Bridget Maasland is a video jockey, television presenter and producer from Den Haag (The Hague) in the Netherlands. She worked as the pit reporter for both series of Dutch Robot Wars.

Robot WarsEdit

Bridget Maasland Pits

Bridget Maasland in the pits

As the pit reporter for both series of Dutch Robot Wars, Bridget Maasland would interview all competing teams prior to their battles on the show, and introduce their robots to the audience. In Series 1, Bridget Maasland presented the show with a flatter hairstyle, but rolled her hair up for Series 2 to give her a strikingly different appearance in both series.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

She originally worked as a model in both the Netherlands and in Barcelona. She became a full-time video jockey and television presenter in 1995, originally working for the Dutch music station TMF. She joined BNN five years later and presented various different shows on the network including Dutch Robot Wars until she left in 2005 to join the Talpa TV network. Here she presented the fifth and sixth series of the Dutch version of Big Brother (the German version of which had been presented by Robot Wars German dub presenter Christian Möllmann) and also produced many of her own shows. In 2007 she left to join the commercial station RTL Nederland where she has continued to present and produce her own shows.


  • Bridget Maasland is the only pit reporter to maintain her role for a second series of the show, aside from the UK series.
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