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"Got a grudge? Got a monkey on your back? This has!"
Jonathan Pearce introducing Cedric Slammer in Series 6

Cedric Slammer was a competitor robot that entered Series 6 of Robot Wars as well as the New Blood Championship in the second series of Robot Wars Extreme. It performed poorly in its only UK Series appearance, losing in the first round of Series 6 to Firestorm 4. However, Cedric Slammer reached the Grand Final of the New Blood Championship, finishing fourth. Despite its reasonable success in the New Blood Championship, Cedric Slammer did not enter Series 7.

The robot was named after a small toy monkey which rode on top of Cedric Slammer during its battles. Incredibly, the monkey never suffered any damage, although bandages were put around its head for the New Blood Grand Final.


The Cedric Slammer mascot

Cedric Slammer was a large, four-wheel drive, box-shaped robot with two sloping prongs that acted as wedges, and armed with a vertical spinning disc. The disc was made out of a car wheel, featured two 4kg steel blades attached to the outer rim and spun at 3000rpm, which was capable of causing significant damage to other robots.

The robot was powered by two 1200 Watt electric motors, which gave it a good top speed of 12mph. It suffered from having a high five centimetre ground clearance, which Firestorm 4 easily got underneath in Series 6[1]. It also featured a top-mounted self-righting frame, which proved unreliable against Firestorm 4 in Series 6.

The team listed the robot's construction as the robot's weakness, listing the welding as the weakness in Series 6, and in Extreme 2 it was listed as weak construction. In the New Blood Grand Final, Jason Alty described the robot as just being "bits of scrap metal welded together".

The Team[]

The Cedric Slammer team in Series 6

The Cedric Slammer team in Extreme 2

Cedric Slammer was entered by a team from Lancashire, credited as coming from Hoghton in Series 6, and Preston in Extreme 2. The team captain and driver of the robot was Jason Alty.

"Jason designed and built, and drives the machine, he's an electronics engineer."
— Jonathan Pearce in Extreme 2

In Series 6, Jason was joined by Andrew Eastham, who operated the weapons and Jack Eastham. In Extreme 2, the team consisted of Jason, James Cragg and Michael Zencsak, with James Cragg operating the weapon.


Cedric Slammer also previously attempted to enter Series 5, but lost its qualifier to Lambsy. Lambsy managed to catch the disc in its jaws and power the jaws shut to stall the disc, before flipping it over. Shunt then pushed Cedric Slammer into the pit[2]. Nevertheless, Cedric Slammer successfully qualified for Series 6.

Robot History[]

Series 6[]

Philippa Forrester: "Ok, Cedric's not going to last very long, is he? What have you got on this robot that makes sure your robot lasts?"
Jason Alty: "Well, we've got a self-righting mechanism if they do manage to flip us, so we can get back on our feet, and it's a quick robot and it should get out of the way before it gets any damage!"
— Pre-battle interview

In the first round of Heat B, Cedric Slammer was drawn against fellow newcomer Colossus, the experienced Mega Hurts 2, and the third seed, Firestorm 4.

Colossus flips Cedric Slammer

Firestorm 4 flips Cedric Slammer

Cedric Slammer started by moving forwards, whilst Colossus charged at it, but missed its charge. Cedric Slammer turned around and drove at Colossus, but Colossus turned, getting the flipper under Cedric Slammer's front and lifting it up. Cedric Slammer fell off the flipper, hitting the front of Colossus with its spinning disc, causing sparks. Colossus turned and reversed away, but as Cedric Slammer went after it, Firestorm 4 suddenly rushed in underneath it and tried to flip it. Cedric Slammer was fortunate that Firestorm 4 hadn't got the flipper under it properly, so when it fired the flipper, it lifting Cedric Slammer up on its side, but did not flip it over, and Firestorm 4 accidentally drove into Sir Killalot, who pushed it out of the CPZ. Firestorm 4 reversed, but Cedric Slammer didn't drive away, instead driving at Firestorm with its disc spinning. This proved to be a mistake, as Firestorm 4 easily got underneath it and flipped it over. Cedric Slammer tried to right itself with its srimech, but Firestorm 4 got at the side and pushed Cedric Slammer around, preventing it from self-righting.

