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"I'm very familiar with Behemoth and the passion behind the machine because I've been commentating on their battles for nearly twenty years now! The bulldozer shaped pneumatic flipper makes them a very reliable robot and the team captained by Ant Pritchard eat, sleep and breathe robots."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth was a heavyweight competitor in the British TV show Robot Wars. It was the single longest appearing competitor in the show's history, competing in every UK Series starting with Series 2, including both series of Robot Wars Extreme. As a result, Behemoth boasts the most battles in Robot Wars, and ranks fifth for most combat victories.

Behemoth was created by brothers Anthony and Michael Pritchard and their father Edward. The brothers competed alongside their friend, Kane Aston, for most of the robot's competitive history. Behemoth's trademark feature was a yellow and black coloured lifting scoop - one of the first weapons of its kind on a Robot Wars competitor - which was used to great effect in flipping opponents over and occasionally out of the arena.

As the longest-active veteran of Robot Wars, Behemoth enjoyed a very mixed run of success of high peaks and low finishes. During its time, it would amass twenty-nine combat victories to its name, and made the top eight of its debut series before a loss to Killertron. It followed this initial success by placing second in The First World Championship and making heat finals in Series 3 and 4. However, alongside its successes it also had a remarkable string of poor performances; beginning in Extreme 1, Behemoth lost in the first or second round of nearly every tournament it fought in, due to a combination of tough draws, misfortune, reliability issues and tactical errors. By the end of the original run, Behemoth was considered by Craig Charles to be the unluckiest robot to ever compete in the original show's run, and became infamous for losing in unfortunate fashion. Despite Behemoth ranking fifth for most wins in Robot Wars, it also holds the record for losing the most battles in the show's history.

Behemoth was a staple in the rebooted Robot Wars that aired between 2016 and 2017, and was one of the only robots from the original series to appear in Series 8, 9 and 10. Despite making the heat final of Series 8, its performance in Series 9, particularly a controversial battle with Cherub, drew widespread attention and heralded a return to Behemoth's "unlucky" streak. However, Behemoth made its peak performance in Series 10, earning shock victories over Apollo in the Heat Final and Magnetar in the Grand Final before it finished in joint third place for the series overall.

Versions of Behemoth[]

"Unlike many other robots, Behemoth uses very little welding, instead relying on bolts to hold much of the robot together. This gives a great advantage with repairs as seldom does a part need to be cut out."
— Behemoth team website[1]

All versions of Behemoth shared roughly the same design concept, being based around a bulldozer with yellow and black hazard stripes, an emphasis on pushing power and a large pneumatic bucket scoop as the main weapon. The front-mounted scoop was designed to lift, flip and push other robots around, and on various occasions acted as the robot's shield against spinner-wielding robots such as Hypno-Disc, Supernova and Carbide. Each incarnation of Behemoth featured an 'Evolution' or 'Evo' designation, with the number of each iteration usually being displayed on the robot in Roman numerals. The robot was also fitted with a buzzer which enabled it to make beeping noises whenever it reversed, much like a truck.

Behemoth Evo I (Series 2)[]

The original Behemoth (Evo I) was four-wheel driven, and significantly smaller than its later incarnations. The scoop of this iteration was powered by CO2 from a sodastream bottle, could hoist 1000kg, and had an optional pair of hoop-like extensions for use in the Football Trial, each made out of springs from an old exercise machine.[2] Behemoth Evo I's armour was made out of dexion – a material used for office shelving - while only its scoop and rear panel were painted in the robot's trademark yellow and black colours. This version took four months to build.

Behemoth Evo II (Series 3)[]

"Evo I was built by us watching the very first show and 'guessing' what size it should be. Needless to say it was about half the size it should have been (robots look small on TV). So when it came to Evo II we basically doubled the dimensions and that has lead the way to where we are today."
— Team Make Robotics on the size differences between the Series 2 and 3 versions of Behemoth[3]

Evo II, built for Series 3, took around seven months and £1,400 to re-design, build and test. The robot's dimensions were significantly increased over Evo I, with Behemoth’s scoop being made larger and able to lift higher to help it turn other robots over easier. However, the scoop's lifting capacity decreased significantly, to 300kg. Behemoth Evo II could pull 1.5 tonnes, and received twin rear axes as extra weapons in addition to a louder buzzer. Its main weaknesses were a flammable underside, a lack of self-righting capability, and side armour which proved vulnerable to damage. Small arms were attached to the sides of Behemoth Evo II's scoop for The First World Championship, in an attempt to address the self-righting issues it had in the main series.

Behemoth Evo III (Series 4)[]

"A mighty machine. Heavy at 80kg. A titanium shell and bucket scoop. Two motors and an electric wheelchair gearbox. Top speeds of six miles an hour, and can be top heavy."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing Behemoth in its Series 4 Heat

Evo III (referred to on-screen as Evolution III) competed in Series 4, keeping the larger scoop and lifting capacity of the previous version. The robot itself featured several changes over Evo II; the twin rear axes were discarded, while transparent semi-circular plates were added on top to prevent Behemoth from being stranded upside-down. Team Make Robotics also added spring-loaded self-righting arms on either side of Behemoth's scoop to prevent it from being side-stranded.

Skateboard wheels provided by Michael Pritchard were added below the scoop to stop Behemoth from leaning forwards. Behemoth's armour and scoop in this guise were both upgraded to 7mm titanium, with the armour protecting the wheels being made more rounded than before. Evo III itself was driven by an electric wheelchair gearbox, which gave it a top speed of 6mph while maintaining Evo II's pulling power, and cost £2,500 to build.

Behemoth Evo IV (Series 5, Extreme 1)[]

Built for Series 5 and the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, Evo IV weighed 95kg - 20kg more than Evo III as a result of the increased weight limit introduced for those series. Amongst various changes to Behemoth's armour and drive systems – increasing the robot's all-round durability and giving it a top speed of 7mph – an overhead spiked axe was added on top of the scoop as extra armament. In addition to offering increased damage potential, the axe gave Behemoth the capacity to grab, lift and carry opponents across the arena, as demonstrated in its Challenge Belt battle against Stinger. The self-righting arms were initially carried over from Evo III for its appearance in Series 5 - attached to the scoop with wires - but were later replaced with redesigned arms for its Extreme 1 Challenge Belt, Wild Card Warriors and Mayhem battles, all filmed after Series 5. The newer arms had a more angular shape and were connected to the scoop via chains, firing outwards whenever the scoop was raised.

An earlier version of Behemoth Evo IV, which featured no axe weapon and the srimech arms from Evo III, also fought in the Extreme 1 All-Stars, which was filmed before Series 5 and the rest of Extreme.

Behemoth Evo V (Series 6-7, Extreme 2)[]

Although externally similar to Evo IV, Evo V featured the most substantial internal changes of any incarnation between Series 3 and Series 8. Behemoth's four-wheel drive system was upgraded to a chain-driven six-wheel drive system with 5hp LEM-130 motors, giving the robot an increased top speed of 12mph and the capacity to ram opponents at higher speeds.[4] The scoop also received a new bucket, adorned with Behemoth's name and the England flag, as well as enlarged pneumatic rams which increased the weapon's power considerably. In Series 6, the robot's side armour was left unpainted for its first round battle, before being painted in time for its battle against Bigger Brother. Following reliability issues in Extreme 2, Behemoth Evo V was stripped down and rebuilt again for Series 7, featuring upgraded internals and a revised removable link housing to remedy the issues which affected it in the former.

Behemoth Evo IX (Series 8-10)[]

"Robot Wars veterans Behemoth use a pneumatic lifting scoop, powerful enough to lift a Peugeot 205, to push around opponents. However, its thin side armour is an area of weakness."
Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot on Behemoth in Series 8

Behemoth was completely rebuilt upon the announcement of Series 8, and entered the latter series with a revised design, Evo IX. Fully designed in CAD[5], Evo IX boasted a new modular bolt-on chassis to improve maintenance in between battles, as well as a faster and more powerful scoop. Behemoth's scoop in this incarnation can now throw robots over with greater force and self-right whenever the robot is flipped onto its back. The side self-righting arms attached to the scoop were also changed into curved, claw-like metal ones for better efficiency, while the axe seen in Series 5-7 was discarded in order to focus solely on the upgraded scoop. This version of Behemoth also sported new Grade 5 titanium on the scoop - 7mm in thickness - with 3mm of stainless steel side armour protecting the wheels. Its top speed was also increased by 2mph over the Series 6-7 version, while the buzzer - in use since Series 3 - was replaced.

"Behemoth is a six-wheel drive powerhouse with a pneumatic lifter. It can pretty much push any robot anywhere in the arena ... What are our weaknesses? I don't think Behemoth's got any, actually!"
— Anthony Pritchard

In Series 9, Behemoth's scoop was modified to have a bladed lower lip. Its lifting power was upgraded, and Behemoth now has a choice of four different scoops to use interchangeably. Aside from the original scoop, it featured two aluminium ploughs angled in a way to stop the momentum of spinners[6], referred to as the Type 2 Bucket. The fourth weapon was a pair of grabbing arms, known by the team as the Type 3 Bucket, designed to clamp down onto other robots in combination with a static lip, and control fights, while still being usable as a self-righting mechanism[7]. All of these new weapons were created in response to Behemoth's Series 8 opponents - the angled ploughs to resist damage from spinners like Carbide, the gripping weapon to attack hard to manage opponents like Nuts[8]. Additionally, Behemoth's on-board camera was put to use on television for the first time, having been present since Series 8. Behemoth's on-board footage was used in Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars when it fought TR2.

"We have the oldest serving robot in the competition, and Behemoth is going to teach you a lesson!"
— Anthony Pritchard in Series 10

The Series 10 iteration of Behemoth regained the top-mounted axe weapon - not seen since the original run of Robot Wars. Unlike in Series 5-7 and Extreme, the axe was now an optional add-on, and was not used in any of Behemoth's battles in the series. This was because Behemoth would be required to use lighter armour when wielding the axe, a compromise which the team were not willing to make. Behemoth's test run with the axe also demonstrated additional self-righting issues when the axe was resting on the robot[9]. Behemoth's pneumatics system was also reworked, and its interchangeable Type 1 titanium scoop and Type 2 aluminium bucket returned, although the grabbing arms were not seen.

"Other robots have come and gone, but Behemoth seems to stay the same."
— Jonathan Pearce

The Team[]

Main article: Team Make Robotics

Behemoth was entered into Robot Wars by Team Make Robotics, a Hemel Hempstead-based team of long-time friends, who also represented the University of Hertfordshire in the second series of Extreme. Team Make Robotics was consistently captained by Anthony Pritchard, who was aged 40 in Series 10, and drove Behemoth in the majority of its battles. His brother Michael Pritchard was also present on the team, in every series except for 7 and 8, though he was still listed as a team member on Behemoth's statistics board during the former series, and father Edward Pritchard also completed the team in Series 2.

36-year old IT manager Kane Aston originally joined the team in Series 3, and remained a member of the team ever since, managing the robot's pneumatics. For all three of the reboot series, 29-year old automotive engineer and machining expert Kevin Cleasby joined the team as one of Behemoth's key mechanics. During the Iron Maidens special in Extreme 2, Anthony Pritchard was instead joined by two female team members; Claire Gray, the girlfriend of Michael Pritchard and temporary driver of Behemoth, and by his mother Liz Pritchard.


The original Behemoth at the Series 2 auditions

Behemoth Evo III at the Series 4 qualifiers

As an All-Star, veteran and frequent seed, Behemoth's qualification was rarely in doubt and often automatic - specifically, Behemoth qualified for Series 4, 5 and 7 automatically through its seeding (although it was nevertheless present at the Series 4 qualifiers), while Behemoth ran the preliminary trials for Series 2 and 3, and qualified for Series 8, 9 and 10 via online application.

However, in Series 6, Behemoth did fight a qualifying battle with Supernova and Mini Morg. Although Behemoth took heavy damage, it won the fight and pushed both its immobile opponents out of the arena.

Robot History[]

Series 2[]

Behemoth made its Robot Wars debut in Heat D of The Second Wars, where it was the second robot in that heat to attempt The Gauntlet.

"“Eat me”, says the slogan… I wonder if our House Robots will chew on that!"
Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth begins its Heat Gauntlet run

Behemoth negotiates the see-saw ramp

Behemoth fends off an attack from Sergeant Bash

It started its run by driving steadily through the breezeblocks on the centre route, using its scoop to push and lift them clear. With one breezeblock stuck on top of its scoop, Behemoth reversed, before driving through the gap and turning another breezeblock over on its way towards the see-saw. Behemoth fired its scoop again as it pushed the upturned breezeblock over the see-saw and eventually drove into the side of a waiting Sergeant Bash. As it withstood the flames spouting from Sergeant Bash’s flamethrower, Behemoth reversed and raised its scoop again, beeping and pushing aside one of the spiked pyramids in the process. Sergeant Bash suddenly drove front-first into the left-hand railing, allowing Behemoth to drive forwards and reach the end zone. However, it was spun round and driven into the far wall by Shunt just as ‘cease’ was called.

"This is a good run to the end of the ramp, but Sergeant Bash is waiting with the flamethrower! Don’t know about “eat me”, it’ll grill him, I should think, first… before deciding whether or not he’s tasty! But it’s through, and free! Beyond Shunt, great run!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth makes its way past the House Robots

Behemoth’s run was sufficient for it to finish second overall in the Gauntlet standings, and to progress to the Trial stage.

Anthony Pritchard: "Our light’s melted a little bit, it’s got a nice burn mark on the side…"
Philippa Forrester: "But that’s good - that’s a scar of victory!"
Anthony Pritchard: "…but apart from that, it’s ready to go again!"
— Anthony Pritchard surveys the fire damage done to Behemoth during its Gauntlet run

In Football, Behemoth participated alongside Elvis, and fellow newcomers Inquisitor, Milly-Ann Bug and Razer, sporting spring-based extensions on its scoop.

Behemoth (left) uses its scoop to lift Milly-Ann Bug and possess the ball

Behemoth scores the second goal despite pressure from Elvis

However, Behemoth's slow speed prevented it from beating Razer to the ball at the start of the first round – by the time it approached the goal, Razer had already scored via a ‘deflection’ from Dead Metal. In the second round, Behemoth reversed upon ‘Activate’, and initially drove towards Dead Metal while Elvis lifted Milly-Ann Bug. Capitalising on its opponents’ tussle, Behemoth also lifted the rear section of Milly-Ann Bug before using its scoop to clamp and pin the ball against the railings. Behemoth drove the ball alongside the railings, and scored the second goal despite coming under attack from both Dead Metal and Elvis.

"This is the Behemoth pushing and pushing! Blocked - oh, by Dead Metal, but through!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth scores

In its Arena Semi-Final, Behemoth faced Elvis, with the scoop reverted to its original configuration.

Sparks fly as Behemoth (right) drives its scoop into Elvis' saw

Behemoth pushes Elvis towards the PPZ

It began by driving slowly into Elvis, which itself appeared slow to move away from its starting position. Behemoth raised its scoop as the two robots collided, and was briefly lifted as it reversed away from Elvis. It pursued Elvis again as the latter turned round to use its circular saw; sparks flew as Behemoth’s scoop made contact with the saw itself. During this time, Behemoth also lifted Elvis at least once while Philippa Forrester and Keith Millward of the Inquisitor team watched the battle from The Pits. It proceeded to lift Elvis again seconds before Dead Metal slammed into its opponent, before the two competitors locked together again. Behemoth proceeded to push Elvis into the PPZ, where Elvis was attacked by Shunt, Matilda and Dead Metal. It stayed out of the way while Elvis was damaged and manoeuvred towards the Flame Pit, and was declared victorious once time ran out.

Anthony Pritchard revealed to Craig Charles afterwards that the pneumatic cylinder for Behemoth’s scoop had malfunctioned, rendering the weapon unusable towards the end of the battle. A new pneumatic cylinder was fitted in time for the Heat Final, against Inquisitor.

Behemoth lifts Inquisitor

Behemoth pushes Inquisitor into Sir Killalot, resulting in the House Robot ripping its opponent's flail off

As before, Behemoth drove head-on into Inquisitor, lifting its opponent twice while pushing it onto a set of floor spikes. Inquisitor, however, escaped, with the two robots proceeding to ram and push each other towards the edge of the PPZ. With its scoop raised, Behemoth eventually pushed Inquisitor into Sir Killalot, who broke Inquisitor’s flail off with his lance. Moments later, it lifted and pushed Inquisitor into the corner of the PPZ, where its opponent was immediately attacked by Dead Metal, Sir Killalot and Matilda. The House Robot attacks led to Inquisitor being overturned and left unable to self-right. Despite encountering issues with sticking pneumatic valves, as explained by Michael Pritchard afterwards, Behemoth emerged victorious and progressed to the Series Semi-Finals.

Philippa Forrester: "It’s been a slow, but sure route to victory so far – and I say ‘so far’ because now the fight starts for real. How do you feel?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Ah, not too bad. Hoping to play it like we’ve done before – take our time, tactics, and err, try and flip them!"
Philippa Forrester: "So, what tactics?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Stay clear of major robots, but we’ve upgraded it a little bit better now. We’ve moved the pistons forward so it lifts a bit more weight."
— Interview prior to Behemoth’s Semi-Final Gauntlet run

In Semi-Final 1, Behemoth was the second robot to attempt the revised Gauntlet course, now featuring a modified pneumatics system.

Behemoth during its Semi-Final Gauntlet run

As in its Heat, it immediately chose the centre route, negotiating past the floor spikes and over the see-saw. Shunt pushed and bent part of the see-saw back, momentarily preventing Behemoth from going any further. Behemoth waited until Shunt turned round, before driving into and lifting him from his right-hand side. However, it was pinned by an approaching Matilda, and sustained a few axe blows from Shunt before being tipped over by the latter. Behemoth ended its run upside-down underneath the see-saw, having covered a distance of 7.5 metres. This was enough for it to finish fourth overall on the results table, and to secure a place in the Trial.

Craig Charles: "You told me before that that little shovel at the front can pick up a grown man!"
Michael Pritchard: "Been picking me up – it’s been picking me up fine!"
Craig Charles: "Maybe you’re not as heavy as Shunt?"
Michael Pritchard: "No."
Edward and Anthony Pritchard: "Obviously not."
— Craig Charles inquires Team Make Robotics about the lifting capacity of Behemoth’s scoop

In Pinball, Behemoth was the third robot to make its run, and was required to exceed the 65 points scored by Napalm to progress.

Behemoth knocks down barrels during its Pinball run

Behemoth slowly made its way past the ramrigs before turning right towards the sphere. It used its scoop to roll the sphere towards Sir Killalot, only to reverse and knock down the nearby stacks of bricks and barrels. Behemoth attempted to lift one of the barrels and drive away, but was blocked by Sir Killalot. In trying to use its scoop against Sir Killalot, Behemoth was instead hooked and lifted by the House Robot’s lance, before being carried and dropped into one of the nearby pits. A drive chain had also broken, which was left dangling out of Behemoth’s chassis as it was being suspended off the floor.

"And Killalot simply plucks it into thin air and says, “You’ve had enough fun, boys! You’re coming with me! You’re gonna go in a pit! Err… this one will do! Buh-bye, Behemoth, buh-bye!"
— Jonathan Pearce, as Sir Killalot hooks, carries and pits Behemoth during its Pinball run

Behemoth scored a total of ninety-five points during this run, enough for it to finish fourth overall and secure its place in the Arena stage. There, it faced First Wars Heat Finalist and fourth seed Killertron, for a chance to progress to the Grand Final.

