"And for the comedy entrant, we're gonna see Bunny Attack. Bunny Attack's got an 8 pound sledgehammer, capable of conquering the ... er, animal kingdom anyway!"
Stefan Frank introduces Bunny Attack in Extreme Warriors

Bunny Attack was a heavyweight robot from Massachusetts that competed in the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars. It only reached the second round of the Season 2 US Championship, but performed better in the Nickelodeon Series, becoming runners-up in the Nickelodeon Annihilator and winning a Vengeance battle against the loanerbot Hoot in the Nickelodeon series.



Bunny Attack with the larger whiskers and smile in the Nickelodeon Robot Wars Annihilator


Bunny Attack's alternate face


Bunny Attack in the pits with its top removed

Bunny Attack was a triangular double-wedge shaped robot with four outer wheels, flammable white and black fur resembling a rabbit's face and ears, and an 8lb sledgehammer driven by a starter motor from a Chevrolet found in a junkyard. The robot was armoured in sheet aluminum, which protected the robot's internals when the fur caught light, and was driven by two wheelchair motors. While the hammer was not capable of dealing much damage, and its wheels and armour looked fragile, Bunny Attack proved reliable throughout its appearances in Extreme Warriors and the Nickelodeon series, which contributed towards its decent track record.

It sported three slightly different facial expressions in US Season 2 and Nickelodeon Robot Wars, but all three versions had the same design; triangular eyes, whiskers and a smile.

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit

Competing in Heat H, Bunny Attack's first round battle was against Paul Bunyan and The Falcon Mark 2.


Bunny Attack hammers Paul Bunyan

Bunny Attack started by turning around, and The Falcon Mark 2 rammed into it, getting behind it as it tried to drive away, and getting underneath Bunny Attack, pushing it over the flame pit. However, Bunny Attack was not on the flames long enough to catch light, and it quickly recovered, moving away from the flames. The Falcon Mark 2 drove after it, but Bunny Attack dodged and moved away. After driving into Refbot, it turned around and drove at The Falcon Mark 2, which started pushing Bunny Attack. The Falcon Mark 2 pushed Bunny Attack towards the flame pit, lifting it up a little. However, Bunny Attack slipped off the lifter and drove away. Bunny Attack drove into Paul Bunyan, which pushed it back a little, but Bunny Attack got away as Paul Bunyan turned around to try and use its spinning blade. Paul Bunyan chased after it, and soon caught up with it, and The Falcon Mark 2 began attacking Bunny Attack as well. Bunny Attack tried hammering Paul Bunyan, but the hammer did no damage and Paul Bunyan pushed Bunny Attack back, whilst The Falcon Mark 2 tried lifting Bunny Attack, only for Bunny Attack to slip off the lifter again. Bunny Attack reversed, and Paul Bunyan pushed it up the arena, with Bunny Attack continuing to land ineffective hammer blows on Paul Bunyan.

"Let's see if the Bunny can bury the hammer ... no way! That thing doesn't look like its got enough clearance to do any damage, it's just kinda ... patting Paul Bunyan!"
— Stefan Frank

Paul Bunyan drove off as The Falcon Mark 2 tried to get under Bunny Attack's side. Bunny Attack drove down the arena a little to avoid The Falcon Mark 2, which drove to the other side and tried to get under it, but Bunny Attack quickly got away, driving after Paul Bunyan and hammering it. Paul Bunyan escaped, and The Falcon Mark 2 got under Bunny Attack and pushed it up the arena. Bunny Attack managed to get off its opponent, and turned around so it could hammer The Falcon Mark 2, but the hammer blows still caused no damage.

