Cassius 2 is a heavyweight robot that competed in Robot Wars: The Third Wars after its predecessor, Cassius, finished runner up in the previous series. Its defeat at the hands of Pussycat was considered one of the biggest shocks of the series. Cassius 2 makes its first and only video game appearance in the Game Boy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction. It is interesting that Cassius 2 appears in this game, seeing as the game is based upon Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, which Cassius 2 did not compete in, and in fact Rex Garrod had retired after the previous series in protest of the series' safety regulations (see Garrod's Protest).

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Cassius 2's sprite in the game is relatively faithful to the design of the original robot, with its translucent polycarbonate armour and chassis shape being convincingly reproduced. It is however, somewhat different to the original in the fact that the yellow "Cassius II" text on the flipper is not visible (presumably due to graphical limitations), and that its rear-mounted pneumatic spike is not a usable weapon, in spite of its tip visibly protruding from the rear of the robot. At times however, the altered shape and paint job can make it somewhat difficult to recognise Cassius 2 straight away- with these factors taken into consideration, it also resembles the Series 4 incarnation of Prizephita.

The main weapon is Cassius 2's 'Flip-up Paddle' forward-hinged Flipper. Although the flipper is a powerful weapon, it occasionally has trouble getting underneath opponents, so it is best suited for use against invertible robots with high ground clearances, such as Tornado, 101 or Stinger.

Cassius 2 is an unlockable robot within the game- in order to unlock it, you must beat it at least once in Championship Mode.


Using Cassius 2Edit

Being a front-hinged flipper, Cassius 2 is somewhat more difficult to get in underneath an opponent than other flippers, so it is important to outmanouvre an opponent. Once under an opponent however, it is an effective weapon, being particularly good for stranding invertible opponents against the Arena Wall. Besides using the flipper, it is a useful tactic to push an opponent into the various hazards around the arena.

Against Cassius 2Edit

Whilst Cassius 2 finds it difficult to wedge under opposition, it is still safer to attack the sides and rear of the robot, as the spike is not a usable weapon this game. Repeatedly flipping Cassius 2, as with all robots, will eventually cause it to break down, as will attacking it with saw blades and discs.

Differences between the Game and Real LifeEdit

  • Cassius 2's front wedge is a slightly different shape, this being straight-edged, rather than angular.
  • The pneumatic spike is not a usable weapon, despite its tip visibly protruding from the back of the robot.
  • There is no Cassius 2 text on the flipper (although this was most likely due to graphical limitations).
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