"...and it seems to me that Firestorm 4 certainly has put paid to Cedric Slammer."
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 4 prevents Cedric Slammer from self-righting

Firestorm 4 negates the srimech of Cedric Slammer

Cedric Slammer chased by Firestorm 4 after being righted

Firestorm 4 drove away, and Cedric Slammer closed the srimech to try again. However, it was unable to self-right, and Refbot counted it out. Firestorm 4 flipped Colossus, then Mega Hurts 2 over, and after pitting Mega Hurts 2, went back up the arena and righted Cedric Slammer. Cedric Slammer tried to get away from Firestorm 4, but Firestorm 4 chased after it. Cedric Slammer turned around, and Firestorm 4 drove under the front, but Cedric Slammer reversed. Firestorm 4 kept in pursuit, trying to get under the front, but Cedric Slammer reversed, and when Firestorm 4 tried driving around Cedric Slammer, it accidentally drove into the pit, leaving Cedric Slammer as the only competitor mobile at the end. However, as it had been counted out first, it was eliminated along with Colossus.

Philippa Forrester: "It was quite an incredible battle, wasn't it?"
Andrew Eastham: "It was, yes!"
Philippa Forrester: "Did Firestorm take you by surprise?"
Andrew Eastham: "Yes. He's quite a wicked flipper on that!"
Philippa Forrester: "I don't think any of us expected him to perform quite as well as that!"
— Post-battle interview

After the battle, Jack Eastham revealed that Sir Killalot had damaged one of the rear tyres, reducing the wheels grip and impairing the robot's movement.

"Firestorm made sure there was no glamour for Cedric Slammer"
— Jonathan Pearce reflects on Cedric Slammer's early exit during the Grand Final recap

Extreme 2[]

"Could go absolutely Ape!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer enters the arena

Cedric Slammer participated in the New Blood Championship, and faced Pressure and Bash Gordon in its first round match in Heat D.

Philippa Forrester: "Who are you going to take out first?"
Jason Alty: "Err, the yellow one!"
Philippa Forrester: "We'll hold you to that! "They yellow one", Bash Gordon!"
— In the pre-battle interview

The three robots come together

Cedric Slammer rips up Bash Gordon's thin armour

As Cedric Slammer turned around, Bash Gordon drove past it, driving across the arena, then as Cedric Slammer drove after it, driving up the arena towards Pressure. Cedric Slammer closed in on Bash Gordon, and Bash Gordon drove down the arena. Cedric Slammer charged at Bash Gordon's side, but Bash Gordon turned, causing Cedric Slammer to miss its charge. Bash Gordon sped away up the arena, and Cedric Slammer drove up the arena, driving into the front of Pressure. Cedric Slammer quickly turned away and drove down the arena, and as Bash Gordon drove at Pressure, Cedric Slammer got behind Bash Gordon, hitting the armour with its spinning disc, ripping pieces off it. Bash Gordon fled, but drove into a CPZ, and Cedric Slammer chased after it. Cedric Slammer turned at the wrong moment, crashing into the wall, but quickly recovered, and as Bash Gordon tried driving away across the arena, Cedric Slammer rammed into the side, ripping away some of the armour.

"Cedric Slammer, with the sort of spinning car wheel blade, onto the side of Bash Gordon, and already ripping into the chassis, and the armament!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer rips through Bash Gordon's armour

Cedric Slammer fights Pressure in their first round battle

Meanwhile, Pressure ground to a halt, its receiver batteries having fallen out[3]. Bash Gordon turned and drove up the arena, driving into the immobile Pressure and trying to push it. Bash Gordon reversed, and as Cedric Slammer turned around, Bash Gordon drove away across the arena. Cedric Slammer reversed into Pressure, then turned and hit the back with its spinning disc, whilst Bash Gordon opened the pit. Cedric Slammer kept ramming the back of Pressure, hitting it with its spinning disc, but couldn't do any real damage.

"Cedric Slammer doing all the good work here, watch out for that a little bit later on!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer rams Pressure

Cedric Slammer nudges Bash Gordon into the pit

Meanwhile, Bash Gordon had lost drive on one side due to one of the chains slipping off, and span closer and closer to the pit, eventually turning so it was stuck over the edge. Cedric Slammer left Pressure, charged down the arena and tried to nudge Bash Gordon in. Bash Gordon seemed to not fit, and Cedric Slammer attacked the side with its spinning disc, but then gave Bash Gordon one more push, causing it to properly fall in, eliminating it.

