De Bunker was a fictional competitor robot in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It was a middleweight half cylinder shaped robot with a spinning flywheel at the front and a small electric axe at the back for weapons. It had two bubble wands on top for extras. De Bunker was one of the few robots in the game that could never be fought in any of the tournaments, and would only appear in the Free Play Mode. De Bunker could not self-right unless it is resting on its axe.


Using De BunkerEdit

The axe is fast and the flywheel is quite destructive, so De Bunker can be quite a threat to an opponent, but the player must approach flippers with caution as De Bunker can only self-right when resting on its axe. De Bunker's ground clearance in this game is also substandard and the pushing power is mediocre, so lure other robots into hazards.

Against De BunkerEdit

Like many game exclusive robots, De Bunker cannot self-right after being flipped unless leaning on the axe. Also, the robot's pushing power is fairly poor. The best tactics to use against it are to push it against the arena wall until it turns over, or to simply flip it over with a lifting weapon. Also, the armour is polycarbonate and vulnerable to most types of weapons in the game.

De Bunker stats

De Bunker's stats

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