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SpaceManiac888 SpaceManiac888 5 days ago

The Internet Investigator's upcoming Robot Wars video is fantastic

Tomorrow (25th November, 2021), a YouTuber by the name of The Internet Investigator will be uploading a video on Robot Wars that is over 50 minutes long. For those who don't know TII, she mainly posts detailed videos concerning the investigation of internet mysteries, crime, and other creepy/interesting phenomena. You might have heard of her if you watched her NSFL Lost Media Iceberg, which I can recommend for any Lost Media fan. It was actually the reason I became a Patreon of hers, the only YouTuber to receive my backing aside from Dave Knows Wrestling. Here's the link to the YouTube channel.

But anyhow, today The Internet Investigator uploaded the Robot Wars video in question, which currently is accessible for Patreons and will be available…

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Robot Wars The Alternate Wars Series 2

As announced a million years ago, here is the Second Season of Robot Wars The Alternate Wars, so every so often there will be a video release, but for now, here is the Heats and the battles as they take place, there will be spoilers but enjoy the videos nonetheless.

  • 1 Heat A
    • 1.1 Round 1
    • 1.2 Round 2
    • 1.3 Heat Final
  • 2 Heat B
    • 2.1 Round 1
    • 2.2 Round 2
    • 2.3 Heat Final
  • 3 Heat C
    • 3.1 Round 1
    • 3.2 Round 2
    • 3.3 Heat Final
  • 4 Heat D
    • 4.1 Round 1
    • 4.2 Round 2
    • 4.3 Heat Final
  • 5 Heat E
    • 5.1 Round 1
    • 5.2 Round 2
    • 5.3 Heat Final
  • 6 Heat F
    • 6.1 Round 1
    • 6.2 Round 2
    • 6.3 Heat Final

  • X-Terminator vs Dee vs PP3D vs Killdozer: X-Terminator & PP3D Qualified
  • Brawler vs Coyote vs Mr Nasty vs Coffin Bot: Brawler & Coyote Qualified

  • X-Terminator vs Coyote: X-Terminator won
  • PP3D vs Brawler: Brawler won

  • X-Terminator vs Brawler: X-Terminator …

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Jimlaad43 Jimlaad43 17 October

Wiki Canon Statistics

Wiki Canon promises to be one of the biggest projects in Robot Wars Wiki Arena Forums history. The aim is to create our own timeline and history. As such, new robots will be heat winners and champions, different seeds will crash out at various times and other tidbits of trivium will be created. Here I plan to keep track of all the major stats and any minor pieces as well which are noted in the comments.

  • 1 Grand Champions
    • 1.1 Grand Finalists
    • 1.2 Heat Winners
      • 1.2.1 Heat Finalists
    • 1.3 Side-Competition winners
    • 1.4 Seeds
    • 1.5 Completed the Gauntlet
    • 1.6 >10% chance RNG victory

  • Mortis - Series 1

  • Robot The Bruce - Series 1 (3rd)
  • Leighbot - Series 1 (4th)
  • Plunderbird 1 - Series 1 (2nd)
  • Mortis - Series 1 (1st)

  • Robot The Bruce
  • Leighbot
  • Plunderbird 1
  • Mortis

  • Shogun
  • T.R.A.C.I.E.
  • RE…

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CrashBash CrashBash 17 October

Wiki Canon Wars - thoughts du moi

Hey guys, it's Crash here. The Robot Wars wiki arena has started up what could be its largest tournament and project yet - the Wiki Canon series. It's basically the Audited series, except that each series follows on from the last and as such what we know about certain robots may change quite significantly. I know there's going to be a massive discussion about which robots will be in and which won't, so I figured I'd make my own personal thoughts on the matter.

As such, I will be creating a little guide as to what I think would change in each upcoming series, based on how the teams did the series before. I'll be doing this a round at a time, discussing if I think a team would upgrade their robot as shown in the actual series, or even if they…

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Hogwild94 Hogwild94 10 October

Potential issue with bringing US robots into Canon S1

OK, so it looks like we're going down the route of bringing US robots into Canon S1, and that's fair enough. Though, IMO, I don't want any actual entrant robots to get binned in their favour; I think we should bin the three stock robots and bring in three US entrants to replace them.

Which three, however, might be a bit trickier to choose, if we're going to try and make this as close to real life as possible...