Killertron smashes into Behemoth

Upon ‘Activate’, it slowly drove towards and met Killertron in the centre of the arena, briefly lifting and pushing it aside. However, Killertron immediately responded by smashing Behemoth’s top-front panel with its axe, with Behemoth reversing away before attempting to push Killertron from the side. Behemoth sustained several more axe blows from Killertron, one of which caught its power switch, leaving Behemoth completely immobilised as Killertron proceeded to cause more damage and get its axe stuck in its top armour.[10] Eventually, Behemoth was pulled onto its side by Killertron and was instantly declared immobile. Killertron pushed Behemoth back onto its wheels just after ‘cease’ was called, but Behemoth was nevertheless immobile, and had already been eliminated from the Second Wars after a strong debut run.

Series 3[]

"The name means strong willed water-ox. Got axes, air horns and the flashing beacons, all catching the eye and the ear! But Moth, don’t fly too near the flames!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Behemoth in Series 3

A substantially larger version of Behemoth returned for The Third Wars, initially competing in Heat B. In its first round battle, it faced series newcomer Shark Attack.

Behemoth flips Shark Attack onto its side

Behemoth immediately drove towards the Huddersfield machine before lifting it off the floor. The two competitors briefly separated, before Behemoth nudged and lifted Shark Attack a second time. A third lift allowed Behemoth to turn Shark Attack onto its side; with Shark Attack unable to self-right, Behemoth reversed out of the way while the House Robots attacked its defeated opponent. However, it proceeded to attack Sgt. Bash a few times, lifting the House Robot off the floor just as ‘cease’ was called.

"Behemoth, strong as an ox. Shark Attack… more like a dolphin that’s been slapped around the gills!"
— Craig Charles as Behemoth is declared victorious

In the second round, Behemoth faced another newcomer General Carnage, a new machine from fellow Series 2 returnees Team Carnage.

Behemoth overturns General Carnage

As before, it began by approaching General Carnage, but was initially unable to get its scoop into position as General Carnage’s pincers touched its side armour. Behemoth spun round, before getting underneath and turning General Carnage over.

"…ooh, goodness me, flipped over! Well, no vulnerability at all! Behemoth with the snowplough at the front, look at this! Up you go… roly-poly… over and out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth turns General Carnage onto its back

Behemoth (right) lifts Dead Metal while Sgt. Bash attempts to pit General Carnage

Behemoth is trapped in a CPZ by Sir Killalot

Dead Metal clamps Behemoth in revenge

After raising its scoop to break free from General Carnage, Behemoth reversed, pecking General Carnage with its rear axes and pushing it into the wall before Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash intervened. Behemoth proceeded to nudge Dead Metal a few times, before lifting him while Sgt. Bash unsuccessfully attempted to pit General Carnage. In response, Sir Killalot briefly chased and pinned Behemoth against the wall, although Behemoth itself sustained no damage. However, Behemoth was later grabbed and pushed around the arena by Dead Metal, by which point General Carnage was speared and carried over the Flame Pit by Sir Killalot. With General Carnage eventually being pitted, Behemoth emerged victorious once again.

Philippa Forrester: "It’s performing brilliantly, I have to say."
Anthony Pritchard: "It is. It’s much better than the last Wars… definitely much better. It’s definitely sorted out the tipping."
Philippa Forrester: "And you’re into those House Robots?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Well, they came into us there. We try and keep a way out, but then all of the sudden thought, well, they’re going to start coming for us, so…"
Philippa Forrester: "But last year you did this – last year, you made sure you’d won and then you sneaked off, and kept out of trouble!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Well, this year, we sneaked off a little bit, but then we thought, nah, let’s go for it!"
— Interview following Behemoth’s second-round battle

In the Heat Final, Behemoth faced another newcomer in Pitbull, for the chance to earn its second consecutive heat win.

Behemoth rolls Pitbull into the CPZ

Behemoth and Pitbull lock together

It started the battle tentatively, pursuing Pitbull across the arena before the two competitors briefly nudged each other. Behemoth gave chase again as Pitbull darted across the arena and wedged itself against the wall, nudging Pitbull before the latter shot backwards onto the Flame Pit. As Dead Metal left his CPZ and grabbed Pitbull, Behemoth turned Pitbull over, momentarily leaving it stranded on its back. Dead Metal pushed Pitbull back onto its wheels, compelling Behemoth to pursue the newcomer again. The two robots collided head-on, with Behemoth lifting Pitbull off its wheels just as the latter tried to clamp its scoop with its own jaws. Behemoth backed away and drove over the Flame Pit, before attempting another head-on attack on Pitbull. This time, Pitbull succeeded in grabbing Behemoth’s scoop, but Behemoth pushed Pitbull slowly back in response.

Behemoth is pressed against the wall by Pitbull

Behemoth gets flipped by the Arena Spike

Behemoth after it was flipped by the arena spike

Again, both competitors separated, with Behemoth sustaining another ram before hesitating and reversing towards a speeding Pitbull. However, it was again grabbed by Pitbull, which proceeded to lift and push Behemoth into one of the wall saws and Sir Killalot’s CPZ. Still in Pitbull’s grip, Behemoth was pushed around in circles and lifted further off the floor, eventually becoming pinned against the wall. At last, Pitbull let go, allowing Behemoth to drive forwards. However, Behemoth was suddenly flipped onto its side by one of the floor spikes, and was left unable to self-right even as it tried to fire its scoop.

"What happened there?! Just flipped up and over! It was the spike in the arena floor – once… and up and over! It hopped into the spike – the spike came up and flipped Behemoth over!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is flipped by the arena spike

Behemoth, shortly before becoming the first robot to be thrown by the Floor Flipper

Firing one of its axes, Behemoth was nudged a few times by Pitbull, before Sir Killalot and Dead Metal proceeded to damage its top armour and baseplate. Dead Metal then pushed the defeated Behemoth onto the Floor Flipper, which threw it a short distance onto the House Robot himself. Behemoth was left completely upside-down as Dead Metal pulled free, and was rolled back onto its wheels by Sir Killalot just as ‘cease’ was called. Nevertheless, it was eliminated from the Third Wars.

"Arena hazards have always been very controversial and have changed the outcome of a match on more than one occasion (remember Sentinel). I don't think its a coincidence they never used it again but it also made us develop our self-righting."
— Kane Aston on the role of the arena spikes in Behemoth's elimination[11]

The First World Championship[]

Behemoth also competed in The First World Championship, as one of five robots representing England for this competition. In the first round, it faced Techno-Lease of the Netherlands.

Behemoth turns Techno-Lease over within seconds

Both robots drove tentatively towards each other in the opening seconds, with Behemoth getting its scoop underneath Techno-Lease. Seconds later, it pushed and tipped Techno-Lease onto its back, instantly rendering the international competitor immobile. Behemoth pushed an inverted Techno-Lease sideways before ‘cease’ was called, comfortably progressing to the Quarter-Finals.

"All over in a trice, really! One touch from the scoop… the second touch… all double Dutch, for Techno-Lease!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Next, Behemoth faced fellow English representative Mortis. Prior to the battle, Team Make Robotics revealed to Philippa Forrester their concerns about Mortis’ speed and self-righting capabilities, which they believed would enable it to prevent Behemoth from using its scoop effectively.

Behemoth is axed by Mortis

Behemoth lifts its fellow English representative up and over

Behemoth sweeps Mortis into the pit

Upon ‘Activate’, Behemoth approached and turned into Mortis as the two competitors met on the right-hand side of the arena. After initially missing a flip, Behemoth sustained an axe blow from Mortis, only to lift, push and tip the Random Violence Technologies machine over. Behemoth continued pushing Mortis back towards the pit, preventing Mortis from self-righting in the process, before turning away and reversing Mortis close to the edge. As Mortis tried to self-right again, Behemoth spun and nudged it into the pit, securing a convincing knockout win against the fellow Series 2 Semi-Finalist.

Craig Charles: "Well guys, you’re going for a place in the final of the World Championships, how are you feeling?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Not too bad."
Craig Charles: "You beat Mortis, and that was one of the favourites."
Anthony Pritchard: "Indeed. There’s no pit this time."
Craig Charles: "Yep, you can’t push him into the pit."
Anthony Pritchard: "No, we can’t push them into the pit, so…"
Craig Charles: "But you’re gonna flip ‘im over?"
Anthony Pritchard: "We can flick him over, push him into Sgt. Bash or push him into the flame pit…"
— Anthony Pritchard discusses tactics against Diotoir

In the Semi-Finals, Behemoth faced Irish representative Diotoir, visibly affected by fire damage from previous rounds.

Behemoth turns Diotoir over

Behemoth momentarily leaves Diotoir on its side

Both competitors approached and nudged each other a few times in the opening moments, until Behemoth got underneath the front of Diotoir and tipped it over. Diotoir attempted to self-right, but was unable to do so, with Behemoth proceeding to tip the Team Nemesis machine onto its side, then back on its wheels. Behemoth attempted to lift Diotoir again, but was initially unable to do so, before turning Diotoir over a second time close to the flamethrower opposite Sgt. Bash’s CPZ. It re-righted Diotoir again, pushing it further into Sgt. Bash in the process, and reversed, only to be briefly pushed back by a fleeing Diotoir.

Diotoir catches fire again as Behemoth lifts it into Sgt. Bash’s CPZ

Behemoth is pushed around by Diotoir in the closing seconds

The two robots locked together close to the wall, with Behemoth jostling Diotoir off the floor before pursuing it across the arena. As Diotoir turned round, Behemoth tipped it over twice more, before hooking underneath its opponent’s lifting arm with the scoop. Behemoth briefly drove away from Diotoir, but caught the arena floor, allowing Diotoir to ram it a few times with its lifting arm. The two competitors shuttled across the arena until ‘cease’ was called, with Behemoth being briefly pushed back towards Sgt. Bash in the closing seconds. The battle went to a Judges’ decision, which unanimously went in favour of Behemoth. Afterwards, Team Make Robotics explained that they chose to repeatedly flip Diotoir for fun and to put on a more entertaining fight, upon realising that Diotoir could not self-right properly.

In the World Championship Final, Behemoth faced another English representative – and concurrent International League Champion - Razer.

Behemoth pins Razer down

Philippa Forrester: "How do you feel, guys?"
Michael Pritchard: "Slightly confident, but I mean, we’re not going to push our luck, because we know what we’re against. We know what they’re capable of doing. It’s just basically keep in front of them and see what we can do."
Philippa Forrester: "So, what’s pushing your luck, then? Trying to flip him? Does that mean you’re not going to try and flip him?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Well, we’re going to try and flip him, but he’ll come back again. But, if we can try and do it like we did with Mortis, keep him so he can’t come back on his wheels, the robot will be safe!"
— Team Make Robotics discuss their chances and tactics against Razer

Behemoth blocks the self-righting of Razer

Behemoth moves Razer over to the flame pit

The battle started tentatively, with Behemoth driving towards and turning away from the faster-starting Razer. It repeatedly attempted to get its scoop underneath the Bournemouth-based machine, but was unable to flip it, and was momentarily pushed and grabbed by the scoop by Razer. Behemoth raised its scoop in response, before pursuing, driving underneath and tipping Razer onto its side. With Razer slow to self-right, Behemoth pushed it around the arena, using its scoop to pin and roll it along the arena floor. Matilda rammed both competitors to separate them, before Behemoth reversed and threw Razer back onto its wheels. Behemoth followed this attack by chasing and tipping Razer over again, before pushing Razer onto the Flame Pit as the latter struggled to self-right.

"And worry here, for Simon Scott, and Vincent Blood, and Ian Lewis, in that Razer team! The Behemoth Boys are on top!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth tips and prevents Razer from self-righting

Behemoth’s left-hand side is crushed by a recovering Razer

Behemoth is manoeuvred into Shunt’s CPZ

With one of its wings stuck on the grille, Razer was unable to right itself, forcing Dead Metal to ram it off the Flame Pit and into Behemoth. Behemoth attempted to push Razer again, but backed away as Razer finally self-righted. From this point onwards, Behemoth appeared to move more sluggishly, and had its left-hand side armour crushed by Razer’s beak. It was shepherded into the wall and Shunt’s CPZ, sustaining more substantial damage before being released. Behemoth reversed into the CPZ, before attempting to line up another lift on Razer. It missed, however, allowing Razer to turn round and crush its right-hand side as well as one of the arms holding its scoop in place. Still in Razer’s grip, Behemoth was pushed forwards one more time before ‘cease’ was called, with the battle going to a Judges’ decision.

Behemoth sustains more damage from Razer as the First World Championship final concludes

"“Keep Your Distance”, the sticker says. Well, they haven’t kept their distance from Razer – and who’s the winner here? What a wonderful final!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth survives to the end of the First World Championship final

The damage caused to Behemoth's side armour

After a close-fought final, the split decision went 2-1 in favour of Razer, resulting in Behemoth finishing the First World Championship as runner-up.

In addition to its televised appearances, Behemoth also fought an unaired one-on-one friendly against Cerberus.

Behemoth lifts Cerberus in an unaired battle

Behemoth entered the battle with its self-righting arms, England flags on its aerials, and at one point lifted Cerberus against the wall. Kane Aston confirmed on an archived forum[12] that this fight occurred after their battle with Razer, hence the damaged armour. The outcome of the battle remains unknown, as its existence was only revealed through a CD-ROM given away with the original Robot Wars Magazine.

At the end of the Third Wars, Behemoth was nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award, but lost out to eventual series champion Chaos 2.

Series 4[]

Kane Aston: "We’ve got power to lift them, push them, and we can self-right."
Michael Pritchard: "Basically, we’re gonna flip ‘em and kick ‘em!"
— Team Make Robotics’ introduction for the Series 4 Southern Annihilator

Behemoth returned once again for the Fourth Wars, seeded sixth in recognition of its performance in the First World Championship and in previous UK series. The Evo III model first competed in Heat N, where it faced Team EyeEye’s new robot Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and series newcomer Rambot in its opening battle.

Behemoth is lifted by Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

Upon ‘Activate’, it turned towards an approaching Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and attempted to lift it, but was unable to do so. In response, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger drove into Behemoth’s side and lifted it, using its forks to hook beneath Behemoth’s scoop and hoist it off the floor. Behemoth was left suspended in mid-air as Arnold, Arnold Terminegger pushed it around the arena and over the flame jet; at one point, both robots were briefly collected and pushed by Rambot.

"… almost toppling Behemoth, immediately – and this was the danger for Behemoth, we’ve seen it already! Can Arnold complete the task here? Behemoth in real trouble… a great yawning gap opens as it flexes the scoop, though! And Behemoth getting away…"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is lifted and carried by Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

Behemoth (left) pushes Rambot and Arnold, Arnold Terminegger against the wall

Behemoth flips Arnold, Arnold Terminegger over

Behemoth opened its scoop, allowing it to break free from Arnold, Arnold Terminegger’s forks and eventually drop back on the floor. Immediately, it rammed the side of a speeding Rambot, before throwing Arnold, Arnold Terminegger over with the scoop while Rambot slammed into the pair of them again. Behemoth followed this attack with another flip on Arnold, Arnold Terminegger, and proceeded to pursue Rambot as the latter pushed the Team EyeEye machine into Sgt. Bash. Behemoth turned Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and Rambot over a few more times, momentarily shepherding the former towards Dead Metal. It continued to dice with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger for some time, eventually pushing and lifting Arnold, Arnold Terminegger against the wall. As it did so, Rambot drove underneath both robots, although this allowed Behemoth to reverse and lift both of its opponents at once.

Behemoth lifts Rambot

Rambot charges into Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

Behemoth's armour is spiked by Rambot

Behemoth turned Rambot over again, before having its right-hand side armour punctured by the newcomer’s rear spikes. It recovered to bump, push and lift Arnold, Arnold Terminegger close to Dead Metal, only to be lifted by Arnold, Arnold Terminegger again seconds before ‘cease’ was called.

"Under ten seconds to go! Behemoth on the attack! Will that count in its favour, as the Judges will decide a very, very close battle, this one! One of the closest we’ve ever had, I think!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth’s eliminator draws to a close

After an even and exceptionally close-fought battle, the subsequent judges’ decision ruled that Rambot would be eliminated, allowing Behemoth to go through along with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger.

In the second round, Behemoth faced Judge Shred 2. Prior to the battle, Team Make Robotics expressed confidence that its scoop would be more effective than that of its opponent, with Kane Aston confirming that the scoop itself had a zero ground clearance.

Behemoth drives into the clutches of Dead Metal

Behemoth flips Judge Shred 2

Behemoth started the battle tentatively, avoiding Judge Shred 2’s initial charge before being pursued across the arena by the latter. Seconds after Judge Shred 2 got underneath it, Behemoth drove forwards into Dead Metal, momentarily getting caught in the House Robot’s pincers as it tried to escape. Behemoth lifted Dead Metal as it was being manoeuvred into the CPZ, before the two machines separated. This allowed Behemoth to escape and drive into the side of Judge Shred 2, using its scoop to flick and clamp the Leicestershire machine over the flame jet. Both competitors locked together, with Judge Shred 2 pushing Behemoth around in circles as it continued to press its scoop down. Eventually, they separated, with Behemoth turning Judge Shred 2 over on its next attack. With Judge Shred 2 unable to self-right using its axe, Behemoth meandered around the arena as the House Robots attacked its defeated opponent, its place in the Heat Final comfortably secured.

Craig Charles: "Well I suppose that went according to plan, didn’t it?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, it did. Nice and over!"
Craig Charles: "Well you’ve gone very far in lots of these competitions, but you’ve never quite made it to the end."
Anthony Pritchard: "No we haven’t. Hopefully - third time lucky."
Craig Charles: "Is this year your year?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yep, hopefully!"
Craig Charles: "Well, we’ll wait and see!"

— Interview following Behemoth’s second-round battle

There, Behemoth faced the twenty-second seed, X-Terminator 2. In an interview with Julia Reed, Anthony Pritchard noted that the smaller size of X-Terminator 2’s flipping arm would reduce the latter’s chances of flipping Behemoth.

Behemoth lifts X-Terminator 2

Behemoth lifts X-Terminator 2

In the opening moments, Behemoth immediately approached and attempted to get underneath the sides of X-Terminator 2, successfully throwing it over. X-Terminator 2 self-righted, but briefly hesitated, allowing Behemoth to drive close and turn it over twice more.

"Behemoth is the bigger of the two robots, slightly the heavier and certainly the more aggressive! And I think… Anthony and Michael show great control, really steering Behemoth around the arena floor – X-Terminator rocks and rolls!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth repeatedly flips X-Terminator 2 over in the opening stages

X-Terminator 2 drives and lifts Behemoth

X-Terminator 2 gets Behemoth on top of it

Behemoth approached X-Terminator 2 again, surviving a small lift from the latter’s flipping arm. However, X-Terminator 2 pushed it from the front, eventually lifting Behemoth onto its side and carrying it towards Shunt’s CPZ. Behemoth shuttled back and forth on the fringe of the CPZ, before escaping and slamming head-on into X-Terminator 2. It was lifted a few more times by X-Terminator 2, at one point being left suspended on top of X-Terminator 2 as it seemingly struggled to drive away from the arena perimeter. As X-Terminator 2 reversed, Behemoth landed on its wheels and drove towards the centre. From this point onwards, it seemed unable to move effectively or land another attack on X-Terminator 2, eventually driving across the flame jet and into the vicinity of Dead Metal.

