Dead Metal was one of four House Robots to be sold as part of the Robot Wars Construction Sets range, released in August 2019. Based upon the Series 3-4 version of Dead Metal from Robot Wars, it was priced at £24.99, also being sold as part of a four-pack alongside Matilda, Shunt and Sir Killalot, at a cost of £79.99 for the complete set.


Dead Metal Construction Set Box

The Dead Metal Construction Set in its packaging

The Dead Metal Construction Set was sold as a box containing 279 stainless steel pieces, which the user could assemble using a set of instructions included as a paper sheet in the box. When fully assembled, the toy replicates Dead Metal as it appeared in Series 3-4 of the show, complete with red circular saw. This is despite the back of the construction set's packaging reflecting the Series 8 version of Dead Metal.

The toy runs on two wheels, and was generally the most accurate representation of the original House Robot's design, out of the four Construction Sets released. A number of holes were added into the metal struts to save weight, permit manual bending, and to make the toy somewhat resemble Meccano.


  • Although the Dead Metal Construction Set enjoyed a quiet launch through online retailers in August 2019, the toy was first revealed as early as March 2018[1], and was not seen again between the official announcement and release, with Robot Wars offering no marketing on the toy's behalf.



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