You see, many years ago, in his review of Extreme 1, Headbanger142/Hardcore Kid claimed that Marc Thorpe had had a falling out with his primary sponsor, and so, when the format rights for Robot Wars were sold to the BBC, he got written out of the deal. The roboteers took his side and didn't want anything to do with Robot Wars anymore,…

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Hogwild94 Hogwild94 5 October

Most Iconic Series 5 Heat Moments

Greetings friends! So, this discussion we've just had on the Canon Series 1 planning page about binnings and potential butterflies has reminded me of an idea I had a short while ago while re-reading some old blog posts on here. Specifically, the series ranking posts that myself, Toast and NJGW did a few years back... (I'm actually planning to redo mine at some point, though it probably won't be for some time)

All three of us were pretty unanimous in our attitude to Series 5. I wouldn't say we disliked it, we just all felt it was a flawed and ultimately disappointing series, compared to what it could've been. In fact, my review of it was very similar to Jeremy Clarkson's review of the 2007 Honda Civic Type R: its predecessor was so good that…

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Ranking X-Terminator

The wiki seems to be in a dull state at the moment and so I decided to try and do a blog that may start some discussions of sorts. The problem was I really didn't know what to do... sure there's a million ideas out there, things that may or may not have been done, Hell, there was an idea to "Rank EVERY Annihilator fight" but I would have struggled to figure out what to say for the most part...I then moved onto the idea of doing another "Ranking Robot X's battles/events" and thus I thought who to choose...then I found it, a robot who is rarely talked about but an allstar nonetheless, one that has plenty of great fights. So recently I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who, maybe an unhealthy amount, so why not choose our resident Robot Wars D…

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Because the new layout sucks, here's a way to change it

Because the recent design is awful to say the least, there are ways to help change it to a more suitable and less cluttered look. Loads of people have done it but for you lot here this is the incredibly easy guide. This will effect you on any wiki and to make the edits you need to type this: User:/global.js (the.css after).

  1. In the "global.js", insert
@import "/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:OasisRevived.css&only=styles";
  1. In the "global.css", insert
importArticles({ type: 'script', articles: [ 'u:dev:MediaWiki:OasisRevived.js', ]});
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Ranking the Champion runs

Initially, I was going to rank all champion Heats (so the champion Heat that they start their defence off with) but it would have been too much like my ranking of Heat As so instead let's actually go through all 16 mainstream Series and rank the champion runs. For this ranking we will be looking at the Champion's run and ranking them by how interesting they are, for example if a run is boring or an obvious one sided victory from beginning till end then the runs are likely to be low but a run where the champion actually had to battle tooth and nail to win from beginning till end then it will rank higher.

  • 1 16th Tyranabot
  • 2 15th Panzer MK4
  • 3 14th Roadblock
  • 4 13th Slicer
  • 5 12th Typhoon 2
  • 6 11th Tornado
  • 7 10th Carbide
  • 8 9th Panzer Mk2
  • 9 8th PulveriseR
  • 10 7th Blac…

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LiamBryant LiamBryant 17 June

Bryant Robot Wars: Extreme 3

The complete set of results from the third series of Bryant Robot Wars Extreme 3

  • 1 All-Stars Tournament
    • 1.1 Round 1
    • 1.2 Quarter-Finals
    • 1.3 Semi-Finals
    • 1.4 Final
  • 2 Mayhem
  • 3 Annihilator
  • 4 Minor Meltdown
    • 4.1 Round 1
    • 4.2 Round 2
    • 4.3 Final
  • 5 Iron Maidens
    • 5.1 Round 1
    • 5.2 Round 2
    • 5.3 Final
  • 6 Tag-Team Terror
    • 6.1 Round 1
    • 6.2 Semi-Finals
    • 6.3 Final
  • 7 Robot Rampage
    • 7.1 Middleweight Championships
      • 7.1.1 Round 1
      • 7.1.2 Final
    • 7.2 Featherweight Championships
      • 7.2.1 Round 1
      • 7.2.2 Final
    • 7.3 Antweight Championship
      • 7.3.1 Round 1
      • 7.3.2 Final
  • 8 Challenge Belt
    • 8.1 Round 1
    • 8.2 Semi-Finals
    • 8.3 Final
    • 8.4 Challenge
  • 9 UK Vs Germany
    • 9.1 Round 1
    • 9.2 Semi-Finals
    • 9.3 Final
  • 10 UK Vs Netherlands
    • 10.1 Round 1
    • 10.2 Semi-Finals
    • 10.3 Final
  • 11 UK Vs Russia
    • 11.1 Round 1
    • 11.2 Semi-Finals
    • 11.3 Final
  • 12 War of Independence
    • 12.1 Round 1
    • 12.2 Semi-Finals
    • 12.3 Final
  • 13 New Blood
    • 13.1 Heat …

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Hogwild94 Hogwild94 8 June

Euro 2020 Predictions Game

Well, here we are folks, Euro 2020 is finally about to start, and so, just like I did for the World Cup and Space did for the Women's World Cup, I shall be running a predictions game for the tournament.

Same rules as before apply: three points for getting the result spot on, one point for getting the outcome right but the score wrong, and you have 29 hours until midnight on the day of the game to get your guesses in (eg, you'll have from 7pm tomorrow, the 9th, to midnight on Friday to get your guesses in for the first game of the tournament).

