Cutlet was a featherweight from Team Coyote that entered the Featherweight Competitions of Extreme 2 and Series 7. In its first incarnation, it was a box shaped robot with a front wedge that housed a small circular saw on the top of the robot. In its second incarnation, Cutlet was rebuilt to be narrower and longer with protected wheels. This version armed with a flipper, which was interchangeable with a cutting disc. In the Extreme 2 competition, Cutlet reached but lost in the final; in Series 7 it did not qualify for the final. Since Robot Wars, Cutlet has been heavily modified, it was upgraded to Cutlet 540, and finished second in the 2004 Featherweight Championship.

Robot History

Extreme 2


Cutlet in Extreme 2

Cutlet didn't have too much involvement in its heat, pitting Dragon, but was shoved in itself straight afterwards by Gladiator. It still qualified though, as Kitty and Flybot had fallen in the pit before it had.

In the final, Cutlet began by attacking Gladiator after the robot that had pitted it in the last round activated the pit. It was then deflected off the spinning Bernard and attacked by Argh!, who scratched its side. Cutlet then managed to get under Team Reptirron's machine, but it soon escaped and attacked Cutlet again. Cutlet then glanced both the now only one wheeled Katnip and Gladiator, but was then picked up and pitted by Argh!, who had also just pitted Katnip.

Series 7

Cutlet returned for Series 7. In its heat, it faced Bernard once again. It began by trying to attack and missing Alienator. Staglet then grabbed it and let it go. Cutlet then clashed with Bernard, before trying to flip Mammoth. Next, it dodged DTK and failed to flip Staglet, before being shoved around by Bernard. Cutlet then attacked Staglet, missing it and only just avoiding DTK. Then, DTK flipped Cutlet up against Mammoth and it landed on its back, unable to right itself. Mammoth then slowly pitted Cutlet.


Extreme 2
Robot Rampage
Featherweight Championship, Final
Round 1 vs. Dragon, Gladiator, Kitty, Micro-Mute, Flybot Qualified
Final vs. Argh!, Katnip, Micro-Mute, Gladiator, Bernard Lost
Series 7
Special Events
Featherweight Championship, Round 1
Round 1 vs. DTK, Alienator, Staglet, Bernard, Mammoth, Typhoon Cadet Eliminated


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Cutlet 540 FP

Cutlet as Cutlet 540 FP after Robot Wars ended

Series Record

  • Series 1-4: Did not enter
  • Series 5: Entered with Lambsy
  • Series 6: Failed to qualify with Lambsy
  • Series 7: Entered with Ewe 2
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