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"The Arnold A. Terminegger team had before in Robot Wars entered a walking machine. This had a little bit more nip-and-tuck about it... "
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Arnold, A. Terminegger before the first Extreme 1 Annihilator

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger (often shortened to Arnold Terminegger, Arnold Arnold or simply Arnold) was a heavyweight robot that competed in Series 4 of Robot Wars and the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. The last robot to be entered by Team EyeEye, it reached the second round of its heat in Series 4, only to lose to X-Terminator 2 there on a Judges' decision. As Arnold A. Terminegger, it won its Extreme 1 Mayhem battle to qualify for the first Annihilator, where it finished runner-up to Pussycat.


Arnold, Arnold Terminegger in Series 4

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was a small, silver box-shaped robot with a body made out of a cold water storage tank sourced from a loft. The robot featured glowing red eyes behind a black front panel modelled on the sunglasses worn by Schwarzenegger's character from the Terminator film series, while its main weapon was a front forklift powered by a 400W winch motor. The forklift itself had a lifting capacity of over 150kg, although Ian Inglis acknowledged that the weapon mechanism could collapse if it attempted to lift objects heavier than this.[1] Arnold, Arnold Terminegger also had two metal bars on each side, which opened outwards to act as self-righting mechanisms whenever the robot was flipped onto its side.

For Extreme 1, Arnold A. Terminegger was equipped with an overhead axe in addition to the forklift. The axe featured a spiked head and was capable of swinging down on opponents and through a whole 360-degrees, while the arms supporting the head proved effective as a clamp on especially tall and narrow opponents.

The weapons system used for Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's televised appearances was originally used in Team Eye Eye's earlier walkerbot, Miss Struts. The team decided to transfer it into Arnold, Arnold. Terminegger shortly before it was due to compete in Series 4, after its own weapon system broke.


The robot's name played on both the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Terminator film franchise, the latter of which Schwarzenegger stars in and is synonymous with. Holly and William Inglis of Team EyeEye reinforced this theme by wearing dark sunglasses during the robot's appearance in Series 4, similar to those worn by Schwarzenegger's character in the aforementioned films. According to the Robot Wars Magazine, the second 'Arnold' in the robot's name is a reference to the James Bond film quote, "Bond, James Bond".


Arnold, Arnold Terminegger during the Series 4 Qualifiers

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger applied for Series 4 alongside Miss Struts. It successfully qualified for that series after defeating Judge Mech in its qualifier battle. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was dominant right from the start, lifting and pushing Judge Mech round in circles, and after a couple of attempts managed to overturn the opponent, but remained mobile as it was invertible. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger then tried lifting Judge Mech again, and this time pushed it down to the far end of the arena, ramming it hard against the wall. Judge Mech seemed to break down upon impact, and was eliminated following the thirty-second immobilisation rule, granting qualification to Arnold, Arnold Terminegger.

Arnold A. Terminegger subsequently attempted to qualify for Series 5, but ultimately failed to do so after it fought Destruct-A-Bubble to a stalemate, and was beaten by Kan-Opener. Following this, Team EyeEye did not attempt to compete in any future series of Robot Wars, having fallen out of favour with the nature of television production[2].

Robot History[]

Series 4[]

"Lightest in the heat at 73.6kg. A lifting mechanism provides the weaponry. Can self-right. The chassis comes from a cold water storage tank. Let’s hope Arnold doesn’t catch a cold."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Arnold, Arnold Terminegger in Series 4

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger lifts Behemoth

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger first appeared in Heat N of the Fourth Wars. In its first-round eliminator, it faced series newcomer Rambot as well as the sixth seed – and former series Semi-Finalist – Behemoth. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger immediately drove into Behemoth's scoop in the opening seconds and dodged the latter’s first flip, before ramming into Behemoth’s side and lifting it.