  • 1 Group Stage
    • 1.1 Group A
      • 1.1.1 Turkey vs Italy
      • 1.1.2 Wales vs Switzerland
      • 1.1.3 Turkey vs Wales
      • 1.1.4 Italy vs Switzerland
      • 1.1.5 Italy vs Wales
      • 1.1.6 Switzerland vs Turkey
    • 1.2 Group B
      • 1.2.1 Denmark vs Finland
      • 1.2.2 Belgium…

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CrashBash CrashBash 3 June

The ERazers - a guide to the robots that could beat Razer

Razer. Anyone who says they know of Robot Wars but doesn't know who Razer is, or can't at least describe it, is probably lying. It's perhaps the most well-known robot of all time and certainly the most successful, what with having over 40 wins to its name and a UK, two All-Stars and two World Championships to its name, among others. It's fought many big names and has more often than not come out on top, thanks to superb driving, a nearly unbreachable ground clearance and that ferocious crushing claw.

But, like most sporting icons at the top of their games, Razer has its detractors. A common complaint I used to see fairly often was that most of Razer's victories were "not legit", accusing TPTB of continually giving it the easiest opponents t…

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GT-341 GT-341 1 June

Reliable Fluffy

What if Fluffy, the powerful bar spinner infamous for reliability problems, never broke down at all? This blog explores what I think would've happened in the finals of the Fifth Wars and the following two series.

  • 1 Series 5
    • 1.1 Semi-Final 2 Round 1
    • 1.2 Losers' Melee
    • 1.3 Round 2
    • 1.4 The Grand Final
    • 1.5 Playoff
    • 1.6 Fifth Wars Finale
  • 2 Series 6
    • 2.1 Heat B
    • 2.2 Heat D
    • 2.3 Heat E
    • 2.4 Heat F
    • 2.5 Heat G
    • 2.6 Heat H
    • 2.7 Heat I
    • 2.8 Heat J
    • 2.9 Heat K
    • 2.10 Semi-Final 1
    • 2.11 Semi-Final 2
    • 2.12 Grand Final
    • 2.13 Sixth Wars Finale
  • 3 Extreme 2
    • 3.1 All-Stars
    • 3.2 Heat B
    • 3.3 University Challenge
  • 4 The Seventh Wars
    • 4.1 Seeds
    • 4.2 Heat B
    • 4.3 Heat D
    • 4.4 Heat E
    • 4.5 Heat F
    • 4.6 Heat G
    • 4.7 Heat H
    • 4.8 Heat I
    • 4.9 Heat J
    • 4.10 Heat K
    • 4.11 Heat L
    • 4.12 Heat M
    • 4.13 Heat N
    • 4.14 Heat O
    • 4.15 Heat P
    • 4.16 Semi-Final 1
    • 4.17 Semi-Final 2
    • 4.18 Grand Final
    • 4.19 Reliable Fluf…

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Drop Zone mk2 Drop Zone mk2 26 May

Robonerd 2021

After being cancelled last year, like so many other things we were looking forwards to, Simon Harrison [

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Hogwild94 Hogwild94 24 May

Euro 2020 Sweepstake

Well guys, here we are, the season is over and the delayed Euros is finally nearly here! And not only that, Scotland are finally back at a major tournament! I personally think going ahead with holding the tournament in several countries isn't a good idea in the current circumstances, even with a smaller roster than planned, but hopefully all the necessary precautions have been taken.

Anyway, time for me to set up our sweepstake for the tournament. Usual rules, first come first serve, first twelve to sign up, myself included, will get two teams each in the draw. You have until two weeks today to sign up.

And I also plan to run a predictions tournament again as well, I'll set that up nearer the time.

  1. Hogwild94 (host) - Slovakia, Italy, Sweden
  2. Space…

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GT-341 GT-341 21 May

Vintage Extreme Announcement

Although I lost interest in my audited S2, I later got the urge to do a public Extreme-styled tournament. The Gauntlet era seemed like a perfect starting place.

The Events

All-Stars (Featuring all real-life Series 1 heat winners and Series 2 competitors that made it to at least the Arena stage of the Semi-Finals)

Non-heavyweight championships

Bounty Hunters (8-way tourney to find who can beat Panic Attack)



World Championship (Featuring USRW 1997 competitors, Oblivion & Killerhurtz representing Sri Lanka and Czech Republic, and Nemesis)

New Blood Championship (WARNING: contains non-qualifiers)

War of the Weapons

Tag Team Terror

And some minor events such as the University Challenge and some Vengeance filler battles possibly.

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Tenth Wars but Completely Randomised

Last series the deadly spinner of Ironside3 won the championship, but now that it hasn't returned, who will take the crown under a new format and a new set of competitors.

As per usual, the Series is completely randomised with competitors, battles and results are randomised.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Grand Final

  • Competing Robots: Thor, Iron-Awe 6, Tauron, Donald Thump, Terrorhurtz, The Kegs

Round 1

  • Iron-Awe 6 vs Terrorhurtz vs Donald Thump: Winner: Donald Thump

Iron-Awe 6 doesn't flip but wedges, eventually breaking down and Terrorhurtz is hit in the wrong place by the spinning bar, damaging it severely.

  • The Kegs vs Tauron vs Thor: Winner: Thor

The Kegs are obliterated as Thor gets some nice hits on the boxy Tauron, taking them out.