Behemoth avoids Dead Metal

X-Terminator 2 lifts Behemoth

After bumping into Dead Metal and the wall spike, Behemoth reversed onto X-Terminator 2’s arm, and was lifted once more by the Hereford machine. However, it proceeded to push X-Terminator 2 back across the arena, and continued to pursue its opponent for some time.

"Can Behemoth come back in? I think at the moment they’re struggling, the number six seeds! For me, it’s X-Terminator on top, seeded twenty-two! Will the Behemoth boys suffer disappointment in another Heat Final? The arena floor spike did them last time around."
— Jonathan Pearce as the Heat Final approaches its end

X-Terminator 2 hoists Behemoth up for the final attack in the heat final

Behemoth rammed X-Terminator 2 again, but was lifted in return, and was left driving sluggishly along the right-hand wall by the time the battle drew to a close. X-Terminator 2 lifted Behemoth again just before ‘cease’ was called, with the Heat Final going to a judges’ decision. Despite dominating the early stages of the battle, Behemoth lost the decision, and was eliminated from the Fourth Wars.

Craig Charles: "Guys, guys… you’re the sixth seed, one of my favourite robots… it looked like it was all over in the first two seconds! I mean, you flipped ‘im, but his self-righter worked really well."
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, it did. Brought them back, so…"
Craig Charles: "And then you had problems. What were your problems?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Well it’s basically… there’s a right way, a wrong way and a Behemoth way. And, basically, Behemoth way’s the wrong way!"
— The interview following Behemoth’s Heat Final

During a post-battle interview, Anthony Pritchard revealed to Craig Charles that Team Make Robotics had previously had to replace a cog inside Behemoth’s gearbox, as it slipped during their second-round battle. In response to Charles’ questions about Behemoth’s mobility throughout the Heat Final, Pritchard believed that the replacement cog had also slipped mid-battle, potentially contributing to the drive issues which cost it victory.

"It was alright for a little bit, got worse and worse and then, completely went. So, we had basically no drive on one side."
— Kane Aston on Behemoth’s drive issues during the aforementioned interview

In addition to its appearance in the main competition, Behemoth competed in two side competitions shown as part of the Fourth Wars – the Sumo Basho and the Southern Annihilator.

Behemoth and Shunt go 'scoop-to-scoop' in Sumo Basho

In its Sumo Basho run, broadcast as part of Heat G, it immediately drove forwards towards Shunt, and succeeded in getting its scoop underneath Shunt’s own. With this, it was able to lift Shunt off the platform floor, preventing the House Robot from moving any further.

"Well, it’s err, not hugely entertaining, is it? Look at this… bang, scoop-to-scoop, and then, erm… erm, well not a lot of movement! Erm… no, not a lot of movement…"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth and Shunt lock together

Both robots remained stationary for the remainder of the bout, with Behemoth’s scoop occasionally twitching as it attempted to reverse and push Shunt back. Needless to say, Behemoth lasted the full minute, its performance being good enough for it to finish joint-second in the Sumo Basho standings along with X-Terminator 2.

"Ooh, movement, movement! Movement – yes! We had a flicker – a spasm! Brilliant, though – they’ve lasted the minute, and that’s all that matters for them! That’s what Sumo’s all about… a load of lard and not enough movement!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth survives the full minute in Sumo Basho

In the Southern Annihilator, Behemoth fought against recurring opponent Razer, alongside new foes Attila the Drum, Onslaught, Vercingetorix and Spawn of Scutter in the first-round line-up.

Behemoth lifts Razer as the reigning World Champion crushes Vercingetorix

To begin the competition, Behemoth immediately came under attack from Onslaught, which twice rammed and got underneath Behemoth from the sides. The two machines fired their scoops as Onslaught reversed, before Behemoth proceeded to lift Razer from behind as the latter sank its crushing beak into Vercingetorix. Behemoth, however, was lifted a few seconds later by Onslaught, but landed on its wheels – both robots proceeded to push each other back as Razer pushed Onslaught away. After momentarily being shoved by Spawn of Scutter, Behemoth retaliated by lifting and pushing Team Scutterbots’ machine just as it attempted to push Onslaught. Behemoth attacked Razer again, this time lifting it and Vercingetorix simultaneously as Onslaught attempted to join in. It turned away before lifting Spawn of Scutter once more, and again attempted to attack Razer and Vercingetorix. However, all three robots were lifted together by Onslaught, with Behemoth momentarily being tipped onto its front in the process.

Behemoth and Spawn of Scutter team up on a soon-to-be immobilised Vercingetorix

Behemoth immediately retracted its scoop to land back on its wheels, turning away from its opponents as Spawn of Scutter thrust Onslaught into it with its spike. After briefly lifting Onslaught up, Behemoth proceeded to attack Spawn of Scutter, getting itself pushed back in the process. It was then pursued across the arena by Razer, driving close to the flame jet, pushing Onslaught and sustaining a blow from Attila the Drum’s pickaxe in the process. Avoiding a side-on attack from Razer’s crushing beak, Behemoth reversed into Onslaught just as the Bedfordshire machine self-righted on top of it, briefly spinning around. It eventually lifted Vercingetorix once more, although not without Spawn of Scutter thrusting the latter away using its spike. Behemoth proceeded to lift Spawn of Scutter, only to be tipped forwards and suspended off the floor by Onslaught. After several seconds, Onslaught reversed, with Behemoth momentarily balancing on its side before landing on its wheels. Behemoth received another nudge from Onslaught, before it and Spawn of Scutter shuttled to and from the Flame Pit just as ‘cease’ was called. With Vercingetorix having become immobilised, Behemoth was among the five remaining robots to advance.

In the second round, Behemoth seemingly targeted Razer for the majority of the bout, a movement that Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter joined in with, alongside minimal contributions from Attila the Drum.

Behemoth battles Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter

Behemoth tries to flip Attila the Drum

Behemoth holds Razer and Spawn of Scutter over the Flame Pit, after initially tipping the pair with Onslaught's assistance

Behemoth comes under attack from Onslaught and an inverted Razer

Behemoth began more aggressively, pursuing a fast-starting Razer across the arena before attempting to lift Onslaught. Having failed to get underneath Onslaught, Behemoth attempted a lunge at Spawn of Scutter, only to narrowly avoid having its scoop crushed by Razer. Behemoth drove up Spawn of Scutter’s wedge as it drove away, and proceeded to push Attila the Drum back as the latter attempted to attack it with its flails. Leaving Attila the Drum to spin by the flame jet, Behemoth proceeded to drive into its other three opponents, helping Onslaught lift, tip and push Spawn of Scutter and Razer onto the Flame Pit. Behemoth held the pair on their sides for several seconds until they separated, with Razer being left pinned under Spawn of Scutter as a result. As Onslaught and Attila the Drum tried to prevent Razer from self-righting, Behemoth approached the troubled World Champion, sustaining a hit from Attila the Drum’s mace as it pushed Razer off the Flame Pit. However, Razer’s beak grabbed the underside of Behemoth’s scoop, leaving both robots vulnerable to a lift from Onslaught and a shove from Spawn of Scutter. Behemoth and Razer raised their weapons to separate; the former immediately pursued Onslaught, driving in and attempting to lift the Bedford entry as it was being attacked by Razer. However, Razer immediately tried to grab one of Behemoth’s sides, but without causing any damage.

Behemoth flips Onslaught

Behemoth battling Spawn of Scutter and Attila the Drum

Razer crushes the side of Behemoth

Sgt. Bash crushes and torches Behemoth at the end of the round

Behemoth continued driving around the arena for some time, eventually flipping Onslaught and Razer simultaneously. It next attempted to push Spawn of Scutter and Attila the Drum, at one point pinning Attila the Drum underneath Razer and preventing the latter from self-righting. With this, Behemoth pushed Razer forwards, momentarily leaving it stranded on its side again; however, a nudge from Spawn of Scutter righted Razer, allowing it to get away. At this point, Behemoth appeared to move sluggishly, enabling Razer to crush behind its scoop and push it around in circles. Behemoth reversed, but had its right-hand side punctured twice by Razer, and narrowly avoided further damage from Razer’s third attack. Spawn of Scutter briefly pushed the stricken Behemoth back, before Razer attempted to cause further damage while pushing Behemoth forwards across the arena.

"…this is the duel that matters now. It’s how long Behemoth can survive… and Michael and Anthony Pritchard, the brothers, with Kane Aston in support as well, trying to steer Behemoth out of trouble. I don’t think they can – I don’t think it’s moving at all! I think Behemoth have been immobilised! I think the end is nigh for them!"
— Jonathan Pearce detects Behemoth’s lack of mobility following the attacks from Razer

Behemoth was left stationary in the centre, seemingly immobilised. However, it twitched forwards as Razer rammed it, just as Spawn of Scutter appeared to lose mobility altogether as well. Sgt. Bash grabbed and shot flames at Behemoth just before ‘cease’ was called, with the battle going to a Judges’ decision. The decision ruled against Spawn of Scutter, initially securing a reprieve for the crippled Behemoth.

The spare gear intended to be used by Team Make Robotics

Julia Reed: "So, Behemoth Boys, why aren’t you not frantically hammering and drilling and all that something?"
Anthony Pritchard: "We’ve done all our hammering, we’ve got [the scoop] all straight now from where Razer bent it, but unfortunately we found out the gear has slipped inside the gearbox."
Julia Reed: "And that’s your spare?"
Anthony Pritchard: "That’s the spare, yep."
Julia Reed: "But you haven’t got time to put it in?"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, it takes just about half an hour to swap them over."
— Anthony Pritchard reveals recurring issues with Behemoth’s gearbox

However, while carrying out repairs in the Pits, Team Make Robotics discovered that one of Behemoth’s gears had slipped again, resulting in them needing to fit a spare into its gearbox. As the team could not swap the required gears within the allotted time, they chose to withdraw Behemoth from the third round, resulting in it finishing fourth overall in the Southern Annihilator.

Julia Reed: "Are you gutted?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, next time."
Julia Reed: "Next time, exactly!"
Kane Aston: "We’ll be back – more powerful, faster than ever before, ready to win!"
— As Behemoth’s withdrawal is confirmed

Extreme 1[]

"We’re back this time… bigger, better, bolder!"
— Kane Aston introduces Behemoth and Team Make Robotics in Extreme

Behemoth was one of several established robots returning for the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, competing in a variety of events with varying degrees of success.

Julia Reed: "From what I can see boys… your robot’s half-built… and it’s got no weapons?!"
Michael Pritchard: "Ah, it doesn’t have a weapon – but we’re indestructible!"
— Prior to Behemoth’s All-Stars heat

In recognition of its experience and previous successes, an early version of the Evo IV model competed in the All-Stars Tournament, filmed prior to the start of the Fifth Wars. In its heat, it faced two-time Grand Finalist - and Third Wars runner-up - Hypno-Disc.

Behemoth gets an early lift on Hypno-Disc

Behemoth presses its scoop down on Hypno-Disc, shortly after deflecting one of its blows

Immediately, Behemoth pursued Hypno-Disc across the arena, bumping head-on into the Oxfordshire machine and unsuccessfully trying to lift it. Briefly pressing its scoop down on Hypno-Disc, Behemoth reversed, only to chase and lift Hypno-Disc onto two wheels. Both competitors separated, only for Behemoth to drive into, lift and deflect Hypno-Disc as the latter’s flywheel made contact with the scoop. Behemoth deflected Hypno-Disc away three more times, sustaining only light cuts and scratches with each impact, and shepherded it towards Dead Metal.

Behemoth's scoop buckles as it pushes Hypno-Disc into Sgt. Bash

Behemoth comes under attack from Dead Metal (bottom-left)

"And this is interesting. I didn’t think it would go this far! Look at that – the scoop simply deflecting Hypno-Disc away! Is this the sort of style to defeat Hypno-Disc? The Behemoth fan club think so – look at this! Bash! Lifting the scoop, just at the right time to deflect the disc away… the ‘in-disc-tructable’ disc, and again, just a little flick that pushed Hypno-Disc aside!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth repeatedly uses its scoop to deflect Hypno-Disc’s blows

Behemoth, in the process of turning Hypno-Disc over

Upon exposing its right-hand side, Behemoth sustained a blow from Hypno-Disc, but drove away and later attempted to lift Hypno-Disc again. It charged side-on into Hypno-Disc once more, deflecting and pursuing it towards the far side of the arena. With its scoop visibly buckled, Behemoth flicked, clamped and pushed Hypno-Disc into the wall, then Sgt. Bash, who grabbed hold of Hypno-Disc’s flywheel with his pincers. Behemoth continued to pin Hypno-Disc in place as Dead Metal entered the CPZ and grabbed it, forcing Refbot to give the House Robot a yellow card. Behemoth briefly nudged Refbot aside, before lifting Hypno-Disc onto its side against Sgt. Bash. With another shove and lift, it proceeded to turn Hypno-Disc over completely, forcing Hypno-Disc to self-right and retreat immediately.

Behemoth lifts and pushes Hypno-Disc again...

...only for Dead Metal to attack it a second time

Behemoth pushes Hypno-Disc towards the Flame Pit

As the battle progressed, Hypno-Disc began showing reduced mobility, allowing Behemoth to gather, lift and push it flywheel-first into an empty CPZ. Dead Metal attacked both competitors, grabbing hold of Behemoth once again and allowing Hypno-Disc to escape. Behemoth broke free and tried to push Dead Metal back in response, shortly before he was red-carded by Refbot. With Hypno-Disc’s mobility issues worsening, Behemoth slowly pushed it sideways onto the Flame Pit, sustaining more damage to its scoop as it did so; the Rose family’s machine was left completely immobilised. Behemoth retreated, only to jostle Hypno-Disc away from the Flame Pit as it was being counted out. With this, it and a delighted Team Make Robotics progressed to the Quarter-Finals.

"This has certainly been one of the best pieces of robot stylistics we’ve ever seen in the Wars. And in Extreme version, Behemoth have seen Hypno-Disc counted out! Wow, look at that, they’re stunned… I don’t think [Make Robotics] can believe it, either!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth emerges triumphant against Hypno-Disc

There, Behemoth faced Razer, the second time that both robots had fought head-to-head, and the fifth time overall that both robots entered the arena together.

Behemoth’s scoop is crushed as it and Razer lock together

Behemoth flips Razer over

In the opening seconds, Behemoth was momentarily flicked upwards by Razer’s initial charge, and drove up the World Champion’s wedge in an attempt to ram it head-on a second time. It was pushed back towards an angle grinder by Razer, but swerved out of the way, and reversed in an attempt to get its scoop underneath Razer. However, Behemoth drove up Razer’s wedge again, allowing Razer to crush its scoop as the two robots pushed and dragged each other back and forth. Behemoth responded by pushing Razer into Shunt, and attempted to lift it as Razer briefly forced it against the wall. Behemoth pushed Razer back again, and dodged numerous side-on attacks from the Bournemouth machine before flipping it onto its back.

"I think Behemoth and Anthony Pritchard at the controls know that they have a real fight on here – OH, the scoop, though, into play, and Razer turned over, turned turtle!"
— Jonathan Pearce as a damaged Behemoth flips and clamps Razer

Behemoth pins Razer against an entry gate

Behemoth's side is pierced by Razer

As Razer struggled to self-right, Behemoth pushed it across the arena into one of the entry gates, pinning Razer firmly in place with its scoop. Momentarily breaking free, it lifted and inched Razer against the gate, but was unable to prevent Razer from re-righting itself. Moments later, Behemoth rammed Razer head-on once more, enabling Razer to position its beak and crush through Behemoth’s left-hand side. Behemoth was pushed and dragged around in circles for some time before the two robots separated with Refbot’s assistance; it flipped Razer over one more time. Razer could no longer self-right due to damage its crusher had sustained during the battle, but with roughly only ten seconds left on the clock, both robots survived to a Judges' decision.

Behemoth flips Razer again as time runs out

"It took them an awfully long time to make their decision and while Ian and Simon thought we had lost, I had a feeling we may have just edged it - we had but by the narrowest of margins. We won by one point, this was unanimous amongst the 3 judges. The Behemoth team were understandably upset and we were extremely relieved. Noel Sharkey took time after the fight to explain the decision to both teams, it was all down to the damage we inflicted early on. Damage scores higher points than control, aggression or style and as we had no damage it went to us."
— The Razer website on Razer defeating Behemoth

The decision ruled, by a margin of one point[13], that Razer had won the battle on damage and aggression. While Craig Charles and Team Make Robotics believed that it had performed stronger throughout the battle, Behemoth was eliminated from the All-Stars Tournament as a result.

"We’re Team Behemoth, this is the Challenge Belt. We got it – we deserve it! If you want it… come and get it!"
— Anthony Pritchard’s ‘message of intent’ prior to Behemoth’s Challenge Belt run

Team Make Robotics with the Challenge Belt

Behemoth was also the initial holder of the Challenge Belt, which was presented to it at the start of Extreme 1 by the fictitious World Association of Robotics (WAR). It and Team Make Robotics were required to defend the belt from three ‘challengers’ in order to keep it, and accepted their first challenge from Series 4 Heat Finalist The Steel Avenger. This battle marked the televised debut of the Series 5-spec Evo IV model, now equipped with an axe and improved self-righting arms, and was shown prior to Behemoth’s All-Stars heat. The fight against The Steel Avenger was the very first main event of Robot Wars Extreme, closing out the first episode.

Julia Reed: "Well, this is the fight that we’ve been building up to all evening… it’s the very first fight for the Behemoth Challenge Belt. Are you confident about this fight?"
Kane Aston: "Of course we’re confident!"
Julia Reed: "Have you fought these guys before?"
Kane Aston: "We haven’t fought them before, but they look like they’ve got a pretty pants robot!"
— Kane Aston rises to The Steel Avenger’s challenge

Behemoth weathers early axe blows from The Steel Avenger

The two competitors briefly lock together

In the opening seconds, Behemoth slammed scoop-first into The Steel Avenger, but missed it with its axe. It continued to pursue The Steel Avenger as the latter manoeuvred around, over and away from the Flame Pit, but briefly got itself wedged under one of the angle grinders in the process. Behemoth sustained a succession of axe blows from The Steel Avenger, which steadily pushed it across the arena and into Refbot. Eventually, the two robots separated, allowing Behemoth to reverse, then momentarily lift The Steel Avenger and itself off the floor. Seconds later, they separated again; this time, Behemoth tipped The Steel Avenger off-balance, then on its side with two successive lifts. Behemoth proceeded to axe and roll The Steel Avenger onto the Flame Pit, knocking its opponent’s feather duster off in the process.

"And now, with the feather duster left behind, The Steel Avenger is in no shape to avenge anything! And I think here, the Challenge Belt will remain with Behemoth… oh, what’s the Refbot doing?! He’s nudged The Steel Avenger off the Flame Pit, there! The crowd don’t like it, and neither do I! Should have been left alight, I think!"
— Jonathan Pearce as The Steel Avenger is re-righted following Behemoth’s flips

Behemoth lifts The Steel Avenger onto an angle grinder

Behemoth flips The Steel Avenger onto its side again

With Refbot proceeding to push The Steel Avenger off the Flame Pit – and in turn re-right it – Behemoth sustained another of its opponent’s axe blows, and again was pushed back across the arena. It responded by throwing The Steel Avenger over once again near an angle grinder, and a second time over it, momentarily causing The Steel Avenger to balance on the top of the grinder before it self-righted. Behemoth pursued, pushed and lifted The Steel Avenger in the nearby CPZ, just before Sir Killalot entered and briefly interfered with The Steel Avenger’s escape. It continued to pursue The Steel Avenger for some time after, before flipping it onto its side over a CO2 jet. As The Steel Avenger re-righted itself again, Behemoth immediately threw it into Sir Killalot and reversed, and continued to lift and pursue The Steel Avenger across the arena. Behemoth threw The Steel Avenger over once more, eventually pushing it into the top-right CPZ again and flicking it completely upside-down against the entry gate.

