"As I was constructing GB, I was already beginning to think of some ideas for my next ant. Again, I turned to the heavyweight robots of Robot Wars for ideas. Many robots stand out with really good weapons. The axe of Killerhurtz, or the flipping rams on Cassius, or the cutting wheel of Nightmare to name but Three. Another robot with an outstanding weapon is Razer, a steel wedge with a large crushing arm. I thought that if I could simplify and scale an idea like that down to antweight size, I would have something quite good"
— Alan Parkin

Close Shave was an antweight robot that was due to compete in the Antweight Championship during the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. However, it did not appear in the actual tournament, although the reasons behind this are unclear. An antweight with a crushing arm did compete in the form of Razzler.

According to the official guide, the team had built an "army" of antweights, of which Close Shave was supposedly the strongest. None of these other robots were seen on the televised show either.


"The crushing arm can cleave straight through other antweights"
— Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide

Close Shave was a two-wheeled robot with a small front wedge and a large vertical crushing arm. It made extensive use of Lego parts for its wheels, drivetrain and weapons systems, which were attached to a solid baseplate underneath.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Close Shave in AWS 2
  • Plod, another of Alan Parkin's antweight robots.
  • GrassBox, another of Alan Parkin's antweight robots.
  • Traxbox, another of Alan Parkin's antweight robots

While it did not appear in Extreme 1, Close Shave did compete the Antweight World Series 2-7 and proved successful, beating Combat Ant, Buzzant, Diced Carrot and various robots from Team Panda and the University of Reading at several of these events before retiring. Its best performances came in AWS 2, which it won outright, and AWS 3, where it finished third.[1][2], for more information about its AWS history see here. Close Shave also won the Antweight category at a Robots@War event.[3]

Alan Parkin has also built other antweights such as Plod, a tracked robot largely made out of Lego Technic pieces, GrassBox, an angular box wedge-shaped robot and Traxbox, a tracked robot with a scoop,Bad Dream a spinner, described as a "Nightmare clone". [4][5]



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