"Arnold back on the attack, looks quite... lightweight in comparison, giving seven kilos in that push-and-shove, tug-of-war and... almost toppling Behemoth immediately..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold, Arnold Terminegger tries to topple Behemoth

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger is overturned by Behemoth

Behemoth flips Rambot with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger in the background

With both robots' lifting weapons locked together, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger proceeded to push Behemoth around the arena even as Rambot charged into and pushed the pair of them. Eventually, the two robots separated, with Behemoth landing back onto its wheels and flipping Arnold, Arnold Terminegger over twice. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger rolled back upright both times – the second with a shove from Rambot – but was pushed into Sgt. Bash's CPZ by Rambot, and dodged Sgt. Bash as all three robots retreated. It was briefly pushed again by Rambot before being flipped by Behemoth once again, this time using its side arms to right itself quickly. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger approached Behemoth again as it proceeded to flip Rambot several times, but was flipped onto its side again by Behemoth, which pushed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into Dead Metal after it self-righted. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger escaped quickly, and proceeded to ram into Behemoth and Rambot again before both of its opponents pressed it against the arena wall. It drove away after Behemoth lifted it and Rambot against the wall, before slamming into the side of Rambot as the latter punctured Behemoth's side.

"Just see the winking, blinking eyes of Arnold Terminegger. Will those eyes be shut in defeat?"
— Jonathan Pearce notices Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's eyes right after Rambot pins it against the wall

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger is pushed against the wall by Rambot and Behemoth

Rambot charges into Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

Rambot wedges itself under the arena side wall after attacking Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

Rambot pushed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger against the wall once again, with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger being flipped into Dead Metal by Behemoth seconds later. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger recovered to lift Behemoth a second time in the closing seconds, and survived to a very close judges' decision. With the judges deciding to eliminate Rambot due to it being less controlled throughout, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger progressed to the second round along with Behemoth.

"Can they create an upset, I wonder?"
— Jonathan Pearce upon announcing Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's second-round draw

Dead Metal catches Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

There, it faced the twenty-second seed, X-Terminator 2. As the battle started, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was slow to drive away as X-Terminator 2 rammed into it, but withstood X-Terminator 2's axe blows as it hesitated and attempted to lure the latter over the Flame Pit. In doing so, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger backed away and attempted to attack X-Terminator 2 from the side, but was unable to line its forks up properly as X-Terminator 2 got underneath them and rammed it into the wall. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger spun round close to the wall, but was caught by Dead Metal as it attempted to back away, although it eventually escaped. X-Terminator 2 axed and rammed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger against an arena spike, although Arnold, Arnold Terminegger sustained no damage and responded by lifting X-Terminator 2 onto its side.

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger turns X-Terminator 2 over

"Arnold Terminegger has flipped X-Terminator! Will this be the surprise – no!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold, Arnold Terminegger topples X-Terminator 2 over before it self-rights

However, X-Terminator 2 self-righted immediately, ramming Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into another wall. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was bumped again by X-Terminator 2, before being pushed across the arena and onto the Flame Pit once again by the latter. It backed off – and drove back onto – the Flame Pit as it retreated, and backed into X-Terminator 2, in an attempt to push it. Again, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger withstood numerous axe blows from X-Terminator 2 as it was pushed into Sir Killalot.

"Coming back on the attack, though, Arnold Terminegger. Really, really showing a very good, plucky display here, Arnold!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold, Arnold Terminegger is untroubled by X-Terminator 2’s axe

X-Terminator 2 drives Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the arena wall

X-Terminator 2 rams and axes Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

X-Terminator 2 feeds Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the jaws of Sir Killalot

The axe of X-Terminator 2 gets stuck on Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's lifter in the last few seconds of the fight

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was briefly trapped against the wall by Sir Killalot before X-Terminator 2 pushed it away from the CPZ, with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's forks now buckled and catching the arena floor as it drove forward. X-Terminator 2 axed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger again, getting its axe caught underneath Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's forks and dragging it around the arena. Both robots separated as Sgt. Bash dragged X-Terminator 2 back, with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger bumping Sgt. Bash away, ramming X-Terminator 2 head-on and being pushed away by Sgt. Bash just as 'cease' was called. As before, the battle went to a Judges' decision, which went in favour of X-Terminator 2, eliminating Arnold, Arnold Terminegger from the Fourth Wars after a very close confrontation.

