Behemoth was a heavyweight robot which competed in every series of Robot Wars from Series 2 onwards, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extremewhere it found success, notably reaching the Series Semi-Finals on its debut in Series 2 and finishing runner-up in The First World Championship prior to the release of Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, where Behemoth made its second of four appearances in a video game.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Behemoth's appearance in this game is largely based on that of its Series 4 version, Behemoth Evo 3. It features the large lifting shovel and side self-righting arms of the latter version, but it is also armed with the rear axes that it was equipped with in Series 3. The lifting shovel makes Behemoth the most capable robot in the game to achieve an out of the arena flip, even though the real robot had not yet achieved this by the time Arenas of Destruction was released. Behemoth proves just as quick as in real life.


Using BehemothEdit

Behemoth has great pushing power, so while using it, you can easily push other robots into arena obstacles or the CPZs. Also, it is the easiest robot you can perform an out of the arena flip with, using its scoop bucket weapon, although sometimes it can easily break off during a fight. Also, if you are flipped over, you can self-right using the scoop unless it gets broken. Behemoth is occasionally unreliable, sometimes losing the ability to turn left or right during a battle or completely break down.

Against BehemothEdit

The CPU will automatically have Behemoth use its rear twin axes as its main weapon. These inflict minimal damage, so if you have a hard-hitting weapon (e.g. axe or flywheel/disc) you can cause damage. The back and sides are the weakest parts of Behemoth so attack them first. Also, remember to steer clear of the lifting scoop as it will flip you over. However, the scoop is susceptible to being broken off if it takes too much damage.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • The side srimech arms are static when the scoop is raised, and Behemoth simply rolls back onto its wheels when flipped.
  • The rear axes fire simultaneously, and much slower than in real life.
  • The scoop is much higher up the body than its real life counterpart.
  • Despite Behemoth being in its Series 4 variant, it still has the twin axes in the game.
  • Instead of the pair of skateboard wheels the Series 4 variant had at the front, Behemoth has a single long drum-like caster that extends to the width of the chassis.
Behemoth AOD Stats

Behemoth's stats in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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