The Antweight Championship was a special event featuring antweight robots weighing 150g and under. Taking place in both series of Robot Wars Extreme, the championship was held in a miniature replica of the Robot Wars Arena located in the corner of the pits, complete with fully-functioning hazards such as the Pit and the Floor Flipper.

The first Antweight Championship consisted of a single melee, which was broadcast as part of the last episode of Extreme 1. For Extreme 2, the championship consisted of two heats containing six robots each, with two winners from each heat going through to a final round to determine the champion. The latter was broadcast as part of the Robot Rampage episode, which was dedicated to competitions featuring robots from lighter weight categories.

Extreme Series 1Edit

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Extreme Series 2Edit

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  • Both of the Antweight Champions, Anty B and Combat Ant, fought against each other in every battle they fought, with each robot defeating the other once, and them both qualifying for the next round in the third.
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