"With his sharp spikes, Dead Metal was the most difficult to transform into a toy and has the most technical mechanisms. It is again a pull back toy. Dead Metal’s pincers are spring loaded and the grinding wheel is mounted on a moveable engine. He also has a space at the rear, where an extra deadly spike can be inserted. Dead Metal scores points by crashing down a pyramid of beer barrels."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The pullback toy of the House Robot, Dead Metal was made in the image of its real life counterpart.


Dead Metal toy

The Dead Metal pullback with rear spike attached


The right-hand side of the Dead Metal pullback with its armour panel removed

It features moving versions of its real life weapons. Its pincers are moved by pulling a piece of plastic on the side of the toy back. It is possible to make the pincers stay open by holding back the plastic tab, but they will otherwise snap back to the closed position, and it is not possible to keep the claws open without touching the toy. Dead Metal's circular saw arm is pushed forward, using one's finger on the back of the toy but much like the saw itself, is stiff and takes a little effort to move.

The armour on the right-hand side of the toy is removable, opening up a view of Dead Metal's insides, which has been outfitted with batteries and other internals components only visible when the panel is removed.

Unlike its real life counterpart, this Dead Metal is relatively easy to flip over due to its high ground clearance and narrower shape.



The set of 5 point barrels

Included with the Dead Metal pullback were a set of six silver "5 Points" Barrels, that featured in the Pinball trials of the Third Wars and Fourth Wars.

Strangely, Dead Metal came with a piece of Sir Killalot's lance, which can be inserted into a hole in Dead Metal's back but is not present on the real Dead Metal.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • The Dead Metal toy is much easier to flip than the real robot.
  • The shape of the toy is narrower than the actual Dead Metal.
  • The end of Sir Killalot's lance fits into the back of Dead Metal, unlike the real life counterpart.




The official photo for the pullback. Note the brown parts on the claws and head

  • The advertisement for the Dead Metal pullback depicts Dead Metal with brown patches on the claws and head. These are not present on the final product.


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