"Not the most reliable robot, but when it's on form, no-one can touch it. Welcome, Corbinator."
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Corbinator is a fictional competitor robot that featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a wedge shaped robot armed with two front spikes and a hammer, and armoured in steel.

Corbinator is unlocked after reaching Stage 8 of Competition mode, and is available to buy for 6310 credits.


Using CorbinatorEdit

The wedge shape and two spikes make it very easy for Corbinator simply to scoop up other robots, with the axe stopping them from riding all the way over. Once Corbinator has scooped up a robot, it can use its sufficient power to push and carry other robots around with relative ease, into arena hazards. Whilst robots are on the wedge, the hammer of Corbinator can be used at the same time to cause a degree of damage. Also, as a result of the hammer, it can't be toppled unless the weapon is removed.

Against CorbinatorEdit

Corbinator is difficult to defeat, but it isn't the quickest, so it is possible to get around the sides and try and either push, flip or cause damage from there. The steel armour takes a long time to peel away, however. Alternatively, flipping robots can try and attack Corbinator head on, and use its front spikes as chocks, to try and flip it in a particular direction, as an alternative to pushing.

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