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Aponem was a heavyweight robot built by 15-year old Tom van der Sande with the intention of competing in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars, but was ultimately not selected to compete.


An early CAD rendition of Aponem

Aponem was a small, thin, compact, box-shaped robot with a blue frame. It was four-wheel driven and had small wheel guards on either side of its body. It was armed with a small, narrow, spinning drum protruding on the front of the robot, armed with four square teeth. The robot was likely invertible, although it is unknown if Aponem was ever completed.


Like with all entries for the second series of Dutch Robot Wars, Aponem attended the auditions in 2002, arriving in an unfinished state with a finished chassis and weapons, but incomplete armour and internals. Ultimately, Aponem would not be accepted into the series.

Series Record[]

Dutch Series Aponem Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Not selected

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