Axe-Awe was a red, dome-shaped robot from Team Iron-Awe with, as its name implies, an axe as its primary weapon. The axe was incredibly quick, retracting quicker than could be seen. It also featured a gas-powered flipper, a system which would later be repeated by both its successors, Iron-Awe 2 & 2.1. Axe-Awe was mostly made of packaging machinery parts. The base was a shortened version of the twin skinned aluminium affair that was used for Iron-Awe, this along with the motors and speed controllers were the only parts carried over from the previous model. It was slow at 8 mph and had quite a large turning circle.
"The decision was taken fairly early on to incorporate a flipper into the design so we could take on those robots that weren’t especially vulnerable to an axe..."
— Iron-Awe website

Axe-Awe participated in Series 5 of Robot Wars, also competing in Extreme Series 1 as a Wild Card Warrior. After its famous exit from the Fifth Wars, where Wheely Big Cheese flipped it OotA from the centre of the arena, Axe-Awe was replaced by Iron-Awe 2, and kept for charity events only.

"We have decided to keep Axe-Awe as a running robot for use on the charity event circuit..."
— Robert Grimm

Robot History

Extreme 1

Axe-Awe singularly featured as a Wild Card Warrior in the first series of Extreme. It only fought in one battle, where it went up against Series 2 champions Panic Attack, Axe-Awe was originally going to be fighting Mortis, before they pulled out in the last minute. In the battle, after a fairly sluggish start from both competitors, Axe-Awe approached Panic Attack, but missed with its initial axe blows, before Panic Attack slid beneath Axe-Awe in its trademark manoeuvre, using the arena side wall to help it do so. Panic Attack rolled Axe-Awe onto its back using its lifting forks, but Axe-Awe self-righted rather flamboyantly using its axe weapon. But before Axe-Awe could get away for a run, Panic Attack then rammed Axe-Awe into the arena side wall once again, sliding beneath the Wild Card Warrior again, before piggybacking Axe-Awe into the pit release button, and then dumping it into the Pit of Oblivion, declaring Panic Attack as the clear winner of the fight.

Series 5

In Series 5, Axe-Awe's first round battle was never going to be a challenge as it was against a sacrificial robot in Granny's Revenge. Granny's Revenge drove in circles, desperately trying to run away from Axe-Awe, until Axe-Awe caught it in its stride, lightly hitting it with its axe and shoving it towards the CPZ occupied by house robot Sergeant Bash. A few seconds later, Granny's Revenge was engulfed in flames thanks to Sergeant Bash's flamethrower. Finally, after Sergeant Bash and Axe-Awe had punished Granny's Revenge enough, Granny's Revenge was then given room to run away, but she then got one of the wheels of her wheelchair caught in the pit. The Refbot then reversed into the burning Granny's Revenge, accidentally pushing it down the pit. For fun, Axe-Awe then pushed the Refbot into the pit on top of the burning Granny. Cease was finally called and Axe-Awe was through to the next round of the heat. In the second round of the heat, Axe-Awe met the 10th seeds Wheely Big Cheese, another robot from Langport in Somerset. As soon as activate was sounded, the two robots met in the centre of the arena, where Axe-Awe axed down on Wheely Big Cheese, leaving only a mark on the titanium flipper. Wheely Big Cheese then slid underneath Axe-Awe, and flipped it about eight meters into the air and over the arena wall, eliminating Axe-Awe from the competition. This forever stood as the biggest ever flip in Robot Wars.


Extreme Series 1
Other Battles
Wild Card Warriors
Wild Card Warriors vs. Panic Attack Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Final
Heat H, Eliminator vs. Granny's Revenge Won
Heat H, Semi-Final vs. Wheely Big Cheese (10) Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series Record

  • Series 1-3: Did not enter
  • Series 4: Entered with Iron-Awe
  • Series 5: Heat, Round 2
  • Series 6: Entered with Iron-Awe 2
  • Series 7: Entered with Iron-Awe 2.1
  • Iron-Awe converted into a prototype Axe-Awe, it was armed with an axe and flipper.
  • The internals of Axe-Awe
  • Axe-Awe on display in 2013

Outside of Robot Wars

Axe Awe appeared on display in the robot Wars 2013 Winter tour final.


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