"Oh Arnold. They've gone out."
— Jonathan Pearce

Extreme 1[]

"A box on wheels with red glowing eyes behind dark glasses. The chassis' a steel water tank from a loft; the axe and hammer blows will not be soft."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Arnold A. Terminegger ahead of its Mayhem battle

Arnold A. Terminegger pounds Fluffy with its axe

Arnold A. Terminegger engages with Wild Thing

With its new axe weapon, Arnold A. Terminegger reappeared in Episode 3 of Extreme 1, competing in a Mayhem battle against series newcomer Fluffy and Series 4 Semi-Finalist Wild Thing. It immediately approached Fluffy and was hit by Wild Thing as it spun round, with the three robots slamming into each other as they met in the centre of the arena. Arnold A. Terminegger drove away as Wild Thing and Fluffy slammed into each other, before ramming into and axing Fluffy as Wild Thing pushed the former around. With Wild Thing pushing the now-immobilised Fluffy against an angle grinder, Arnold A. Terminegger repeatedly axed the newcomer seconds later, before inadvertently lifting itself off the floor with its axe.

"...and in comes Arnold Arnold Terminegger, with its smashing and crashing… axe and hammer blows... onto the chassis of Fluffy. I don't think it’s actually causing much damage, is it? And it’'s nudged over! Arnold goes over, pushed by the Wild Thing!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold A. Terminegger hammers Fluffy and is rolled over by Wild Thing

Arnold A. Terminegger turns Wild Thing onto its side

This allowed Wild Thing to topple Arnold A. Terminegger over with a push, but Arnold A. Terminegger rolled back onto its wheels, and survived a few shoves from Wild Thing as it axed the latter a few times. It almost drove itself into the descending pit after Wild Thing activated it, but axed Wild Thing again a few more times and lifted it onto its left-hand wheel. Arnold A. Terminegger used both its axe and forks to stop Wild Thing from falling back onto its wheels, leaving the veteran spinning on its left-hand wheel.

"...Arnold Arnold Terminegger may not look the sleekest of robots, but it's very effective."
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold A. Terminegger lifts Wild Thing onto one wheel

It then rammed underneath Wild Thing as the latter finally self-righted, and the two robots continued exchanging attacks while the eliminated Fluffy was thrown into the pit by the Floor Flipper. Wild Thing responded by pushing Arnold A. Terminegger into Sir Killalot, the impact momentarily knocking Arnold A. Terminegger onto its side. Arnold A. Terminegger struggled to escape from the CPZ as time ran out, and was pushed around by Wild Thing once more before 'cease' was called. The battle went to a split Judges' decision, which went 2-1 in favour of Arnold A. Terminegger, to a rapturous response from the audience and disdain from Isabelle Adams.

Craig Charles: "So, you're through to the Annihilator. You were the underdogs – what do you think about being in the Annihilator...?"
Ian Inglis: "I think it's absolutely great! We don’t stand a chance, but it'll still be great!"
Craig Charles: "You're not just goin' to be cannon fodder, are you?"
Ian Inglis: "I hope not. I hope that we can, err... do some damage to someone."
— The post-Mayhem interview

Arnold A. Terminegger in the Annihilator

Arnold A. Terminegger's victory ensured that it qualified for the first of two Annihilators held throughout Extreme 1. There, it faced Thermidor 2, Pussycat, Splinter, X-Terminator (who it lost to Series 4) and Hypno-Disc – all of them either Semi-Finalists or Grand Finalists from Series 4.

"Arnold A.... is back!"
— Jonathan Pearce makes a Terminator reference as Arnold A. Terminegger is introduced in the Annihilator

Arnold A. Terminegger (left, foreground) gets involved as Thermidor 2 flips Hypno-Disc up

In Round 1, Arnold A. Terminegger immediately attacked Pussycat with its axe, before being grabbed and pushed around by Splinter and withstanding a hit from Hypno-Disc. It drove away as Pussycat tried to slice through its armour, before bumping into Refbot and repeatedly hammering Hypno-Disc after the latter was attacked by Thermidor 2, X-Terminator and Pussycat.