"Somebody's gotta get going and do some damage here if they wanna get through. So far, we've just seen a round of really ineffective weapons, so it may be a battle of attrition."
— Stefan Frank

The Falcon Mark 2 lifts Bunny Attack

However, after failing to lift up Bunny Attack, ramming the front with the lifting arm, The Falcon Mark 2 got the lifter under Bunny Attack and lifted it up. However, after being held up by the arm, Bunny Attack slid back down after The Falcon Mark 2 raised the lifting arm too high, and went back after Paul Bunyan. Whilst the hammer still caused no problems, Bunny Attack was able to push Paul Bunyan a little, before Paul Bunyan drove forward, then reversed back into Bunny Attack. The two continued pushing against each other, whilst Bunny Attack continued swinging the hammer, but neither robot could gain a significant advantage whilst pushing, and the hammer still had no effect. Eventually, The Falcon Mark 2 came in, and Paul Bunyan pushed Bunny Attack against it. The Falcon Mark 2 tried getting the lifter under Bunny Attack's side, but Bunny Attack got away, and in the last few seconds, chased after Paul Bunyan, managing to push it back as it tried to get away. The judges eventually chose to eliminate Paul Bunyan and let The Falcon Mark 2 and Bunny Attack through.

"The judges felt that Bunny Love and The Falcon are gonna stay, did more damage, you had the sledgehammer going."
Mick Foley explains the decision

Bunny Attack then fought Tyranabot in Round 2.

"I think that our cute, fuzzy bunny can take out any prehistoric creature at any time!"
— Andrew Chester before the battle
Bunny Attack vs Tyranabot

Bunny Attack repeatedly hammers Tyranabot

At the beginning of the battle, Bunny Attack drove at Tyranabot, but before reaching its opponent, it stopped, turned and reversed away. As Tyranabot drove across the arena and turned around, Bunny Attack drove back at it, but Tyranabot drove around Bunny Attack and tried pushing it.

"...Bunny Attack with the hammer poised and ready to smash!"
— Stefan Frank
Tyranabot vs BunnyAttack

A smouldering Tyranabot reverses Bunny Attack backwards

Bunny Attack quickly reversed, then drove past Tyranabot. As Bunny Attack turned around for another attack, Tyranabot appeared to have stopped. Bunny Attack pushed Tyranabot into the arena wall, pinning it there and hammering it. Sgt. Bash came out of his CPZ, and shot a blast of flame at Tyranabot, causing its tail to catch light. However, after this, Tyranabot started moving again, pushing Bunny Attack back in reverse, into the arena centre, its tail falling off as it did. Bunny Attack got at the side of Tyranabot and started hammering it, but the hammer caused no damage.

"Now Bunny has got Tyranabot by the side, and has just been relentless with that hammer. May not be incurring any damage, but like I said before, the judges are going to be counting every hit."
— Stefan Frank

It pushed Tyranabot towards the flame pit, and Tyranabot reversed away from Bunny Attack, driving straight onto the flame pit. However, it drove off straight away, and Bunny Attack followed it. Tyranabot turned around and tried to use its claw, but then stopped moving again. Bunny Attack took advantage, hammering it, but Sgt. Bash came out of the CPZ and separated the two, and Tyranabot regained mobility.

"And Tyranabot has really got to get into this battle if they want to go through, because so far the real aggressor has been Bunny Attack!"
— Stefan Frank
Tyranabot vs Bunny Attack

Bunny Attack is guided towards the pit

The two fought in the arena centre, and Tyranabot appeared to stop again after a hammer blow from Bunny Attack, but reversed as Bunny Attack charged at it, before charging at Bunny Attack and pushing it back. After another pause from Tyranabot, Bunny Attack missed a hammer blow, and Tyranabot reversed into the CPZ. Sgt. Bash came in, grabbing it by the front claw, and crushed the competitors claw, with the piston snapping off as the House Robot crushed down. Dead Metal attacked it with his fellow House Robot, but the two soon let go, and Bunny Attack pressed the pit release button. It drove back at Bunny Attack, which hammered it, but after Tyranabot drove around Bunny Attack, it was able to push its opponent back towards the pit. When Bunny Attack tried reversing away from its opponent, it reversed towards the pit, allowing Tyranabot to complete its pitting, and emerge as the victor in a comeback, eliminating Bunny Attack.