Behemoth tips Sir Killalot off-balance

As Sir Killalot grabbed and attempted to parade The Steel Avenger around, Behemoth lifted the House Robot from the side, momentarily causing him to lose balance. Behemoth rammed Sir Killalot a second time, and escaped from the CPZ before re-righting The Steel Avenger and flipping it onto its side one last time. With The Steel Avenger unable to self-right, Behemoth pressed the pit release button and backed into its defeated opponent just before it was fully counted out. Behemoth re-righted The Steel Avenger again while pushing it towards the pit, but had already emerged victorious, keeping hold of the Challenge Belt.

Craig Charles: "…what is it, trying to have a go at Killalot? You know he’s got a long memory!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, well we was actually trying to rescue Steel Avenger, ‘cause if you look, we flipped him over so that he could get away from him."
Craig Charles: "Yeah, I just thought you flipped him over so that you could flip him back over again – I thought you was playing with him!"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, I was actually trying to rescue him, because Sir Killalot does damage, so we were trying to rescue them."
— Anthony Pritchard explains the reasoning for Behemoth’s prolonged attacks on The Steel Avenger

Behemoth’s next challenge came from Fourth Wars third-place finisher Stinger; for this battle, shown in Episode 3, it inherited the feather duster formerly carried by The Steel Avenger.

"…we’ve got a piece from Steel Avenger, and we’re gonna get a piece from Stinger to add to the collection!"
— Anthony Pritchard prior to Behemoth’s second Challenge Belt battle

Behemoth is briefly hooked by Stinger's mace during the Lincolnshire machine's initial attacks

Behemoth steers Stinger towards Sir Killalot

Immediately, it drove towards Stinger, and sustained several blows from its mace while trying to get its scoop into position. Behemoth shepherded Stinger across the arena, eventually tipping it off-balance and pushing it into the far wall. With this, it briefly lifted Stinger off the floor and against the wall, before reversing and shuffling back and forth. At this point, Stinger appeared unable to drive away from the fringe of Sir Killalot’s CPZ; Behemoth capitalised by pushing and lifting Stinger into Sir Killalot, only for Sir Killalot to push and almost grab its left-hand side. Behemoth reversed quickly, and pressed the pit release button while Stinger was grabbed, lifted and carried out of the CPZ by Sir Killalot.

Behemoth attempts to pit Stinger

Behemoth carries Stinger in its clutches

Once Stinger was released, Behemoth turned it over and attempted to steer it into the pit, albeit without success. Behemoth proceeded to push Stinger forwards and around in circles over the Drop Zone square, before steering it over a CO2 jet and into an angle grinder. Seconds later, Behemoth drove underneath Stinger, using both of its weapons to lift and clamp its opponent simultaneously. It dragged Stinger back across the arena, turned and attempted to pit it once more; however Stinger attempted to drive off Behemoth’s scoop, causing Behemoth to tip forwards and let go. Behemoth drove back and forth to try and push Stinger into the pit, only for Stinger to drop its mace over the edge of the pit and fall in itself.

"This was a great two-pronged attack by Behemoth – the drive, and then holding Stinger in place with the axe, and dragging it away, like some common bit of prey! ALMOST into the pit, just surviving! And a wheely, wheely crazy end to it allllllllllll, just about… now! Down [Stinger] went. That was great fun!"
— Jonathan Pearce over replays of Behemoth’s final attack on Stinger

With the Challenge Belt almost secured, Behemoth received its third challenge in Episode 6, from Fourth Wars Semi-Finalist Tornado.

Julia Reed: "Do you accept Tornado’s challenge?"
Kane Aston: "We do indeed accept the challenge."
Julia Reed: "Okay… you’ve had two fights to keep the belt so far, this is your third fight. If you win this, it’s yours for good. Do you think you’re up to it?"
Kane Aston: "Course we are – it’s going to be a breeze in the park!"
Julia Reed: "So they’re not tough opposition, you don’t think? "
Kane Aston: "Not at all. This belt is ours – we’re gonna prove it, we’re gonna keep it!"
— Interview prior to Behemoth’s third Challenge Belt defence

Behemoth is turned on its side by a push from Tornado

Tornado proves to be too powerful for Behemoth

Both robots charged towards and dodged each other in the opening seconds; Behemoth withstood a few initial rams from Tornado, and attempted to axe it, but missed. Instantly, Tornado got underneath Behemoth and pushed it sideways into the wall; Behemoth briefly lifted itself as it lowered its scoop on top of the nearby angle grinder, but eventually backed away while sustaining two more of Tornado’s rams. Spinning over the Flame Pit, Behemoth drove alongside, then attempted to get its scoop underneath Tornado, but Tornado reversed and rammed it head-on. Sparks flew as Behemoth’s scoop withstood a collision with Tornado’s drum; seconds later, Behemoth was pushed sideways into Refbot and an angle grinder by Tornado, sustaining damage to its armour and being turned on its side in the process.

"…but Behemoth, on its side here! This is the pushing power of Tornado… they’re very difficult to get hold of! And Behemoth here – the Challenge Belt holders - are in real trouble! They’ve had two victories - one more will give them the belt outright, but they are struggling here and struggling badly, there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is turned over and rammed into the angle grinders by Tornado

Behemoth flips Tornado over

Behemoth momentarily stacks Tornado against the arena wall

Behemoth struggled to self-right as Tornado repeatedly rammed it against the wall and angle grinders, eventually being left in a position where it could not re-right itself. Refbot shoved Behemoth away from the grinder and back onto its wheels; as Tornado rammed it once more, Behemoth responded by flipping the Huntingdon-based challenger over. Behemoth continued firing its scoop as Tornado rammed it a few more times, and turned Tornado over a second time before shepherding it into the top-left CPZ. There, Behemoth tipped Tornado against the wall, and twice attempted to leave it balancing on its rear spikes.

Behemoth pushes Tornado back in the closing stages

However, Matilda reversed into Behemoth, damaging it with her flywheel; this freed Tornado, allowing it to push Behemoth across the arena and into the wall once again. Moments later, Behemoth and Tornado drove head-on into each other again; sparks flew as Behemoth sustained more damage to its scoop from Tornado’s drum. As Tornado tried to push it back, Behemoth reversed into the pit release button, but was again pushed into the wall by Tornado. In response, Behemoth pursued and drove scoop-first into Tornado once again; Tornado’s drum churned, but Behemoth proceeded to ram it into the walls until time ran out.

"Tornado, look at that for traction on the arena floor! Oh, this is a brilliant tug-of-war! It’s Tornado and Behemoth, head-to-head… and it’s gonna go to the judges! Phew, Craig… that was close! Very…"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth and Tornado enter a deadlock and time runs out

The battle went to a judges’ decision; Tornado was declared victorious, forcing Behemoth to surrender the Challenge Belt. Kane Aston revealed afterwards that Behemoth had lost pressure in its pneumatics system, reducing the scoop’s effectiveness, but conceded that Tornado’s win was ‘well earned’.

"The Spider is the only fight Ant has not driven Behemoth. To say the OOTA was planned would be the absolute opposite of what happened. Ant was unwell and Mike took the controls and it all worked out!"
— Kane Aston[14]

Behemoth also fought a Wild Card Warriors battle against The Spider, a new robot from Team Tarantula. Anthony Pritchard became ill prior to the battle, leaving Michael Pritchard to drive the robot in his place; however, Team Make Robotics were quick to challenge Team Tarantula’s boasts about their chances of success, and their claim that Behemoth was merely ‘a box on wheels’.

"We may be a box on wheels, but have you ever tried catching a brick in a spider’s web?"
— Kane Aston responds to Team Tarantula’s comments

Behemoth turns The Spider over

Behemoth lifts The Spider out of the arena

Behemoth spent the opening moments driving across the arena, constantly avoiding The Spider’s rotating spikes. Eventually, it drove head-on into The Spider, turned it over and pinned it against the wall; this resulted in the inverted Spider climbing and hooking itself on the wall using one of its own weapons. Moments later, Behemoth rammed, axed and lifted The Spider, but was unable to pierce through its opponent’s baseplate. In doing so, it pushed The Spider further over the wall; The Spider fell onto its side as Behemoth reversed. Behemoth lifted The Spider again, this time hoisting it over the wall and pushing it out of the arena. In the process, it emerged as the winner of the Wild Card Warriors battle.

"…I don’t know whether it’s balanced anymore, The Spider – I don’t think it’s going ANYWHERE! Incy Wincy Spidey, comes to a grisly end! This is where the Behemoth scoop simply… picked up and tossed The Spider out of the web, out of the picture… out of the plan!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth hoists The Spider out of the arena

Finally, Behemoth fought a Mayhem battle against Thermidor 2 and Stinger (who it defeated in the Challenge Belt), for a chance to qualify for the first of two Annihilators shown as part of Robot Wars Extreme.

"We are looking forward to this! We fancy a bit of boiled lobster, and we’re going to take the sting out of their tail!"
— Kane Aston prior to Behemoth’s Mayhem battle

Behemoth is rolled over by Thermidor 2

Behemoth throws Stinger off-balance

Behemoth is thrown out of the arena by Thermidor 2

"They're almost unbeatable, Behemoth... until this moment!"

Immediately, it reversed to line up an attack on an approaching Stinger, momentarily getting underneath and pursuing it across the arena. As it drove away, Behemoth was collected and thrown over by Thermidor 2, rolling back onto its wheels as Thermidor 2 reversed into it. It recovered by reversing and lifting Stinger, all while sustaining a few blows from the latter’s mace. However, while driving towards a nearby CPZ, Behemoth was thrown into a forward somersault by Thermidor 2; the attack sent Behemoth over the wall and out of the arena. This eliminated it instantly from the Mayhem battle; Thermidor 2 eventually won by throwing Stinger out of the arena as well.

Behemoth and Stinger out of the arena

"Thermidor again ON BEHEMOTH – THEY’RE OUT OF THE ARENA! THEY’VE GONE! Look at that – 95 kilos simply dumped out of the arena! Bang! They’re almost unbeatable, Behemoth… until this moment!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is thrown out of the arena by Thermidor 2

Series 5[]

Behemoth Evo IV returned for The Fifth Wars, seeded fifteenth in spite of not reaching the Semi-Finals of the Fourth Wars. Competing in Heat H, its first-round battle saw it face Supernova, a brand-new horizontal spinner from an experienced team who competed before with Oblivion.

Philippa Forrester: "Okay, the Behemoth team are back, and as you can see they have made several huge modifications. You’re up against Supernova… now, they’re claiming that disc is nearly as powerful, if not more so, than Hypno-Disc. What do you think?"
Anthony Pritchard: "It might be as powerful as Hypno-Disc, but the back end seems not as heavy as the front. So, we feel that it’s gonna hit the side… the bucket’s 7mm titanium, it’s gonna hit that, and the back end is going to swing right around."
Philippa Forrester: "Right, okay…"
Anthony Pritchard: "It comes straight up onto the bucket, and then the old axe come down."
Philippa Forrester: "Crush them in position…"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yep, and then we’ll lift the whole – hopefully – the whole lot up in one go!"
— Anthony Pritchard discusses potential tactics against Supernova

Behemoth absorbs a powerful blow from Supernova's disc

Behemoth pushes and axes Supernova

Immediately, Behemoth pursued Supernova across the arena, only to be spun round as it deflected a powerful blow from the latter’s disc. Behemoth backed into an angle grinder, and spent the next few moments weaving and reversing across the arena in an attempt to line its scoop up for another attack. The two competitors collided head-on; sparks flew as Behemoth absorbed a second blow from Supernova which sent it spinning once again. Behemoth recovered to push Supernova sideways, then lift it twice, all while sustaining more damage to its scoop and right-hand side.

Behemoth throws Supernova into the wall

Behemoth pursues Supernova, just as the latter has its top panel ripped off by Matilda

As it reversed into Refbot, it became clear that Behemoth’s scoop would not lower fully, forcing Team Make Robotics to fire it again to close it properly. Behemoth dodged and pursued Supernova once more, eventually axing and turning Supernova over after the latter drove into one of the angle grinders, which also tore a weapon tooth from Supernova. It pushed and clamped the inverted Supernova with its scoop, steering Team Trinity’s machine into the angle grinder opposite Matilda’s CPZ. Again, Behemoth pursued Supernova, before reversing towards the pit release button. It charged into Supernova’s disc again and lifted it into the wall, but was briefly blocked by Sir Killalot as it tried to drive away from the formerly vacant CPZ. Behemoth’s scoop bent as it tried to lift Sir Killalot by the jaws, but the Hemel Hempstead machine reversed and escaped. It proceeded to lift and push Supernova into Matilda’s CPZ, where Supernova sustained heavy damage and lost its top panels after twice driving into Matilda’s flywheel. With Supernova’s internals exposed, Behemoth drove behind its faltering opponent and axed it several times, all while pushing and dragging it in the vicinity of the CPZ and pit.

Behemoth axes Supernova's exposed internals

"This is good work by Behemoth… driving [Supernova] into the CPZ, then Matilda could come in, and following it up with attack, after attack, after attack! Very good control by Anthony Pritchard and his team, because Supernova for me had started very strongly. Now Behemoth… has the heat by the scruff of its neck, and Sir Killalot will come in and finish Supernova off…"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth axes and immobilises Supernova

Behemoth prepares to throw Supernova into the open pit

These attacks left Supernova immobilised and vulnerable to a brief attack from Sir Killalot. Behemoth proceeded to activate the pit, push and throw Supernova in, axing one of its wheel arches in the process. However, despite emerging victorious, Behemoth suddenly came under attack from Matilda, who drove flywheel-first into its rear panel.

Craig Charles: "Do you think you can go all the way? I mean, you’ve done very well in previous wars, but you never quite managed to make it to the final. Do you think you can do it this time?"
Anthony Pritchard: "We hope so."
Kane Aston: "What matters is the damage points – we have that now, so we can go all the way!"
Craig Charles: "And that shovel working just as good as ever?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Even with it ripped like that, it still does the job!"
— Craig Charles and Team Make Robotics discuss Behemoth’s improved championship chances

In the second round, Behemoth faced series newcomer Crushtacean. Having carried out considerable repairs to the robot along with his teammates, an exhausted Anthony Pritchard expressed cautious optimism about Team Make Robotics’ chances of success.

Philippa Forrester: "And are you worried that it won’t stand up?"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, no, we basically completely rebuilt the whole top end of it, so it will stand up to it."
— Interview shortly prior to Behemoth’s battle with Crushtacean

Behemoth strikes Crushtacean's top armour

Immediately, Behemoth drove towards and pushed Crushtacean from the side; the two competitors pushed each other across the arena, with Behemoth pinning Crushtacean against the pit release button. In the process, it axed Crushtacean’s top panel – having missed an earlier axe blow – pushed and briefly lifted the machine from Hale off the floor. Again, Behemoth pursued and attempted to push Crushtacean back, and fired its scoop in a failed attempt to lift the newcomer a second time. However, Crushtacean drove, caught and pushed Behemoth sideways into Refbot; Behemoth responded by lifting Crushtacean, and immediately drove forwards in an attempt to clamp Crushtacean down.

Behemoth is pressed against the angle grinder after being turned over by Crushtacean

Crushtacean pits Behemoth for a surprise victory

As it was being pushed back by Crushtacean, Behemoth lowered its scoop onto its opponent’s claws; the force was enough to throw Behemoth onto its back as Crushtacean pinned it against the angle grinder. Behemoth repeatedly fired its scoop to try and right itself, but was unable to break free from Crushtacean’s grip. Eventually, it was pushed into the open pit, and was eliminated from the Fifth Wars in what Jonathan Pearce considered to be a ‘famous victory’ for Crushtacean.

Craig Charles: "You’ve spent an awful lot of time on this robot. You’ve put an axe on it and everything… I really thought you had a chance this year!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yep… so did we!"
— Interview following Behemoth’s elimination from Series 5

Series 6[]

Behemoth returned once more for The Sixth Wars, competing in Heat L as an unseeded and significantly upgraded machine. In the first round, the Evo V model fought Derek 2, previous Annihilator champion Disc-O-Inferno and series newcomer Tridentate, with its side panels unpainted and its axe sealed with gaffer tape.

Philippa Forrester: "You’ve made some improvements to Behemoth, so it’s not quite as we have seen it before…"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, it’s now six-wheel drive, twelve mile-an-hour, larger rams, so much more power in them."
— Anthony Pritchard briefly describes Behemoth Evo V’s upgrades prior to its Round 1 battle, including a brand-new bucket

Behemoth turns Derek 2 over

Behemoth spins over the Flame Pit after being immobilised on one side by Disc-O-Inferno

Behemoth swiftly demonstrated its improved drive and weapon systems by darting across the arena and flipping Derek 2 over, while simultaneously being rammed by Tridentate. It nudged Derek 2 again shortly before the latter was thrown back upright by Disc-O-Inferno; Derek 2 responded by pushing Behemoth sideways onto the Flame Pit, its spinning weapon churning against Behemoth’s side. Behemoth drove away, only to sustain a side-on blow from Disc-O-Inferno which left it immobile on one side. After spending several seconds driving in circles over the Flame Pit, Behemoth weaved its way off the grille and across the arena, dodging more attacks from Disc-O-Inferno and Tridentate in the process. However, Behemoth sustained several more hits from Disc-O-Inferno, which began to tear its scoop bucket off its mountings.

A blow from Disc-O-Inferno immobilises Behemoth completely

Behemoth (top) finishes Round 1 in the pit; note the damaged scoop

A few moments after Derek 2 was counted out, Behemoth was completely immobilised by Disc-O-Inferno, but survived as Refbot counted a smoking Tridentate out immediately afterwards. Behemoth was pushed into the pit by Shunt, and was soon joined by both Tridentate and Derek 2. By the time all three competitors had been pitted, Behemoth’s scoop bucket had almost completely detached from the robot. However, it had survived long enough to progress to the second round along with Disc-O-Inferno.

There, Behemoth faced Fifth Wars runner-up – and second seed – Bigger Brother. In The Pits, the robot received extensive repairs to its scoop and had its axe unsealed, while its side panels were repainted into their signature hazard stripes. Upon being informed of Behemoth’s draw, Anthony Pritchard expressed confidence that the robot’s drive upgrades would make it just as fast and manoeuvrable as Bigger Brother.

Behemoth turns Bigger Brother over

Bigger Brother reverses an overturned Behemoth across the arena

Behemoth began strongly, dodging Bigger Brother’s initial charge before flicking, pursuing and turning it over on the edge of Shunt’s CPZ. It axed Bigger Brother’s baseplate before the Brighton machine self-righted, and reversed in an attempt to line up another attack. Behemoth threw Bigger Brother over a second time, forcing Bigger Brother to self-right again, and proceeded to pursue it across the arena for some time. However, after being briefly flicked upwards following a collision with Bigger Brother, Behemoth exposed its side, allowing Bigger Brother to throw it over and reverse it into the pit release button. Behemoth self-righted, but struggled to drive away as Bigger Brother rounded it up and flicked it into the air. Behemoth landed between Bigger Brother’s wedge and flipper, and was skilfully pushed into the pit by the second seed. With this, it was eliminated from the Sixth Wars, after a frantic and evenly-fought battle between the two competitors.

