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"On the way out of the arena one of the crew commented on Barry's name saying that it is probably the meanest robot with the weakest name. That was the whole point."
— Daniel Parry[1]

Barry was a super heavyweight robot and Team Power's first entry into Robot Wars. Competing exclusively in the first series, it was eliminated at the Gauntlet stage after getting stuck on the arena hazards and being attacked by the House Robots during its run.


"This school-based engineering project features a pneumatic bulldozer-inspired scoop, and is powered by two 24-volt wheelchair motors. Barry packs a real punch and is the heaviest robot in the field."
Jonathan Pearce introduces Barry

Official image of Barry

Barry, head-on view

Barry in the arena

Barry was a two-wheeled robot armed with a spring-suspended, bulldozer-inspired scoop intended to push and turn opponents over. With a limited budget, Team Power decided to prioritise the robot's drive power over damaging weapons, with Barry primarily comprising of two batteries, two speed controllers, two gearboxes and two pneumatic tyres for improved traction as well as its scoop and 24V wheelchair motors. The robot also featured a decorative rear wing reminiscent of that of a racing car, and was painted dark brown with rust effects on its tyres and scoop.

"Due to the limited budget available, it was decided to concentrate all our effort, cash and weight allowance into motive force and have the minimal amount of weapons. Barry is basically two batteries, two speed controllers, two motor / gear boxes and two chunky pneumatic tyres. Its only form of weapon is rolled steel bulldozer blade. It is felt that as it weighs 116 Kg (18 stone), travels at 30 mph and hits the opposition at ground level, you don't need any weapons!"
— Team Power website on Barry[2]

An original concept drawing for Barry depicted it as also having a rear circular saw and a pair of exhausts behind the wheels, although the saw was discarded and the exhausts replaced by the wing. The robot took three months to design and build.

At 116.9kg, Barry was easily the heaviest traditional competitor robot to appear in any of the main UK series, and was shown to have good manoeuvrability and speed as well as having a zero-turning circle. However, its poor control and low ground clearance of 6cm ultimately resulted in its early elimination during its only appearance.


According to an archived Tinweb page, Barry also attempted to audition for The Second Wars alongside Team Power's second machine, Gnasher. Unlike the latter, which was to enter the main championship, it attended the rehearsal with a view to a possible entry in the dedicated Super Heavyweight Championship. However, neither robot would appear in the televised series.[3]

Robot History[]

Series 1[]

"They've only ever made a cassette rack before, and a key fob, and they're gonna be fobbed off here!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Barry gets itself stranded on the grille seconds into its Gauntlet run

Barry is attacked by Matilda

Barry appeared in Heat A, and was the second-ever Robot Wars competitor to attempt The Gauntlet. It began its run by speeding off the turntable, but bumped into a breeze block and got itself stuck on the grille as it tried to turn towards the ramp on the centre route. Sergeant Bash immediately shot flames at Barry, before blocking its movements as it turned round and tried to drive off the grille. Barry escaped, but struggled to drive up the ramp as a result of its low ground clearance, allowing Sergeant Bash and Matilda to come in and nudge it.

"...and the pupils from Hagley High, seem to me to be left hanging high, and dry!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Matilda attacks Barry

Matilda attempted to cut the springs behind Barry's scoop with her chainsaw, causing sparks to fly, but very little damage. Barry turned round, but was again attacked by Matilda - who again attempted to use her chainsaw to damage its sides and scoop - and lost power just before time ran out. By the end of its run, Barry had travelled a distance of only 2.93m.

"We couldn't do anything. We had had our one and only chance and blown it big time."
— Team Power express their regret over their poor Gauntlet run[1]

While disappointed by their own performance, Team Power remained optimistic that Grunt, a Stock Robot driven by the son of Judge Eric Dickinson, would be eliminated. However, Grunt subsequently completed the Gauntlet, eliminating Barry from the First Wars. Following their defeat, Team Power stayed around to watch the Sumo Trial, which they believed Barry would have been ideally suited for, and became even more disappointed when Grunt immediately drove itself off the platform during its run.

"We were kicking ourselves. It would have been easy for Barry; no problem. When it came to Grunt's turn (watch out for this on TV) he drove straight off the edge. Why couldn't he have fallen in the Gauntlet so at least we would have been given the chance to show up the house robot, Shunt?"
— Daniel Parry on the website[1]


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Gauntlet
Heat A, Gauntlet 2.93m (6th) Eliminated

Series Record[]

Series Barry Series Record
The First Wars Heat, Gauntlet
The Second Wars Not Selected with Gnasher or Barry
The Third Wars Entered with Sonic
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify with Blur
Withdrew from qualifiers with Tecumseh
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter


  • Barry was the only Super Heavyweight to compete in the main UK Championship, although its statistics board still referred to it as a heavyweight.
  • Barry was the first competitor to be equipped with a lifting scoop.
  • Barry is one of twenty robots never to have fought in robot combat, having only ever competed in the Gauntlet and/or Trial stages.
  • Barry was the first ever competitor to be eliminated from any Robot Wars competition.
  • Barry's motors and wheels were later installed into Sonic, and the hubs by the wheels would later be used as part of Tecumseh's weapons.
  • When Barry reached the set, it took a huge chunk out of the doors on several occasions, requiring a carpenter to mend. It was learnt that the incidents were being caused by radio frequency issues, but when a crew member attempted to resolve the problem, Barry activated and bowled him over, causing him to slice open his arm on its scoop blade. Fortunately, the crew member was not badly hurt.[1]
  • During its arena introduction, one of the endplates of Barry's rear wing was damaged.
  • After being eliminated, the Barry team suggested the idea of fighting in a grudge match to one of the producers, but despite some initial enthusiasm from the producer, the match did not go ahead.
"Mr Sherwood was in high spirits and in the mini bus on the way to the studio he told us his plan to ask for a grudge match, with the house robots, or for that matter with any robots. We were again exited at the prospected of being able to fight with Barry. We told the TV people, they initially thought it was a good idea, and Mr Sherwood said if they okayed the idea he would drive to Cambridge and get a replacement circuit board for Barry. They then told him not to bother and that in fact there probably would not be any grudge matches taking place. Another team, who were also knocked out before they had a chance to fight their robot, had arranged for a large illegal melee style fight to occur later that day, at the back of the studio or in another hall of the building. We agreed to participate, but later we decided to abstain, due to the obvious radio difficulties we would experience."
— Team Power website on Barry[1]
  • On the second day filming of Series 1, 50 other students from Hagley Roman Catholic High School arrived, hoping to see Barry compete, only to be told that Barry had been eliminated the previous day.[1]


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