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Ninth Wars but Completely Randomised

Chompalot chomped down the competition last series, but they haven't returned so who will fill in that champion space? Only one way to find out...

As usual everything is randomised, the robots, the heats and more importantly the results. Now, because of the Head to heads, to determine if it's a judges or a KO, there will be a randomised selection between the two, so the result of whether a robot wins by KO or Judges is also randomised. Wildcard is also selected randomly.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Grand Final

  • Robots Competing: PP3D, HobGoblin, HIGH-5, Trolley Rage, TMHWK, Crushtacean, Eruption, Carbide

Round 1

  • HobGoblin vs PP3D vs Trolley Rage vs Eruption: Qualified: HobGoblin & Eruption

Eruption takes out PP3D seeing them as the biggest…

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Eighth Wars but completely randomised

After years of being off air Robot Wars returns. However, Bulldog Breed isn't here to defend its title so we'll get a new champion! A shorter amount of robots but a new format will make this very interesting indeed.

As usual everything is randomised, the robots, the heats and more importantly the results. Now, because of the Head to heads, to determine if it's a judges or a KO, there will be a randomised selection between the two, so the result of whether a robot wins by KO or Judges is also randomised. Wildcard is also selected randomly.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Grand Final

  • Robots Competing: Apollo, Behemoth, M.R. Speed Squared, Thermidor 2, Eruption, Terrorhurtz, Glitterbomb, King B Remix

Round 1:

  • Thermidor 2 vs M.R. Speed Squared …

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Seventh Wars but completely randomised

Last Series, Bulldog Breed stole the crown from Razer, it returns bigger and better but so has the competition!

Again, everything is randomised that being the competitors, rounds, heats and of course results with accompanying reasons.

Obviously, Terrorhurtz and Thunderpants did withdraw, HOWEVER, they will still compete here as we have enough footage and knowledge of how they work to allow them in.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Heat F
  • 7 Heat G
  • 8 Heat H
  • 9 Heat I
  • 10 Heat J
  • 11 Heat K
  • 12 Heat L
  • 13 Heat M
  • 14 Heat N
  • 15 Heat O
  • 16 Heat P
  • 17 Semi Finals A
  • 18 Semi Finals B
  • 19 Grand Final

  • Competing Robots: Ceros, Herbinator, Reptirron the Second, Typhoon 2, Atomic, Killer Carrot 2, Tough as Nails, Scarey Go Round

Round 1

  • Scarey Go Round vs Atomic vs Typhoon 2 vs Tough as Nail…

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RobotManiac RobotManiac 5 May

Taz's Top 10 Favourite Robot Wars Battles

Well hello there, I'm here with a blog post. I've done a few of these before but I've never finished them, but first time for everything I suppose. While a lot of users on the Wiki have talked about their favourite robots or battles, I seem to have stayed silent on that particular subject...until now. Yes, at long last it's time for me to reveal exactly what my favourite battles of Robot Wars are. Some people who I've spoken to may know what battles will appear here, but some may be a surprise. I'm not experienced with writing blog posts, but lets give it a go, this is Taz's (or RobotManiac's) 10 Favourite Robot Wars Battles.

  • 1 Number 10: Hypno-Disc vs. Wild Thing (Series 4, Semi-Final 2, Round 2)
  • 2 Number 9: Atomic vs. M2 (Series 7, Semi-Fina…

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GT-341 GT-341 4 May

Redone Robot Wars: Series 2 Heat A

Welcome to Redone Robot Wars: The Second Wars! Last year, nobody could get past Roadblock, our reigning Grand Champion. After poor performances in the main competition and the Annihilator with Skarab, their team are hoping to prove themselves with their new robot Rameses II. The four newcomers in the heat are seeking success as well. Let The Wars Begin!

Round 1, Battle 1
Roadblock (1)
Rameses II
Demolition Demon

Qualified (1-0)
Eliminated (0-1)
Qualified (1-0)
Round 1, Battle 2
Spin Doctor

Qualified (1-0)
Qualified (1-0)
Eliminated (0-1)

Rameses II gets dethroned by the reigning Robot Wars kings and Havoc gets diagnosed with elimination!

Round 2, Battle 1
Roadblock (1)

Winner (2-0)
Lost (0-2)
Round 2, Battle 2

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GT-341 GT-341 3 May

GT-341's Redone Robot Wars S2 starting very soon

So after posting my Redone Series 1 that was started off-site, I decided to make the next logical step - Redone Robot Wars: The Second Wars!

  • 1 The Seeds
  • 2 The Removals
  • 3 The Replacements
  • 4 Other Info

1. Roadblock (Reigning Champ)

2. Cassius (Returning Runner-Up)

3. Plunderbird 2 (Returning 3rd Place)

4. Mortis (Returning 4th Place and Engineering Award Winner)

5. Bodyhammer (Returning Heat Finalist)

6. Chaos (Returning Heat Finalist)

7. Gnasher (Returning Heat Finalist)

8. Nemesis (Returning Heat Finalist and Sportsmanship Award Winner)

9. GBH (Returning Heat Semi-Finalist and Annihilator Winner)

10. Killertron (Returning Heat Semi-Finalist and Annihilator Runner-Up)

11. Corporal Punishment (Reigning Featherweight Champions with Vector of Armageddon)

12. Gri…

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Sixth Wars but completely randomised

Last Series, Razer dominated its way to the final and became champions. Will they repeat the same feat? One way to find out through this completely randomised championship.

