Delldog (also spelled as Dell Dog) was a German robot that competed in German Robot Wars and the UK vs Germany Special during the UK Sixth Wars. The invertible circular robot had a flyweel rim, weighing 25 kg and spinning at 1000RPM, around its silver and blue painted body. In its only two appearances, Delldog's spinner never worked, which was why it wasn't particularly successful, losing in the first round of the German Wars to Hydrotec and Not Perfect, and in the second round of the UK vs Germany event to Das Gepäck after defeating Dynamite.

Robot History

German Series


Derek Foxwell works on Dell Dog

Dell Dog faced Hydrotec and Not Perfect in its melee in the German series. Prior to the battle, Dell Dog had some technical issues, so it drove over to the side of the arena for Derek Foxwell to perform last minute repairs. Once the battle began, Dell Dog spun up and hit Not Perfect. Its weapon motor began smoking, and the ring stopped spinning. After this, Dell Dog collided with Sir Killalot, causing it to bounce towards the pit. Hydrotec capitalised on this and gave Dell Dog a shove down, eliminating it from the competition.

Delldog also took part in the UK vs Germany competition. This competition was also broadcast during Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars. The team couldn't replace the burned out Magmotor, so it was forced to fight weaponless. Nevertheless, in Round 1, it was able to push Dynamite into Dead Metal. The House Robot sawed through Dynamite's shell and when it let go of it, it just sat there. Dynamite was shredded by the house robots, and Delldog was through to round 2 and a fight with Das Gepäck. Both robots collided and then Das Gepäck shoved Delldog into Mr. Psycho. Delldog escaped, but then Das Gepäck pushed it into Sergeant Bash. Bash buried his claw into Delldog, actually lifting it up. Das Gepäck pressed the pit release button as Mr. Psycho knocked Delldog off of Bash's claw with the hammer, then smashed it a few more times. Refbot then counted Delldog out of the competition.


German Robot Wars
German Championship
Heats, Eliminator
Heat B, Eliminator vs. Hydrotec, Not Perfect Eliminated
UK vs Germany Special
Representing Germany, Round 2
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during UK Series 6
Round 1 vs. Dynamite (GER) Won
Round 2 vs. Das Gepäck (GER) Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series Record

  • German Series: Heat, Round 1
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