The Combat Robot Hall of Fame was founded in August 2003 by Team Run Amok captain Mark Joerger, and opens up voting for membership every odd-numbered year. Roboteers from around the world cast ballots nominating robots which they believe merit a place in the Hall of Fame, based on combat records, design, entertainment value and their influence on the sport of robot combat. Robots which appear on 50% or more of the ballots are granted full membership into the Hall of Fame; robots which appear on more than 25% but less than 50% receive an Honorable Mention and eligibility for full membership in future votes. The two categories below list competitor robots from Robot Wars which have attained one of these honours, including competitors from untelevised pilots, the original 1994-1997 US events and the 1995 UK Open. Robots which attempted to enter, but were not selected to compete, are also listed if they received full membership or an Honorable Mention through other means.

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