauron's spinner. Androne 4000 then went after Tauron, which retreated round the Pit, before briefly engaging with Tauron near Dead Metal's CPZ, just missing an attack from the House Robot's circular saw. It darted after Tauron again, who was thrown by the Floor Flipper in the dying seconds, and cease was called for a Judges' Decision. In a unanimous decision, Androne 4000 were declared the winners.

Despite the victory, Androne 4000 had suffered great damage during its fight with Tauron, and several others helped out with repairs, including Angela Scanlon and members of Team Tomco - the team behind Bucky the Robot. With repairs completed in time, Androne 4000 faced Nuts 2 for the second time in the next round.

Nuts 2 vs Androne 4000

Androne 4000 receives tremendous damage from Nuts 2's attack

On activate, Androne 4000 was distracted by Nuts 2's minibots, allowing Nuts 2 to spin up to full speed. Androne 4000 advanced towards Nuts 2 and received a heavy blow in reply. This single attack bent Androne 4000's crushing arm, and caused it to leak hydraulic fluid all over the arena floor after a hose was torn off. Nevertheless, Androne 4000 bravely pushed Nuts 2 towards Dead Metal. While Nuts 2 escaped, Androne 4000 began to spurt hydraulic fluid into the air as it attempted to retract its crusher.

Androne 4000 hydraulic fluid spurts out

Androne 4000 sprays hydraulic fluid

"Good drive from Androne 4000 - what's happened though? Are they venting? They're venting their hydraulic fluid, Androne 4000!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Androne 4000 vs nuts 2 floor flipper

Androne 4000 is thrown over by the Floor Flipper

Androne 4000 drove straight over the Floor Flipper, which threw it onto its back, where it was unable to self-right due to the leaked hydraulic fluid. With no sign of self-righting, Androne 4000 was quickly counted out, and was lifted slightly by Shunt after cease was called.

"Androne 4000's own attack took it into dangerous territory. It therefore couldn't move fully after that. Hydraulic fluid all over the arena floor... Who's going to repair that? Me I suppose, I'll have to be out there with a mop."
— Jonathan Pearce

In the Third Place Play-Off, Androne 4000 faced Iron-Awe 6, whose flipper had failed to work in its previous two fights, and this continued to be the case here.

Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000

Androne 4000's ground clearance proves susceptible to Iron-Awe 6

Androne 4000 charged straight towards Iron-Awe 6, but drove straight up its flipper, but as this weapon was not working, Androne 4000 slid off the flipper. In the next head-on collision between the two machines, neither Androne 4000 nor Iron-we 6 penetrated the other's ground clearance, but Androne 4000 was pushed towards Matilda's CPZ, receiving a hit from the House Robot, resulting in a small panel being torn off.

Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000 1

Androne 4000 takes damage from Matilda

"Dodging away, both of them. They know what's at stake. Androne has had repairs, good control though. Aggressive driving from the first timers, but without a weapon, this is a battle of attrition really."
— Jonathan Pearce

Androne 4000 slid off the side of Iron-Awe 6 after another head-on attack, before dodging a drive from the wedge-shaped flipper. There was little action for a while, with Androne 4000 failing to get under Iron-Awe 6 at all, while the more experienced machine kept driving under its higher ground clearance. Androne 4000 reversed away from Iron-Awe 6, and almost straight into Matilda, before being pushed over the Flame Pit by Iron-Awe 6. It was then pushed towards Matilda again, but avoided a flip from the House Robot's tusks.

Androne 4000 vs iron awe 6

Androne 4000 drives up and over Iron-Awe 6's side

"Androne 4000 look perplexed. "Where is he, where is he? We need to get in. We need to do some damage, not this dancing around the arena."
— Jonathan Pearce

Androne 4000 was pressured into the Dial of Doom, which caused the pit to be released. Once again, Androne 4000 was pushed by Iron-Awe 6, this time towards the pit, but just managed to avoid falling in. A second attempt from Iron-Awe 6 also failed, and Androne 4000 lowered its crusher near Iron-Awe 6's side, but without being able to grab hold of its opponent.

Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000 2

Androne 4000 is finally pitted by Iron-Awe 6

As Iron-Awe 6 absorbed a hit from Matilda, soon followed by a flip, Androne 4000 appeared to be struggling to move across the arena floor. Eventually, Iron-Awe 6 lined up a push under the side of Androne 4000 towards the pit, and Androne 4000 tipped over into it, eliminating it from the competition with three seconds left in the fight.

"Down goes Androne 4000... It's all over. What a brave, brave battle they put up. Really good first attempt by them, but it ends in defeat."
— Jonathan Pearce


Series 10
Series 10 - UK Championship
Heat, Fourth Place
Heat 4, Group Battle vs. Nuts 2, Concussion Lost
Heat 4, Robot Redemption vs. Tauron Mk 2 Won
Heat 4, Semi-Final vs. Nuts 2 Lost
Heat 4, Third Place Play-off vs. Iron-Awe 6 Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 3

Series RecordEdit

  • The damaged Androne 4000 after fighting Tauron
  • Androne 4000's Team Toad sticker
  • Androne 4000 (top-right) in January 2020
Series Androne 4000 Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Not selected
Series 10 Heat, Fourth Place


  • Ignoring 8645T, the name Androne 4000 contains the highest numerical figure in any UK robot’s name, and the second-highest number in any Robot Wars competitor overall, behind 6 Million Dollar Mouse.



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