"...and Bash Gordon seems to want to take an exit route out of these championships! Where are they going? They're going down in the pit ... if, if that is, Cedric Slammer can get them down there! Yes they can!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer gets Bash Gordon into the pit

In Round 2, Cedric Slammer faced Fatal Traction.

Philippa Forrester: "Right, the might of Cedric Slammer against the fluffy bunnies over there!"
Jason Alty: "Bunny stew!"
Philippa Forrester: "Bunny stew, is it going to be? Right, now really, they've got the traction, that's what they've focused their whole design on! Have you got the traction to beat it?"
Jason Alty: "We've got the traction to push it. We're going to push it, and we're going to smash it, hopefully we'll have enough power to flip it over."
— Pre-battle interview

Cedric Slammer rips away a panel from Fatal Traction

At the start, both robots cautiously approached each other, then Cedric Slammer got at Fatal Traction's side, easily knocking the side loose, before ripping it off completely. Fatal Traction turned, and Cedric Slammer reversed. Fatal Traction turned around on the spot, and Cedric Slammer rammed into the exposed side, hitting one of the roll bars and knocking it loose. Fatal Traction tried reversing, but Cedric Slammer charged at it, ripping into the plywood and damaging one of the exposed wheels.

"Cedric Slammer though, with a good side-on attack on Fatal Traction, and parts of the body of Fatal Traction being ripped away by that formidable spinning car wheel weapon with its heavy steel blades!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer rips into Cedric Slammer

Cedric Slammer rips off the other side of Fatal Traction

Fatal Traction could not move away, and Cedric Slammer rammed into it again. Fatal Traction could merely turn back and forth, and Cedric Slammer hit the side with its spinning wheel again, ripping up the plywood and plastic. Fatal Traction was now barely mobile, turning around, and Cedric Slammer tried attacking its front bludgeoning flywheel, but couldn't damage it. As Fatal Traction limply turned around, Cedric Slammer rammed into the back, then hit the side with its flywheel, ripping that side off as well. Fatal Traction was now completely immobile, and Cedric Slammer rammed it into Sir Killalot's CPZ.

"It's the monkey against the bunny, and at the moment, Harry and Felix Price, the bunny boys of Fatal Traction, are in dire peril..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer pushes Fatal Traction into Sir Killalot's CPZ

Cedric Slammer pushes Fatal Traction into Sir Killalot's CPZ

Sir Killalot grabbed it with his claw, lifted it up and carried it out of the CPZ. Growler tried to grab it, but couldn't get his jaws around it, so drove away. As Refbot came over to count Fatal Traction out, Cedric Slammer drove into the back of Fatal Traction, ripping off the other roll bar with its spinning disc, and hit the side, ripping off small shards. The pit opened, and as Refbot began counting Fatal Traction out, Cedric Slammer drove around to Fatal Traction back. However, in doing so, it drove close to Growler, who gave it a little pinch with his jaw. Cedric Slammer turned and reversed away, Refbot finished his count, and the House Robots pushed Fatal Traction onto the Drop Zone.

"...and a laugh on the face of Jason Alty, the captain of Cedric Slammer. Growler's out there, Cedric, I'd stay away! You have to fight another day of course."
— Jonathan Pearce as the camera shows Jason Alty

Cedric Slammer and Fatal Traction are both hit by car parts from the Drop Zone

Cedric Slammer tried attacking it some more, which meant that when the assortment of car parts were dropped on Fatal Traction, some of them hit Cedric Slammer as well.

"The Drop Zone... and Cedric Slammer got in too tight! Has that caused damage for later on? Certainly it did for the beaten Fatal Traction!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the Drop Zone drops car parts on Fatal Traction and Cedric Slammer

Cedric Slammer reversed, then Growler rammed into Fatal Traction, pushing it into Cedric Slammer's spinning disc, which ripped of the roll bar that was hanging loose. Growler pushed Fatal Traction away to the floor flipper, and it was thrown across the arena. Growler took it to the flame pit and held it there, before pushing it back on the floor flipper, and Cedric Slammer was thrown down the arena again, to where Cedric Slammer was waiting for it, and gave it a couple more hits with the spinning disc.

