For the US competitor robot from Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, see Buzz.
"Buzz has arrived and it certainly will give the audience a "Buzz" today!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Buzz is a fictional competitor robot in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a lightweight cone-shaped robot armoured in aluminium and armed with a chainsaw and srimech, but no extras.

It has the worst attack power possible for a robot using two different weapons, however it is one of only four fictional robots in the game capable of self-righting.


Using BuzzEdit

Due to its comparatively poor speed, armour and weaponry, your best hope as Buzz is to try to flip other robots with the srimech bar, or lure them towards the various arena hazards, especially "Instant-kill" hazards, such as the Pit.

Against BuzzEdit

Buzz is fairly straightforward to defeat. The weak armour makes it very easy to cause damage to, and the limited attack power it possesses makes it easy to attack from anywhere, although a robot with a high ground clearance may be flipped by Buzz's srimech. Buzz also has fairly weak pushing ability, having only two wheel drive and a very unusable shape for pushing reliably, so it is easy to push into arena obstacles. Although Buzz has a srimech, this can sometimes fail to right it, so flipping it is also a reasonable tactic.

Buzz Stats

Buzz's stats

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