"Here is Arnold A. with the axe coming down on Hypno-Disc! It's 'bash-o-disc', that's the game here! Look at this, they're all after Hypno-Disc!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold A. Terminegger hammers Hypno-Disc

X-Terminator soon joined Arnold A. Terminegger in axing Hypno-Disc, before Arnold A. Terminegger attacked Pussycat again - axing, lifting and immobilising the Series 4 runner-up near the centre of the arena. Arnold A. Terminegger then resumed its attack on Hypno-Disc, hammering it and pushing it towards the Flame Pit before X-Terminator and Splinter intervened, and advanced to the second round as Thermidor 2 was counted out and eliminated.

Arnold A. Terminegger axes Hypno-Disc

Arnold A. Terminegger achieves vengeance as X-Terminator is counted out

The second round began with Arnold A. Terminegger bumping into Splinter and being slammed into by Pussycat while X-Terminator attacked Hypno-Disc. It then attacked Hypno-Disc again, stopping the latter's disc from spinning, before being rammed into Splinter and Pussycat by X-Terminator and briefly attacking Pussycat. Arnold A. Terminegger resumed its attack on Hypno-Disc before again being rammed by X-Terminator over the closed pit and avoiding the action as Splinter pushed Pussycat into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Nevertheless, it pursued and hammered Hypno-Disc once again, before pinning it against X-Terminator, lifting and thrusting it off its forks using its axe. Hypno-Disc retaliated by slamming into Arnold A. Terminegger, although with its disc not spinning, with Arnold A. Terminegger eventually joining in the tussle between Pussycat, Splinter and X-Terminator over the Floor Flipper. It and Splinter manoeuvred Pussycat around the arena with the latter stuck on its side, before slamming into X-Terminator and Splinter individually. Sgt. Bash left his CPZ to push Arnold A. Terminegger out of the way as it attempted to hammer Hypno-Disc again, with its eyes switching off as it briefly hesitated over the Floor Flipper. It then tried to grab Pussycat using its axe, before slamming into Hypno-Disc's disc and lifting it while the latter was attacked by X-Terminator and Splinter. Arnold A. Terminegger was buffeted away as Hypno-Disc finally spun its disc up, before recovering to slam into and hammer X-Terminator while it was being counted out due to a dislodged link, also avenging its loss to it in Series 4.

Julia Reed: "One of the things that I love about the Annihilator is that a robot that we thought was probably the weakest is still here at this stage. It's fantastic! Why do you think that is, Arnold A. Terminegger?"
Ian Inglis: "I think it's because the other robots keep fighting each other and leaving us alone. But despite that, the slight hits they give us is causing us horrendous damage."
Julia Reed: "[to Holly Inglis] Are you scared of that Hypno-Disc?"
Holly Inglis: "No, not really."
— The post-Round 2 interview

Arnold A. Terminegger survives as Hypno-Disc is left immobilised

In the pits, Team EyeEye reported to Julia Reed that each strike from Arnold A. Terminegger's opponents was causing severe damage to it, with Ian Inglis pleasantly surprised by its performance against Hypno-Disc while believing that it was fortunate to have progressed to the third round. In spite of this, Arnold A. Terminegger started this round aggressively, charging into Pussycat and being buffeted into Hypno-Disc. This immobilised Hypno-Disc almost immediately, with Arnold A. Terminegger continuing to attack Pussycat before hitting the wall just as Splinter pressed the pit release button. It then drove round in half-circles close to the button - having become immobilised on one side due to a broken drive motor – but survived as Splinter and Pussycat pushed Hypno-Disc into the pit, officially eliminating the latter.

Arnold A. Terminegger and Splinter team up on Pussycat

With assistance from the other teams, Arnold A. Terminegger was repaired in time for Round 4, where in the opening moments, it hesitated to get involved in the battle as Pussycat and Splinter attacked each other. In the meantime, it activated the pit, before bumping into both of its opponents a few times and briefly being chased by Splinter. Arnold A. Terminegger teamed up with Splinter to pursue and attack Pussycat across the arena before backing away and waiting as Pussycat sliced into Splinter. Then, it was hit by Pussycat close to an entry gate, and charged at and axed the latter as it was caught and knocked over by Splinter.