Craig Charles: "Cedric Slammer, you certainly slammed them, didn't you?"
Jason Alty: "Yep, his armour wasn't up to much, not for that weapon."
Craig Charles: "What was your plan, what was your game plan?"
James Cragg: "The monkey had been eating bananas, that's what did it!"
— Post-battle interview

As a result, Cedric Slammer went through to the Heat Final, to fight for a place in the Grand Final.

Craig Charles: "The Heat Final, you've seen some of these other newcomers, who are you scared of?"
Jason Alty: "Err, none of them really!"
Craig Charles: "You're not scared of any of them? That's what we like, a little bit of confidence"
Jason Alty: "Oh aye, yeah, with that weapon, yes, no problem!"
Craig Charles: "Are you gonna go all the way?"
Jason Alty: "Yep!"
— Confidence from Jason Alty in the post-battle interview

In the Heat Final, Cedric Slammer faced Pressure again.

Philippa Forrester: "Now, how much damage have you sustained on the journey here?"
Jason Alty: "None!"
Philippa Forrester: ""None!" Right, when I say "the journey here", I don't mean in the car, I mean the long road of battles! So what have you been spending your time doing?"
Jason Alty: "Sharpening the blade!"
— Pre-battle interview

Pressure's front scoop is buckled by Cedric Slammer

Pressure's side skirts hold Cedric Slammer off

Cedric Slammer started by waiting for Pressure to drive towards it, getting its disc up to speed. Pressure drove at Cedric Slammer, but as it got close to its opponent, turned, exposing its side. Cedric Slammer tried to attack the sides with its disc, but couldn't reach because of its front prongs and Pressure's shape, so Pressure turned, driving around Cedric Slammer and hitting the arena disc button. Pressure reversed onto an arena flame jet, then turned and drove at Cedric Slammer, but only managed to push it back a tiny bit. Cedric Slammer tried pushing Pressure, and Pressure raised the front lifter a little, which allowed Cedric Slammer to hit the front lifter with its spinning disc, buckling it. Pressure reversed away and turned around, then reversed past Cedric Slammer. Cedric Slammer turned, and Pressure drove into it, pushing it down the arena. Cedric Slammer tried to reverse away, but Pressure pushed it into an empty CPZ.

"We know that Pressure has to try and get in underneath Cedric Slammer's 5 centimetre, high and vulnerable, ground clearance, to flip, get it into the CPZ's they said. They're trying to do that. This is a worthy effort early on here by Pressure..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Pressure pushes Cedric Slammer into a CPZ

Pressure swings its srimech into Cedric Slammer's disc

A buckled Pressure slowly escapes from the struggling Cedric Slammer

Cedric Slammer was able to quickly reverse out of the CPZ, and Pressure chased it, but Cedric Slammer was able to turn away, and Sir Killalot drove into Pressure as he was going over to the CPZ. Pressure reversed into Cedric Slammer, but couldn't get the rear lifter underneath, and Cedric Slammer reversed and turned around. Cedric Slammer tried to attack the side of Pressure, but the disc couldn't hit the side due to the curved shape and Cedric Slammer's front prongs. Pressure turned and reversed, and Cedric Slammer rammed into it, but still couldn't do any damage. Pressure reversed, and as Cedric Slammer drove at the side, Pressure made the mistake of firing one of its self-righting side flippers right onto Cedric Slammer's disc, which buckled it, leaving it unable to close.

"Cedric Slammer can't cause any real damage at the moment! Panel against spinning wheel. This is interesting, you know, I didn't think it would last this long!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer uses its spinning disc on the side of Pressure

Pressure tried to get away, but Cedric Slammer rammed into its rear and hit it with its disc, causing the robot to jump off the ground. Pressure was struggling to move, and Sir Killalot came out. However, Cedric Slammer was also having mobility problems, twitching back and forth, unable to drive properly.