Blah, blah, blah, every competitor, Heat, battle and most importantly results are randomised etc. etc. etc.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Heat F
  • 7 Heat G
  • 8 Heat H
  • 9 Heat I
  • 10 Heat J
  • 11 Heat K
  • 12 Heat L
  • 13 Semi Finals A
  • 14 Semi Finals B
  • 15 Grand Final

  • Competing Robots: The Alien, Ming 3, Aggrobot 3, Thermidor 2, Mr Nasty, Stinger, Sumpthing, S3

Round 1

  • Aggrobot vs S3 vs Thermidor 2 vs Ming 3: Qualified: Aggrobot & S3

Aggrobot's tough armour allows it to get through as S3 decimates the wheels of Thermidor and Ming.

  • The Alien vs Mr Nasty vs Sumpthing vs Stinger: 'Qualified: Mr Nasty & Stinger…

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Jimlaad43 Jimlaad43 29 April

Category Clean-Up

The wiki has nearly 2000 categories. Not Two Hundred, Two Thousand! That is a lot of categories for a wiki which itself nearly has 2000 pages itself. Do we really need so many categories. Some of the bigger pages such as Razer, Carbide and Chaos 2 are absolutely flooded with so many categories, randomly shoved in any order without any thought.

Now, Categories are super-important and really useful, but as we've seen recently with the IP who was adding categories about Self-Righting, if we have categories for everything, there's still lots more to add. That was the final straw on the camel's back and I'm glad it happened, because we can now go about refining the list.

Over the next few days I'll be going through the list and trying to come up…

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Fifth Wars but completely randomised

Last Series we saw MouseTrap crowned as champion, now onto Series 5, who will be the randomised winner?

As usual all robots, matchups, heats and results are randomised as well as made up reasons for why a robot wins/losses.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Heat F
  • 7 Heat G
  • 8 Heat H
  • 9 Heat I
  • 10 Heat J
  • 11 Heat K
  • 12 Heat L
  • 13 Semi Finals A
  • 14 Semi Finals B
  • 15 Grand Finals

Competing Robots: Splinter, Chaos 2, Kronic 2, Hippobotamus, Panic Attack, General carnage 2, Dominator 2, 3 Stegs to Heaven

Round 1

  • Panic Attack vs Splinter: Winner: Splinter

A shock already but the axes and grabbers cause too many problems for Panic Attack, hitting it and winning a judges.

  • 3 Stegs to Heaven vs General Carnage 2: Winner: General Carnage 2

Flip and flip and flip.

  • Hippobotamus vs Kroni…

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Random Queries and Musings

So here's a blog for a bunch or questions but also reflections that I have taken while rewatching or something that's randomly come across my mind concerning Robot Wars. Feel free to add a comment about your theories.

  • 1 Ultimate Warrior omitting fights and other strange edits
  • 2 Did Five/Mentorn actively sabotage their chances?
  • 3 International league
  • 4 House Robots observations
  • 5 Hexbug Champions
  • 6 German Series was cursed
  • 7 Vercingetorix vs Terrorpin
  • 8 The Reboot was a mistake and should have had more time to prepare
  • 9 Series 7 Thunderpants and Typhoon 2's Withdrawals
  • 10 Firestorm 2 vs The Morgue (i.e The Pit incident)
  • 11 Inconsistent one side immobile rules
  • 12 Extreme Warriors 3 and Classic Series 8
  • 13 Behemoth toys
  • 14 People rag on about Razer and reliability but n…

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GT-341 GT-341 13 April

GT-341's Challenge Belt

This is the blog post containing additional background information for GT-341's Challenge Belt. Click here for the voting page.

Welcome to my first public tournament - my Challenge Belt.

Competitors (including middleweights, superheavyweights, and non-qualifiers with a sufficient image) are decided via the Random Page button.

All registered users are free to vote here, regardless of edit count.

Under most circumstances, fights will be updated approximately every 2-3 days (12:30 P.M. PDT, 19:30 UTC).

I am very new to using templates so feel free to help me out.

Should a tie occur, whoever I voted for will be determined the winner.