"...that's splendid stuff, though, Arnold on the attack with the... great hammer blow coming down – the axe and the hammer combined!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold A. Terminegger axes Pussycat

Arnold A. Terminegger removes Pussycat's blade

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and Pussycat battle on as Splinter is counted out by Refbot

After briefly lingering near Matilda's CPZ, Arnold A. Terminegger slowly drove towards and into Pussycat, helping Splinter pin the Series 4 runner-up against the wall as it attempted to hammer it again a few more times. Both robots drove away from the angle grinder, with Pussycat's blade glancing off Arnold A. Terminegger's armour a few times as they drove and spun round into each other. Arnold A. Terminegger axed Pussycat again after the latter immobilised Splinter, before bumping into Refbot, axing Pussycat a few more times and turning it into its side. This caused Pussycat’s blade to fall off as it righted itself, with Arnold A. Terminegger capitalising on Pussycat's disarmament by axing and briefly pushing it around the arena. It slammed into and axed both Pussycat and Refbot while Splinter was counted out, with both Arnold A. Terminegger and Pussycat continuing to fight each other until 'cease' was called.

Julia Reed: "That other robot, your opposition, Terminegger, has had so much luck, hasn't it?"
Alan Gribble: "He’s got to be the luckiest bot in creation, he really has! [laughs]"
— Julia Reed and Alan Gribble discuss Arnold A. Terminegger's fortunes before the Annihilator final

Arnold A. Terminegger and Pussycat duel

As a result, Arnold A. Terminegger and Pussycat faced each other one last time in the Annihilator final. Both robots slammed into each other almost immediately, with Arnold A. Terminegger’s axe swinging wildly as Pussycat pushed it back across the arena. Arnold A. Terminegger turned round in an attempt to position itself, and knocked Pussycat onto its side after the latter hit one of its side panels. This allowed it to push Pussycat towards Sgt. Bash and axe one of Pussycat's wheels, although without causing any lasting damage to the wheel or tyre. The two robots separated, with Arnold A. Terminegger slamming into Pussycat again and being pushed onto the Flame Pit, but Arnold A. Terminegger escaped to repeatedly axe Pussycat and sustain damage to its forks from the Series 4 runner-up's blade. Arnold A. Terminegger spun round as Pussycat hit its side again, before again striking Pussycat's top-right wheel and withstanding more attacks from Pussycat. Eventually, Pussycat's blade caught Arnold A. Terminegger's front panel, allowing the former to push and drag it across the arena as Arnold A. Terminegger constantly hit part of Pussycat's body with its axe.

"The saw's not moving there, the axe certainly is. Up and down, is it hitting the target? I think it's just glancing blows here... I think you are actually – it looks worse than it is – they're missing, with the axe coming down by the side, of Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce as Pussycat pushes and drags Arnold A. Terminegger across the arena

Arnold A. Terminegger catches Pussycat with its axe

Both robots separated as soon as Pussycat pushed Arnold A. Terminegger into an angle grinder, with Arnold A. Terminegger struggling to drive away as Pussycat slammed into it a few more times. However, Arnold A. Terminegger eventually drove forwards and met Pussycat in the middle of the arena, using the frame of its axe to catch Pussycat and briefly prevent it from driving away.

"Oh, and the axe almost picked Pussycat up! There's an embrace of the two robots... hugging each other!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Arnold A. Terminegger momentarily catches Pussycat with its axe

Even so, Arnold A. Terminegger was pushed back by Pussycat as soon as it attempted to drag it, with both robots separating close to the wall. This allowed Pussycat's blade to cause more damage to Arnold A. Terminegger's rear end, with Arnold A. Terminegger's axe having seemingly stopped working following the previous attack. As a result, Arnold A. Terminegger attempted to attack Pussycat by spinning on the spot and hit it with its retracted axe, but without causing major damage. It sustained more damage to its armour and weapons as it and Pussycat bumped and pushed each other several more times, but survived to the end as it spun around on the Floor Flipper and was pushed by Pussycat one last time.

