"The name 'Charybdis' is from greek mythology, some lady that got turned into a deadly whirlpool, or something. We quickly dropped it after realising that no-one could pronounce it."
— Team Website

Charybdis was a robot that failed to qualify for Series 4 of Robot Wars, entered by University College London. It was a two-wheeled, invertible, roughly-heptagonal shaped machine. It had a similar design to the team's next entry, Fluffy, but had a different weapon and a shorter, wider and taller chassis. It was named after a sea monster from Greek mythology.

It fought two qualifiers, beating Kater Killer, and also fighting Velocirippa. Despite not being chosen for The Fourth Wars, it was selected as a reserve, but unlike fellow reserve V-Max did not get a chance to compete.

It was armed with a spinning disc weapon, but this broke during its second qualifier against Velocirippa, and was replaced with a double headed spinning axe, like the one used on Fluffy, only smaller in case they were needed to fight in Series 4.

"The producer still thought we were worth a reserve place, so we threw this together in a few days."
— The Team Website on the spinning axe

After missing out on Series 4, the team stripped the chassis, and designed and built the much more successful Fluffy.

  • An initial CAD design for Charybdis
  • Charybdis during testing.
  • A team member rides on Charybdis during testing
  • The disc, broken after its second qualifier
  • Charybdis with its spinning axe after the second qualifier
  • CAD sketches to show how the chassis was altered to build Fluffy
  • Charybdis after Series 4

Series Record

  • Series 1-3: Did not enter
  • Series 4: Failed to qualify
  • Series 5-7: Entered with Fluffy
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