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Dead Metal

Dead Metal is one of the original four House Robots, appearing in every broadcast Series of Robot Wars. Along with the other three original House Robots plus Sir Killalot, Dead Metal appears in all of the Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

As a result of the limited graphical capability of the game and the Game Boy Advance, Dead Metal appears somewhat different from real life, appearing blocky and polygonal, although the main features of the House Robot are constant. Dead Metal's shape, pincers and vertically mounted circular saw are visible. Dead Metal's colour is slightly different from real life as well, appearing slightly lighter than in real life.

Dead Metal's armament is true to real life, equipped with a saw and a set of pincers. The saw is capable of causing large amounts of damage, and the pincers can prevent an opponent from escaping.


Against Dead MetalEdit

Dead Metal is one of the easier House Robots to battle, as it is the lightest, besides Shunt, and as a result easy to flip. If flipped repeatedly, Dead Metal is likely to break down. Other tactics include pushing Dead Metal into the pit.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Dead Metal is mostly white instead of grey.
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