"Well, brilliant to get this far for Arnold A., because no one thought they would, to be honest. They went beyond Wild Thing and Fluffy in their Mayhem on a Judges' split decision... and they've romped through to this late stage."
— Jonathan Pearce as the Annihilator final draws to a close

With both robots still mobile, the battle went to a judges' decision, which went in Pussycat's favour due to the damage it inflicted to Arnold A. Terminegger. As a result, Arnold A. Terminegger and Team EyeEye emerged as the surprise runners-up of the first Extreme 1 Annihilator.

Craig Charles: "Erm, are you disappointed about not winning?"
Holly Inglis: "I was actually pretty expecting we were going to lose."
Craig Charles: "Was you?"
Ian Inglis: "Looked like we were expecting to lose all along!"
— Team EyeEye on finishing runner-up in the Annihilator

This would also turn out to be Team EyeEye's last ever appearance on Robot Wars.


Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat N, Eliminator vs. Behemoth (6), Rambot Qualified
Heat N, Semi-Final vs. X-Terminator 2 (22) Lost
Extreme Series 1
Mayhem & Annihilator
Annihilator Runner-up
Mayhem vs. Fluffy, Wild Thing Won
Annihilator, Round 1 vs. Hypno-Disc, Pussycat, Splinter,
Thermidor 2, X-Terminator
Annihilator, Round 2 vs. Hypno-Disc, Pussycat,
Splinter, X-Terminator
Annihilator, Round 3 vs. Hypno-Disc, Pussycat, Splinter Qualified
Annihilator, Round 4 vs. Pussycat, Splinter Qualified
Annihilator, Final vs. Pussycat Lost


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger with Team EyeEye in Series 4

Main Series Arnold A. Terminegger Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Reserve Rumble with Jim Struts
The Third Wars Walker Battle with Miss Struts
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 2
Failed to qualify with Miss Struts
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Annihilator Final
Series 2 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Like many Robot Wars competitors, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger appeared at several live events as an active competitor and a static exhibit. A weaponless version, called A.A.T. and featuring green eyes instead of red, also competed in the 2002 series of Techno Games. There, it competed in the Football competition, reaching the second round alongside teammate Savage Toaster, and the Assault Course, where it lost in the first round to Wolf.

After Robot Wars entered its hiatus, Arnold A. Terminegger made an appearance at the London Expo event in 2005, where it was on static display alongside Behemoth, Merlin, Terrorhurtz, Kat 3 and Firestorm 5. Most recently, it appeared at the first RoboNerd meet in September 2018, alongside various former Robot Wars competitors, also returning for the follow-up Robonerd event in August 2019. Arnold A. Terminegger was not repaired after its last battle in the Extreme 1 Annihilator and still has the damage that it took from Pussycat[3].


  • At 73.6kg, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was the lightest robot to enter the main competition of the Fourth Wars.
    • However, this means that out of all the robots to be the lightest in a particular series, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was the second-heaviest, behind Series 7 entry Araknia.
  • Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was one of the few robots to never lose a battle by knockout, holding on to a judges' decision each time.
  • Both robots that beat Arnold, Arnold Terminegger fought each other in the first Extreme 1 Annihilator, which Arnold, Arnold Terminegger itself also fought in.
  • Out all the robots to be the lightest in a particular series, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger is one of only two to have more wins than losses, the other being Demolisher.
  • All robots that Arnold, Arnold Terminegger fought had or would win a battle (Rambot appeared in Series 6 as Double Trouble, winning a battle in that series).
  • All of Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's appearances were in the same episode as Behemoth or X-Terminator or both.
    • Both of those robots fought each other in the Series 4 heat that Arnold, Arnold Terminegger appeared in, finished joint-second in the Series 4 Sumo Basho, fought and lost to Pussycat and Tornado at some point, fought Cataclysmic Variabot at some point and beat Judge Shred at some point, with X-Terminator fighting it in Series 3 and 4.
    • Episode 3 of Extreme 1 was the only episode to feature Arnold, Arnold Terminegger where it did not fight Behemoth or X-Terminator (X-Terminator was not in Episode 3 of Extreme 1).
  • If Arnold A. Terminegger had won the Annihilator then both Extreme 1 Annihilators would have been won by robots that competed in Series 4 but not in Series 5 (although Disc-O-Inferno would later compete in Series 6 and 7).