Mick Foley: "...I've gotta say, things were looking pretty good, you had the sledgehammer going, things were looking your way, you ended up in the pit! Any feelings on that?"
Mike Chester: "Well, we thought we could hop the pit!"
Mick Foley: "Apparently, you were wrong! But you did a great job out there."
— Post-battle interview


"We're gonna beat them all!"
— Andrew Chester during the team's introduction in the Annihilator

Bunny Attack fought in the Annihilator of the Nickelodeon Robot Wars series, where it fought Basenji, Hannibal, Techno Trousers and The Piecemaker.

Vivianne Collins: "Andrew, which do you think you're going to go after first?"
Andrew Chester: "Basenji."
— Interview before Round 1

Bunny Attack (top right) with the other robots in Round 1

In the first round, it was immediately rammed by Basenji, who pushed it to the arena wall. Basenji reversed away, and Bunny Attack drove at The Piecemaker, but as it did so, its hammer dropped down. It pushed against The Piecemaker, and managed to raise its hammer and hit the top of its opponent, but the hammer was too weak to have any effect.

"...and The Piecemaker decides to go head up against the bunny, at half the weight!"
— Stefan Frank as Bunny Attack fights with The Piecemaker

Techno Trousers is flipped into Bunny Attack

Bunny Attack stayed out of the action as the other machines fought in the arena center, with Basenji ramming The Piecemaker into an arena wall. Hannibal then got its lifter under Bunny Attack, but could not push it forwards. Bunny Attack escaped, and pushed The Piecemaker onto a CO2 vent. Meanwhile, Techno Trousers had broken down and was counted out by Refbot. Bunny Attack started pushing against the side of Hannibal, but could not get enough torque to push it, so turned its attentions back to The Piecemaker, pushing the much smaller and lighter robot around. Hannibal appeared to have stopped and smoke was rising from it, but it did not matter as Techno Trousers was immobile first, and after being carried around by Sir K, it was placed onto the floor flipper, which launched it right into Bunny Attack's hammer.

"Techno Trousers gets flipped into Bunny Attack! Absolute insult to injury here!"
— Stefan Frank

In Round 2, Bunny Attack went after The Piecemaker again, pushing it towards the arena wall and hammering it.

"Well so far, we haven't seen a lot of damage out of Bunny Attack with that hammer, but the little Piecemaker is actually pretty awesome for a bot, considering it's half the weight, but he's certainly getting pushed around now!"
— Stefan Frank

Bunny Attack hammers The Piecemaker


Basenji dives into the pit whilst Bunny Attack pushes The Piecemaker

Bunny Attack stopped as the two robots neared the wall, reversing into Hannibal, which was close behind it. The Piecemaker turned around to bring its saws into play, and Bunny Attack drove at it again, but Bunny Attack found itself caught between Hannibal and Basenji, who attacked it from the sides. Bunny Attack pushed The Piecemaker into the wall, but then turned into the wall itself. The Piecemaker escaped from the wall, but Bunny Attack chased after it. Bunny Attack was pushing against The Piecemaker whilst Hannibal was being rammed by Basenji. Suddenly, Basenji turned around into Refbot, then drove straight into the pit.

Vivianne Collins: "Andrew, what do you think you're going to do when you get out there?"
Andrew Chester: "We're going to go after Hannibal."
Vivianne Collins: "How come?"
Andrew Chester: "Because he's stronger than them [The Piecemaker], and we just won an easy battle for the last one."
Vivianne Collins: "Oh, you have the whole thing planned out!"
— Pre-Round 3 interview

Bunny Attack started strangely in round 3, driving towards its opponents, then turning away, then turning the other way.


Bunny Attack hammers Hannibal

Hannibal got under The Piecemaker and pushed it into the clutches of Dead Metal. Bunny Attack got behind Hannibal and hit it with the hammer, which did little more than dent Hannibal. Dead Metal cut into The Piecemaker, which escaped as Hannibal pushed back against Bunny Attack. Hannibal was unaffected by Bunny Attack's hammer blows, and got away, only for Bunny Attack to chase after it. Hannibal turned around to try and get its lifter under Bunny Attack, but Bunny Attack got at its side and hammered it some more. Hannibal tried to get away, only for Bunny Attack to get behind it as it tried to turn away, pushing against it and hammering it. However, the hammer suddenly fell off.

