The Chaos 2 Minibot was one of the first generation of minibots released as merchandise in 2001.

Features Edit


Front view of the Chaos 2 minibot

Like with many other minibots, this toy is powered by a pullback motor. The Chaos 2 minibot toy is fairly well-detailed, including the text on the flipper panel and side wedges to prevent it from being beached on its sides. The flipper weapon is completely static, though this can be overcome in play when pressing down on the back of the toy, as this will then mimic a "flipping" action.

Releases Edit


The Chaos 2 minibot from the right-hand side


Chaos 2 in its two-pack release

This minibot was packaged with X-Terminator 2 and Sir Killalot in the Smash 'N' Crash playset. Chaos 2 was also sold in a five-pack alongside Matilda, Shunt, Dead Metal and Panic Attack, in a two-pack with Sir Killalot, in a three-pack with X-Terminator 2 and again, Sir Killalot. This toy could also be found with copies of the Minibot Arena.

Due to the amount of releases this toy got, it is among the most common of the minibot toys, and is likely the most common minibot outright.

Differences to the real robot Edit


Note the limited detailing on the back of the minibot

Chaos 2 4 arena

The real Chaos 2 in Series 4

The rear of the robot is largely undetailed, with the back panel simply being painted the same colour as the body, as though this was all one piece. Also on the back panel, the toy lacks the real robot's curved plastic "ears" that aided in the robot's ability to self-right.

The robot itself is noticeably narrower than the real machine, likely due to the shape of the pullback mechanism that the majority of minibots shared to power these toys.

The rounded parts on the bottom of each side of this toy are not present on the real robot. The way in which this toy was designed, it appears as though these rounded parts are part of the bodywork, when in fact they should be where the front wheels are, which are black rather than grey.



Side view of the Chaos 2 minibot

  • The Chaos 2 Minibot including the robot's number "2" in the product title is consistent with other toys in the same wave such as X-Terminator 2, but would later be inconsistent with other future releases such as Firestorm, and Dominator and Plunderbird, which lacked the numbers in the robots' names.
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