Conveyor Belts were the least conventional type of lifting weapon to be used in Robot Wars. Five robots - Forklift's Revenge, Anorakaphobia, Overkill, Dundee and Fire Storm all introduced the weapon in Series 3, although only Fire Storm managed to achieve any significant success, finishing third when it was equipped with conveyor belts in addition to its front-hinged flipping arm. After Series 3, only two competitors used the weaponry again, with Fire Storm and Overkill even abandoning the weaponry in their new forms.

During the original and Dutch series of Robot Wars, there was never a televised case of a robot successfully picking up an opponent with a conveyor belt, highlighting their ineffectiveness compared to other lifting weapons.


  • A conveyor belt is typically added to a wedge and intended to pull robots up and over the wedge. Several roboteers used chainsaw chains in place of belts with the hope of snagging and tearing into an opponent's underside, simultaneously lifting and damaging them.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


Dundee RWS3

Dundee, with its upper ram opened to show the conveyor-driven 'teeth' on the lower ram

  • Conveyor belts can easily attack a robot's underside, which can usually be its most vulnerable area to damage.
  • Conveyor belts are intended to work in tandem with other weapons, making them safe to incorporate into a design. Dundee's toothed chains in particular were designed to snag and draw opponents towards its upper jaw and circular saw weapons, although it was not able to demonstrate this weapons synergy during its only appearance.


Killalot forklift's revenge pit

Sir Killalot pits Forklift's Revenge after hooking his lance through its belts

  • Conveyor belts require significant amounts of power in order to work properly, and can easily be stopped by a more powerful weapon or by an opponent simply driving off the wedge. This was shown in Forklift Revenge's Series 3 battle against Suicidal Tendencies, where Suicidal Tendencies was able to avoid the former's attacks by simply driving itself back off its wedge.
  • They could easily be snagged and/or damaged by drilling, lifting or crushing weapons. Forklift's Revenge's defeat in the aforementioned battle occurred after Sir Killalot hooked it by the conveyor belts, spun it on his lance and pitted it.

List of Robots with Conveyor BeltsEdit



Forklift's revenge

Forklift's Revenge


Fire Storm, the most successful conveyor belt wielder

Robots are listed alphabetically.

Robot Series Appearances with Conveyor Belts Notes
Amok Dutch Series 2 Last competitor robot in any version to use conveyor belts.
Anorakaphobia Series 3 Only competitor other than Fire Storm to win a battle while equipped with conveyor belts.
Dundee Series 3 Two sets of teeth on conveyors designed to drag other robots into the upper jaw and circular saw blade.
Fire Storm Series 3 Sets of small conveyor belts mounted on the wedge, paired with a front-hinged flipper and a rear spike. Finished third in Series 3 despite never using the conveyor belts.
Forklift's Revenge Series 3 A pair of toothed chains running up the wedge.
Overkill Series 3 Effectively a 3HP chainsaw embedded in the robot's front wedge.
Yeborobo Extreme 1 / US Season 1 Conveyor-powered lifter applied to a steep rear wedge.
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