"Cedric Slammer, can they take advantage? What are they doing here, Cedric Slammer? They're not really getting involved, they're backing away, perhaps waiting to see if Pressure goes into a CPZ..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer struggles to move forwards

Pressure pins Cedric Slammer against the angle grinder

Pressure sits over the flame jet to prevent Cedric Slammer's escape

Fitfully, Pressure drove forwards, nearly driving onto the flame pit, then slowly reversed back, reversing straight at Cedric Slammer, but when it tried to get its rear lifter underneath Cedric Slammer, it missed because Cedric Slammer reversed, and Cedric Slammer hit the lifter whilst it was raised. Both competitors struggled to move away, and Sir Killalot pushed them apart. Cedric Slammer limped away, and Pressure slowly drove after it, and Cedric Slammer moved towards the CPZ. However, Sir Killalot pushed Cedric Slammer against an angle grinder, using his claw to stop the spinning disc. As Sir Killalot reversed, Pressure pinned Cedric Slammer up against the wall, but could not take advantage.

"This is a very good final and very close, much closer than I thought it would be! Adam looking on, hands on head, what more can Pressure do? Cedric Slammer's weaponry hasn't been as potent as we thought it would be."
— Jonathan Pearce as the two competitors move slowly by Sir Killalot's CPZ

Sir Killalot picks Cedric Slammer up

Sir Killalot used his lance to push Cedric Slammer away from the wall, but it still couldn't move away, and Pressure pushed it against the angle grinder. Sir Killalot got his lance underneath Cedric Slammer, lifting it up, but it landed on top of Pressure, who kept it against the angle grinder. Sir Killalot tried lifting Cedric Slammer up with his lance again, but it just fell back onto Pressure. Sir Killalot pushed the two competitors past the angle grinder, pushing Pressure onto a flame jet as he did so, but neither competitor was able to move away. Sir Killalot speared the side of Cedric Slammer with his lance, picked it up and carried it across the arena, holding it over the flame pit. Sgt. Bash also gave it a flick of flame, but surprisingly Cedric the monkey did not catch fire. Sir Killalot took Cedric Slammer to the arena centre, span it around and threw it across the arena just as time ran out, and the battle went to the judges. The judges' decision went in favour of Cedric Slammer based on damage.

Craig Charles: "You must be pleased with the way that went, I mean the disc is quite destructive, isn't it?"
Jason Alty: "Yeah, Pressure's a tough robot, and I knew we'd have trouble getting through that armour, but its weaknesses were the flippers on it, so we concentrated on them."
Craig Charles: "What about the New Blood Finals, are you feeling confident that you can win them?"
Jason Alty: "Err, if I can get the robot working again, yes!"
Craig Charles: "Is it sort of, a few problems?"
Jason Alty: "We seemed to hit him a bit hard, and that's when I lost control that left-hand side."
— Post-battle interview

This win meant Cedric Slammer was through to the Grand Final.

"The chimp's no chump, but will it have its chips this time around?"
— Jonathan Pearce noticing a fork with a chip on it in the monkey's hand in the Grand Final

In the eliminator of the Grand Final, Cedric Slammer was placed up against Mute.

Philippa Forrester: "What are your chances of getting through to the Grand Final?"
Jason Alty: "Well it's not very good against flippers, but if we can give them a good blow, then it should be alright."
— Pre-battle interview

Cedric Slammer cuts into Mute

Mute had the quicker start, driving around Cedric Slammer as it moved forwards. Both robots turned around and Mute tried to get under the front of Cedric Slammer, but Cedric Slammer hit it with the disc, causing sparks, so Mute drove past and turned around. Mute drove at Cedric Slammer again, but drove into the disc again, and Cedric Slammer turned and reversed as it tried to get underneath.

"Cedric Slammer the more potent, I think Mute is the more durable, and perhaps the cleverer of the two. Perhaps has the more astute driving skills."
— Jonathan Pearce in the early moments of the battle

Mute flips Cedric Slammer

Mute tried pushing Cedric Slammer, but Cedric Slammer turned. Mute drove around to the side of Cedric Slammer to try and get underneath, but Cedric Slammer turned. Mute tried getting under the front, but Cedric Slammer turned, nearly hitting Mute with its spinning disc, so Mute turned and drove past. Cedric Slammer chased after Mute, getting at the side at grinding against it with the spinning disc. The disc caused sparks, and ripped off some of the side decorations, but did no major damage.