Behemoth is pitted in spectacular fashion by Bigger Brother

"Behemoth’s in trouble now – what a great fight this is - a PIGGYBACK, PIGGYBACK AND DOWN YOU GO! Oh, what a good battle that was… wooh, the Pritchard boys and Kane Aston did well, a much better machine! But when [Bigger Brother] got in underneath, waited their moment, and flicked Behemoth up, it was always going to be in trouble. Up it went… Bigger Brother clamped, drove on, and dumped them!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is pitted

In a post-battle interview, a disappointed Anthony Pritchard admitted to Craig Charles his apprehension at being drawn against Bigger Brother, while also revealing Team Make Robotics’ initial plan to throw it out of the arena.

Craig Charles: "It’s such a pity, you know, when such a good robot doesn’t even make the Heat Final! I mean, you must be devastated, really."
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, we are."
Craig Charles: "You thought it was your year, I bet, didn’t ya?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah."
Craig Charles: "Come back, don’t lose heart - I’m sure one day you guys are gonna get this championship!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah. Well, we’ve got a good chassis there now, so it’s ready for the next Wars!"
— Interview following Behemoth’s elimination from Series 6

Extreme 2[]

In the second series of Extreme, Behemoth Evo V returned to take part in two competitions – the Iron Maidens and the University Challenge. In the Iron Maidens competition, the robot was driven by Michael Pritchard’s girlfriend Claire Gray, and its axe operated by his and Anthony’s mother, Liz, who had supported the team since Behemoth’s debut in Series 2. Behemoth fought Kat3 and Riptilion in its first-round battle

"Mum Liz Pritchard’s always backed her Behemoth Boys – now it’s her turn!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Behemoth in the Iron Maidens

Behemoth throws Kat3 over

Behemoth lifts Riptilion

Behemoth began by darting away from Riptilion, turning and slamming scoop-first into the wall. It spun round into an angle grinder and the Floor Spinner button, before flicking Kat3 onto its side. After spending a few moments on the nearby flame jet, Behemoth was rammed, along with Kat3, by Refbot, and momentarily reversed into the House Robot. Behemoth proceeded to lift Kat3 in an attempt to re-right it, only to drive into Shunt’s CPZ and sustain an axe blow to its top armour. It briefly rammed Mr. Psycho, but escaped his subsequent chase, before swiftly ramming and lifting Riptilion onto its side against Refbot. Moments later, Behemoth slammed into one of the angle grinders, then reversed into Riptilion, which appeared to have become immobilised beside another grinder. Behemoth attempted to flip Shunt as he and Mr. Psycho steered Riptilion away from the angle grinder, and attempted to resume its attacks on Shunt as Kat3 axed, pushed and dragged Riptilion around the arena. Behemoth and Shunt lifted and pushed each other for some time until Riptilion was counted out; the Team Make Robotics machine progressed to the next round along with Kat3.

In the second round, Behemoth faced Chompalot for a place in the final.

Behemoth flips Chompalot over

Behemoth began by immediately ramming Refbot, then reversing at high speed towards the Flame Pit while Chompalot activated the Floor Spinner. Behemoth pursued Chompalot, but was unable to line up an attack, and was briefly nudged towards the flame jet by the Derbyshire machine. Behemoth quickly spun round, drove forwards and threw Chompalot onto its side, where Chompalot was left seemingly unable to self-right. However, Shunt left his CPZ and controversially re-righted Chompalot, despite House Robots not being allowed to assist competitors mid-battle. Nevertheless, Behemoth continued to linger near the flame jet and Floor Spinner button, allowing Chompalot to briefly drive behind Behemoth as it bumped into the wall. Behemoth began reversing in circles, momentarily pushing Chompalot back as the two competitors circled round each other.

Behemoth is lifted up by Shunt

Behemoth is knocked out by Shunt; note the dislodged removable link

After spending a few seconds waiting near the Floor Spinner, Behemoth lifted Chompalot again, but was unable to turn it over. It was spun away a few times over the Floor Spinner, and was caught side-on by Chompalot as it darted across the arena. The two robots pushed each other back and forth before Behemoth sped away; Behemoth later dodged a charge from Chompalot as it lingered near the pit release button. Behemoth continued to spin in circles a few times, and missed another lift on Chompalot. Eventually, it drove near an empty CPZ, where it was collected and axed by Shunt. Behemoth weaved its way out of the CPZ in an attempt to dodge Shunt’s attacks, only to be pushed back in and have its top panels severely damaged by Shunt’s axe. This allowed Chompalot to drive in and pin Behemoth against Shunt’s scoop, preventing the Hemel Hempstead machine’s escape.

"They really need to get out of there, and quickly, as Chompalot comes in! Behemoth in real trouble… I think they’re piercing the very top – OH! And there, you see, the link has flown out of the back of Behemoth! That means that they have no more control, there is no more power – that is the sort of cut-off switch, if you like, for Behemoth…"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt immobilises Behemoth

An immobile Behemoth is suspended over the pit by Chompalot

Shunt continued to axe the top of Behemoth, eventually damaging one of its lights and dislodging its removable link. With its link falling onto the floor, Behemoth was left immobilised as Shunt axed it a few more times and Chompalot grasped its right-hand side. Chompalot dragged Behemoth out of the CPZ before pushing it into the pit release button. After several seconds, Behemoth was held over the edge of the pit, and fell in as soon as Chompalot let go. With this, it was eliminated from the Iron Maidens competition; Liz Pritchard later expressed her dismay with Shunt’s interventions during the battle.

"The house robots are always a hazard and as usual were misbehaving. We got our own back in the House Robot Rebellion."
— Kane Aston, asked about the controversy in 2017[15]

In the University Challenge, Behemoth represented the University of Hertfordshire, facing Infernal Contraption and CV in its first-round battle. Heading into the battle, Team Make Robotics were confident about their chances in the battle, confidence that Philippa Forrester took note of.

Philippa Forrester: "Now you've had a string of disasters, what's going to happen this time?"
Kane Aston: "We're going to win!"
Philippa Forrester: "Yes you say that to me everytime!"
— Confidence from Team Make Robotics in the pre battle interview

Behemoth rams Infernal Contraption

Behemoth flips CV over

Behemoth pushes CV into the CPZ

In the opening seconds, it rammed Infernal Contraption at high speed, throwing the Imperial College representative off-balance and sending it spinning towards the Flame Pit. Behemoth continued to tussle with Infernal Contraption for some time after, pushing it across the arena and into CV before lifting it into the air. In the process, Behemoth dodged an axe blow from CV, before pushing, driving around the side of and throwing the purple Open University entry upside-down. With CV unable to self-right, Behemoth immediately tipped it back onto its wheels; moments later, it rammed CV into an empty CPZ, withstanding a blow from CV's axe as it did so. CV's axehead briefly got caught behind Behemoth’s scoop, resulting in Behemoth dragging it back out as it tried to turn away and leave before Sir Killalot entered. The two competitors separated, with Behemoth driving alongside Sir Killalot before reversing into CV. However, as it turned forwards, Behemoth suddenly stopped moving, initially leaving it vulnerable to a few attacks from Infernal Contraption and CV. As a frustrated Team Make Robotics watched on and tried to work out the cause of its immobilisation, Behemoth was axed one more time by CV before being counted out by Refbot.

"They’ll be crying all the way back to the lecture theatre tonight… because Behemoth, are no giants of the Robot Wars University Challenge…"
— Jonathan Pearce, shortly after Behemoth is counted out

Behemoth is held over the Flame Pit by Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot picked Behemoth up with his lance, before spinning the defeated University of Hertfordshire representative around, carrying it around a second time in his claws and placing it on the Floor Flipper. Behemoth was thrown over a full 360 degrees across the arena, before Sir Killalot grabbed it again and held it over the Flame Pit until 'Cease' was called. With this, it was eliminated from the University Challenge. In a subsequent interview with Philippa Forrester, Kane Aston revealed that a wire in Behemoth’s removable link had become damaged during the battle, resulting in its immobilisation. Aston also stated that the team chose to re-right CV as an act of sportsmanship and to put on a more entertaining battle; a reason which attracted a jokingly scornful response from Forrester.

Philippa Forrester: "Well I think we’ve learnt a lesson, haven’t we?"
Kane Aston: "Fix the link."
Philippa Forrester: "Yes! And I won’t say anything about you being so confident before, because that would be mean."
— Interview following Behemoth’s elimination from the University Challenge

Series 7[]

In The Seventh Wars, Behemoth returned for its sixth UK Championship run, seeded tenth and featuring a raft of modifications to improve its reliability. Competing in Heat L, it faced Dutch Series 2 competitor Tartarus, Crushtacean and a new version of UFO in its first-round battle; Crushtacean’s presence essentially formed a rematch between Behemoth and its former Series 5 adversary.

Jayne Middlemiss: "You are the number ten seed, have you done any modifications to the robot this year?"
Kane Aston: "Well, since the last Wars, we’ve completely stripped the robot down, rebuilt everything and fixed any minor faults we had. So, we’ve replaced the link, we’ve upgraded all the fittings in there, stuff’s not held in with gaffer tape any more, so hopefully they won’t fall out."
— Kane Aston explains to Jayne Middlemiss Behemoth’s upgrades for Series 7

Behemoth flips Tartarus into Shunt's CPZ

Behemoth flips Crushtacean

Behemoth flips Crushtacean onto the top of UFO

Immediately, Behemoth turned towards Tartarus, simultaneously turning it over and pushing it into Shunt. With the Dutch robot unable to self-right, Behemoth turned round and began to pursue Crushtacean, pushing, flipping and ramming the crab-shaped bot into the wall with separate attacks. Behemoth next nudged UFO, before pushing Crushtacean up the black machine’s wedge and flipping it again. It continued to harry Crushtacean for some time, ramming and momentarily knocking Crushtacean onto its side. After attempting to axe Crushtacean, Behemoth rounded the Commonwealth Carnage runner-up into an empty CPZ with assistance from UFO. Behemoth drove into both of its opponents and lifted UFO as it got underneath Crushtacean; this combined attack resulted in Crushtacean being thrust over the top of UFO and onto the side wall.

Behemoth prepares to earn vengeance over Crushtacean

UFO drives underneath Behemoth

Behemoth is attacked by UFO

Behemoth flips UFO over

With Crushtacean stranded, Behemoth reversed and darted across the arena, before pressing its scoop against the Vissers’ machine. Eventually, Behemoth got underneath and threw Crushtacean out of the arena, avenging its Series 5 loss in the process. With Tartarus already counted out, and its place in the second round secured, Behemoth was then pushed into Dead Metal by UFO, which proceeded to drive completely underneath the Team Make Robotics machine. This allowed Behemoth to get underneath and lift UFO as it reversed; however, UFO proceeded to push, lift and roll Behemoth over alongside the entry gates, without a functioning flipper. Behemoth finally threw UFO over just before ‘cease’ was called, but both robots progressed to the second round anyway.

Jayne Middlemiss: "I’ve got to say in Round 1, I was so impressed – it looked absolutely astonishing out there! Do you think you’re gonna beat Mute?"
Anthony Pritchard: "I’m not going to say anything. Things have happened – always Round 2, for the last two Wars! We’ve always found the pit, so… I’m not going to say anything."
— The team unintentionally foreshadow their bad luck in the second round

There, Behemoth faced New Blood Championship runner-up Mute, where Behemoth would once again suffer from its consistently poor luck.

Behemoth throws Mute over

Mute lands on top of Behemoth, clipping its aerial

In the opening seconds, both competitors darted past each other numerous times, grazing each other’s sides as they attempted to line up an attack. After being briefly jostled upwards by Mute, Behemoth flipped the Staffordshire machine over, forcing it to self-right. Behemoth drove underneath Mute as the latter somersaulted in the air; Mute landed on top of Behemoth, clipping its aerial and sending it speeding across the arena into the far wall and Matilda’s CPZ.

"The flip over us touched the aerial and caused the receiver to crash... It was left locked in full forward."
— Kane Aston, explaining the cause of Behemoth’s malfunction on the FRA Forum

Behemoth is left stuck in forward drive

Mr. Psycho attacks the stranded Behemoth

Behemoth charges uncontrollably across the arena floor

With Behemoth shuddering and unable to break free from the wall, it became clear that the collision with Mute had left it stuck in forward drive. As Team Make Robotics attempted to regain control, Matilda lifted Behemoth with her tusks, before the tenth seed fired its scoop and hooked itself on the wall. Behemoth remained stationary as Mr. Psycho hammered and dragged it away from the CPZ; however, as soon as it was released, it rammed the side of Mr. Psycho and tried to lift the House Robot a few times. Mr. Psycho reversed, allowing Behemoth to career across the arena into another CPZ, then back into the same CPZ where Matilda hit it with her flywheel.

"Oh, poor old Behemoth! Well, they managed to avoid the pit… but they’ve slammed into just about everything else there is in the arena. And I think control has gone…"
— Jonathan Pearce as an out-of-control Behemoth is attacked by Matilda

Behemoth is counted out by Refbot

Another blow from Matilda’s flywheel threw Behemoth upwards, before the Hemel Hempstead machine was left shuddering against the arena wall again. It fired its scoop several more times as Anthony Pritchard and Kane Aston tried once more to regain reverse drive, and eventually hooked itself on the wall a second time, this time stopping completely. Shortly after, Refbot counted Behemoth out, eliminating it from the Seventh Wars; its malfunction resulted in Derek Foxwell, with help from Kim Davies of Panic Attack, having to extract its removable link with a crowbar before the robot returned to The Pits.

Behemoth’s removable link is extracted after the battle

Craig Charles: "…you’ve never had the best of luck, have you?"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, there’s always something gone wrong. This year, it was looking beautiful!"
Craig Charles: "Tenth seed; I thought it could be your year, the bucket’s working great… it’s a lovely looking robot, yours, as well."
— Craig Charles refers to Behemoth's consistent bad luck

As well as its main series run, Behemoth also competed in the All-Stars Tournament, having competed in six series of the UK Robot Wars and both series of Extreme. In the first round, it fought Fourth Wars runner-up Pussycat, fellow Second Wars Semi-Finalist King B Powerworks and Series 6-7 Semi-Finalist Dantomkia.

Jayne Middlemiss: "I have seen you in action, and you are a pretty mean force out there! Who are you going for first?"
Anthony Pritchard: "I think we’ll try Dantomkia; they’re the other flipper in there, the other two are not, so I think it’s going to be… first to get the flipper out, and then plough the other two."
— Anthony Pritchard reveals Behemoth’s tactics for its first-round battle

Behemoth lifts Dantomkia

Behemoth is flipped out of the arena by Dantomkia

True to Anthony Pritchard’s words, Behemoth began by pursuing Dantomkia, only to drive into Refbot and allow Dantomkia to get underneath from the side. Behemoth reversed into King B Powerworks in an attempt to dodge Dantomkia, and momentarily flicked Dantomkia upwards with the scoop as both robots lingered near the Drop Zone square. Behemoth briefly got underneath and pushed Dantomkia back, but was steered into an empty CPZ, pushed into the wall and thrown out of the arena by the latter. With this, Behemoth was swiftly eliminated from the All-Stars Tournament alongside King B Powerworks, which was also thrown out by Dantomkia a few moments later.

"I feel guilt at having put Behemoth out of the arena. That was under instruction from Mentorn and I think it was unfair to ask me to do that to them. I even put them out where Mentorn asked me to, hence the cameras were already setup for the shot."
— Mike Lambert on flipping Behemoth out of the arena

By the end of The Seventh Wars, Team Make Robotics had developed good relations with most of the Robot Wars production crew. As a result, Behemoth was invited to take part in the House Robot Rebellion, an exhibition match filmed at the very end of the series.

"A number of ideas had been thrown about and we of course said we would stay on and were up for anything. It was wrap after the fight and that means we were the last robot to have a fight in that arena."
— Kane Aston on taking part in the House Robot Rebellion[16]

Although broadcast earlier than its All-Stars appearance, as the Special Event of the Annihilator episode, the House Robot Rebellion was also the last battle to be held in the original arena before Robot Wars entered its twelve-year hiatus. For the battle, Behemoth was partnered with Dutch Robot Wars heat finalist – and Series 7 Semi-Finalist – Gravity; the pair faced Growler, Cassius Chrome and Mr. Psycho.

Anthony Pritchard: "We’ve got some payback to do! It’s been… over the years, they've got us in places where it's hurt, so..."
Jayne Middlemiss: "Nobody would want to go to places that the House Robots take them… they’re very big, they’re very tough, they’re very strong!"
Kane Aston: "So are we!"
— Interview prior to the House Robot Rebellion

Behemoth is pushed back by Mr. Psycho as it begins axing his back armour

At the start, Behemoth drove scoop-first into a spinning Cassius Chrome, proceeding to lift and axe him seconds before he accidentally drove into the descending pit. Behemoth darted across the arena to attack Mr. Psycho, just as Gravity threw Growler onto his back with its first flip. It proceeded to axe Mr. Psycho’s back a few times, all while struggling to lift him and being pushed back into a vacant CPZ. While attempting to drive out, Behemoth dug up part of the floor with its scoop – having earlier done so while entering the arena – but escaped before Mr. Psycho hammered and pushed Gravity onto the Floor Flipper.

"…well, that’s a puny little axe compared to Mr. Psycho’s weaponry, but I tell you, Behemoth can get in behind. They can lift Mr. Psycho up and over…"
— Jonathan Pearce, shortly after Behemoth’s first attack on Mr. Psycho

Behemoth attempts to axe and lift Mr. Psycho simultaneously

Cassius Chrome spins to fend off Behemoth

Cassius Chrome tussles with Behemoth

Behemoth dents the rear armour of Mr. Psycho

With Gravity’s drive system disabled, Behemoth resumed its attacks on Mr. Psycho, attempting to lift and axe him several more times. At one point, it succeeded in catching Mr. Psycho’s right arm, after which it drove away and approached a spinning Cassius Chrome, which had been released from the pit. Behemoth waited over the flame jet for several seconds, before driving into Cassius Chrome, whose spears spun it away towards an angle grinder. In response, Behemoth bumped and lifted Cassius Chrome again, before axing and bending one of Mr. Psycho’s rear panels. However, its axe snapped clean off as it struck a moving Mr. Psycho from the side; seconds later, Behemoth drove away, and was thrown onto its side by the Floor Flipper.

"Behemoth, nagging away there like a little gnat at the back… of Mr. Psycho, who turns. “What on earth was that tickling me?”, he says – AND, the Floor Flipper! Oh yes, competing brave robots! We are not just about our House Robots that are mobile…"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth loses its axe and is thrown by the Floor Flipper

Behemoth is thrown by the Floor Flipper

Behemoth pushes Gravity, attempting to make use of the Dutch competitor's flipper

Behemoth lifts Cassius Chrome one last time

Mr. Psycho immobile in the last few seconds and Behemoth and Cassius Chrome survive

Behemoth spent several seconds trying to self-right, which it finally succeeded just as Mr. Psycho nudged it further towards the Flame Pit. It recovered by ramming Refbot and Cassius Chrome – the former just as he nearly reversed into the pit – and survived a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho as it weaved across the arena. Behemoth proceeded to drive behind and push an immobile Gravity forwards, ostensibly to act as a shield against Mr. Psycho’s hammer. However, both were forcibly separated by Cassius Chrome with less than ten seconds to go; Behemoth responded by lifting Cassius Chrome again just as ‘cease’ was called, while Mr. Psycho sat immobile near the Floor Flipper.

