"Cute but not cuddly. A loveable killing machine."
— The team's description of Armakillo

Armakillo was a heavyweight that was chosen to compete in Series 8 of Robot Wars. However, it was forced to withdraw due to technical problems.

The robot was built by a 13-year old roboteer named George and his father. Its name is an obvious pun based on the armadillo animal.



Armakillo in the pits

Armakillo's weapon was an upright pickaxe, reminiscent of the axe layout in Robot Wars video games (as opposed to the 180 degree axe of Killerhurtz). The robot's design and name were obvious references to the armadillo animal. Internally, Armakillo used lead acid batteries, and an air compressor powered the pneumatics. Although the robot's exact weight is unknown, it was considerably lighter than the 110kg weight limit of the series.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 8Edit

Armakillo Cameo

Armakillo appears in the background

Armakillo was due to compete in Heat 3 of the series, against Dantomkia, Glitterbomb and King B Remix, but withdrew due to technical problems and was replaced by Overdozer.

However, the robot made a cameo appearance in Heat 2, in the background of a shot where Dara Ó Briain talks to Professor Sethu Vijayakumar, where the team inspect their machine. Armakillo made another background appearance in Heat 3 when one of the teams was being interviewed.

Series RecordEdit

Series Armakillo Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Withdrew
Series 9 Unknown
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Armakillo II

Armakillo 2

Since the filming of Series 8, Armakillo has been upgraded to feature a fireman's pickaxe, and renamed Armakillo 2, styled by the team as Armakillo II. The team released test footage of the robot while the applications process was live, shortly before filming of Series 10[1], and most recently upgraded Armakillo 2 with shinier armour[2]. The team have stated their hopes to enter a hypothetical eleventh series of the show.


  • Armakillo was the third robot to have a name based on an armadillo, after Adam Clark's featherweight Armadillo, and Series 6 competitor Armadrillo.
  • Had Armakillo participated in Series 8, it would have been one of only three robots to not use lithium polymer batteries, alongside DisConstructor and Sweeney Todd.



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