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"This is basically a robotic version of the school playground game, where the robots have to get from one side of the arena to the other....couldn't be simpler. Well, yes, except trying to stop them are our school bullies"
— Jeremy Clarkson introduces the trial

British Bulldog was one of the Trial events that featured during Series 1 of Robot Wars. Based on the school playground game of the same name, it was played only once, in Heat B of that series.

After qualifying through The Gauntlet, the five remaining competitor robots would enter the arena together and try to get from one side of the arena to the other in the quickest time possible. Along the way, they would have to negotiate through a set of spiked pyramids, as well as all four of the House Robots from the first series, who would attempt to block competitors from reaching the end zone. Unlike the real game of British Bulldog, the competitors would not be considered "out" once they touched the House Robots in any way. The robot which travelled the least distance across the arena when time ran out would be eliminated from the competition. In the event that all five robots reached the other side, the robot which took the longest time to get across would be eliminated.

The British Bulldog Trial was notable in that it marked the first time in which a competitor successfully flipped a House Robot, with Recyclopse turning Matilda over using its flipping tongue. Mortis was the first to qualify through the event, while Detonator was eliminated after its batteries were accidentally left uncharged before the start.


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