"And Hannibal says 'It's hammer time!' as he drives away with the hammer! Unbelievable, leaving Bunny Attack completely helpless, all he's got is pushing power!"
— Stefan Frank

Bunny Attack's hammer falls off

With no weapon, Bunny Attack stopped pushing for a moment, allowing Hannibal to drive away, but Bunny Attack soon caught up with it and pushed it onto the steam pit, which Hannibal quickly turned itself off of. Hannibal hit the disc of doom button, and as Bunny Attack tried pushing Hannibal, it drove into an arena grinder. It reversed onto the steam pit, but suddenly stopped. Shunt came out of the CPZ to push it off the steam pit, and it started moving again. Bunny Attack continued pushing against Hannibal and The Piecemaker in the last few seconds, and when time ran out, the battle went to the judges.

"...Hannibal, for my money, is the one who survived, even though Bunny Attack was after everybody all the way from beginning to end of that round. Without a hammer he was useless!"
— Stefan Frank, reviewing the highlights

The judges chose to eliminate The Piecemaker, awarding Bunny Attack a place in the final.

Dave Aizer: "The only real weapon, of sorts, at the start of the match was your sledgehammer, and it fell off, pretty much right away. After you lose your weapon, how does that effect your strategy?"
Andrew Chester.: "It changes it a lot, because then you have to convert to ramming."
— Post-battle interview

Bunny Attack now had to fight Hannibal in the final.

"Will Bunny Attack hop away from the menacing Hannibal, or will Hannibal make the bunny into rabbit stew?"
— Dave Aizer before the battle

Bunny Attack spins out on the Disc

Bunny Attack started by trying to get at the side of Hannibal, but Hannibal started spinning when Bunny Attack got close, so Bunny Attack had to turn away. Bunny Attack turned around and drove at the front of Hannibal, but Hannibal pushed past it. Bunny Attack missed a hammer blow, and Hannibal got its lifter under Bunny Attack and pushed it back, its sacrificial carrot falling off as it did so. Bunny Attack was pushed onto the floor spinner, which span it around. Bunny Attack was quickly knocked off, and turned around to attack Hannibal again, firing its hammer at nothing as it did. Bunny Attack drove at the front of Hannibal, but Hannibal pushed against it. Hannibal pushed Bunny Attack up the arena, and into Shunt in the CPZ, which axed Bunny Attack and lifted it up with the scoop. Bunny Attack reversed away from Shunt, but straight into Hannibal, which pushed it into the top arena wall, then back into Shunt, which axed it and lifted it up again.

"Great bit of driving strategy on Hannibal's part, keeping Bunny Attack at bay."
— Stefan Frank

Hannibal pushes Bunny Attack into Shunt

Bunny Attack reversed away again, and got at Hannibal's side, but Hannibal turned around, getting its lifter under Bunny Attack, and slamming it back into the top arena wall. Hannibal pushed Bunny Attack down the arena, past the arena angle grinders, towards Dead Metal, which came out of the CPZ to attack Bunny Attack. The House Robot sliced into the side of Bunny Attack with his saw.

"...just melts through like butter, and Dead Metals got those clinchers right there and buries the saw right into the poor, helpless, little bunny!"
— Stefan Frank

Bunny Attack hammers Hannibal in the final

Dead Metal let Bunny Attack go, and Bunny Attack drove at Hannibal's side. However, when it hit the top of Hannibal with the hammer, it lifted itself up. Bunny Attack pushed against Hannibal's side, but could not move it around. Shunt opened the pit, and Bunny Attack drove around to Hannibal's front, and pushed it a little, but time ran out.

"...Bunny Attack did a little break dance move, before he spun off the disc, and Shunt welcomed him into the Corner Patrol Zone, and then Dead Metal had a little taste of bunny, but Bunny just kept coming back for more."
— Stefan Frank

The judges decided that Hannibal had won the battle, and was therefore the Annihilator champion.

