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Bei Tremender was a heavyweight robot built with the intention of applying for the first and only series of German Robot Wars, but ultimately did not appear on the show.


Unfortunately, little is known about Bei Tremender, as its existence was only referenced second hand through the Black Hole team's website.[1] Both teams attended an auditions event for German teams prior to filming the series, arranged by Derek Foxwell.

"The only thing missing from Tremender is the spinner disc"
— The Black Hole team briefly mention Bei Tremender

Though it is unknown how much Bei Tremender weighed at the time of the auditions event, it was lacking its spinning disc according to the Black Hole team. Nothing else is known about the robot, including its circumstances for not competing.


The meaning behind Bei Tremender's name is up for debate, as Bei translates from German to by, at or with, but Tremender is not actually a German word.

That said, tremende in Italian can mean tremendous in a negative context, similar to terrible. Bei can be used as a plural term to describe something as beautiful in Italian too. The suffix -er in German can be used to bring action to a verb, hence "tremender" may well be an instance of applying German grammar rules to an Italian word. The true story behind Bei Tremender, however, is unknown.

Series Record[]

German Series Bei Tremender Series Record
German Robot Wars Not selected/Withdrew