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CirKill was a heavyweight robot built with the intention of applying for Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2, but was ultimately not selected for television despite attending auditions.


Cirkill under construction

As its name suggests, CirKill was round in shape with straight box section welded in place to support the chassis. It had six wheels in an unusual arrangement, with four tucked closer inside of the chassis and two more outwardly-placed wheels. It was powered by two large Hawker lead acid batteries, necessary to power both the drive and weaponry.

Team CirKill's logo[1]

CirKill's weaponry consisted of a rotating outer shell, powered by an Ampflow A28-400 Magmotor, the same used by its drive system. Unfortunately, as the robot never appeared on television or at any live events as a finished robot, its completed look is unknown.


CirKill is portmanteau of the words circle and kill, doubling up as reference to the robot's circular shape.


CirKill at the auditions in 2002

CirKill, like all other Dutch Wars competitors, attempted to qualify through the selection committee, turning up to the audition in an incomplete state, although with fully functioning and completed internals. Unfortunately however, CirKill never ended up getting accepted onto the show for unknown reasons.

Series Record[]

Dutch Series CirKill Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Not selected

Outside Robot Wars[]

CirKill's frame at a live event in Schagen 2002

Although CirKill never ended up competing at any Dutch live events, possibly due to the sheer nature of its weaponry, the frame of the robot would make a brief appearance at a live event in Schagen in 2002, which acted as a tester event for those intending to compete in the 2nd Series of Dutch Robot Wars.