There will not be any house robots to intervene and cause extra problems - like the Series 1 Grand Final, it's all up …

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LiamBryant LiamBryant 31 March

Bryant Robot Wars: Series 12

The Complete set of results to Bryant Robot Wars Series 12 which was set to the year 2015 and was won by Firestorm 5

  • 1 Seeds
    • 1.1 Heavyweight Seeds
    • 1.2 Featherweight Seeds
  • 2 Heavyweight Competition
    • 2.1 Heat A
      • 2.1.1 Round 1
      • 2.1.2 Round 2
      • 2.1.3 Heat Final
    • 2.2 Heat B
      • 2.2.1 Round 1
      • 2.2.2 Round 2
      • 2.2.3 Heat Final
    • 2.3 Heat C
      • 2.3.1 Round 1
      • 2.3.2 Round 2
      • 2.3.3 Heat Final
    • 2.4 Heat D
      • 2.4.1 Round 1
      • 2.4.2 Round 2
      • 2.4.3 Heat Final
    • 2.5 Heat E
      • 2.5.1 Round 1
      • 2.5.2 Round 2
      • 2.5.3 Heat Final
    • 2.6 Heat F
      • 2.6.1 Round 1
      • 2.6.2 Round 2
      • 2.6.3 Heat Final
    • 2.7 Heat G
      • 2.7.1 Round 1
      • 2.7.2 Round 2
      • 2.7.3 Heat Final
    • 2.8 Heat H
      • 2.8.1 Round 1
      • 2.8.2 Round 2
      • 2.8.3 Heat Final
    • 2.9 Heat I
      • 2.9.1 Round 1
      • 2.9.2 Round 2
      • 2.9.3 Heat Final
    • 2.10 Heat J
      • 2.10.1 Round 1
      • 2.10.2 Round 2
      • 2.10.3 Heat Final
    • 2.11 Heat K
      • 2.11.1 Round 1
      • 2.11.2 Round 2
      • 2.11.3 Heat Final
    • 2.12 Heat L
      • 2.12.1 Round 1
      • 2.…

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Datovidny Datovidny 16 March

Ming Dienasty - The 15th seed Debate

There have been many high-profile debates surrounding seeds throughout Robot Wars’ history. To name a few: Did Killerhurtz deserve the 16th seed in Series 4 off the back of American exploits? Should Stinger take the 30th seed ahead of the likes of Inverterbrat? How is Mini Morg seeded above the likes of Mousetrap, Atomic and 101?

That said, few debates have had as much attention and discussion as that surrounding the granting of the 15th seed in Series 7 to Ming Dienasty. This is an interesting one as this has always felt like one of the more one-sided debates, as there don’t appear to be many other people fighting Ming’s corner on this one, only debating who it is that should’ve taken its place, with a number of people reluctant to even see …

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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 12 March

Series 2-4 Recaps

Not every robot/team was acknowledged to have entered a previous series during this time after all

Series 2-4 Recaps
Detonator's Gauntlet run briefly recapped during Team Intro
Robot The Bruce's battle with Wedgehog recapped ahead of Chaos' Gauntlet run.
Yes (in Heat C)
Leighbot's battle with Mortis recapped ahead of Mortis' Gauntlet run.
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Random Links that could be useful

Links from potential Robot Wars competitors, potential F2Q robots, in random order and whether the sites actually work. Some are actual competitors, but because of a lack of time I'll just have them here for back up.

  • Suicide Squad -
  • Black Widow Extreme Warriors -*/*
  • Dr. Who -
  • Rage and Fury -
  • Cykillone, Eddy, Eddy Evolution -
  • Deadkool -…
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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 11 March

Robot Wars Series 9 Episode 1 (Classic Series Format)

I thought Classic Series Format sounds better than Old Series Format. I'm doing things a little differently. I am doing 6 Heats instead of 5 so that the Battle Of The Stars bots can compete. LET THE WARS BEGIN!

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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 3 March

Robot Wars 2016 Grand Final (Old Series Format)


Behemoth vs TR2 vs Pulsar

Eliminated: Pulsar

Eruption vs Thor vs Storm 2

Eliminated: Eruption

Behemoth vs Storm 2

Eiminated: Behemoth

TR2 vs Thor

Eliminated: TR2

Storm 2 vs Thor

Winner: Storm 2

Third Place Play-off:

Behemoth vs TR2

Winner: TR2

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Datovidny Datovidny 24 February

The Robot Wars Reboot - What went wrong

This is a rather indirect and belated response to a request from Toast for a List of my Favourite series. Instead of tackling this as a traditional list, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on a few things, hopefully answering the main question in the process.
In 2018, Robot Wars was cancelled and removed from the TV screens. This wasn’t the first time this has happened, so here I intend to look at the timeline of the show surrounding its latest return and exit, the era affectionately known as “the reboot”, and determine why Robot Wars has gone once again.

Even as I write, I do have the sneaking suspicion that this may not be the last we’ve seen of Robot Wars on our screens. I feel this particularly since up until a few years prior to th…

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Jimlaad43 Jimlaad43 21 February

Armour pages discussion

I am creating pages for armour in the same way we have pages for each type of weapon. I'll create the pages as sub-pages of my user while they're still WIP before rolling them out to full mainspace.

Here are the current ideas for pages I have, and sub-categories inside. If there are any types of armour I've missed out, please talk about it in the comments and I can adjust pages. I'd also like to discuss some types of nomenclature and ways to deal with different types of the same armour (mostly metal).