"Jason Alty there at the controls, an electronics engineer, and trying to get that 3000 RPM, very very very very very VERY quick spinning wheel into play on Mute, with the two tonnes of very very very very very heavy force at the front! I think they just make it up really, as they go along, some of these teams to be honest! I mean let's face it, Cedric Slammer's most potent weapon is the monkey!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer uses its spinning disc on Mute

Cedric Slammer and Mute are both counted out by Refbot

Mute tried turning to get underneath, but Cedric Slammer turned to keep attacking the side. Mute turned the other way to try and get its rear flipper under Cedric Slammer, but Cedric Slammer reversed, then hit the side of Mute again. Mute turned around, then turned the other way, and drove under the front of Cedric Slammer and flipped. However, as the flipper was not fully under Cedric Slammer, it was knocked back, but not flipped over. After this, both robots appeared to break down at the same time, with Mute becoming completely immobile, and Cedric Slammer only being able to rock back and forth.

"The Refbot's going to have a look here, closely. Ooh, both robots I think! Are they both immobile? He's counting them down you know! Cedric Slammer only twitching, it's not moving cleanly, I think they've both been counted out! What, at the same time, or has he only counted one out there?"
— Confusion as Refbot counts down

Mr Psycho picks Cedric Slammer up and carries it around the arena

Refbot came over and counted both robots, and Mr. Psycho grabbed Cedric Slammer with his claw and lifted it up, carrying it around in circles before dropping it on the Drop Zone.

"I still think Refbot's counted them both out, I could be wrong, but Mr. Psycho thinks Cedric Slammer is still fighting, and therefore he can attack Cedric Slammer! So does the contest go on? This is very controversial. Maybe it does, the clock is ticking down on Cedric Slammer, but I think it's all needless! I think Slammer and Mute went!"
— Confusion from Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho carries Cedric Slammer

Time ran out, and the judges ruled that as both robots became immobile at the same time, so judged the match up until both machines broke down, and gave the win to Mute on a 2-1 split decision.

Craig Charles: "Listen, I mean you've got to be disappointed there, I mean I thought you were much more mobile than they were!"
Jason Alty: "Yeah, it was just when we hit him, we just hit him hard and it must have shaken something loose inside the robot, we lost total control. We got it back a little bit, but it wasn't enough."
Craig Charles: "I mean there wasn't much of a fight really, was it? It was just one coming together and then kind of over!"
Jason Alty: "Yeah, we was trying to stay away from them, stop them from flipping us, 'cause they've got a very good flipper, but unfortunately we broke down."
— Post-battle interview

This meant Cedric Slammer had to compete against Thor in the third place play-off.

Philippa Forrester: "Have you cranked anything up, is the monkey faring?"
Jason Alty: "We've just strapped everything down so it doesn't break down again"
Philippa Forrester: "Right, so you've kind of gone back a little bit, just to make sure you're reliable? Any technique?"
Jason Alty: "Err, just keep away from that big hammer!"
Philippa Forrester: "Yeah, but that could be difficult. You could be driving like a demon. Is the driving up to it?"
Jason Alty: "Yep!"
— Pre-battle interview

Cedric Slammer rams Thor against an angle grinder

As Thor drove at Cedric Slammer, Cedric Slammer tried hitting the front with its disc, but missed. Thor reversed, missing a hammer blow, and Cedric Slammer drove at the front of Thor, getting its prongs under the front and pushing Thor back. Thor hit Cedric Slammer with its hammer, but although this knocked it off the front prongs, Cedric Slammer kept pushing Thor back, hitting it with the spinning disc and pushing it into an angle grinder.

"...Cedric Slammer working hard again. Didn't the team seem down and despondent after that controversial decision against Mute?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cedric Slammer rams Thor against an angle grinder

Cedric Slammer gets a hammer blow from Thor

Cedric Slammer reversed as Thor fired the hammer and missed, and as Thor drove away from the wall, Cedric Slammer drove around Thor, trying to hit the side. Thor turned, and Cedric Slammer drove to the other side, dodging the hammer and hitting the front wedge. Thor reversed, and Cedric Slammer turned away, driving towards the arena centre, then turning and driving up the arena as Thor drove at it. The two competitors turned around and charged head-on at each other, and Thor landed a hammer blow on Cedric Slammer's top. This attack appeared to hinder Cedric Slammer’s mobility, as it span around, driving over a flame jet, but was not able to drive away. It managed to reverse away, but backed into an empty CPZ. Thor blocked its escape, and Growler charged over, slamming between the two competitors.

