Behemoth is a heavyweight robot that competed from the second series of Robot Wars onward, and made its third of four video game appearances in the Game Boy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction.

Appearance and Armament[edit | edit source]

The model of Behemoth used in this game is fairly good, the distinguishing yellow and black paint-job, pneumatic bucket scoop and rollover bar for self-righting. As the game is based upon Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, Behemoth sports the rear twin axes instead of the single, larger axe featured later on.

Behemoth is one of two robots, the other being Mortis, to have two functioning weapons, in the twin axes and bucket scoop. The scoop can get under most other machines without trouble, and is one of the most effective in the game.

Behemoth is an unlockable robot within the game- in order to unlock it, you must beat it at least once in Championship Mode.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Using Behemoth[edit | edit source]

The axes are useful, but lack the power of other axes within the game. The far better option is to use the scoop to flip other robots over. Behemoth can also hold its own as a pusher, so if all else fails, ram opponents into hazards to win.

Against Behemoth[edit | edit source]

As the front and rear of the robot is armed, the best method of attack is the sides of Behemoth. Axing the sides, or flipping Behemoth over is a good tactic, as Behemoth has a pushing power too impressive to easily ram.

Differences between the Game and Real Life[edit | edit source]

  • The self-righting arms are not included for this game, despite being present in real life
  • The stripes on Behemoth's scoop are shown pointing in the opposite direction to the real-life version.
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