  • 1 Current Pages
    • 1.1 Armour
      • 1.1.1 Progress
    • 1.2 Wooden armour
      • 1.2.1 Progress
    • 1.3 Fur
      • 1.3.1 Progress
    • 1.4 Metal armour
      • 1.4.1 Progress
    • 1.5 Plastic armour
      • 1.5.1 Progress
    • 1.6 Composite Fibrous armour
      • 1.6.1 Progress
    • 1.7 Armourless robots
      • 1.7.1 Progress
    • 1.8 Skeletal armour
      • 1.8.1 Progre…

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SpaceManiac888 SpaceManiac888 15 February

Thoughts and theories regarding the names of AoD's and ED's fictional robots

When it came to naming the fictional machines in Arenas of Destruction and Extreme Destruction, there was clearly some variety quality-wise. Some names were very bland, some were brilliant, and others... well, they were a fair bit confusing to say the least!

Therefore, I decided that it would be great to discuss the names of each fictional competitor in both games, try to explain the meaning behind them (where possible), and evaluate their quality.

I won't be rating them per say, but will give my honest opinion for each one. If their names are thoughtful, imaginative and the robot fits the name's theme, so much the better.

So, let's begin!

  • 1 Alley Cat
  • 2 Barrabis
  • 3 Beckatron
  • 4 Body Splash
  • 5 Buzz
  • 6 Can Opener
  • 7 Celebration
  • 8 Coopertron

We start with a nemesis of m…

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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 14 February

Robot Wars 2016 Annihilator (Old Series Format)

I think this is better than choosing a Wild Card.

Round 1:

Terrorhurtz vs Shockwave vs Big Nipper vs Eruption vs Ironside3

Eliminated: Ironside3

Round 2:

Terrorhurtz vs Shockwave vs Big Nipper vs Eruption

Eliminated: Big Nipper

Round 3:

Terrorhurtz Vs Shockwave vs Eruption

Eliminated: Terrorhurtz


Shockwave vs Eruption

Winner: Eruption

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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 13 February

Sign-off rhymes in the Reboot Series

Been watching Series 3 on YouTube and I have been wondering what would Dara or Angela or even Jonathan have come out with if any of them had done sign-off rhymes like Craig used to? I've got an idea for the first episode of Series 8:

"Carbide fought veterans, chains and saws and marked the return of Robot Wars!"

I was going to put this in The Pits Forum. Anyway, that's one of my ideas out there, anyone got any others?

S8 Ep 2: "We know it's mighty, that hammer of Thor's, but Shockwave shocked us all on Robot Wars!"

S8 Ep 3: "TR2 triumphs and ensures that Dantomkia's out of Robot Wars!"

S8 Ep 4: "Storm 2 blew open all doors, but Apollo sent it flying out of Robot Wars!"

S8 Ep 5: "Pulsar released its deafening roars and clipped Gabriel's wings on…

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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 12 February

Robot Wars 2016 Episode 5 (Old Series Format)


Gabriel vs Thermidor 2

Winner: Gabriel

Pulsar vs Infernal Contraption

Winner: Pulsar

Chompalot vs Beast

Winner: Beast

Ironside3 vs Crazy Coupe 88

Winner: Ironside3


Gabriel vs Pulsar

Winner: Pulsar

Beast vs Ironside3

Winner: Ironside3


Ironside3 vs Pulsar

Winner: Pulsar

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Harry Stormer Harry Stormer 6 February

Robots if they had alternate weapons

The array of weapons of Robot Wars was spectacular as well as the mass of designs. Many robots successful with them others not so much. But what if some robots had alternate weapons that matched there design for example wedges being fitted with either a front hinged or rear-hinged flipper. I will be taking a look at the robot that could have had alternate weapons on them and whether they may have been more successful or not. Suggestions are allowed.

First up the Series 1 Champions, whose saw will be replaced by a front hinged flipper. With this new weaponry Roadblock still would've have won the First Wars. The only think that may have changed is that the Killertron fight may have been shorter other than that the first wars would have seen n…

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SpaceManiac888 SpaceManiac888 10 January

Roadkill article

This article refers to an unidentified robot that was stated to have caused the behind-the-scenes incidents in The Pits during the filming of The Third Wars. For the purpose of this article, it has been speculated that the unidentified robot is named Roadkill. Please note that it has not been verified whether Roadkill is the actual name of the robot.

{{Quote|So I was chatting with Ellis (on OOTA) today, and apparently her mate's dad was the person who was stabbed in the leg at S3. It was allegedly called 'Roadkill'|Theo Beech on the RW Podcast Discord cylinders inside the Arena.

Perhaps the biggest consequence of the accident was the prompt retirement of Rex Garrod, who was angered at the show's lax health and safety standards and quit the s…

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CrashBash CrashBash 17 December 2020

Top Ten Best Designed Robots - Ultimate Awards

At its heart, Robot Wars is a TV show about a bunch of robots going to war with each other. I just blew your mind there, didn't I? But really, it's more than that. It's a celebration - a celebration of the inventiveness and ingenuity of the roboteers behind them. Not all robots can strictly show this off in battle, but luckily TPTB realised this very early on and came up with another way to showcase these little attributes, and they became something of a mainstay of the series.