In place of the usual Judges’ decision, the House Robot Rebellion went to an audience vote, and the resulting cheers of the audience vastly favoured Behemoth and Gravity, rendering the competitors victorious.

Craig Charles: "I consider you to be the unluckiest robot in the history of Robot Wars. Something always goes wrong with the robot at an inopportune moment."
Anthony Pritchard: "Yes."
Craig Charles: "But out there, you proved that you can do it!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, it proves that, you know, we had a bad state of luck through the years…"
— Interview following the House Robot Rebellion

Afterwards, Team Make Robotics explained that Behemoth had pushed Gravity in an attempt to use its teammate’s higher-pressure flipper against the House Robots; its own gas supply had run low by the end of the battle. However, an oil spill caused Behemoth’s wheels to spin, reducing its traction on the floor, hence its slow speed while pushing Gravity around the edge of the CPZ.

Series 8[]

Dara Ó Briain: "What can you lift?"
Anthony Pritchard: "We’ve lifted a Peugeot 205."
Dara Ó Briain: "Fantastic! There won’t be a Peugeot 205 in the battle, though."
Anthony Pritchard: "No, that’s a shame."
— Interview prior to Behemoth’s Series 8 Group Battle

Behemoth was one of many original series competitors to return in Series 8, which marked the return of Robot Wars to television following a twelve-year hiatus. The brand-new Evo IX model competed in Heat 1; in its Group Battle, it faced Bonk - a new axe-wielding robot from Team Mute – as well as bar spinner Carbide and Series 3 Robotic Soccer finalist The General. The battle indirectly served as a rematch between Behemoth and Team Mute following their encounter in Series 7.

Behemoth throws The General over

Sparks fly as Behemoth lifts and deflects The General

Behemoth overturns The General minus one wheel

Behemoth (background) overturns Bonk

Immediately, Behemoth pursued The General, withstanding a few blows from the Welsh machine’s cutting discs before throwing it across the arena. It sped across the arena to harry Bonk, and nudged Bonk a few times as the Staffordshire machine was lifted by an arena spike. Behemoth charged into The General once again; sparks flew as its scoop took more damage from The General’s discs, and Behemoth threw itself over while lifting and deflecting The General at the same time. Despite coming under attack from Carbide and Bonk, Behemoth quickly re-righted itself, and again attempted to lift Bonk and The General, albeit without success. Seconds later, it pressed the pit release button, and pushed The General towards the Flame Pit after the latter had one of its wheels ripped off by Carbide. Behemoth finished the battle by pushing and flipping Bonk over against the wall, where Bonk was left unable to self-right and sustained more damage from Carbide’s spinner. With this, it progressed to the Head-to-Head stage along with Carbide and soundly avenged its previous loss to Team Mute.

Dara Ó Briain: "So the clash of the titans hasn’t happened yet?"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, so…"
Dara Ó Briain: "You’ll have to face him in the Head-to-Head, you know that?"
Anthony Pritchard: "That’s where it’s better though, because it’s one-on-one, isn’t it?"
Dara Ó Briain and Anthony Pritchard anticipate a future duel with Carbide

Behemoth’s first Head-to-Head battle saw it face newcomer Nuts, a flailbot which was accompanied by two minibots.

Behemoth throws Nuts onto the Flame Pit during the opening seconds

Behemoth shoves Nuts across the arena

Behemoth throws Nuts onto the pit release button

The two competitors fall foul of the Floor Flipper

In the opening seconds, it rammed Nuts and its red minibot at high speed, throwing the main robot over onto the Flame Pit. Behemoth threw itself onto the top of Nuts’ ring in the process, and momentarily rocked on its rear as Nuts trundled away. Landing on its wheels, Behemoth drove to the far side of the arena, before again ramming Nuts and pushing it towards the arena spikes. It pushed Nuts against one of the raised spikes, before throwing it over them and into Dead Metal. Behemoth proceeded to pursue the orange minibot across the arena, before again pushing Nuts into an empty CPZ and throwing it into the pit release button. After pushing Nuts around the CPZ again, Behemoth bumped into the Floor Flipper as it slowly rose; it promptly reversed and threw the orange minibot towards the ceiling.

"Up went the arena flipper – HA, HA, HA, HA! Did you see that? Look at this! Get out of it! You're an irritant!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth launches one of Nuts' minibots into the air

Behemoth throws Nuts' orange minibot into the air

Behemoth is thrown onto its side by Matilda's flywheel

However, in mid-charge, Behemoth accidentally veered into Matilda’s CPZ, where it was thrown onto its side by the House Robot’s flywheel. It immediately self-righted using its scoop and side arms, and tussled with Nuts’ red minibot as the main robot was attacked by Matilda. Behemoth then rammed and threw the orange minibot into Matilda’s CPZ, before pushing and flipping Nuts into the wall. As both competitors briefly pushed each other upon exiting the CPZ, Behemoth drove over the top of Nuts’ orange minibot, and proceeded to sustain a few hits from the main robot’s flails. These did not affect Behemoth as it pushed and flipped Nuts into the pit release button once again, and continued to push it around for some time.

Behemoth reverses over Nuts' orange minibot

Behemoth threw the red minibot across the arena, almost managing to send it flying over a distant entry gate, before flipping the main part of Nuts twice more. It pushed Nuts around the Floor Flipper again, and threw it off-balance once more before ‘cease’ was called. After a spirited and entertaining battle, the Judges’ decision ruled unanimously in favour of Behemoth, giving it its first two points and putting it in provisional second-place on the leaderboard behind its next opponent, Terrorhurtz. In The Pits, Team Make Robotics revealed the extent of the damage inflicted by Matilda, which had caused Behemoth’s drive chain to catch on the damaged panel and reduce its speed.

"Behemoth said they had no weaknesses, but will that damage to the side panel actually have affected manoeuvrability?"
— Jonathan Pearce, during the start of Behemoth’s Head-to-Head against Terrorhurtz

Behemoth is shovelled by Terrorhurtz

Behemoth is pinned against the arena wall by Terrorhurtz

In its second Head-to-Head battle, Behemoth began by charging straight at Terrorhurtz; however, it spun and threw itself over while trying to flip the Team Hurtz machine. As a result, Behemoth was pushed across the arena by Terrorhurtz as it self-righted, but quickly escaped Dead Metal’s CPZ to face its opponent again. Behemoth threw itself off-balance as the two competitors made contact, allowing Terrorhurtz to again push it into the wall bordering Dead Metal’s CPZ. Behemoth attempted to drive out of the CPZ, but was blocked and pinned against the wall by Terrorhurtz, whose axe was unable to fire following a technical issue. Dead Metal prised the two competitors apart, allowing Behemoth to briefly escape.

"Behemoth, mighty robot to lift at over 100 kilos!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth is pushed around the arena

Behemoth finally turns Terrorhurtz over

However, Behemoth was again pushed by Terrorhurtz, and steered towards the Flame Pit following another unsuccessful flip. At last, Behemoth got underneath, lifted and pushed Terrorhurtz across the arena into Dead Metal’s CPZ, tipping the Series 6 fourth-place finisher over in doing so. With Terrorhurtz unable to self-right and sustaining damage from Dead Metal, Behemoth secured a comeback knockout victory, which it celebrated by spinning and lifting itself in the centre of the arena. Behemoth picked up three more points as a result, bringing its total score up to five points and putting it to the top of the leaderboard.

"We were very lucky there that Terrorhurtz’s weapon didn’t actually work. I got a bit trigger-happy firing the bucket a few times, but then… I kind of settled down a little bit, and realised that they weren’t firing their axe. I set my timing a little bit more and then I was able to roll them over, and then do the final blow and push them into Dead Metal."
— Anthony Pritchard

Behemoth maintained its first-place position by the time of its third and final Head-to-Head, against future success robot Carbide.

Anthony Pritchard: "It’s gonna be a tough fight… we’ll see what happens with their weapon. I know they’ve been having a few troubles with it…"
Kevin Cleasby: "Stop that bar from spinning up and just push them around, get them in the pit, I think, probably would be the best…"
Anthony Pritchard: "Think so, yeah."
Kevin Cleasby: "… or set a House Robot on them!"
— Team Make Robotics discuss potential tactics against Carbide

Behemoth survives one of several collisions with Carbide's bar

As expected, it charged straight into Carbide, knocking Dave Moulds and Sam Smith’s machine aside before turning and being deflected away by Carbide’s spinner. Undaunted, Behemoth repeatedly drove into Carbide’s spinner, each impact causing Carbide itself to recoil amidst a shower of sparks. One ram sent Carbide spinning upwards into the air; however, Behemoth’s bucket sustained a large gash following these attacks, which also caused some of the bolts holding its scoop mechanism together to shear. Nevertheless, Behemoth continued to deflect Carbide, eventually forcing it into the pit release button. The two competitors rammed each other once more in the centre of the arena, causing them to spin. This impact left Behemoth immobile on one side, as it turned its scoop into Carbide’s spinner again and fired it.

Behemoth's scoop is disabled by Carbide

Carbide pits Behemoth

Following the damage sustained earlier, Behemoth’s scoop flung open completely, just as it spun round and exposed its right-hand side to a blow from Carbide. This caused Behemoth to lose balance and topple onto its side; with its weapon and self-righting arms open, it was left unable to self-right as Carbide reversed it into the pit. Although still able to drive on the surface of the pit, Behemoth lost the battle, scoring no more points with this defeat.

Behemoth and Terrorhurtz subsequently finished the Head-to-Head round joint-second on five points each, the latter having won its last Head-to-Head on a Judges' decision against Nuts. By having defeated Terrorhurtz via knockout in their earlier Head-to-Head, Behemoth progressed to the Heat Final on a tiebreaker, where it was repaired to face Carbide for the third time.

"Considering what was happening in there, it’s not that bad, really. Only thing is, we’ve got to do it all again!"
— Anthony Pritchard evaluates the damage inflicted to Behemoth following its Head-to-Head against Carbide

Sparks fly as Behemoth and Carbide clash again

Behemoth began by charging towards and sliding side-on into Carbide’s bar, the collision sending it spinning onto the closed pit. After a brief hesitation, it reversed and steered into Carbide, sustaining two powerful blows from the Derby machine’s weapon and being sent spinning again. These attacks left Behemoth with noticeable mobility issues; it remained stationary for a few seconds before turning, twitching and charging into Carbide’s bar a third time.

"I think they’ve been immobilised – no! But certainly not as alright – and Behemoth, they’re not moving quickly, and they’re… gonna be a victim here, of brutal treatment, from that spinning blade."
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth encounters mobility issues against Carbide

A partially-immobile Behemoth lifts Carbide

Behemoth reverses into the pit, having had mobility issues for much of the Heat Final

This impact stunned Behemoth again, and it remained idle for several more seconds as Carbide pressed the pit release button. With Carbide drawing near and having powered down its bar spinner, Behemoth twitched, before finally managing to lift Carbide as it spun round in circles. However, with its mobility severely limited, Behemoth then reversed into the pit, eliminating itself from the Heat Final. Afterwards, Anthony Pritchard explained that he had originally intended to steer Behemoth to the right on its initial charge, but turned it left by mistake.

"What a turnabout! Seemed to withstand the battering and the blows… they tried to get the bucket weaponry going. Not moving fluently… withstanding another slice, and then – what on earth happened there?"
— Jonathan Pearce, responding to Behemoth's self-pitting

Although Behemoth had been defeated at this stage, it remained in contention for a wildcard, alongside fellow Heat Finalists Thor, Dantomkia, Storm 2 and Gabriel. This would have enabled it to be reinstated in the competition, by taking the sixth and final place in the Grand Final. Thor was ultimately awarded the wildcard, eliminating Behemoth from Series 8 as a result.

In addition to its appearances in the main competition, Behemoth also fought in two untelevised whiteboard battles held on the last day of filming for Series 8. The first whiteboard saw it compete against Gabriel.

Behemoth's whiteboard match with Gabriel

At various moments during the battle, Behemoth threw Gabriel off-balance and sent it careering into an empty CPZ, and launched Gabriel a considerable distance across the arena. Behemoth withstood numerous attacks from Gabriel’s sword, despite the Team Saint machine losing drive on one side, with both robots surviving to the full distance. As the Judges were not present, an audience vote was held to determine the winner, with Gabriel receiving the loudest cheers and being declared victorious. A clip of Behemoth throwing Gabriel off-balance was used various times throughout Series 8, particularly in the opening sequence for some episodes.

In the second whiteboard, Behemoth fought then-double FRA UK Champion Eruption. This battle was initially planned to take place in between the Head-to-Heads of the Grand Final. Delays in filming caused the battle to be postponed until later in the day, where it took place immediately after the whiteboard between Behemoth and Gabriel.

"Behemoth vs Gabriel happened after our fight [with Infernal Contraption] and Behemoth did not even leave the arena – their batteries have enough capacity to run 2 fights, so they just swapped their gas bottle in the middle of the arena whilst waiting for us to load Eruption back in."
— Eruption - Robot Wars Facebook page[17]

Both competitors spent most of the battle fighting around the Flame Pit, purposefully avoiding Shunt to avoid getting damaged ahead of an upcoming live event. Behemoth was flipped numerous times by Eruption, but responded with several flips of its own. At one stage of the battle, Behemoth was thrown into a corner of the arena and proved unable to self-right after one of its side arms broke. To put on a more entertaining battle, Behemoth was thrown back upright by Eruption and carried on fighting until time ran out. Both Behemoth and Eruption performed a ‘victory spin’ in the centre of the arena, although no winner was officially declared.

"There was no judging for whiteboards so we don’t know who won, but there was a large cheer from the crowd at the end as it put on such a great show, so I think we can count that as a win for both of us!"
— Team Eruption on their whiteboard battle against Behemoth[18]

Series 9[]

"Robot Wars veterans return with their mini bulldozer. Behemoth has the ability to pull 1½ tons, and a speed of 15 mph. Carbide knocked them out last series; with their upgraded buckets, will they have a shot at the championship this time?"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Behemoth

Behemoth competed in Heat 2, where it faced Eruption in the Robot Wars Arena for the second consecutive match, while also meeting the Belgian entry Cobra, a robot built by the same team who competed on Dutch Robot wars with Pika, and the 'egg beater' spinner Hobgoblin.

Behemoth flicks Eruption up

Behemoth's first move was to drive past the Pit of Oblivion, which the bottom of the scoop crashed into. Behemoth fired its scoop to try to allow it move to free from the inactive arena hazard, although the use of its weapon allowed Cobra to come in with an aggressive drive which slammed Behemoth into the arena wall. Behemoth and Cobra then clashed head-on, before Behemoth threw Eruption over from behind.

"Behemoth: you can see the power, there, of the scoop - lifting Eruption up, into the air."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth flips Eruption

Cobra then forced Behemoth against the raised Arena Spikes before Behemoth responded by throwing over the same machine with a flip. Behemoth and Eruption then tussled with each other, but Behemoth could only flick the front of Eruption up before it followed through onto the floor flipper, which chucked Behemoth onto its side. After falling back onto its wheels, Behemoth caught Cobra with a glancing flip which inverted the Belgian machine, although it was at this stage that one of Behemoth's drive chains had come loose.

"Behemoth, mighty. Huge, in the middle."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth overturns Cobra

After staying out of the action for a short spell, Behemoth attempted to attack, but failed to overturn both Eruption and Cobra with uses of its scoop. After a ram into Cobra, Behemoth descended the Pit for the second time in the fight, before Cobra overturned itself as it rode up the front of Behemoth. With time running down, Behemoth managed one more successful flip on Eruption. Cease was called with Behemoth on its side after a final mistimed flip, and the judges were called upon to separate the three remaining machines. Behemoth was deemed to have played a significant enough role to progress to the second round, with Eruption also moving through to the Head-to-Head stage.

Behemoth resists the charges of Cobra

Dara Ó Briain: "How do you think it went?"
Anthony Pritchard: "It went well. At one point it looks like we lost a rear chain - so that's why I was having a little bit of a problem, but as soon as I spat that chain back out I was okay."
— Anthony Pritchard talks about Behemoth's moment of concern in its Group Stage battle

In its first Head-to-Head battle, Behemoth fought Group Battle foe, Eruption, the third consecutive fight between the two.

Behemoth throws Eruption over early on

Both machines jostled for position in the opening moments, before Behemoth threw Eruption backwards, onto the Flame Pit. Behemoth continued to be aggressive, and shunted Eruption over once more as a result of a strong drive. The battle then drifted over towards one of the unoccupied CPZs, and after an erroneous flip which threw Behemoth on its side, the team struggled to spot their robot, which resulted in Kane Aston positioning himself on the slanted screen of the team's booth to try to see properly.

"Ha-ha-ha! They're going blind at the moment - they can't see in there, and they're in real trouble as a result!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Team Make Robotics attempt to spot their machine

Behemoth is hurled out of the arena

Eruption chucked Behemoth upwards with a flip, before Behemoth moved away into the centre of the arena. Suddenly, Behemoth missed with an attempted flip, which allowed Eruption to position itself underneath Behemoth as its scoop retracted. In trouble next to one of the arena entry gates, Behemoth flipped again in an attempt to get out of trouble. This only succeeded in Behemoth turning itself over again though, and Eruption took full advantage by flipping the rear of Behemoth up into the air, with its eventual landing taking place out of the arena. This flip saw Behemoth lose its first Head-to-Head fight, with Eruption taking three points for a knockout victory.

"We both had a good tussle there. I was on top to start with, but, yeah, just the luck of the draw at that one point - that's all it takes."
— Anthony Pritchard rues Behemoth's key mistake

Behemoth's anti-spinner plough

Behemoth's next battle was against PP3D, with the team deciding to use their aluminium front plough in an attempt to weather PP3D's attacks.

"The idea is, it will ride up this, kind of deflecting the angle of their spinner. It's more something to take away the momentum of their disc."
— Anthony Pritchard explains the design of Behemoth's plough

Behemoth and PP3D recoil after their collision

Behemoth charged at PP3D straight away, but swerved off centre with the drive and suffered a hit to the side. Another blow from PP3D sent both machines backwards, before Behemoth nudged PP3D back towards the arena gate. Behemoth then drove at PP3D, with the impact sending Behemoth spiraling off to the side, while PP3D found itself in Shunt's CPZ. After some pressure from Shunt, PP3D started to spark, which triggered Behemoth into retreating to activate the Arena Tyre.

Kevin Cleasby: "Back off! Back off! Back off!"
Kane Aston: "Pit release! Pit release, now!"
— Team Make Robotics frantically think of their next move to finish off PP3D

Behemoth reverses towards the Arena Tyre

The dial landed on Rogue House Robot mode, which allowed Shunt to continue to axe PP3D while driving it across the arena floor. After Shunt retreated back to his CPZ and more sparks poured out of PP3D, the Scottish machine was counted as immobile, and Behemoth had attained its first 3 points, which it celebrated with a victory flip.

"I can tell you, Ant and Kane dance like that in the discos - but they're winners!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth celebrates its first Head-to-Head win

Behemoth, attached with its grabbing weapon before fighting Cherub

Behemoth's final battle was also the last battle in the entire Head-to-Head stage, and with its opponent, Team Saint's new robot Cherub, only 1 point behind Behemoth, the battle between the two would decide which machine was to face Eruption in the Heat Final. For the fight, Behemoth was equipped with its other modular weapon - its experimental clamping arms. Notably, Anthony Pritchard was resistant to the idea of using this weapon, but the three other members of Team Make Robotics decided to test their new weapon in combat.

