"The mighty flipper of Dantomkia can now be unleashed on the competitor and House robots alike. The manual flipper is a truly fearsome weapon capable of causing real mayhem."
— Official description from the Robot Wars online Shop[1]

Dantomkia was one of the last two competitor robots to made into a pullback, the other being Tornado.


The pullback is a faithful representation of the robot at the time of its Series 6 debut, featuring a flipper powered by a small tab moulded onto the rear. In place of the button found on the flippers of other competitor pullbacks, this tab would lift Dantomkia's flipper upwards upon being pushed down, allowing it to flip other pullbacks. When pressed hard enough, this allowed the flipper of the Dantomkia pullback to be more powerful than those on the other competitor pullbacks. The real robot's self-righting capabilities can also be replicated, either by flicking the robot's wedges up or pressing down on the castor while the pullback is upside-down.

Other notable details include a faithful recreation of the robot's signature yellow and black colour scheme, and a rear castor moulded in the 'down' position, lowering the Dantomkia pullback's ground clearance. Being a Phase Three pullback with relatively few models produced, Dantomkia is one of the rarest and most sought-after pullback toys.


  • The Pullback in its box
  • The Pullback with its accessories and more
  • Official photo of the pullback with the blocks
  • Antomkia, an antweight made by Team Coyote using a Dantomkia pullback

Dantomkia came with two spiked mines, and two spiked blocks as accessories.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • The tab on top of the flipper used to activate the pullback's weapon is not featured on the real life Dantomkia.
  • Dantomkia's rear panel features a cut-out on the pullback, in order to facilitate the flipper tab's function.
  • The castor which allows the robot to "rear up" is permanently moulded in the 'down' position on the pullback.
  • The wheels for the pullback's motor are narrower and set closer to the centre than those on the real Dantomkia.
    • The pullback also features an extra pair of unpowered wheels behind the flipper plate, which are not present on the real-life robot.


  • After Robot Wars, Team Coyote took a Dantomkia pullback and converted it into an antweight robot called "Antomkia", with a working flipper powered by a servo inside the toy. Converting Dantomkia toys into antweight competitors later became a hobby project for other roboteers, such as Anthony Murney.
  • During their ownership of Dantomkia, Team S.Tek acquired two Dantomkia pullbacks and converted them for various purposes. One was modified into a radio-controlled toy,[2] the other was turned into a control switch for Dantomkia's flipper and rear castor, which was attached to the robot's transmitter and operated by Stuart Barnwell.[3] Both pullback conversions appeared alongside Dantomkia at various points during its appearance in Heat 3 of Series 8, most notably in the pits and during the VT segment played before its first Head to Head battle.


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