Celebrity Robot Wars was a type of competition held separately from the main championship which involved celebrities driving robots. It first featured during Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, where it was also known simply as the Celebrity Special, but the concept would not be revisited again until Series 9, now called Battle of the Stars.


Although the format for the two celebrity specials differed, both of them featured eight celebrities, or teams of celebrities, in total.

In the original Celebrity Special, the celebrities joined up with veteran teams as temporary captains and took control of their pre-existing robots, which were heavily re-decorated to represent them. In battle, the celebrity had to drive their given robot for at least a minute before they were given the option to hand control back to the original team. The teams fought in a standard knock-out tournament to determine the champion.

For Battle of the Stars, the celebrities competed with robots they had designed themselves and were built by Robo Challenge. They were each paired up with a veteran competitor of the series, or "mentor", to help with repairs and tactics. The event was split into two shows, each featuring four robots. The robots competed in a round-robin tournament, where they would face each of their opponents in a head-to-head battle. The winner of each battle would be given points: three for a knockout and two on a judges decision. The robots with the most points at the end of the round faced each other again in the final.


Series 4Edit

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Celebrity Occupation Robot driven
5ive Boyband Disc-O-Inferno
Natalie Cassidy EastEnders actress Iron-Awe
Chris Eubank Middleweight boxer Killertron
Shauna Lowry TV Presenter Wild Thing
Shane Lynch Member of boyband Boyzone Sir Chromalot
Vic Reeves Comedian Diotoir
Anthea and Wendy Turner Television presenters and journalists Gemini
Adam Woodyatt EastEnders actor Pussycat

Series 9Edit

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Celebrity Occupation Mentor Robot
Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock Scientist and presenter Shane Swan Interstellar: MML
Jonathan and Alastair Brownlee Triathletes Gabriel Stroud JAR
Kadeena Cox Paralympian Ellis Ware Kadeena Machina
Scott Mills and Chris Stark BBC Radio 1 DJs Dave Moulds Arena Cleaner
Neil Oliver Archaeologist and historian Will Thomas Soldier Ant
Suzi Perry and Dallas Campbell TV Presenters Craig Danby The Cat
Robbie Savage Football pundit and former player Jason Marston Robo Savage
Jordan Stephens Rapper in duo Rizzle Kicks John Reid Dee
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