The Dead Metal Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. Like the other house robots, it was one of the first generation of minibots, released in 2001.

Features Edit


Front view of the minibot. Note the wheel replacing the circular saw, and the closed pincers


Side view of the minibot

Like many of the other minibots, this toy does not feature any moving weaponry. This severely limits the accuracy and functionality of this toy. The head mechanism is designed to be permanently extended, with the single front wheel mimicking the saw. As the pincers are fixed in a closed position, it is impossible for this toy to get a hold of any other minibots and operate like its real-life counterpart.

The minibot is based on the Series 3-4 version of Dead Metal, evident by the head mechanism that became synonymous with the house robot for the remainder of its appearances on Robot Wars.

Releases Edit


Dead Metal in its three-pack


Dead Metal in its two-pack

The Minibot was released in a two-pack with Panic Attack, while also being coupled with Panic Attack in a three-pack which also contained a Hypno-Disc minibot. Dead Metal was also released in a five-pack with Matilda, Chaos 2, Shunt and once more, Panic Attack.

Due to the number of different releases containing a Dead Metal minibot, this toy was among the most common in the range.

Differences to the real robot Edit


Rear view of the Dead Metal minibot


The real Dead Metal in Series 4

This toy is regarded as one of the less accurate in the series of minibots. Dead Metal did not wield a front third wheel in real life, however the minibot toy had to be done in this way to accommodate the pullback mechanism. This wheels also resembles the iconic circular saw weapon. The front pincers are also completely static on this toy, whereas they of course open and close in real life.


Panic Attack three-pack

Dead Metal in its three-pack, in updated packaging

  • The three-pack containing the Panic Attack, Dead Metal and Hypno-Disc minibots would later be updated in 2002 to use more contemporary packaging.
  • All three releases of the Dead Metal minibot, including its two-pack, three-pack and five-pack releases, consistently contained a Panic Attack minibot.
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