Dara Ó Briain: "You've got your new weapon here."
Anthony Pritchard: "We have. So, they're the right size to fit in there."
Dara Ó Briain: "You think you're just going to pick them up, are you?"
Anthony Pritchard: "Hopefully we'll just give them a good hug and drive them around the arena and control the fight."
— Anthony Pritchard before the crucial fight against Cherub

Behemoth is forced into Dead Metal by Cherub

Behemoth places Cherub under the Floor Flipper

Both machines clashed into each other after activate was called, causing Behemoth's grabber scoop to become crumpled up and reducing its ability to get under Cherub. Both machines then took turns at pushing each other backwards. Behemoth then attacked Cherub side on and brought its grabbing arms down, but with Behemoth failing to get underneath Cherub, the arms were unable to clutch onto Cherub. Behemoth was then forced into Dead Metal after Cherub slipped underneath the front of it, where the House Robot created minor sparks with his circular saw. Behemoth moved away from the House Robot and then responded by driving Cherub over the Flame Pit. Suddenly, another side-on drive by Behemoth forced Cherub towards the Floor Flipper, but the arena hazard activated early, and Behemoth's continuation of its drive saw Cherub wedged between the Floor Flipper panel and the empty space below it. With Cherub unable to move away, cease was called to resolve the incident. It was decided that the fight was to be continued from the robots' original starting positions due to the immobilisation occurring because of "equipment failure" of the Floor Flipper, as apposed to being a legal knockout.

"There are supposed to be sides to the flipper but it broke. Cherub caught in the flipper was an equipment failure and the judges were instructed not to count it."
Noel Sharkey explains why Cherub was not considered immobile[19]

Behemoth pushes Cherub as soon as the fight resumes

Cherub's wedge proves too low for Behemoth

The fight resumed with exactly two minutes remaining on the clock when 'activate' was called for a second time. Behemoth immediately drove Cherub back into the Arena Tyre, which activated Rogue House Robot mode. Behemoth was initially chased by Dead Metal, but managed to get itself far enough away from the House Robot for Cherub to be the one on the end of the attack. Behemoth then found itself temporarily tangled up with Dead Metal as the House Robot retreated, before Cherub came in with a ram. A period of minimal assertion from both machines followed, although Behemoth was forced into quick reverses on three occasions after it drove up the front of Cherub. After the final one of these incidents occurred, Cherub found itself too close to the CPZ, with Behemoth taking the chance to ram Cherub deeper into trouble. In doing so, though, Behemoth got itself in trouble, and both machines were damaged by the House Robot's circular saw during the remaining seconds. With both machines still mobile, the judges were called upon to decide the winner of the battle, and subsequently, which machine would progress to the Heat Final.

In the booth where the Judges' decision was to be announced, Anthony Pritchard expressed his disappointment in how the grabbing weapon had little effect, and that it was not his personal choice of weapon for the fight.

Anthony Pritchard: "We've never tried it before, so we tried innovation over function, and it's obviously not worked very well."
Angela Scanlon: "What would your weapon have done, had it been working?"
Anthony Pritchard: "I don't know. I ideally wanted to go with the original scoop."
— The conversation before the Judges' decision

Anthony Pritchard leaves the room after the Judges' decision

Unfortunately for Team Make Robotics, Behemoth's actions were deemed as not being enough to give them the victory, with a unanimous decision going in favour of Cherub. With Behemoth's defeat confirmed, Anthony Pritchard walked out from the booth, before later making his way back to the pits.

"Putting a grabber of that type onto the robot for a critical match was a very poor decision there. Main reason I walked out there was because I was so annoyed with the rest of the team for making that decision not to go with a guaranteed win with using the scoop - it's proven, and sometimes innovation doesn't pay out. Sometimes it's best to use what you know works."
— Anthony Pritchard explains why he left the control booth

After the episode aired, the incident attracted widespread coverage from numerous media and news outlets. Pritchard later released a statement regarding the matter when several outlets erroneously claimed that he walked away in response to Cherub winning the Judges' decision:

"I am incredibly passionate about Robot Wars and it is something I take very seriously. I want to clarify that in Sunday's episode I didn't walk off because I was beaten by children, I walked off because I was very frustrated by the decision we made for Behemoth's weapon for the battle. I respect Cherub as competitors and age is not something I took into account - as such, I would have acted the same way with any other competitor. I apologised to the Cherub team and Angela after the cameras stopped rolling for that moment."
— Anthony Pritchard's statement to the Press Association

As a result of the Judges' decision, Behemoth had failed to score enough points for a place in the Heat Final, finishing the Head-to-Head round in third place with three points.

Behemoth also fought in an exhibition match against TR2, which was aired during Episode 1 of Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars. In the match, Behemoth was driven by series presenter Angela Scanlon, in a battle against Dara Ó Briain. Behemoth's on-board camera was referred to as "Angela Cam" on-screen.

Behemoth is thrown near the pit release

TR2 throws Behemoth towards the arena wall

Behemoth started the battle driving around in no particular direction, firing its bucket at thin air, and was thrown towards the pit release by TR2. Angela Scanlon attempted to open the pit, but instead rammed Behemoth straight into the arena wall, activating the pit on her second try. Behemoth was thrown onto the arena wall by TR2, where it struggled to self-right, allowing Dara Ó Brian to perform a premature victory dance. Behemoth eventually self-righted, but continued to miss with its flips, turning itself over, where it was tipped sideways by TR2. The next attack from TR2 drove it completely under Behemoth, and out the other side. Another missed flip from Behemoth caused it to balance on its back panels, giving Dara another chance to flip it.

"Oh Dara, I thought we were friends!"
— Angela Scanlon

Behemoth, after balancing on its back, is flipped

Behemoth flips TR2 under the controls of Angela Scanlon

Eventually, Dara Ó Brian gave Scanlon the opportunity to launch an attack, so she flipped TR2 over from behind. Time elapsed, and cease was called, with no official winner being declared. Despite this, the battle continued for another minute off-screen, where Angela Scanlon eventually drove Behemoth into the pit[20], though this did not affect the result.

"Behemoth let me down, Dara Ó Brian was merciless!"
— Angela Scanlon

Otherwise, Behemoth fought in two unaired whiteboard matches under the captaincy of its usual team, albeit without Anthony Pritchard, who had already left the studio. Firstly, Behemoth fought its second whiteboard match against Gabriel, somewhat of a rematch following Behemoth's loss to fellow Team Saint entry Cherub in the main series.

Behemoth's bucket presses down on Gabriel

Behemoth drives Gabriel and itself into the pit

Behemoth's top armour was immediately pressured by Gabriel's swinging mace, although the bulldozer pushed back, and lightly flipped Gabriel after sustaining another blow. Behemoth mostly missed with its flipper in the following stages, only managing to cast Gabriel's weapon aside, while sustaining more blows. The two fought in the corner, then battled in the centre of the arena, only landing light attacks on each other. When Behemoth missed with a flip, Gabriel drove under the scoop, and pushed Behemoth back. After this attack, Behemoth flipped itself over and was forced to self-right. It struggled to leave the perimeter of the flame pit, and was attacked by Gabriel. Later into the battle, Behemoth used its scoop to catch the weapon of Gabriel mid-attack, and turn the robot over, almost toppling over itself. Behemoth lifted Gabriel and pushed it into the Arena Tyre, causing the pit to descend, as no House Robots were present. Behemoth capitalised immediately and charged Gabriel into the pit, although Behemoth fell in at the same time. As the two robots fell into the pit at the same time, it is unknown whether Behemoth could be considered the victor, so the battle has no official winner.

Behemoth would also fight an additional battle against TR2, now that both teams were back in control. Behemoth had the advantage in this fight, as TR2's flipper was not working, although because this was a friendly match for the entertainment of the crowd, Behemoth would right TR2 whenever it landed a flip - had this been a competition match, Behemoth could have secured a knockout. Behemoth would also be turned over by TR2's natural wedge shape at points of the battle. However, the battle was eventually determined by knockout when TR2 pushed Behemoth into the pit.

Series 10[]

"Behemoth: it's big, it's bad, it's back!"
— Anthony Pritchard

Behemoth continued its long run of appearances in Series 10, by featuring in Heat 1. Its first round battle saw it draw Series 9 Heat Finalist Sabretooth, as well as newcomer Donald Thump.

Dara Ó Briain: "Let's just address a topic: you went viral. You were turning up everywhere."
Anthony Pritchard: "I know, you look everywhere, and there I am. It was a strange experience - something I don't want to repeat."
Dara Ó Briain: "I can imagine! It was genuine emotion, and I don't want you to walk out again whatever you do, because that's easy to misunderstand the reasons behind it."
— Anthony Pritchard looks to put the memories of Series 9 behind him

Behemoth gets knocked over by Sabretooth early on

Behemoth drives over the floor flipper

Behemoth's first course of action was to approach Sabretooth, which knocked Behemoth over with a side-on connection with its spinning drum weapon. After righting itself, Behemoth skirted around the arena, before being clipped by Donald Thump's weapon during a drive. Behemoth continued forward after taking the hit, and was then tumbled through the air after the Floor Flipper activated.

"Big Behemoth comes in - and is flipped up! Oh, he lands well though. And look at that: Ant straight back on the attack."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth charges into Donald Thump

Behemoth throws Sabretooth backwards

After landing back on its wheels, Behemoth charged head-on at Donald Thump, and although it missed with an attempted flip, Donald Thump's weapon was still slowed down significantly. Behemoth and Sabretooth then reignited their earlier tussle, with Behemoth swatting Sabretooth aside with a lift after the latter's drum began to churn sparks from Behemoth's scoop. As Behemoth and Sabretooth continued to jostle for position, it became apparent that Donald Thump was no longer a feature in the battle, with it immobile next to the Arena Spikes.

"Ant Pritchard at the controls. Can be an angry man, can be a very good roboteer. But at the moment, dancing out there with Sabretooth."
— Jonathan Pearce

The collision which immobilised both machines

Behemoth then decided to press the Arena Tyre, with the Pit then descending after Behemoth threw Sabretooth into it. With the arena hazard activating, Behemoth moved towards it. Sabretooth followed, and only narrowly avoided driving into the Pit. After Sabretooth flirted with danger, the two machines collided, with the hit removing Behemoth's safety link and immobilising it, but also turning over the damaged Sabretooth - leaving its tyres unable to gain sufficient traction to move. Both machines were counted out simultaneously, and the battle went to the judges. They went in favour of Behemoth, which progressed to the Heat Semi-Finals, as a result.

Angela Scanlon: "Contentious decision, potentially - Gabe seems to think he should've won."
Anthony Pritchard: "I know. It could've gone either way - the way we both stopped exactly at the same time."
Angela Scanlon: "I suppose you've been at the other end of the spectrum before, where Judges' decisions have gone against you."
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, yeah, so many times. It's nice to actually get a bit of a reprieve."
— Post-battle conversation after a tight Group Battle

Behemoth was met in the Heat Semi-Finals with Team Big Brother's new clusterbots, The Swarm after they beat Donald Thump in their Robot Redemption fight.

"The plan is, to try to see if I can get all of them out of the arena. It's going to be a case of nice and easy, and just line them all up."
— Anthony Pritchard before the Heat Semi-Final

Behemoth clashes with Blenda

As Behemoth started its first drive towards The Swarm, it hit a divot in the arena floor, causing its front to lift into the air temporarily. After composing itself, Behemoth drove over the invertible Skye and bundled Rubber Duck around. Behemoth then collided with the spinning clusterbot, Blenda, with the impact sending the light machine flying across the arena. Pinza was the next part of The Swarm to be attacked, as it was knocked over by Behemoth and then begun to smoke. Rubber Duck came under further pressure from Behemoth after this, although Behemoth mistimed an attempted flip.

"Behemoth, at the moment, is very much on top."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth chucks Skye out of the arena

Behemoth then buffeted Blenda onto the Arena Spikes before chucking it into Matilda's CPZ. However, after flipping Rubber Duck, Behemoth was the machine to take damage from the House Robot, as it overshot its drive into the CPZ and was clattered by her flywheel - creating a gash in Behemoth's right-hand side. After hounding Blenda, Behemoth decided to charge towards Skye. It gathered it - while righting Pinza - with its drive, before hurling Skye out of the arena.

"Oh, launched straight out the arena by Behemoth! Look at the power of the scoop, and the skill in Ant's driving, too!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth throws Pinza over, to fully KO The Swarm

Behemoth then handed Rubber Duck to Sir Killalot, before accelerating Pinza across the arena floor and crashing it into the side wall. After this, Pinza caught fire, and was overturned by Behemoth again. With The Swarm running out of active participants, Behemoth nudged Rubber Duck into Sir Killalot one more time, where the House Robot toasted it over the Flame Pit until cease was called. Behemoth was victorious, and progressed to the Heat Final.

"After their controversial exit last series, can they finally realise their dreams? Dreams, twenty years in the making."
— Dara Ó Briain on Behemoth before the Heat Final

In the Heat Final, Behemoth faced off against the Series 8 champion, Apollo. The winner would earn a place in the Grand Final.

Both machines come under pressure inside Dead Metal's CPZ

After tentatively edging towards each other, Apollo was the first of the two machines to prise under the other's ground clearance, and Behemoth was bundled over after attempting to flip itself off of Apollo's launcher. Behemoth quickly righted itself after being pushed into Sir Killalot's CPZ, but came under more pressure straight away as Apollo sent Behemoth airborne. After both machines circled each other, Behemoth finally managed to get a clean run at Apollo's side and rolled it over. With Apollo attempting to self-right quickly, Behemoth followed through with its attack and forced the former champion into Dead Metal's CPZ.

"And Behemoth flipping Apollo! Are we going to have a massive upset here?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Apollo sends Behemoth up into the air

Behemoth rolls Apollo over in response

Both teams were unable to see their machines clearly, with Behemoth coming under attack from Dead Metal before pushing Apollo out and allowing the latter to flip itself back onto its wheels. Seconds later, Behemoth hastily reversed out of the CPZ; although it escaped further punishment from Dead Metal, it parked itself onto Apollo's flipper, which threw it into the arena wall. Behemoth came back again though after reversing through the Arena Spikes, and repeated its successful attack from earlier by turning Apollo over and driving it onto the Flame Pit, within the reach of Sir Killalot.

"Behemoth backing through the spikes. More luck than judgment there, I feel, but they really are causing problems for Apollo!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth puts Apollo in danger again

Behemoth chucks Apollo towards defeat

Apollo righted itself, and Behemoth was once again hunted down by Dead Metal after it was flipped into the CPZ. Behemoth made another swift retreat, and then charged towards Apollo. With the ex-champions unsettled while back peddling, Behemoth managed to chuck its opponent's rear end up, and Apollo skidded down into the Pit of Oblivion. Behemoth spun around in delight while the team celebrated, as Behemoth's first overall Heat victory since Series 2, nineteen years ago, was sealed in dramatic fashion.

"Apollo are down! Apollo are down! Splashdown, Apollo! Behemoth, the greatest moment in twenty years! Twenty years of hurt and grief, end with huge celebrations, and frustration for Apollo."
— Jonathan Pearce

In the first round of the Grand Final, Behemoth faced the reigning champion Carbide alongside Nuts 2, who had both previously fought Behemoth in Series 8. Behemoth was equipped with the type 2 scoop it had previously used against PP3D in the hopes of reducing the impact of Carbide's bar spinner.

Behemoth clashes with Carbide early on

"Nuts 2 and Behemoth have reason for revenge. Carbide, the reigning champions, have smashed them both up before. Will they team up against Carbide?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth and Carbide recoil away from each other

Behemoth began by targeting Carbide, nudging into its side and receiving a light hit from Carbide's blade. Behemoth pushed Carbide over the Flame Pit, towards Sir Killalot, while Nuts 2 spun on the spot. It then absorbed a heavy hit from Carbide's spinner, spinning away from the champion and creating a notable gash in the aluminium plough. As Behemoth pushed into Carbide again, it was bashed over the pit on contact with the spinner. At this point, one of Nuts 2's minibots pressed the Dial of Doom, which released the pit. Behemoth quickly descended with the pit, eliminating it from the fight.

Anthony Pritchard: "What happened there?"
Kane Aston: "The little one pushed the Pit."
Anthony Pritchard: "Aw, dangit!"
— Confusion in the Behemoth team

Behemoth descends with the pit

With Behemoth out of the battle, Nuts 2 and Carbide fought on, with Nuts 2 eventually coming out victorious on a Judges' decision after severing Carbide's weapon chain.

Angela Scanlon: "Who would have thought that this innocent, bug-eyed little fella would do so much damage?"
Anthony Pritchard: "I know, pesky little thing there eh?"
Angela Scanlon: "Pesky little thing!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, I was trying a swing round, and all of a sudden heard a noise and it just disappeared!"
— Discussion after the fight against Carbide and Nuts 2

In the Robot Redemption Knockouts, Behemoth fought for its survival against the promising Team Ranglebots new robot, Magnetar.

Behemoth flips over Magnetar

Behemoth immediately chased after Magnetar, who was able to spin its drum up to speed. Behemoth's front scoop caught under the pit from a charge, bouncing it up in the air slightly. Despite this, Behemoth got the first attack in, digging under Magnetar's front wedge and lifting it over. Magnetar righted quickly, but its self-righting mechanism remained stuck open after righting, and Behemoth received a hit from the drum spinner, almost lifting it up onto its back.

Behemoth absorbs a hit from Magnetar

Behemoth landed on its wheels, but was quickly deflected away by Magnetar again, this time flipping it onto its side. Behemoth took several seconds to right itself, before taking another hit from Magnetar. Behemoth backed away from Magnetar, before circling round and flipping it from the front again, but it was unable to flip Magnetar over this time. As Behemoth continued to drive forwards, it drove over Magnetar's drum, creating sparks and bouncing Behemoth away again, causing light damage to its armour.

"Behemoth on the drive - ooh, they just overextended themselves, and Magnetar can come in underneath. And Magnetar has Behemoth pinned against the arena side wall."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth is hit by Magnetar's drum spinner again

Behemoth was shoved against the arena wall by Magnetar, and absorbed another hit to the front scoop. Behemoth missed with a flip and was hit from the side by Magnetar, rolling it over in the process. Behemoth retaliated by shoving into Magnetar, but couldn't get its scoop underneath its opponent. However, after another hit on Behemoth, Magnetar's drum stopped working. This hit from Magnetar appeared to damage Behemoth's mobility on one side, leaving it only able to drive in circles.

"The Magnetar weapon has gone, and Behemoth, now, can sense that...But I think they might be in trouble, Behemoth, maybe the drive on one section has gone?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth lifts Magnetar up, but is unable to flip them over

Despite this, Behemoth was able to move out of its own circumference, so it was not counted out, and received a light bash from Magnetar. Magnetar then held off for a while, as Behemoth continued to drive in circles. Realising Behemoth wasn't being counted out, Magnetar drove towards it again, and Behemoth was able to position itself behind Magnetar, lifting it over with the scoop.

Behemoth takes the win after flipping over Magnetar

"Behemoth know they're in trouble. Oh no, they've come so far - but ooh! Look at that! They've flipped Magnetar! They did get the flip in; I can see no way back here for Magnetar. They've waited so long for this moment, Behemoth, so many years of trouble and strife. And now, what a moment of joy for them!"
— Jonathan Pearce

With Magnetar's srimech stuck open, it was unable to self-right and was counted out, allowing Behemoth to progress to the next round. There, it once again faced Eruption, the winner of the 10 Robot Rumble.

Behemoth breaches Eruption's ground clearance early on

At the start of the fight, Behemoth proved to have the lower ground clearance, pushing under the front of Eruption and flipping it into Dead Metal's CPZ, almost tipping itself over after sliding into the arena wall.

