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Annihilators were one of the most common side competitions in Robot Wars. There were six annihilators in the UK series of Robot Wars; two in Series 4, two in Extreme 1, one in Extreme 2, and one in Series 7. In addition, there was an annihilator held in both series of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars.


An annihilator was an elimination-style competition with six robots competing. In the first round, all six robots would fight each other until one of them was eliminated. In the following rounds, the remaining robots would be given time for repairs and do battle again. The process continued until only two robots remained, with the subsequent winner becoming the annihilator champion. Occasionally, a robot would be too badly damaged to return to the arena and would be forced to withdraw; in these situations, the competition would automatically move on to the following round.

The two annihilators held in The Fourth Wars were themed, with one for robots from the north of the United Kingdom and one for robots from the south. For the annihilators held in Extreme Series 1, the competitors were chosen via Mayhems, a series of three-robots battles in which the winner would qualify for one of the two annihilators. Uniquely, the annihilator contested for Nickelodeon Robot Wars featured only five robots as opposed to the usual six, as each episode could only show four battles.

UK SeriesEdit

The Fourth WarsEdit

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Extreme Series 1Edit

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Extreme Series 2Edit

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The Seventh WarsEdit

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US SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

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Season 2Edit

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  • All of the odd-numbered UK Annihilators (i.e. the first Annihilator, third Annihilator etc.) lasted for the full five rounds, but all the even-numbered Annihilators skipped rounds due to robots dropping out.
  • The champions of the UK Annihilators would usually receive a trophy, whilst the champions of the US Annihilators would receive a wrestling-style championship belt.
  • Out of the seven Annihilator champions that had also competed in domestic championships, four of them (Spikasaurus, Kan-Opener, Drillzilla and Cyclone) had lost in the first round, although Drillzilla had won multiple battles in side events. Kan-Opener in particular has never won a single battle in four years of competing in the main UK Championship, despite winning two Annihilators (Extreme 2 and Series 7) back-to-back.
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