Until they didn't. Seriously, I don't get their absence from Series 7 at all.

The Robot Wars Awards were a series of accolades that were first introduced in Series 1 and ran for the next five series all with the express purposes of recognising the effort people went in…

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Hogwild94 Hogwild94 16 December 2020

Thoughts on the Series 3 incidents podcasts

OK, so I watched both of the podcasts about the Series 3 incidents, and very much enjoyed them both, even though I knew most of the stuff that was said in them; well done NJGW and Space!

Having listened to them, here are a couple of thoughts against some of the issues raised in them:

Firstly, I'm glad More Panda Monium has been exonerated as the robot behind the incidents. I honestly didn't realise how hated it was because we thought it was, hence why I was half surprised when I was the only one to nominate it as an 'In' in Audited S4. It wasn't until I read Toast's old list that I realised this.

I can only hope that if 'Hedgehog-bot' is ever identified for sure, it doesn't get the same amount of hatred.

The other issue is that raised in the s…

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SpaceManiac888 SpaceManiac888 11 December 2020

Series 3 controversies podcasts

The first part of NJGW's podcast involving discussion of the Series 3 incidents and more has been released:

Now, part 2 is also out:

Discussion/feedback would be much appreciated!

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ToastUltimatum ToastUltimatum 9 December 2020

Name Rating - The Awards

Hello everyone and welcome to the Grand Finale of the Name Rating blog! I had a few different ideas as to how we would close this mammoth out, from ideas like a bonus round of rating the video games & merchandise competitors, to awkwardly shoehorning the 2016 Pilot competitors and on-site withdrawals like Armakillo and The Wife in (after all, Armakillo was more "televised" than Reckless Endangerment), but I think the only proper way to send this off is what we have below. That's not to say ideas like video game name ratings will never happen, but this is the conclusion to the main project.

The first section of the blog shows a table of the best and worst names in each range. It should provide a snapshot of the three best names and the two w…

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NJGW NJGW 30 November 2020

The BattleBots Predictions Game - 2020

Hello yet again, everybody. We're back for our third installment of the BattleBots Predictions Game! With a December 3rd start date, the season is fast approaching, so it's about time we kick off that journey all over again of predicting fights from the latest series of America's robot combat show. If you wish to join, simply state so and leave your predictions for Episode 1 down below!

Previous predictions games: 2018 Predictions Game 2019 Predictions Game

Link to Google Sheets for the 2020 Season:

EPISODE 1: Whiplash vs. SawBlaze NJGW - SawBlaze ✅ Cam - Whiplash ❌

MadCatter vs. Fusion NJGW - MadCatter ✅ Cam - Fusion ❌

Axe Backwards vs. Malice NJGW - Ma…

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Hogwild94 Hogwild94 24 November 2020

Series 5 - Debut Wars Style

OK, so I haven't done a tournament in a while. One idea I had: redo one of the classic series with every robot competing in its objective best form, ie Behemoth in its S7/10 form, depending on whether I decide to include the reboot too. And then, shortly after Debut Wars began on the Arena, I got a similar idea: redo a series with every robot/team competing in its first form, ie Behemoth in its S2 'toy digger' form, Firestorm as Groundhog, and so on...

So, which series to try this out in? Well, it couldn't be too late a series or the early debutants would be hopelessly outclassed, and it couldn't be too early a series or there'd be very few changes. Series 5 seems about halfway, so I chose it.

  • 1 Heat A
  • 2 Heat B
  • 3 Heat C
  • 4 Heat D
  • 5 Heat E
  • 6 Heat F
  • 7 Heat …

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Jimlaad43 Jimlaad43 24 November 2020

Rating every Gauntlet run in Robot Wars

The Gauntlet was the main event in the first two series'. An obstacle course designed to test each robot out to see how skilful the drivers were and how good the robot is, while giving both them and the House Robots free reign to attack each other. If your robot was hard enough, it could outfox the obstacles and House Robots to score a good run; if it wasn't, it would be bullied back at the start. Taking up half of the time in every episode, The Gauntlet is the charming starter which kept the first two series' unique (but mainly it made the robots look capable while they hadn't truly worked out how to bash each other up in the Arena stages).

In this blog, I intend to work my way through each episode to include Gauntlet runs and rate each ro…

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CrashBash CrashBash 6 November 2020

Top Five Foregone Conclusions

The beauty with robot combat is that you can never be entirely sure how a competition is going to go. You might think you know, but it's never truly as straightforward as it first looks. All it takes is one random thing to happen and BANG, the favourite for the entire series is out in the first round. But that isn't to say it's a bad thing when this doesn't happen, because even then a victory is rarely ever without a few hurdles to jump over. You often hear the word "foregone conclusion" used to describe certain competitions - invariably anything which Razer is taking part in - but they rarely ever are. But when they are, you know about it.

In truth, you'd be hardpressed to find a legitimate foregone conclusion in any Robot Wars competition.…

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