For the robot that competed in UK Robot Wars, see Kan-Opener.
"The daddy of dissection - meet the Can Opener!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Can Opener is a fictional competitor robot in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a low triangular pyramid shaped robot armed with a pick axe on the front and carbon cutting disc at the rear.

Can Opener is available to buy in Competition mode for 7040 credits after unlocking Stage 2.


Using Can OpenerEdit

Can Opener's disc is a lot more effective than the axe, so use this as the primary weapon, as it will cause damage quickly. The axe is also good, however using it causes the robot to jump slightly, which may allow other robots in underneath.

Against Can OpenerEdit

Can Opener primarily attacks using the axe, and will buck slightly when it strikes allowing you to exploit the ground clearance opened up by this. The armour is not the strongest, and the axe has quite a narrow range of attack, so try to attack just to one side of the axe where Can Opener is least protected. Can Opener also has a low push despite the power, so you can just push it into the hazards for a win.

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