"An agile little robot this, but don't be fooled, Dextrus is deadly!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Dextrus is a fictional competitor robot which is featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a low disc shaped robot armed with a large mallet for weaponry and it is armoured in steel. It can self-right.

Dextrus is available to buy in Competition mode after unlocking Stage 7, for 3930 credits.


Using DextrusEdit

Dextrus only has two wheel drive so has very little pushing power. The most effective tactic with Dextrus is to hit robots with the mallet and then retreat, before then moving in again to use the mallet again, and then retreating again.

Against DextrusEdit

Due to it only weighing 66kg (comparatively light in-game) and having quite a high ground clearance, Dextrus is very vulnerable against flippers, so can be flipped about, and flipped out of the arena, without much difficulty. However, Dextrus cannot be flipped unless its mallet falls off, which is quite a rare occurrence. Dextrus only has two wheel drive, and has a circular chassis, this makes it very easy to push around, into arena hazards etc.

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