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Chaos 2 is a robot that competed in Series 3-6 of Robot Wars. It was highly successful, becoming the only robot to win the UK Robot Wars championship twice, and was the first competitor to flip another robot out of the arena, achieving this against Fire Storm in Series 3. Chaos 2 featured in all five Robot Wars video games, and made its fourth appearance in in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is unlocked when the player completes the silver level in Slalom.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Chaos 2 is a small black and grey wedge shaped machine armed with a powerful flipper, and looks just like its real life counterpart. It is well detailed, with the inner components being visible through the rear armor.


Using Chaos 2Edit

Chaos 2 is quite fast and it has a very powerful flipper, capable of throwing other robots high into the air. Several high flips will cause most opponents to break down, and Chaos 2 can also use its high speed and decent pushing power to shove robots into hazards such as the Pit. It is best to attack robots armed with spinners and saws from their sides, as Chaos 2 is not very durable.

Against Chaos 2Edit

Chaos 2 is quite light and is easy to flip high into the air. When trying to self right, the flipper will sometimes cause Chaos 2 to slide along the arena floor instead of throwing it back onto its wheels, and pressurizing it will hinder its attempts even more. Chaos 2 can also be easily wedged under and pushed into the Pit.


  • Chaos 2 is the joint lightest playable robot in the game, along with Stinger.
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