Dave Aizer: "...I think its extremely impressive, the way that your robot continues to fight back, the last match you were in, pretty much the same thing, you were getting attacked, but every time you fought back. Talk to me about the fighting spirit of your robot."
Andrew Chester: "Well, we just keep ramming if the hammer isn't working, which it usually isn't!"
Dave Aizer: "You had some problems with the hammer today, what happened?"
Andrew Chester: "The gears weren't engaging correctly, so it didn't go."
— Post-final interview

Bunny Attack would later fight a Vengeance battle against Hoot, a loanerbot given to The Piecemaker team, who wanted some payback for Bunny Attack beating it in the Annihilator.

"As far as the fate of hoot, we don't give a hoot!"
— Andrew Chester's message to the Hoot team before the battle

Hoot's blades fall off upon contact with Bunny Attack

Bunny Attack started by driving towards Hoot as its opponent tried getting its spinner up to speed, but before it reached its opponent, it stopped and tried turning away. Hoot managed to hit the rear of Bunny Attack, but the blades stopped on contact, not doing any damage. Bunny Attack turned and reversed past Hoot, as Hoot drove away to get space to get its spinning blades up to speed, but Bunny Attack drove into it before the blades were up to speed, stopping them again. The blades did no damage, but neither did Bunny Attack's hammer. Bunny Attack chased Hoot, and after keeping away from its pursuer for a bit, Hoot landed a blow on Bunny Attack's side, knocking its opponent away and giving it a chance to escape. Bunny Attack quickly recovered, caught up with Hoot and drove straight into it, stopping the blades from spinning. Bunny Attack hammered Hoot, but the hammer caused no damage.

"He's annoying him, that's what he's doing! He's tapping away at Hoot, just trying to make him a little more angry!"
— Stefan Frank

Sir K rips off Bunny Attack's hammer


Sir K pits both robots

After being pushed by Bunny Attack, Hoot slowly managed to get away, but was stopping and starting as it did so. After being pushed by Sir K, who was out of his CPZ, Bunny Attack got behind Hoot again and pushed it. Sir K was still out of his CPZ, and charged into Bunny Attack, pushing it down the arena, which gave Hoot a chance to escape. As Sir K reversed and let Bunny Attack go, Bunny Attack reversed onto the smoke pit and appeared to stop. Steam shot up from the pit, and Hoot drove through the steam, but did not attack Bunny Attack, driving past it whilst getting its blades up to speed. It then reversed into Bunny Attack, but the blades did no damage, with two of them falling of on impact, and Bunny Attack started moving again. Bunny Attack got behind Hoot, hitting the top with the hammer, but could not push Hoot or damage it with the hammer. Matilda opened the pit, and as Bunny Attack continued trying to push Hoot, Sir K came out of the CPZ, and grabbed Bunny Attack by the hammer, pushing and pulling it before letting it go. Hoot drove to the other side of the arena, but stopped moving. Bunny Attack pushed against it, but Sir K, who was still out of the CPZ, grabbed the hammer and pulled it off. Hoot started moving again, but Bunny Attack continued pushing against it. Bunny Attack pushed Hoot towards the pit in the last few seconds, but time ran out. However, after cease was called, Sir K reversed both robots into the pit.

"Sir K backs them both into the Pit! There we go! That wasn't supposed to happen! Sir K has not been known for his patience!"
— Stefan Frank

Rather than having the fight go to the judges, Dave Aizer asked the audience to vote. Bunny Attack won the vote and therefore the Vengeance match.


Season 2
US Championship
Heats, Round 2
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Paul Bunyan, The Falcon Mark 2 Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Tyranabot Lost
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
Round 1 vs. Hannibal, The Piecemaker, Basenji, Techno Trousers Qualified
Round 2 vs. Hannibal, The Piecemaker, Basenji Qualified
Round 3 vs. Hannibal, The Piecemaker Qualified
Round 4 vs. Hannibal Lost
Other Battles
Vengeance vs. Hoot Won


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit


Team Bunny Attack

Main Series Bunny Attack Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Heat, Round 2
Nickelodeon Annihilator Final


  • Team member Ben Chester was not present for the filming of the Annihilator.
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