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"Let's see if the Deutsche dog's got real bite!"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Delldog in the UK version of the UK vs Germany Special

Delldog (also spelled as Dell Dog) was a German robot which competed in German Robot Wars and the UK vs Germany Special, also broadcast as part of Series 6 of the UK Robot Wars.

The robot's performances in both of its appearances were compromised by a malfunctioning spinning weapon; in its heat of the German Series, it lost in the first round to Hydrotec and Not Perfect, although it performed better in the UK vs Germany Special, reaching the second round before losing to Das Gepäck there.


Delldog in the UK vs Germany Special

Delldog was an invertible circular robot with a flywheel rim which weighed 25 kg and span at 1000rpm, around its silver and blue painted body. The weapon motor was known for being particularly unreliable, breaking down before or during each fight. Instead, the robot would use its 11mph top speed to ram and push other robots.


Delldog at the German series auditions

In order to qualify for the German series of Robot Wars, all German competitors were required to attend an inspection run by Derek Foxwell in May 2002, to receive safety advice, and pointers with the build. A relatively complete Delldog attended the event, albeit without paint or side armour. As German Robot Wars had less applicants than the number of spaces for competitors, Delldog was automatically accepted for the German series.

Robot History[]

German Series[]

Delldog faced Hydrotec and Not Perfect in its melee in the German series. Prior to the battle, Delldog had some technical issues, so it drove over to the side of the arena for Derek Foxwell to perform last minute repairs.

Derek Foxwell works on Dell Dog

Dell Dog is pitted in the first round

Once the battle began, Delldog spun up and hit Not Perfect. Its weapon motor began smoking, and the ring stopped spinning. After this, Delldg collided with Sir Killalot, causing it to bounce towards the pit. Hydrotec capitalised on this and gave Delldog a shove down, eliminating it from the competition.

"In our Mag engine, the collector (The part that picks up the current from the brushes and passes it on to the internal coil) has dissolved. However, we suspect that it happened in the clash with Sir Killalot .. because you see the DM smoke."
— Delldog on their broken weapon, on the German Roboteers Association[1]

Delldog also took part in the Germany vs England Special. This competition was also broadcast during Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars as the 'UK vs Germany Special'. In Round 1, it fought Dynamite. However, the team couldn't replace the burned out Magmotor, so it was forced to fight weaponless.

"Ah, that's handy. Er, no spinning ring with spikes then."
— Jonathan Pearce after learning about the robot's broken weapon

Delldog pushes Dynamite towards Dead Metal

Delldog was able to push Dynamite into Dead Metal. The House Robot sawed through Dynamite's shell and when it let go of it, it laid immobile. Dynamite was shredded by the House Robots, and Delldog was through to Round 2 to decide who would fight the British representative in the final.

There in the German qualifier for the final, Delldog faced Das Gepäck.

Delldog is stuck on Sgt. Bash's jaw

Das Gepäck pits Delldog

At the start of the battle, both robots collided and Das Gepäck shoved Delldog into Mr. Psycho. Delldog escaped, but then Das Gepäck pushed it into Sgt. Bash. The House Robot buried his claw into Delldog, actually lifting it up. Das Gepäck pressed the pit release button as Mr. Psycho knocked Delldog off of Bash's claw with the hammer, then smashed it a few more times, before Refbot counted Delldog out of the competition. Once Delldog had been counted out, Das Gepäck pushed Delldog down the pit.


German Robot Wars
German Championship
Heats, Eliminator
Heat B, Eliminator vs. Hydrotec, Not Perfect Eliminated
Germany vs England Special
Representing Germany, Round 2
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during UK Series 6
Round 1 vs. Dynamite (GER) Won
Round 2 vs. Das Gepäck (GER) Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

German Series Delldog Series Record
German Robot Wars Heat, Round 1
Germany vs England, Round 2

Outside Robot Wars[]

Delldog at Roaming Robots 2004 in Liverpool

Delldog competed frequently at live events between 2003 and 2005, boasting a taller spinning ring with improved teeth, following its final appearance on Robot Wars. At the Dutch Robot Games in 2003, it fought only in non-competition rumbles against Black Hole and Snake Bite, both of which were won by the four-wheel drive pusher version of Black Hole[2].

Delldog also competed at Roaming Robots in the United Kingdom to not a lot of success, fighting robots such as Mute and Tough as Nails in the process.