"Oh! And in comes Growler with a huge attack! Nearly took them both out! Crowd loved it! I think it's taken Cedric Slammer out"
— Jonathan Pearce as Growler slams into the two competitors

Growler pits Cedric Slammer

The House Robot’s attack immobilised Cedric Slammer, with Thor dodging Growler as he proceeded to grab and pit its defeated opponent. Unseen during the episode, this attack from Growler resulted in the arena collapsing in that corner.[4] The fight was temporarily stopped as a result, but once resumed, it was apparent that Cedric Slammer was no longer mobile and it was counted out by Refbot. Growler drove down the arena to open the pit, then drove back up the arena, grabbed Cedric Slammer in its jaw, and took it down to the pit and dropped it in.

"Cedric Slammer, slammed into the pit! The victors, the hammer of the mighty Thor!"
— Craig Charles

Cedric Slammer therefore finished the New Blood Championship in fourth place and this also proved to be its final appearance on Robot Wars.

Craig Charles: "Cedric Slammer, you've got a right to feel aggrieved really, you know. A lot of people out there think you should have been fighting in the final, and not fighting for third place. But you fight for third place and you end up in the pit! What went wrong?"
Jason Alty: "Yeah, I think we got hit a bit too hard, and I think it's rattled something loose or knackered the gearbox or something."
Craig Charles: "Do you feel as though the Judges made the right decision in the fight against Mute?"
Jason Alty: "It was very close, I mean, I think we did a bit more damage to him than he did to us. But unfortunately..."
Craig Charles: "It's all is fair in love and Robot Wars, I tell you! The Judges don't always get it right, a lot of people in the pits are going "Oh, I think they got it wrong!". But you've had a good competition, you've got a fine robot!"
Jason Alty: "Yeah, we've got a lot further than what we thought it would do! I mean, all it is is bits of scrap metal welded together!"
— Post-battle interview


Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Colossus, Firestorm 4 (3), Mega Hurts 2 Eliminated
Extreme Series 2
New Blood Championship
Fourth Place
Heat D, Round 1 vs. Bash Gordon, Pressure Qualified
Heat D, Round 2 vs. Fatal Traction Won
Heat D, Final vs. Pressure Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Mute Lost
Grand Final, Playoff vs. Thor Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3

Series Record[]

Cedric Slammer in the arena in Series 6

Main Series Cedric Slammer Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 New Blood Championship, Fourth Place


Cedric Slammer's mascot holding a fork with a chip on it in the New Blood Grand Final

  • Cedric Slammer was the only New Blood Grand Finalist that did not subsequently make a Semi-Final or Grand Final in the main competition. In fact, given that it did not return after New Blood, it is the only New Blood Grand Finalist not to make a subsequent appearance on Robot Wars. It was also the only one of the four New Blood Grand Finalists to be from a team that did not appear in the reboot series.
    • Cedric Slammer was also the only robot in Heat B of Series 6 to not compete in the Seventh Wars.
  • A member of Cedric Slammer's team, Jack Eastham, was incorrectly referred to as Jack Barber on the show in Series 6. This was corrected in Issue 1 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine.
  • In the New Blood Grand Final, Cedric Slammer's statistics board listed the same team members as Series 6, complete with the incorrect surname for Jack Eastham, despite the correct team members being listed on the statistics board in the Heat.
  • Both robots that eliminated Cedric Slammer from the competitions it fought in (Firestorm 4 in Series 6, Mute in the Extreme 2 New Blood Championship) were armed with front-hinged flippers and coincidentally fought each other in Series 7.
  • Cedric Slammer was one of eight competitors from Series 6 to enter the New Blood Championship, alongside Doctor Fist, Mr Nasty, Revolution 2, ICU, Thor, Edge Hog and Roobarb.
    • Of these robots, Cedric Slammer was the only one that did not share a Sixth Wars heat with any of the others.