"Be afraid - be very afraid. Creepy Crawly is one nasty bug!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Creepy Crawly is a fictional competitor robot in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a box wedge shaped robot armed with a torch cutter at the front, either side of which there is a hollow spike, and a lawnmower blade at the rear. It cannot self-right.

Creepy Crawly is available to buy in Competition mode for 10180 credits after unlocking Stage 4.


Using Creepy CrawlyEdit

Creepy Crawly's arsenal is fairly effective, although the torch cutter requires quite a long time to damage an opponent. Your best bet is to stay face-on to other robots and push - this allows the torch cutter enough time to do damage and the spikes will help to shunt opponents into obstacles. Avoid flippers, as Creepy Crawly cannot self-right.

Against Creepy CrawlyEdit

Try to get around the sides and rear of Creepy Crawly, as the rear lawnmower is the least effective of its weapons, and the slab-like sides are perfect for pushing onto. Steel armour is quite strong, so again the sides are the best bet, as it will be difficult to escape from if constantly shoving there. Flipping Creepy Crawly is also a good idea, as Creepy Crawly cannot self-right.

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