Carol Grow is an American model who acted as the pit reporter for the second series of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, succeeding Rebecca Grant to co-host the show alongside Mick Foley.

Robot WarsEdit

Carol Grow 2

Carol Grow sends the show to a commercial break

Carol Grow 3

Carol Grow interviews the General Chompsalot 2 team

Carol Grow was first introduced during Season 2 of Extreme Warriors, as the pit reporter. She would interview each team in the pits beside their robots before their first-round melees. From the second round onward, Carol Grow would interview both teams together, ahead of each head-to-head battle, and would also send the programme to a commercial break before the Heat Final. At the end of the series, Carol Grow presented the trophy to the champions, the team behind Panzer Mk 4.

During the series, Carol Grow consistently sported a short-sleeved black shirt featuring Sir Killalot, and a spiked belt.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Carol Grow

Carol Grow in her career as a model

Carol Grow began her career as a model in 1993, winning the Miss Kansas USA title and going on to represent Kansas at the 1994 Miss USA contest, where she finished eleventh overall. Since then she has modelled for Venus swimwear, as well as making television appearances as a reporter for the short lived XFL, as well as hosting Co-Ed Training on ESPN2.


  • Although each American series of Robot Wars featured a different pit reporter, Carol Grow appeared in the most episodes, with thirteen appearances.
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