Diotoir is an Irish heavyweight robot which competed in Series 3 and 4 of Robot Wars prior to its appearance as a playable robot in the Game Boy Advance game Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, its third video game appearance of four.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

In this game, Diotoir is easily recognisable as its real-life counterpart, because of its familiar red polka dot body and boggle eyes. Like in real life, Diotoir is covered with the fur that it is famous for, but it is not any more vulnerable to flame than other robots.

Diotoir is armed with the lifting arm that the robot was intended to wield in The Fourth Wars, although this doesn't totally represent the Diotoir seen in Series 4, as the team encountered troubles which ultimately left Diotoir weapon-less and armour-less. For obvious reasons, this crippled version of Diotoir is not represented in the game.

Diotoir, along with Dominator 2 and Tornado are the default robots, and so do not need to be unlocked.


Using DiotoirEdit

The lifting arm of Diotoir is very good at getting underneath opponents, so the best tactic is to repeatedly flip opponents around the arena.

Against DiotoirEdit

Diotoir's weapon is particularly adept at getting underneath opponents, so it is unwise to attack Diotoir head on. Flipping weapons should have no trouble with flipping Diotoir from the back, otherwise, pushing Diotoir around the arena is useful.

Differences between the Game and Real LifeEdit

  • The weapon is longer than real life.
  • The eyes are further apart than in real life.
  • There is an odd clump of fur on top of Diotoir's Flipping Arm that isn't present on the real robot.
  • Diotoir can self-right in this game.
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