"Oh, wow! Behemoth are straight in!"
— Angela Scanlon

Behemoth is flipped high into the air by Eruption

Behemoth bashed into the Dial of Doom as it attempted to attack Eruption, but nothing happened. This led to Behemoth driving into Dead Metal, but it quickly escaped and faced Eruption over the Flame Pit. After dodging and weaving round each other, Behemoth missed a flip on Eruption, before driving away from its opponent. Behemoth were caught side-on by Eruption, and was flipped, spiraling through the air before landing on its side near a low part of the arena side wall. Behemoth desperately tried to right itself, and just managed to avoid being flipped out of the arena by Eruption, instead being launched into Dead Metal.

"What a hit there on Behemoth. Behemoth is in trouble. Behemoth is flipped into the air, huge power on that lift. Oh, goodness! That's electrifying! Behemoth in real trouble now!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth is tumbled around the arena

Sparks flew as Dead Metal's saw caught Behemoth. Caught in the House Robot's grip, Behemoth was unable to self-right but was able to once Dead Metal released it, nudging the Dial of Doom as it did so. This activated Rogue House Robot, and Behemoth dodged round the charging Dead Metal, rounding on Eruption and missing another flip. One of Behemoth's front teeth on the scoop appeared to be missing, and Eruption was able to dig under Behemoth, flicking it over towards a corner of the arena. Eruption held off for a few seconds while Behemoth attempted to right itself. When Behemoth finally got back onto its wheels, it was immediately flipped by Eruption again, rolling in the air and landing on its side again.

"Is there any more life in Behemoth? Behemoth twisting and turning in the air like a pirouetting ballet dancer."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth, overturned in a CPZ

After self-righting again, Behemoth darted away from Eruption, before turning and missing a flip. Eruption flipped Behemoth into the Dial of Doom, this time triggering the Fog of War. After it cleared, the two machines charged at each other, with Behemoth bouncing up slightly on impact. As Behemoth drove up Eruption's wedge again, it tried to flip itself off, but couldn't avoid being flicked forwards past Dead Metal. It was then trapped between Dead Metal and Eruption briefly, taking light damage from the House Robot's saw in the process.

"Behemoth backing away and still in there, fighting so very, very hard."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth is caught between Eruption and Dead Metal

It was pushed some more by Eruption, but flipped itself off of Eruption's wedge and over, sliding into the Dial of Doom, which failed to activate once again. Righting itself, Behemoth then drove over one of Dead Metal's pincers, before being pushed across the arena by Eruption. It was unable to lift itself off of Eruption before being tossed over the Floor Spikes and into Matilda. Behemoth took a hit from Matilda's flywheel, sending it somersaulting high into the air.

"Behemoth is in trouble - oh, rolls across the arena and into Matilda territory! Roly poly Behemoth, and Eruption mean and merciless!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth is almost thrown out of the arena by Eruption

Behemoth was almost flipped out of the arena by Eruption again, bouncing off the inner wall and back into the arena. Eruption launched Behemoth into the air again, but Behemoth landed on top of Eruption and away, sliding away from the low part of the arena side wall on its side. After self-righting again, it rushed towards the centre of the arena, not wanting to be flipped out. Rolling over Eruption's flipper, Behemoth was pushed into another side wall onto its back, and was flipped across the arena again, rolling and landing on its wheels. Behemoth was hoisted up one last time by Eruption, and into the path of Dead Metal, before cease was called.

Behemoth is flipped by Eruption again

"Think of the courage of the Behemoth team. Think of the engineering that went in to produce a machine that can sustain this sort of damage. The best Behemoth we've ever seen. Took Eruption all the way, crashing, bashing, smashing, but still fighting."
— Jonathan Pearce praises Behemoth's effort after cease

The resulting judges' decision put Eruption through, leaving Behemoth to finish its best performance in the UK Championship in joint third place with Nuts 2.


Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Arena
Heat D, Gauntlet Completed (2nd) Qualified
Heat D, Trial (Football) Scored 2nd Goal (2nd) Qualified
Heat D, Semi-Final vs. Elvis Won
Heat D, Final vs. Inquisitor Won
Semi-Final 1, Gauntlet 7.5m (4th) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Trial (Pinball) 95 Points (4th) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Arena vs. Killertron (4) Lost
Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat B, Eliminator vs. Shark Attack Won
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. General Carnage Won
Heat B, Final vs. Pitbull Lost
The First World Championship
Representing England, Runner-up
Eliminator vs. Techno-Lease (NED) Won
Quarter Final vs. Mortis (ENG) Won
Semi Final vs. Diotoir (IRE) Won
Final vs. Razer (ENG) Lost
Unaired battle
Head-to-Head vs. Cerberus Unknown
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
6th Seed, Heat Final
Heat N, Eliminator vs. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger, Rambot Qualified
Heat N, Semi-Final vs. Judge Shred 2 Won
Heat N, Final vs. X-Terminator 2 (22) Lost
Sumo Basho Competition
Joint 2nd (with X-Terminator 2)
Sumo Basho 60.00 2nd
Southern Annihilator
Round 1 vs. Attila the Drum, Onslaught, Razer,
Spawn of Scutter, Vercingetorix
Round 2 vs. Attila the Drum, Onslaught, Razer, Spawn of Scutter Qualified
Round 3 vs. Attila the Drum, Onslaught, Razer Withdrew
NOTE: Behemoth had to withdraw due to extensive damage taken from Razer in the second round.
Extreme Series 1
Round 1 vs. Hypno-Disc Won
Quarter Final vs. Razer Lost
Challenge Belt
Holder for 2 battles
Defence vs. The Steel Avenger Won
Defence vs. Stinger Won
Defence vs. Tornado Lost
Other Battles
Wild Card Warriors
Wild Card Warriors vs. The Spider Won
Mayhem vs. Stinger, Thermidor 2 Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
15th Seed, Heat, Round 2
Heat H, Eliminator vs. Supernova Won
Heat H, Semi Final vs. Crushtacean Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Derek 2, Disc-O-Inferno, Tridentate Qualified
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Bigger Brother (2) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Iron Maidens
Round 1 vs. Kat 3, Riptilion Qualified
Semi-Final vs. Chompalot Lost
University Challenge
Round 1
Round 1 vs. CV, Infernal Contraption Eliminated
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
10th Seed, Heat, Round 2
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Crushtacean, Tartarus, UFO Qualified
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Mute Lost
All-Stars Championship
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Dantomkia, King B Powerworks, Pussycat Eliminated
House Robot Rebellion
Competing with Gravity
House Robot Rebellion vs. Cassius Chrome, Growler & Mr. Psycho Won
Series 8
Series 8 - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat 1, Group Battle vs. Bonk, Carbide, The General Qualified
Heat 1, Head-to-Heads vs. Nuts Won via Judges' decision (2 points)
Heat 1, Head-to-Heads vs. Terrorhurtz Won via KO (3 points)
Heat 1, Head-to-Heads vs. Carbide Lost (0 points)
Heat 1, Heat Final vs. Carbide Lost
Whiteboard Matches
Head-to-Head vs. Gabriel Lost
Head-to-Head vs. Eruption No winner declared
Series 9
Series 9 - UK Championship
Round 2, Third Place
Heat 2, Group Battle vs. Cobra, Eruption, Hobgoblin Qualified
Heat 2, Head-to-Head vs. Eruption Lost (0 points)
Heat 2, Head-to-Head vs. PP3D Won via KO (3 points)
Heat 2, Head-to-Head vs. Cherub Lost (0 points)
Whiteboard matches
Whiteboard match vs. Gabriel No winner declared
Whiteboard match vs. TR2 No winner declared
NOTE: This battle aired in Battle of the Stars, with Angela Scanlon driving Behemoth.
Whiteboard match vs. TR2 Lost
Series 10
Series 10 - UK Championship
Joint 3rd (with Nuts 2)
Heat 1, Group Battle vs. Donald Thump, Sabretooth Won
Heat 1, Semi-Finals vs. The Swarm Won
Heat 1, Heat Final vs. Apollo Won
Grand Final, Group Battle vs. Carbide, Nuts 2 Lost
Grand Final, Robot Redemption vs. Magnetar Won
Grand Final, Semi-Final vs. Eruption Lost


  • Wins: 29
  • Losses: 20

NOTE: Behemoth's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs, Whiteboard matches, and televised exhibition match with TR2 are not included. Behemoth's withdrawal from the Southern Annihilator is considered to be a loss.

Series Record[]

Main Series Behemoth Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Semi-Final, Arena
The Third Wars Heat Final
The Fourth Wars Heat Final
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 2
Series 8 Heat Final
Series 9 Heat Round 2, Third Place
Series 10 Grand Final, Joint Third Place
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Behemoth
Entered with Anty B
Series 2 Entered with Behemoth
Entered with Anty B


Outside Robot Wars[]

Behemoth also competed on Techno Games, stripped of its weapons under the name Technomoth in 2002. The following year, it returned, this time clad in fur and working with another weaponless version of Behemoth called Tigermoth under the team name MAKE Robotics in the football event, defeating the Skeleton Crew (Hellbent and Constrictor) 2-0 in the quarterfinal. Technomoth was also used in the Assault Course event where it came fourth overall in 2002, it returned the following year but lost to Rash in round 1. Behemoth's team also won the relay race two years running (2001 and 2002) as Team KAM.

Following the original series of Robot Wars, Behemoth enjoyed considerably more success at live events, with Evo VI and Evo V being especially prominent. The latter finished third in the 2005 UK Championships, and won the 2006 Roaming Robots Winter Tour Championship. At the 2006 UK Championships, Behemoth flipped Alien Destructor and Killer Carrot 2 out of the arena, but was defeated by Ripper.

The 2012 rebuild of Behemoth with Panic Attack

During Robot Wars' hiatus, Behemoth Evo V underwent several rebuilds and upgrades to remain competitive on the live events circuit. Notable changes included the continuous replacement of its scoop and the removal of its axe weapon; by the time of its final rebuild prior to the reboot, it was known as Evo VIII. Behemoth Evo VIII has since been superseded by Evo IX at live events. In 2012, Behemoth also fought Panic Attack at a Robots Live! event, winning the fight in Panic Attack's only competitive appearance after Series 7.

Behemoth strands Tauron against the wall

At Extreme Robots in 2017, Behemoth only made limited appearances in Manchester due to it only attending on Sunday, but it was successful in Guildford, winning a battle between itself, Meggamouse, Saint, Dozer and Atom by knockout in under three minutes. It was also able to strand Tauron on its side, although it was dominated by Eruption, and pitted itself in another battle when trying to defeat Suspension.

At the 2017 Robots Live! event in Stevenage, Behemoth finished third in the FRA UK Heavyweight Championship, behind Manta and Iron-Awe 5. In the follow-up year, Behemoth reached the FRA UK Championship 2018 quarter-finals, again at the Robots Live! event in Stevenage. Behemoth also earned second place at the Robots Live! event in Grantham in June 2019, winning its semi-final over Immersion before losing the final to Eruption. During the 2019 FRA UK Championships, again held in Stevenage, it reached the second round of the main championship and won at least one whiteboard battle.

Upon the resumption of Robots Live! events in 2021, Behemoth returned as an active heavyweight competitor for the Crawley event held that October.[21] Behemoth also fought in the first Robots Live! event to be held outside of Europe, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It finished the round robin stage of the event with three wins total, placing it joint last alongside Terrorhurtz, Turbulence and Team MAD's Vulcan, and would not compete in the subsequent knockout bracket.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

Behemoth Evo VIII in a Robot Wars live event programme

Between 2013 and 2016, Behemoth competed in various Robot Wars live events hosted by Team Roaming Robots. It made its debut at the second live event at Portsmouth in March 2013, reaching the final battle of the competition and finishing third. It also reached the final of the competition at Colchester 2013 against Maelstrom, and finished second in the 2013 Robot Wars Championships at Newport, losing to Eruption in the final. Behemoth was also seeded fourth for the 2013 Robot Wars Winter Tour; it performed well in the primary heats where it survived until the end, but was thrown out the arena by Maelstrom in its secondary heat and did not gain enough points to qualify to the next round.

In 2015, Behemoth participated at the Robot Wars World Championships in Colchester, where it fought TMHWK, Eruption and Cherub in the first round. However, it was eliminated there after getting thrown out of the arena by Eruption.

Behemoth continued to participate at events throughout 2014-2015, and made its 2016 debut at Manchester, flipping Gabriel out of the arena before being stranded against the wall by Eruption. Next it fought at Portsmouth, where it reached the semi-finals of the main competition before losing to eventual winner Weird mAlice. However, Team Make Robotics' featherweight, Minimoth, managed to win the featherweight competition at the same event. Behemoth would continue to appear on the Robot Wars live tour until the final event in Maidstone, in November 2016.

In October 2017, Behemoth and Team Make Robotics appeared on the Channel 4 programme Sunday Brunch, along with Angela Scanlon, who was giving an interview about Robot Wars.[22]

Appearances in Merchandise[]


  • Having competed in nine series of Robot Wars, Behemoth has competed in more UK Series than any other robot. Team Make Robotics are also the team who have competed in the most series, ahead of Team Hurtz, due to their participation in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1.
  • Behemoth is one of four UK Series Semi-Finalists to have won their heats in non-sequential series, having reached the Semi-Finals in Series 2 and the Grand Final of Series 10. The other three robots to do so are X-Terminator and Thermidor 2, which reached the Semi-Finals of Series 4 and 7, and Tornado, which reached the Semi-Finals in Series 4 and 6-7.
  • Behemoth is one of two UK Grand Finalists from the rebooted series to have competed in the original series, along with Thor. Of the two, it is the only one to have reached the finals by winning its heat.

Official Series 7 photo

  • Behemoth is the only robot to have won a heat in both the original and rebooted series, as well as having the largest gap (8 series) between winning a heat of any robot.
  • Behemoth has entered the most competitions out of any robot.
    • It has also fought in more fights than any other robot on TV, with forty-nine battles, as of Series 10.
  • Behemoth is one of nine robots to win more than twenty battles in UK Robot Wars. The others to achieve this feat are Chaos 2, Razer, Firestorm, Tornado, Pussycat, Panic Attack, Hypno-Disc, and Carbide.
    • Behemoth is the only robot from the original series to achieve this feat in the reboot, having had exactly twenty prior.
  • With twenty losses across ten main UK series and two series of Robot Wars Extreme, Behemoth holds the dubious honour of having the most losses of any robot.
    • This statistic was accurate even prior to the reboot of Robot Wars, when it had fourteen losses.
  • Behemoth was the first robot to throw another robot out of the arena without using a rear-hinged flipper, lifting The Spider over the wall during their Wild Card Warriors battle in Extreme 1.
    • However, Behemoth is also the only robot to be thrown out of the arena three times, and was the first robot to be thrown out of the arena in the same series it threw a robot out itself.
  • Behemoth can drive into water without its internals becoming waterlogged. This is because Behemoth's wheels were guarded and the axles are thick enough so water cannot get into its internals.[23]

Behemoth's statistics in the Iron Maidens, with a weakness specific to its temporary driver

  • The pronunciation of Behemoth's name on the show was a commonly changing factor, with the original series most prominently using "BAY-e-moth". The correct pronunciation is BEE-e-moth (British English) or Be-HEE-moth (American English).
    • Jonathan Pearce claimed in Series 3 that the name actually translates as "strong willed water-ox", however it actually merely translates as "any creature of monstrous size or power".
  • The messages spray-painted on Behemoth's scoop and front panel in Series 2 - "Eat Me" and "I'm Done" – were references to the video game Carmageddon and the sitcom Friends respectively.[24]
  • Behemoth was both the first and last robot to have been thrown by the Floor Flipper in the show's original run, having been thrown by it in Heat B of Series 3, and the Series 7 House Robot Rebellion.
  • Behemoth had intended to compete in the Tag Team Terror of Extreme 2 in a partnership with TX-108. The robots had fought practice battles as a team at live events, although it is unknown if the pair were actually invited to compete as a team.
  • In the Iron Maidens championship in Extreme 2, Behemoth's weakness was classed as 'inexperience'. This is mainly because Liz Pritchard and Claire Gray were at the controls.
  • Behemoth was the only tenth seed which was unable to reach the first round of the Semi-Finals in the series in which it was seeded as such, being eliminated in the second round of its heat in Series 7.
  • Behemoth was the only robot to appear in two of the three specials shown at the end of Series 7.
  • Tied with Turbulence, Behemoth fought the highest number of matches which were not aired on television, with a total of five. These matches were against Cerberus, Eruption, Gabriel (twice), and TR2.
  • In both Series 4 and Series 5, Behemoth was the second highest-ranked seed which had not reached the Semi-Finals in the previous series.
  • Behemoth was involved in both the final recorded battle of the original series (Series 7, House Robot Rebellion) and the first recorded battle of the rebooted series (Series 8, Heat 1, Group Battle 2) to be televised.
  • In the first two series of the rebooted show, Behemoth fought in the same Group Battle as the eventual series runner-up. It would also do so in the Series 10 Grand Final.
  • Behemoth would go on to avenge all of its heat losses from Series 5-7 in future battles - defeating Crushtacean in Series 7, Team Big Brother in Series 10, and Team Mute in Series 8.
  • Behemoth was the first robot to reach a heat final on a tiebreaker.
    • Sabretooth also achieved this feat in the following series, similarly by defeating Terrorhurtz.
  • Behemoth was profiled in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
  • Behemoth is one of twenty-three robots to have completed The Gauntlet.
  • Behemoth was one of only four robots to enter multiple side events in Series 7, alongside Flippa, Gravity and Kat 3.
    • Flippa was the only one of the other three not to appear in a battle with Behemoth.
  • Behemoth is one of three robots, the other two being Big Nipper and Sabretooth, to compete in both eras of Robot Wars and have a superior win percentage in the reboot (60% in the reboot compared to 58.8% in the classic era).
  • Along with Krab-Bot, Tornado, 101, Storm 2, Razer, and Manta, Behemoth is one of only seven robots to finish in the top four of a World Championship and the top eight of a domestic championship.
  • According to Anthony Pritchard, a Behemoth pullback toy was planned for release during the original series' run. Although Team Make Robotics were informed about the planned toy, no prototypes of it were made before Robot Wars entered its hiatus.[25]
  • In 2019, Behemoth received an Honorable Mention in The Combat Robot Hall of Fame in recognition of its longest-running appearance in Robot Wars, 'icon status' and its successes on the UK live events circuit.[26] In 2021, it was inducted as a full member.[27][28]

The plush toy of Bob the Builder in the Swedish dub of Heat N of The Fourth Wars

  • Behemoth is one of two seeded robots to lose in the second round of a UK Championship twice, the other being Bigger Brother. Both fought each other in Series 6.
  • Behemoth was one of six robots to never win a heat in any of the series in which they were seeded (not counting robots who were only seeded once). The others were 101, Gemini, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Suicidal Tendencies and Team Hurtz.
  • Behemoth is one of three robots to be thrown out of the arena in both the original series and the reboot. The other two are King Buxton and Terror Turtle.
  • Behemoth was the only robot in the Extreme 2 University Challenge to appear in another tournament in Extreme 2.
  • Behemoth is one of three robots to lose three heat finals, the other two being S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Thor.
    • Of the three, Behemoth is the only one to also win a heat.
  • During Series 5 and Extreme 1, the team sported a plush toy of Bob the Builder while in the pits, as seen in the Swedish airing of Heat N of The Fourth Wars. This toy was never seen in any of the original UK airings of the show.




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