Christian Möllmann is a German singer and television presenter who was due to present German Robot Wars, before ultimately being replaced.

Robot WarsEdit

Christian Möllmann first became involved with Robot Wars after presenting the German dub of Robot Wars: The Third Wars and Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars on the channel RTL II. As a result of this, Christian Möllmann was also due to host the dedicated German series of Robot Wars, filmed in 2002. However, not long before filming began, Christian Möllmann was suddenly replaced by Jürgen Törkott. Some claim that this substitution took place because Christian Möllmann's image was seen as unsuitable for the role of presenter, but no official statement has confirmed this. As a result, Christian Möllmann played no further role in the dedicated German series.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Having been a former police officer in his youth, Christian Möllmann rose to fame in Autumn 2000 as a contestant on the second series of German Big Brother. He left the show after one month due to provocative and antagonistic behaviour, but became remembered as an integral part of the show's history, and he would later return to co-host the fifth series.

Christian Möllmann also launched a music career in late 2000. His debut music single, 'Es ist geil ein Arschloch zu sein' (literally translating as 'It's cool to be an asshole'), reached number one in Germany in November 2000, and his début album Nominator reached a high of number three in February 2001.

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